This is a Tribute Site to the Canadian Black Metal band... BLASPHEMY!!!!!

This is NOT an official website for the band. I'm only a fan that decided to make a website dedicated to them. While there have been BLASPHEMY sites in the past, they've all come & gone & none of them were as informative as the one you are currently viewing. Even now, some of the BLASPHEMY pages you can find surfing the web leave a lot to be desired... such as correct info!!!!! Anyway, with all of that being said, hopefully you enjoy this site. Ross Bay Cult Eternal!!!!!

I'm trying to be as accurate as possible with the information listed on this site, so, if there are any mistakes or if you want to add anything [ ads, artwork, concert info, cover songs, flyers, interviews, pictures, posters, reviews, video clips, zine covers, etc... ], feel free to email / message me. High resolution scans, camera pictures & xerox copies are welcome.

This website is always under construction.

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- [ IX.1/2006 ] -

Site created with "History", "Discography", "Lyrics", "Concerts", "Bootlegs", "Cover Songs", "Band Pics" & "Live Pics" pages & a "Poll" question. Also added "BATTLE WEBZINE", "MOONLIGHT ZINE" & two "GALLERY OF THE GROTESQUE ZINE" interviews.

- [ X.1/2006 ] -

Added a "Flyers / Posters / Zines" page, redid the "Band Pics" & "Live Pics" pages, updated the "Bootlegs" page & removed the "Poll" question. Also added "ABERRATION ZINE", "DESECRATION OF THE VIRGIN ZINE" & "TORNADO ZINE" interviews.

- [ XI.1/2006 ] -


- [ XII.1/2006 ] -

Added more "Artwork", a "Reviews" page & updated the "Live Pics" page. Also added "FALLEN PAGES ZINE", "HAMMER OF DAMNATION ZINE", "LEATHER N' SPIKES ZINE" & "MORBID TALES ZINE" interviews.

- [ IV.1/2007 ] -

Updated the "Concerts", "Bootlegs", "Cover Songs", "Live Pics", "The Town Pump", "Flyers / Posters / Zines" & "Reviews" pages. Also added "ROT ZINE", "SPIKEHEAD ZINE" interviews & three "Live Clips".

- [ VI.1/2007 ] -

Updated the "Discography", "Lyrics", "Cover Songs" & "Flyers / Posters / Zines" pages. Also added "HELL NEWSLETTER ZINE", "PUTREFYING MASS ZINE" & "THRASH'EM ALL ZINE" interviews.

- [ IX.1/2007 ] -

Added a "Background" [ you need 1600x900 pixels / screen resolution to view the site properly ] & updated the "Discography", "Bootlegs", "Cover Songs", "Flyers / Posters / Zines" & "Reviews" pages. Also added another "FALLEN PAGES ZINE" interview, a "ROTTED ANUS ZINE" interview & two "UNKNOWN" interviews [ I don't know what zines or years they're from ].

- [ II.1/2008 ] -

Added a "Live Shows / MP3s" page & updated the "Discography", "Concerts", "Cover Songs" & "Reviews" pages. Also added another "UNKNOWN" interview [ I don't know what zine or year it's from ].

- [ V.1/2008 ] -

Updated the "Discography", "Bootlegs", "Cover Songs", "Band Pics", "Live Pics", "Flyers / Posters / Zines", "Reviews", "Live Shows / MP3s" pages & removed "The Town Pump" page.

- [ IX.1/2008 ] -

Added an "Articles / Biographies" page & updated the "Bootlegs", "Cover Songs" & "Reviews" pages. Also added "CORONERS REPORT ZINE", "EXHUME ZINE", "INTESTINAL ZINE", "PLAGUE ZINE", "ROTTEN ZINE", "SACROFORMITY ZINE", "STYGIAN SHADOWS ZINE", "SUBURBAN DEATH ZINE" & "VIOLENT MOSHGROUND ZINE" interviews.

- [ I.1/2009 ] -

Added a "Compilations" page. Removed the "Live Clips" page. Updated the "Bootlegs", "Cover Songs", "Reviews", "Flyers / Posters / Zines", "Articles / Biographies" & "Live Samples" pages. Also added "DEATH POWER ZINE", "DEATHVOMIT ZINE", "HELLSPAWN ZINE", "HOLOCAUSTO ZINE", "SEPULCHRAL NOISE ZINE", "STRATANAEL ZINE" & two "MASS GENOCIDE ZINE" interviews.

- [ V.1/2009 ] -

Added a "My Own Interviews" page [ interviews with ex BLASPHEMY members "Ace Gustapo" & "Traditional Sodomizer" ]. Updated the "Bootlegs", "Compilations", "Cover Songs", "Band Pics", "Flyers / Posters / Zines", "Reviews", "Articles / Biographies" & "Live Samples" pages. Also added "DIABOLIC FORCE ZINE", "MORBID MIND ZINE", "NECROTOMY ZINE", "PEARDROP ZINE", "PSYCHOPATHOLOGICAL ZINE", "SEPTICORE ZINE", "SLIMY SCUM ZINE" & "TEMPLE OF ADORATION ZINE" interviews.

- [ IX.1/2009 ] -

Updated the "Concerts", "Compilations", "Cover Songs", "Band Pics", "Flyers / Posters / Zines", "Reviews" & "Articles / Biographies" pages. Also added "CHEERZ! ZINE" & "MORTAL CONSPIRACY ZINE" interviews.

- [ II.1/2010 ] -

Added a link to the "Official" BLASPHEMY myspace page [ see below the "Thanks" list ]. Updated the "Cover Songs", "Live Pics" & "My Own Interviews" pages [ interviews with "Caller Of The Storms", session bass player "V. Kusabs" & the "Goddess Of Perversity" ].

- [ IX.1/2011 ] -

Removed the "Live Shows / MP3s" page & added a "Zines I Need" page. Updated the "Concerts",
"Bootlegs", "Cover Songs", "Flyers / Posters / Zines", "Reviews" & "Articles / Biographies" pages. Also added "MORBID NOIZZ ZINE" & "UNI-FORCE ZINE" interviews.

- [ X.1/2012 ] -

Updated the "Cover Songs", "Flyers / Posters / Zines", "Articles / Biographies" & "Reviews" pages. Also added "FUCKER ZINE" & "WOLFPACK ZINE" interviews.

- [ VI.1/2013 ] -

Removed the link to the "Official" BLASPHEMY myspace page [ as it hasn't been updated in years ] & added a link to this very site. Updated the "Concerts", "Bootlegs", "Compilations", "Cover Songs", "Flyers / Posters / Zines", "Reviews" & "Articles / Biographies" pages. Also added "INVINCIBLE FORCE ZINE", "SHARKBASTARDTERRORCULT ZINE" & "THE FOREST ZINE" interviews.

- [ V.1/2014 ] -

Updated the "Concerts", "Cover Songs", "Band Pics", "Flyers / Posters / Zines", "Reviews" & "Articles / Biographies" pages. Also added "GRAVE DISGRACE ZINE", "OLDSCHOOL METAL MANIAC ZINE", "PSALMS OF MOLESTATION ZINE", "REPENT ZINE" & "ULTIMATUM ZINE" interviews.

- [ XI.1/2016 ] -

Updated the "Discography", "Bootlegs", "Concerts", "Cover Songs" & "Flyers / Posters / Zines" & "Reviews" pages. Also added "ZOMBIE DANZ ZINE" interview.


- [ Thanks ] -

Caller Of The Storms & DeathLörd Of Abomination & War Apocalypse / BLASPHEMY, Marco B. / TYRANTS BLOOD, Seventh Blasphemer / SADOMATOR, Black Plague Of War & Disease / NECROHOLOCAUST, Morghathrimm Abhorath / NEKROMANTIK KURSE, Axaazaroth & Decimator / NUCLEARHAMMER, Master Motorsĺg / BESTIAL MOCKERY, The Goat Christ & X / RAW HATRED, Erik P. / LORD BLASPHEMER, Paul J. / ALLFATHER, Black Blood Debauchery Of Blasphemy / ENVENOM, Pek / PEK, Semihazaz / THE SATANS SCOURGE, Charagnanna / CHARAGNANNA, Mextremist / WAR COMMAND, Infernal Abominator Of Nuclear Revenge / DEVASTATION, Kommander L. / FUCK OFF AND DIE!, Peter M. / THY FLESH CONSUMED, Sir Holm / DEVILRY, Baron Von Causatan / BESTIAL ATROCITY, The Evil Onit / SATANIK GOAT RITUAL, Ripping Penis / ORGIASTIC PLEASURES, Xaphon / DISMAL KINGDOM, R.R. Unholy Bastard & Phosgene Wargas / BLASPHEMOPHAGHER, Angeltyrant Bearer Of Four Winds & Bestial Offensor / PROCLAMATION, Scars / CHRISTICIDE, Empherion / EMPHERIS, Barbarous / GRIMBANE, One Of Him / WARKULT, Nuclear Tormentor / DESOLATE ONE, Black Vengeance / OFDOOM, V. Kusabs / DIOCLETIAN, Azrael / PACTUM, T.B. / THORYBOS, I.X. / BLACK GOAT, Blitzkrieg / SORGHEGARD, Lord Postmortem / MORTIFERO, Lord Arian /, ISTIDRAJ & INFERNO ZINE, Diistruktor Of Christ Damnation / BLACK TORTURE & SATANIC WARFARE ZINE, Nocturnal / NOCTURNAL EVIL & BAPHOMETAL ZINE, Evil Avenger / TERRORAZOR & DEATHSTRIKE RECORDS, Baron Sorath Northgrove / BEASTCRAFT & OBSCURE EPITAPH ZINE, Keith D. / ETERNAL DARKNESS CREATIONS, The Doominator / 7 GATES MEGA-SIN, Thomas W. / NECROMANIAC ZINE, Adam S. / NECROSCOPE ZINE, Chris A. / RIPPING HEADACHES ZINE, Dale R. / CANADIAN ASSAULT ZINE, Dave R. / SCREAMS FROM THE GUTTER ZINE, Leslie F. / STYGIAN SHADOWS ZINE, Bill C. / MENTAL FUNERAL ZINE, Gabriel G. / BRUTAL PASSION ZINE & COMPILATION OF DEATH ZINE, Manuel A. / SADOGOAT PERVERSION ZINE, Rafael Iturrino U. / HEADBANGER ZINE, Gleison / MEDICAL GENOCIDE ZINE & GENOCIDE PRODUCTIONS, Armando M. & Roxana V. / DEATHTHRASHER ZINE & PRODUCTIONS, Olivier M. / LIQUID OF LIFE ZINE, Culto / PERDITION HEARSE & SEPULCHRAL NOISE ZINE, Daudamadr / SEPULCHRAL NOISE ZINE, Leszek Wojnicz-Sianożęcki / OLDSCHOOL METAL MANIAC ZINE, Danai Y. / DARKNESS AGAINST LIGHT ZINE, Dan F. / ABYSS RECORDS, Pawel W. / POSSESSED TORMENTOR ZINE, Martin / BLACK DEATH NOSTALGIA, Bestial Death / LATE 80'S EARLY 90'S DEATH METAL, Unholy Sodomizer / BLACK BLOOD ZINE, Faustin Soglo / SUFFOCATIONS ZINE, Adam L., Alwin H., Angelina, Antti S., Ares Diabolus, Bernt F., Chris M. / Thorncross, Csendhajnal, Dale S., Daniel R., Duncan M.,  Fabian K., Felipe González F., Fei Y., Goddess Of Perversity, Hell Horns, Ivan B., Ivan & Silvia N., Javier C., Jouni H., Karsten R., Malcolm A., Marco I., Marcus T, Mike D. / Xytraguptorh, Mike T., MorbidSpaceman, Nawat S., Neil F., Nick A., Nico E., Niko P., Nikos T., Noktorn, Ole F., Pawel C., Pawel K., Peter O., Petros M., Raff666, Robert K., Tadeas V., Tania I., Tom H., Tomasz W., Tony B., Ulrich K., Vincent K., Vitaliy Y., Wolfram,
Zinoteka, & to anyone else that has helped out in some way, shape or form.