.......the Desecraters....... Black Metal Skinheads........ BLASPHEMY was formed in 1984ce by "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" [ 4 String DaemonAxe & War Commands ] & "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" [ Necro-Pounder ] after being possessed by Black Metal classics such as DESTRUCTION's "Sentence of Death", SODOM's "In the Sign of Evil", & BATHORY's debut, among others. "Caller Of The Storms" [ DeathAxe Devastator ] was soon recruited since he was raging with hatred to Black Metal bands like VENOM, KREATOR & MERCYFUL FATE as well. Rehearsal rituals commenced. A permanent name for the band wasn't chosen yet but these were a few sick ideas for one. With the addition of "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals" [DeathAxe Annihilator & Black Vomits] a serious cult of darkness & evil was founded.

The name of this monstrosity was officially summoned as BLASPHEMY in 1986ce. During this time, Crime, Powerlifting, Tattoos, & Violence was a way of life for these Ross Bay Ritual Daemons & many delays occurred in the creation of musical assaults & recording due to jail time & other unholy factors. This included experimentation with the Line-Up. "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions" was added to the Horde on the 4 String DaemonAxe but then given an honorable discharge from the Horde when it was decided that "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" would return to the 4 String DaemonAxe as well as his usual War Command duties. Composing of the Holocaustic Death Marches took place & involved every member of the Unholy Communion. Local Live-Rituals took place with opening acts such as PROCREATION, WITCHES HAMMER ( Speed Metal Frenzy featuring "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" ) & TUMULT ( the new band of "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions" ). Finally in 1989ce, the monumental & legendary "Blood Upon The Altar" demo was unleashed upon the feeble masses. Recorded at Fiasco Brothers Studios in New Westminster, BC. Recording Line-Up:

"Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" 4 String DaemonAxe & War Commands
"3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" Necro-Pounding
"Caller Of The Storms" DeathAxe & Leads
"Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals" DeathAxe, Leads & Black Vomits

Word spread quickly within the underground when this Bestial Obsenity of a demo was unearthed & sales easily surpassed the 2000 mark worldwide. The artwork for the cover of this masterpiece was conjured by "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals" in a ceremonial frenzy. A European Fan-Club was also founded at this time by an then Underground maniac known as "Evil" Ludo to help spread the Plague & Depravity.

Crime, Violence, Powerlifting & Grave Desecration was still a major part of the Black Metal Skinhead Cult. One such Grave Desecration of the Ross Bay Cemetery led to the temporary end of "Black Priest's" involvement in BLASPHEMY. The tombstone of a fetus was unearthed & brought to "Black Priest's" Dungeon for use in Nocturnal Ceremonies & Live-Rituals. The possession of this tombstone led to violent nightmares & constant demonic attacks upon "Black Priest". This led him to return the tombstone back to the Ross Bay Cemetery & quit the band in order to strengthen himself against the Darkness & Evil that his soul was exposed to. Instead of harnessing the Demons for Ritual Destruction, he let the Demons terrorize & haunt him.

Enter "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity". An Unholy Powerlifter that was desecrating humanity with his Horde of Darkness. WITCHES HAMMER's Brethren of the Satanic Skin-Cult. "Sodomizer", was the perfect replacement for "Black Priest"! After intense rehearsing, the BLASPHEMY horde embarked on a short tour of duty to destroy the west coast of the USA. Live-Rituals took place in Seattle, WA; Berkeley, CA; & finally ending up in Los Angeles, CA where they introduced themselves to Richard C. of the famous rip-off label Wild Rags. At the time, BLASPHEMY did not know what they were in for, but the ended up signing a deal for 1 album. This abomination was to be known as "Fallen Angel Of Doom...."

Again choosing to decimate Fiasco Brothers Studios, BLASPHEMY unleashed the monumental "Fallen Angel Of Doom...." album in 1990ce. With the release of this record, BLASPHEMY became known as the most intense & Ungodly Black Metal band ever known to exist! Recording Line-Up:

"Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" Effects, 4 String DaemonAxe & War Commands
"3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" Necro-Pounding
"Caller Of The Storms" Effects, DeathAxe & Leads
"Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" Effects, DeathAxe & Black Vomits

Easily selling in the tens of thousands, BLASPHEMY did not receive the proper royalties for the slab of Chaos & Profanity that "Fallen Angel Of Doom...." was. The release was marred by pathetic spelling errors & missing lyrics on the insert. Artwork was created by a Funeral Bitch who was part of the Satanic Skinhead Hordes. "Black Winds" was even arrested for the legendary photo of him found on the album desecrating the tombstone with the Fire from Hell. Unfortunately for him, these was a Police Car patrolling the area when the photo session was taking place. Even though they were losing money BLASPHEMY continued their support of the underground by giving away most of their merchandise, including T-Shirts & Hooded Sweatshirts, to counter the rip-offs that the BLASPHEMY Legions were encountering. It was decided that some of the Horde be sent down to Wild Rags head quarters to pay an unpleasant visit to Richard C. Once these, the Horde confronted Richard C. & was given free merchandise of their choice from his shop to help compensate for his mistakes.

Unfortunately, "Sodomizer" left BLASPHEMY to concentrate on Powerlifting but was replaced for a short while by the returning "Black Priest". "Black Winds" decided to concentrate only on War Commands & handed over the 4 String DaemonAxe to a new member of BLASPHEMY known as "Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands". Live-Rituals continued to occur in the local area with TUMULT once again supporting BLASPHEMY. Crime & Violence came to the fore-front again & the band wasn't as tightly molded as they were in previous years. A new Black Metal label from France known as Osmose Productions contacted "Black Winds" & an agreement was made for the next BLASPHEMY Apocalypse known as "Gods Of War".

The writing process of "Gods Of War" was mainly conceived by "Black Winds". This was the beginning of the most Dark & Chaotic times for BLASPHEMY. Artwork was commissioned to a member of the Black Pentagram Cult in Victoria, BC. The recording again took place at Fiasco Brothers Studios. The years: 1992ce. Recording Line-Up:

"Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" War Commands
"3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" Necro-Pounding
"Caller Of The Storms" DeathAxe, Leads & Effects
"Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands" 4 String DemonAxe, Black Vomits & Effects

Once recorded, it was realized that the album would be too short so the now legendary "Blood Upon The Altar" demo was included to round things out. Not to fail the cursed existence of BLASPHEMY, lyrics were not printed at the request of the label, & the usual spelling errors could be found on the "lay-out". The wrong master tape was sent for the "Blood Upon The Altar" demo so instead of it being one long assault with no breaks, each song was divided individually. Then, color was added to the artwork on the cover by the label when it was sent to them the way in was intended to be: Black Background, Red Logo & White Artwork, the BLASPHEMY tradition up until then. Another art company was even credited for the piece instead of the original artist from the Black Pentagram Cult. All of this did not sit too well with the band.

The first ever European BLASPHEMY tour took place shortly after. Things got off to a bad start when the band met at the airport. "Ace Gustapo" realized that he had forgotten all of the spikes, chains & grenades for the Live-Rituals at his dungeon & it was too late to go back & retrieve them. BLASPHEMY did the tour without their battle-gear. Embarrassed doing shows without the Goat-Gear & fed up with all the problems occurring on this trip. "Black Winds" decides to return home 5 shows into the tour. This leaves BLASPHEMY as a 3 piece for the rest of the tour & so "Ace Gustapo" decides to take over War Commands so they can continue on the road.

A few months after returning home, BLASPHEMY is summoned once again to wreak havoc on Europe with the first ever all BLACK METAL Tour entitled "Fuck Christ" along with then label-mates IMMORTAL & ROTTING CHRIST. The touring Line-Up:

"3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" Necro-Pounding
"Caller Of The Storms" DeathAxe & Leads
"Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands" 4 String DaemonAxe & War Commands
They also brought along a session guitarist to thicken out the live sound. The tour was a complete success.

Returning home, "3 Black Hearts" is arrested at the airport after causing chaos & violence on the plane ride back. "Black Winds" decides that he is not interested in re-joining BLASPHEMY. A couple of Live-Rituals take place with the Euro-Tour Line-Up but then things become dormant. Again, "3 Black Hearts" is arrested & jailed, this time for serious offenses including assault on a Police Officer among other things.

The end seemed certain for BLASPHEMY. Nothing happens again until 1996ce when "Ace Gustapo" & "3 Black Hearts" form NECROSLEEZER along with "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions". A demo is recorded & offered to Osmose Productions but neither party could come to an agreement concerning the release of a full-length.

The existence of NECROSLEEZER re-ignites the interest of "Black Winds" & "Caller Of The Storms" in creating the Metal of Death once more. "Black Winds" forms a band called APOSTACY, but nothing materializes. At the same time, R. Förster enters the picture after the break up of his previous band CONQUEROR. The "War Cult Supremacy" album was already a favorite of "Black Winds" so when the opportunity came to work with R. Förster, the idea of a BLASPHEMY resurrection came up. With the agreement of "Caller Of The Storms" & "3 Black Hearts", R. Förster is initiated into the Cult and ritually summoned by the name "DeathLörd Of Abomination & War Apocalypse" after a secret ceremony. Ritualistic BLASPHEMY rehearsals commenced immediately & "Bestial Saviour" is once again conjured up for the 4 String DaemonAxe duties & Black Vomits. Shortly after, Live-Rituals are planned & the first Ceremony with this Line-Up occurs on Friday, July 21st 2000ce. A rare thunderstorm occurred this night. BLACK WITCHERY, Satanic Warriors from the USA, is chosen to be the supporting act. The show included all of the traditional devastation that BLASPHEMY made famous: Spikes, Grenades, Chains & Pyro! Things got so intense that the roof caved in during the last note of the final assault: "Ritual"! Satan approved the return of the Hooded Daemons!! Current Line-Up:

"Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" War Commands
"3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" Necro-Pounding
"Caller Of The Storms" DeathAxe & Leads
"Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions" 4 String DaemonAxe & Black Vomits
"DeathLörd Of Abomination & War Apocalypse" Black BloodAxe

Live-Rituals are still rare for BLASPHEMY, so once the news was spread that BLASPHEMY would be performing another ceremony on Friday the 13th of July, 2001. Y. Konishi of the new Cult Record Label Nuclear War Now! Productions decided to travel to Canada & capture this onslaught of Satanic carnage on Mini-Disc. A limited LP & this CD is the result of that night.

BLASPHEMY will forever be remembered as one of the most Profane, Sadistic & Innovative bands ever unleashed on this sphere of shit known as Earth. BLACK METAL in its purest form: Raw, Violent, Satanic & full of Hatred!