Interview done by - LEGION - / BLASPHEMY TRIBUTE SITE, 7/2008

Since this is the BLASPHEMY Tribute Site, I figured that I might as well try to get in contact with former member "Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands" to see what he's been up to. This interview deals with his time in BLASPHEMY, NECROSLEEZER & his new band GRIMBANE [ in which he goes by the name "Barbarous" ]. So, here it is...

Greetings! Thanks for the interview. How have you been lately?

Good, life as a musician is as they told me it would be when I was younger... a life of shit.

Have you had a chance to check out the BLASPHEMY Tribute Site? What are your thoughts on it?

Yeah, U got my props for doing a good site and keeping the spirit of the band alive and well I see.

Let's start at the beginning, were you in any bands prior to joining BLASPHEMY? If yes, what bands? Perhaps you could give a time line of the bands you've been in?

At the beginning? I was in a band called PROCREATION, the start of that band too. We had a few songs, but things were good, but I wanted to try another band. After that I helped start TUMULT with "Bestial Saviour", then left him, went to PROCREATION and soon after that played in both BLASPHEMY and PROCREATION. I then got kicked out of PROCREATION and stayed with BLASPHEMY for 4-5 years. Started NECROSLEEZER after that and the band stopped. I got a call from a friend that GODLESS NORTH was forming and was invited to try so I did. GODLESS NORTH and I were OK but I left them to go to college. Then here we are now and in 2005 I started GRIMBANE.

How often did you hang out, practice with the members of BLASPHEMY before you were asked to join?

Me and "Black Hearts" were living close to each other. I asked to be in TUMULT. I sat and watched some of the sessions in the studio for the "Fallen Angel Of Doom", so I got hooked lets say and I seen something very special in the band.

What was your reaction when they asked?

I was eager when "Black Winds" told me he liked my voice in TUMULT and wanted me to join, but I was stressed out trying to figure the bass parts.

You were given the name "Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands", were you satisfied with that name? Do you still get called by that name sometimes?

Yeah its a good name, "Ace" has stuck. People call me "Ace" all the time.

In the early part of 1993, BLASPHEMY toured Europe with GORGUTS. No spikes, bullet belts, etc... People have said that you were in charge of handling that stuff, but, you forgot them. "Black Winds" did only a few shows & then left. Do you think that if the spikes, bullet belts, etc... were not forgotten, the tour could've been better?

That tour was a lot of death metal fans there. I don't see at that time black metal really catching on. Then it was not a trend, yet so you have to go way, way back. And the spikes and bullets were left behind because of security reasons. I was not about to get into it with German police about how they are for a band. I just didn't want to deal with all that.

At that time, how was the interaction between you & the other members of the band?


Later that year, BLASPHEMY [ you, "Caller Of The Storms", "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" & a session guitarist ] played the "Fuck Christ Tour" with IMMORTAL & ROTTING CHRIST. How did that go? Any fond memories / stories from that tour that you could share?

Touring is hell. We seen black metal become into its own.

Who was the session guitarist that you guys used for this tour? Did he play in any other bands?

Yeah, Aaron from ANTICHRIST. Great guy and good guitarist too.

Do you think it would've been better with "Black Winds" on the tour?

Yes! "Black Winds" is BLASPHEMY! To see him play is special and the man has black metal in his veins 24/7.

It's now been many years since you were a member of BLASPHEMY, looking back, how do you feel about your time with the band? How do you feel about the band members nowadays?

Special times, great guys, and a moment in music history.

Do you ever see any of the band members? When was the last time you talked to any of them?

Yeah, we talk all the time.

Around the mid 1990s, you formed NECROSLEEZER & released the demo "Recruit For Conflict" [ sometimes called "Popekill" by tape traders ]. Who else took part in the recording of this demo? How was the underground response to it? Is there any unreleased NECROSLEEZER songs at all? Were there any live shows at all? What caused the band to end?

Me and "Black Hearts" did that stuff. We did a demo. It was not to be released to the public. It leaked out and we had another 11 songs that will never be heard. The band ended as I left to do other things. We really weren't feeling up to it.

During or around that time, weren't you part of the band TUMULT with "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions" [ or am I mixing you up with someone else ]?

No, I was in TUMULT, but I was there in 1990. Check em out, great band.

When was GRIMBANE formed? Who are the other members & do they play in any other bands? Did you guys release a demo at all or no?

2005. GRIMBANE was started me, The Anti-Christ / ODIN's LAW drummer, the bassist from PROCREATION and a new guy and no, the other guys don't play in other bands. The demo we did just sent to labels and it ended up being remixed and songs were put on "Let The Empires Fall" album.

In 2008, GRIMBANE released "Let The Empires Fall" via Moribund Records. How has the reaction been to for release?

We got great reviews, very mixed as I was expecting, so its not going to please everyone, but the new album sounds more Canadian.

In GRIMBANE, you go by the name "Barbarous". Why did you choose that name? Why not just stick with "Ace Gustapo..." or go with your real name? Or did you go with a new name because you didn't want GRIMBANE to be associated with BLASPHEMY [ meaning you didn't want people to check out GRIMBANE simply because you're an ex member of BLASPHEMY & didn't want them to compare this band with them ]?

That's a fair question, I really did want to do something that was different. I am used to playing different instruments and I wanted to try another way of doing black metal, so I switched.

What do you think of Moribund leaking the info that you were a member of BLASPHEMY? Do you think it was just a way for them to try to sell more copies of the release? Are you satisfied with the work they've done for you thus far?

I was hoping to work with them from the start, so I am happy, the way they do things and I was honest about who I was from the start, so I know I read news and see things that they did this for money. Do you really think Moribund is in it for the money?

Has GRIMBANE played live? If yes, where & how has the crowd response been? If no, do you plan to play live?

No, we didn't played live yet, well, just a few small shows to 85 people, but that's not a show. They were really great 200 freaks and no good places to play live here, so I hope to go to Europe again in 2009, 2010.

Do you plan on doing another release? How many songs do you have already? Any titles? Will it again be released via MORIBUND?

Yeah, I can't give away titles, that would be foolish. Yes, we have new songs on the go now.

Well, I think that's all for now. Thanks very much for the interview.

Interview done by - LEGION - /

Since this is the BLASPHEMY Tribute Site, & since I was already in contact with him, I figured that I'd ask Marco of TYRANTS BLOOD [ also known as the "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" during his time in BLASPHEMY ] for an interview for the site. So, I contacted him & asked if he would like to do an interview & he was cool with it. The interview obviously deals with his time in BLASPHEMY, his day with THOR, THE CHARGERS & his present band, TYRANTS BLOOD. So, here it is...

Greetings! Thanks for the interview. How have you been lately?

I have been fine, but very busy.

Have you had a chance to check out the BLASPHEMY Tribute Site? What are your thoughts on it?

Yes I have, it is very thorough.

Starting at the beginning, could give a time line of ALL the bands you've been in? [ I'm aware of: BLASPHEMY, ODDS CRYPT, THE CHARGERS, THOR, TYRANTS BLOOD & WITCHES HAMMER ]

That is all of them, except for the bands I had filled in on guitar or vocals to help out or as studio musician. I never really played for THOR except for 1 day, somehow it was rumored that I actually was a member, but this is not so.

How often did you hang out, practice with the members of BLASPHEMY before you were asked to join? What was your reaction when they asked?

I had known all of them for years.

You were given the name "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity". How does it feel knowing that people still call you by this name & still associate you with BLASPHEMY [ even though you haven't been in the band since what, 1992? ]?

My time with BLASPHEMY was very pivotal in my life, so I am proud of all I did with BLASPHEMY.

Who is the "Goddess Of Perversity"? I'm assuming that you & her were a "couple" at the time. Do you still talk to her? What has become of her now?

She was my woman and still a very close friend. She is quite successful with her business now.

At the time you joined BLASPHEMY, you were replacing "Black Priest". What was your opinion of him? Did you know him well? Did you get along with him?

I had known him fairly well, he told me a few months after I had joined up that he was happy it was me.

During the time that you were part of the band, how many shows do you think you guys performed? Any particular show [ or shows ] that stand out in your mind?

I think maybe 15 at the most, all were very good.

When you left the band, you were replaced by "Ace Gustapo". What was your opinion of him? Did you know him well? Did you get along with him?

I was a good friend of his as were all of us, but he stole from the band and lied about others, so we are not friends of his anymore.

What are your thoughts on the "Blood Upon The Altar" demo, the "Fallen Angel Of Doom" CD & the "Gods Of War" CD?

I like "Blood Upon The Altar" the best of all and "FAOD" second.

What is your favorite BLASPHEMY track [ or tracks ]?

"Demoniac", "Ritual", "Fallen Angel Of Doom", "Hording Of Evil Vengeance" and "Victory ( Son Of The Damned )".

You were in the band THOR... for one day?!? What happened? Is there any story behind that?

As I had stated before I only played for one day to help shoot his video when he made his comeback in the early 90's.

You formed THE CHARGERS [ along with ex PROCREATION & ex WITCHES HAMMER members ] & you released "Drinkin', Druggin' & Whorin". How did that come about?

That was something we did spontaneously over at Steve Withrow of WITCHES HAMMER's house, myself and Tom Komizarski of PROCREATION just had some drinks and jammed out the songs over a few weeks and recorded them, nothing special.

You then formed TYRANTS BLOOD & have done 3 releases. How has the reaction been so far?

So far pretty good. We stand on our own well in this city and as the music gets out the reviews have been satisfactory.

I know TYRANTS BLOOD has played a few shows in Canada , how were they? How has the crowd response / turnout been?

A few sold out and all very well received

Any plans to tour at all [ USA, Europe ]? Any bands in particular that you would like to share the stage with?

Apparently in 09 we will be in Europe with DIOCLETIAN and ARES KINGDOM. Any bands that play aggressive style well are welcome to us. We only play with hi caliber bands and do not subject ourselves to lowly showcases with 5 bands on the bill, most of which can barely write a song or play yet.

Do you have songs ready for the next TYRANTS BLOOD release? Any release date?

We are almost ready, perhaps 8 more weeks. We have all music written, we are just putting final touches on them now.

Okay, looking back at your musical career, what are your thoughts / feelings about each of the bands that you've been part of?

All are important to me, all of them integral to who and what I am. No greater or less important, all have claim.

Gotta ask, when did you start working out / lifting weights? Roughly, how long do you work out for each day? Besides lifting, what other exercises do you do?

About 20 years ago after I found I had no more time for team sports, I needed to make up the time and burn the energy. I only train approximately 30 min. a day. I also ride bike and swim a lot.

Well, I think that's all for now. Thanks very much for the interview. If you have anything else to add, feel free...

Only men who will risk going too far will discover how far they can go. Follow no path, but instead create your own.

Interview done by - LEGION - / BLASPHEMY TRIBUTE SITE, 5/2009

Since this is the BLASPHEMY Tribute Site, I figured that I might as well try to get in contact with the "Goddess Of Perversity". While she was not part of the band, she has been in quite a few promo pics with the band & they even titled a song after her. I got in contact with her & she agreed to an interview. So, here it is...

Greetings! Thanks for the interview. How have you been lately?

Ja, fine. Super busy, I run my own business. I sell art.

Have you had a chance to check out the BLASPHEMY Tribute Site? What are your thoughts on it?

I'm impressed with your site - I know it's a lot of work, you are really dedicated. It looks cool too, red & black, it's a winning combination. It is fans like you that help to keep the smolder. BLASPHEMY continues, even with long periods of what might appear to be dormancy, because it is alive. BLASPHEMY is a band, and more; it's a way of being, it's an idea, a way of believing. I doubt you can put your finger on it. If you listen though, you can hear it. I've actually never met anyone in my life like these guys.

Okay, I guess we should start at the beginning... how did you first come to know the members of BLASPHEMY? Did you meet them thru Marco [ "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" ] or did you know them before?

I am from the Toronto area. I'd moved to British Columbia in '86 with B.C. friends that I'd met through the Toronto Punk scene, there was more of a crossover scene in British Columbia. I met Marco, "The Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity", who was in WITCHES HAMMER at that time. I had always been interested in the Occult, and I was intrigued. It was through Marco that I was introduced to BLASPHEMY in '88. I liked their fearlessness.

On the "Fallen Angel Of Doom..." release, there is a track titled "Goddess Of Perversity" which is obviously dedicated / in reference to you. How do you feel about that song? Is it your favorite BLASPHEMY song? If not, what is?

I like the idea of a song dedicated to Perverse Spirit in a Woman. They had never looked at me as a lesser because I am a woman. All is equal in Evil - to ti esti – which translates from Latin as 'the what it is', essentia.

"Caller Of The Storms" wrote the riff. "Black Winds" and "Black Priest Of The Seven Satanic Blood Rituals" wrote the lyrics. They were living together in a basement suite in Vancouver, and came up with the lyrics - inspired by the Desecration's and Impurities of Fornication. Marco suggested to "Black Winds" that I become part, "Black Winds" thought it was a great idea.

I can't pick a favorite song. I really relate to the whole vibe of BLASPHEMY. I love that whole album.

You must have really made an impression as you have been in quite a few pics with the band & they even named a song after you. In a way, you were kind of like a mascot [ although that's probably not the right word, but, I hope you understand what I mean ]. You were known throughout the "metal underground" worldwide for being associated with the band. Any thoughts?

The song was inspired by Fornication & Desecration, as "Black Winds" explained. I fit right in. I have used the term 'mascot' myself, only to explain my association to the band to those people unfamiliar with the experience, or Black Metal. It's not like I provided comic relief. In those days there weren't too many chicks in the scene, into the scene. Most chicks around were either hanging with their boyfriends wishing that they were at a DOKKEN concert or kinda scary looking, you know, misfits and shit, so it was pretty easy to make an impression. It was an interesting time. Running around with those guys has been like having my own army of bodyguards, really scary evil bodyguards.... not that I need it necessarily, but nice to have. It's a tight group.

Are you still in contact with the band? Still on good terms with them & Marco? When was that last time you hung out with them?

I still see them quite a bit. Last week type thing. Marco is busy with TYRANTS BLOOD, his current project. I wrote lyrics for a TYRANTS BLOOD tune called "Black Storm Coming" and I'm working on what I think is meant to be a spoken intro for their new release, the working title is "A Darker Chord". I hope it doesn't take me as long to write that as it took me to respond to your interview....

Looking back at those years, what are you thoughts?

As I've said, BLASPHEMY are not like anyone other people I have ever met; not in music, not in spirit - the whole fucking and fighting spirit. I have a degree in Religious Studies and Art History, I've been looking around for a long time, and I understand BLASPHEMY as philosophers. They've represented for me fearlessness and total commitment, which I admire and relate to on a very base level. Being part has been an honor. Not everyone gets them or gets the music but hell, that's no surprise. Plus, who cares.

I'm sure you have plenty of crazy stories... any that you would be willing to share?

Jeez, um..... I remember one time some guy got into an altercation with "Black Winds". Looking for safety, he jumped into a car and locked the door. "Black Winds" punched right through the passenger window and got his hands onto the guy. It was like watching a fucking horror movie. Another time that comes to mind most immediately - we were filming something; someone went to the auction and bought a goat. Later that night, some creative person tied roman candles - firecrackers-  to the goat’s stubby horns. Once the firecrackers were lit, the thing was running around terrified, with blazing lights shooting out at people. Then it ran into a shed, and there was a light show in there for short while. Hell for the goat. Many many crazy crazy times. I've never met anyone else like these guys. I repeat myself because I think it's pretty remarkable, they are legendary to me as well.

Well, I guess we can end it here as I don't want to take up too much of your time. Thanks very much for the interview.

Interview done by - LEGION - / BLASPHEMY TRIBUTE SITE, 6/2009

Since this is the BLASPHEMY Tribute Site, I figured that I'd try to get in contact with "Caller Of The Storms". Since there really isn't too many interviews around that I'm aware of by just him, I figured that it would be great for the site to have one with just him. With the help of "Goddess Of Perversity", I was able to get the interview to him. So, here it is...

Greetings! Thanks for the interview. How have you been lately?


Have you had a chance to check out the BLASPHEMY Tribute Site? What are your thoughts on it?

It's fucking great.

What got you into metal? What were some of your favorite bands growing up?

Metal got into my stream. A lifelong search for more intense, heavier music. VENOM and then N.M.E. from Portland . I When I was 7 or 8 I bought KISS ALIVE. At the time, "Rock n' Roll All Night" was on the radio endlessly, Summer '74 or '75.

Back in 1993, the "Gods Of War Tour" with "Ace Gustapo" forgetting the war-gear & "Black Winds" leaving the tour after only a few shows. What were your thoughts at the time?

I wanted to Rock n' Roll all night and party every day.

Have you heard "Ace Gustapo's" new band GRIMBANE? Any thoughts about it?

I have not heard it, though I've heard it's good.

While I'm not sure about "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals", every band member [ past & present ] has had another band / project, but you have not. How come? Was it true that you were going to be a member of GLORIA DIABOLI? If yes, how did that come about?

"Black Winds" has also solely been a member of BLASPHEMY [ I thought "Black Winds" had the project APOSTACY?!? - LEGION - ]. I was preparing to join GLORIA DIABOLI. There was an interruption in the band. At the time, BLASPHEMY became more active. I'm not a "project" musician. "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals" had said at the time, that he would never be in any band other than BLASPHEMY. It seems that he's kept his word.

How many tattoos do you have & what are they?

I have Satan on my arm.

Are the lyrics for "Blasphemy", "Blood Upon The Altar", "Empty Chalice", "Hording Of Evil Vengeance", "Nocturnal Slayer" & "Victory ( Son Of The Damned )" ever going to be made available to your fans? Any chance that you'll be able to send them to me so I could add them to the BLASPHEMY Tribute Site?

Something to consider.

What are some recent bands that you've been listening to? What are some of your favorite bands nowadays?

Black Metal.

Which is your favorite BLASPHEMY release & why?

Some days it's "Blood Upon The Altar", other days it's "Fallen Angel Of Doom....".

What is your favorite BLASPHEMY song / songs?

"Demoniac", "Ritual" and "Fallen Angel Of Doom....".

How many "unreleased" BLASPHEMY songs are there?

Three or Four. A few early ones never recorded, new songs yet unrecorded.

BLASPHEMY was on hiatus from the end of 1993 til the reunion show in 2001. What did you do for those years?

Nothing musical.

BLASPHEMY is back in 2009 & plans to do a few live rituals, but, without "Bestial Saviour". Are you guys still on good terms with him?


Who is the new bass player? He is from Brazil correct? Has he been given a "ritual name" yet? If yes, what is it?

Brazilian bass player did not work out. We've got "VK" from DIOCLETIAN. He's from New Zealand.

Is BLASPHEMY going to have a new release out soon or are you guys back only to do a few shows & then to disappear again?

There will be a new release, though don't hold your breath for soon.

Well, I think that's all for now. Thanks very much for the interview.

Interview done by - LEGION - / BLASPHEMY TRIBUTE SITE, 11/2009

Since this is the BLASPHEMY Tribute Site, I figured that I'd try to get in contact with their session bass player "V. Kusabs". He replied to the questions that I sent him. So, here it is...

Greetings! Thanks for the interview. How have you been lately?


Have you had a chance to check out the BLASPHEMY Tribute Site? What are your thoughts on it?

I personally don't care about websites, there will NEVER be an official DIOCLETIAN or VASSAFOR myspace page for example. Metal isn't online...

Besides being a session member of BLASPHEMY, your main bands are DIOCLETIAN & VASSAFOR. Could you give some info regarding each band?

VASSAFOR is morbid darkness. The debut album is slowly coalescing together. DIOCLETIAN is violence in audio format. Our album Doom Cult released was by Invictus in mid MMIX, plans are in motion to crush Europe next year with our live terror. DIOCLETIAN live is pure intensity, at our last detonation we played the entire Doom Cult album with no breaks in 30 min. After seeing those Italian and Polish maniacs at the Helsinki ritual, I know when they are in front of a DIOCLETIAN stage it'll be a blood bath.

How long have you been in contact BLASPHEMY for?

Well I've listened to BLASPHEMY since I got a copy of "Fallen Angel Of Doom" from Wild Rags around the time of its release. I then was given a dub of the demo tape. That tape didn't leave my stereo for months. I wasn't in contact at all though, actually I have little contact with anyone as I don't "network". Back when I was trading tapes it was with a fairly small circle of people and now in the internet age I'm not someone who MSNs every kunt I got an email address of.... I've preferred to send out letters with tapes to people / artists / labels I respect over the years as we've started releasing our shit and let our music do the talking. That’s why they wanted me in BLASPHEMY, cause my idea of bass playing is exactly the same as their playing aesthetic, right hand attack with no mercy. Fortunately I also fit with the mindset, its definitely not a band for weak people. I like the fact that every member who has ever been part of BLASPHEMY is a maniac.

How did it come up about you being the session bass player for them? I know there was a Brazilian guy who was supposed to be the session bass player, but, he went missing in action or something.

"Black Winds" or "Caller" would be able to tell you more about the Brazilian. DIOCLETIAN released the "Sect of Swords" 7" through Unholy Horde a while back which had a cover of "Weltering In Blood". We asked Pete form UH to send 5 copies to Ross Bay Cult so BLASPHEMY could get a copy each. I like the idea of the original artists getting to hear our version, even if they were to hate it! However we received word sometime later that the demons were into both the cover and the DIOCLETIAN music also. That was the first real contact between BLASPHEMY and Doom Cult. Here in NZ we were aware for quite some time of the rehearsals taking place in B.C. and then of the situation with the bassist. At one point when it seemed like they might have to play as a 4 piece, enough was enough. There was no fuckin way that BLASPHEMY was gonna play as a 4 piece when I could do it properly. So we worked out details and I hit Vancouver...

How long have you been in Canada for? Have you been staying at one of the band members places or do you have your own place? How is Canada different from New Zealand?

I was in B.C. a month prior to Montreal ritual. Canada is actually rather similar to NZ. More expensive, has shit coffee, higher proportion of hot women and better drugs so there’s pros and cons....

Have they taken you to Ross Bay Cemetery? Anything interesting or no?

Ross Bay was obviously one of the places I was always going to visit before I got to B.C. The link between Ross Bay and the AK Doom Cult has been established. I grew up next to a similar sized graveland in my youth. Always good to be in a spot where the dead out number the living.

The first jam session you had with the band, what was it like for you? I'm sure it had to be a killer feeling? What was the first song you played with them?

Every rehearsal had a ton of spirit. Playing that music while watching "Caller Of Storms" and "DeathLörd" assault their guitars and hearing "Black Winds" barking the war commands is pretty fuckin elite. To me "Black Winds", "Holocausto", ( old ) "Angelripper" and "W Antichrist" are the greatest extreme metal vocalists of all time. His voice is still pure darkness so sharing a mic with him was killer. And "Caller" is a seriously great guitarist. Some of his solos he'd rip out in rehearsals were fuckin mental. "Victory ( Son Of The Damned )" is a taste of the new evil noise that's being worked on by the Demons.

What are your favorite BLASPHEMY songs?

"Fallen Angel Of Doom...." is one of the greatest metal songs of all time. "Desolate One", "Darkness Prevails", "Necrosadist", "Goddess Of Perversity", "Nocturnal Slayer", "Weltering In Blood", "Victory ( Son Of The Damned )"... all classics. My blood boils every time I play them.

From the pictures that I've seen, you're an imposing figure & you're tatted up also. It looks like "Black Winds" is the only member with more tats than you. Could you give some descriptions of your tats & about how much money have you spent on them? What was your first tattoo & how old were you when you got it? What has been your latest?

I probably have more ink than "Black Winds".... Latest ink in progress is "Don't Break The Oath" cover over my entire left thigh. Bigger than the LP cover, totally solid. Small ink is for fuckin wimps. To the death! 

October 3rd, 2009 in Montréal. This was BLASPHEMY's first concert since 2001 & your first show with the band. What was it like for you? I'm sure you didn't want to fuck up anything.

Great venue ( Katakombes ), killer crowd, terrible stage sound. It was very difficult to hear anything on stage so it was disappointing for us. The maniacs in front of us still enjoyed it but "3 Black Hearts" had no guitars to play to so it was looser than our rehearsals... which were utterly ruthless. We were supported by WAR COMMAND who were great, hails Sven! As for me, I'm not a nervous person, esp concerning music. I play bass as though its a weapon and its primed to kill.

So far, you've played two shows with the band... Montréal on the 3rd & in Finland on the 24th. Can you compare the shows? Any interesting stories from before or after either show you can share?

Both had superb crowds full of maniacs from all points of the globe, and both shows were organized very well. Each set of promoters were excellent. Professionals but also with metal running through their veins. Finland show had an excellent venue at Dante's Highlight and the line up on that Sat night was killer. If DIOCLETIAN and a band like GOATPENIS had been there as well it would have been musically the most violent gig possible on planet earth. Every band that night played a strong show, starting with PROCLAMATION who kicked the show in the teeth with their ugly barbaric sound, a great way to commence! By the time we got to stage there was blood in the crowd and we smashed the fuck outta them. Some indication of the level of violence was the metal crowd barrier was bent by end of BLASPHEMY set...The mayhem that broke out as the "Ritual" Ross Bay beat started was a sight I won't forget in a hurry.

If given the opportunity to be full time member of the band, would you accept or do you have too much other stuff going on with your other bands?

I am a part of Doom Cult til death....

What are your future plans with BLASPHEMY, DIOCLETIAN & VASSAFOR?

Plans are in motion for further live rituals for BLASPHEMY, new music is being worked on. DIOCLETIAN has offers for shows in Northern Hemisphere that are being planned. VASSAFOR is concentrating on finishing album, next ritual will be an out door event with SINISTROUS DIABOLUS in early MMX outside of Auckland.

Well, I think that's all for now. Thanks very much for the interview. If you have anything else to add, feel free... the fuckin death....