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Interview done by ? / REPENT ZINE #1

Russian to English translation by Ivan B.

This is probably the most old Canadian black death metal band what is mad on satanism like DEICIDE and they'd kindly agreed to shock us by their sentences about utility of raw meat devouring and midnight sodomy ( in occult meaning ).

How long ago was your band started?

It was happened in 1984 when I poured into myself some portion of VENOM's music. Since what we've changed three names ( ANTICHRIST, DISASTER, THRASH HAMMER ) and a bunch of lazy musicians, and finally in 1987 we became BLASPHEMY. Later we recorded "Blood Upon The Altar" in the fall of the next year.

Did crowd showed any interest about it?

Demo was sold out quickly! Do you know how many brothers we have in the world? We have done 1000 copies, and after what we were compelled to print additional copies.

How did you came across with Californian Wild Rags Rec.?

We sent them photocopies of about 30 killer reviews of our demo, and then we personally met their chief in Los Angeles.

Your debut LP "Fallen Angel Of Doom" ( released August '91 ) invoked to life new wave of death / black metal what was originally created by VENOM, BATHORY, SARCÓFAGO and OLD SODOM. How do you appreciate this recording today?

It was a stroke, a vomit from Abyss! Two tracks were taken from demo but all 9 tracks are real stirring up for listeners and a pail of boiling tar for religious idiots.

But I thought Satanism also deals with divination and cult...

Fuck you bastard! There are Light and Darkness. So I'm standing for Darkness! You can say that I'm unholy one. I have no one reason to explain it more.

OK. You spent about two years for preparing your second album called "Gods Of War". Why did it took so long?

Firstly we've changed two members in the band, secondly we changed the label. "God Of War" was released through Osmose Recs. Our present line-up is:

Gerry ( "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" ) - bass / vocal; Marco ( "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" ) - guitar; Jeff ( "Caller Of The Storms" ) - guitar; Sean ( "Three Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" ) - drums.

What are your actual lyrical themes?

Profanation of sacrosancts and perversion of Christianity.

What are your musical faves?

My music is influenced by early DISCHARGE, POISON IDEA, RAZOR. And now I'm listening to BEHERIT, XYSMA, SARCÓFAGO.

May I number your band among racist ones?

No, rascism does not fit us. I'm enthusiastic for infernal noise only.

Do you know some one else who is also belonging to Satanic Skinhead's tribe?

I know only Brazilian band IMPURITY. They are also coloring their faces, burning pentagrams and blasphemeing as well.

Do you have any friends in Vancouver with whom you share the stage?

We have not so much friends and we do shows not really often. Usually our stage partners are underground acts like WITCHES HAMMER, O.O.C., HELLTROUT, IRON GYPSY, ACTIVE GLANDS, TUMULT, PROCREATION, DECADENCE... Here we have bad conditions for real satanism. The Old and The New Worlds are steeped in alien religion. We should go to play in China!

Interview done by ? / ROT ZINE #2, 1990

BLASPHEMY come from Vancouver, a Canadian city that has a huge number of Satanists & people into witchcraft. Even though BLASPHEMY are black metal skinheads, they play very extreme, evil, brutal death metal. Their LP "Fallen Angel Of Doom" is now available on Wild Rags Records. Bassist / vocalist "Black Winds" answered these questions for us. Enough of this, read on & see what "Black Winds" has to say...

How long has BLASPHEMY been together?

Six years on & off.

Has there been any line-up problems?

Many changes, too many to mention. Well, only about three or four, but such long names!

How has the "Blood Upon The Altar" demo sold?

It sold out too quickly. I only had a thousand copies.

What are some of the subjects in your lyrics?

Desecration, perversity, & so on.

Are black metal skinheads racist?

No, no racial business. Really just a bunch of bald, black metal, noisecore freaks like me!!!

Explain your religious beliefs?

No time to explain. We are just fully satanic, that’s all.

What goes on at Ross Bay Cemetery?

Goat sodomy I've heard, many rituals also used to take place. But not lately, night security.

Who are your musical influences?


What are some of your favorite demos & LP's?

SARCÓFAGO - "I.N.R.I.", XYSMA - "Swarming Of The Maggots", BEHERIT, too many!

Do you play live often? What is the Vancouver scene like?

Only about 10 times, but a few party's too. There is a few bands in Vancouver; TUMULT & PROCREATION to name a few.

Do you know of any other black metal skinhead bands?

Only one, from Brazil, IMPURITY. They even paint their faces.

Do you think a trend of black metal skinheads will start up?

I hope it does start a new desecrating trend, for the women especially. HA!

How did you get the LP deal with Wild Rags?

Sent photo copies of about 30 killer reviews & not in person in L.A..

When will the LP be done?

Now, get it today!!!

Will any of the songs from the demo be on the LP? Other titles?

Yes, a couple. Other songs; "The Desolate One", "Desecration", "Goddess Of Perversity".

What can people expect from the LP?

Lots of cold feelings, signs of doom, misery man!!!

What is a BLASPHEMY show like?

Tombstones on stage, candles, bullets, lots of girls, war paint, a trapezoid candleholder.

Who have you played with?


What merchandise do you have available?

I only have two types of shirts for fifteen dollars, with compact discs, cassettes, & vinyl.

Any closing words?


Thanks "Black Winds" & keep up the sickness!!!

Interview done by ? / ROTTED ANUS ZINE #2, 1994

Finnish to English translation by Jouni H.

I'm really pissed off because the answers that I got from Mr. "Ace" for the questions that I used a lot of time. The excuse that he uses in the last answer is ridiculous. Almost all the bands that I have interviewed have been able to answer normally to my questions, but it seemed to be too hard for this gentleman. The thing is that no matter what kind of questions BLASPHEMY receives, the answers are always total shit. I have never seen BLASPHEMY interview with good answers. Mr. "Ace" seems to be really difficult person, but I guess it's part of the Black Metallers image. BLASPHEMY's music is nevertheless fucking aggressive & good, something that I have not heard elsewhere, even though there's many chaotic bands around these days. Their songs are full of unbelievable power, as if all their hatred would be channeled into their music. If you have heard the "Blood Upon The Altar" demo or their records "Fallen Angel Of Doom" & "Gods Of War", you know what I'm talking about...

Hail! What's up in the BLASPHEMY camp lately? Any plans for the upcoming releases?

Yeah. Immediately after the tour, a new release.

Your newest release "Gods Of War" is in my opinion masterpiece. Do you think it's better than your old releases? How much it has sold so far? Do you think it will sell more than "Fallen Angel Of Doom", or has it already sold more?

Yes, it's better than the old album & yes it will sell more.

The album has lots of old songs from the demo. Why you didn't put only new songs in it? Was it because you didn't have enough new songs, or are the old songs so good that they had to be included? ...& why they weren't included on the "Fallen Angel Of Doom" instead of "Gods Of War"?

Because soon will come new songs. ( Fuck what an answer!!! - ED )

What about "Fallen Angel Of Doom"? Do you still like it? I think it's one of the best records ever. Care to explain the awful sound on the album, or did you prefer to have it like that?

Yeah I like it, the guitar is out of tune ( The whole record is out of tune - ED ), blame the old guitarist.

You have had some line-up changes, tell us about them. Why so many line-up changes? Is the present line-up the right one? Do you have any arguments with the other members?

Situation at the moment seems fine & we do not fight, it's just that not everybody is suitable for teamwork.

I have heard that BLASPHEMY is one of the richest underground bands, is it true? If you would grow tired of playing your music, would you still continue to play for money? What's your opinion of people who play for money?

We are not rich, "Black Winds" once was. If I would grow tired I don't know what I would do.

I think your label Osmose is one of the best around. It releases lot's of fucking great records. What you think about Osmose, is it worth the effort?

Yeah it’s the best.

"Gods Of War" CD-version has the "Blood Upon The Altar" demo as a bonus. Was it your's or Herve's idea? Do you still like the demo or have you grown tired of it because it's already pretty old?

It was our idea. It's awesome to listen to "Blasphemous Attack" with the outro!!

Your music has not changed much during the years, I think it's good that you didn't change. Are there any new radical elements coming into picture or will you continue with the same old style?

The same as always.

On the thanks list of the first album you mentioned Ross Bay goat worshippers, the intro of the "Blood Upon The Altar" demo is titled after the Ross Bay & you sing about the Ross Bay in the "Ritual" song. So what Ross Bay means to you, perhaps some kind of ritual place? Are the pictures in the back cover of "Fallen Angel Of Doom" from Ross Bay?

That place is fucking creeping. We just went there & had the feeling that all kinds of visions are everywhere around us all the time. Like someone would be watching all the time.

Tell us about your belief, do you hold your god as spiritual or material being? What is the name that you use for him, Lucifer, Satan? How long you have been interested in Satanism & what triggered your interest?

Spiritual, like visions & revelations.

What do you think about death / black metal that can be seen on MTV & in bigger magazines? Do you think that Black Metal is meant for underground? How do you feel to see CARCASS, ENTOMBED, MY DYING BRIDE etc. on Headbangers Ball? Would you like to have BLASPHEMY doing promo video for MTV?


How do you judge new black metal bands, when it comes to them being posers? How it is possible to know who is true & who is not? Tell your opinion of the following bands, are they true or untrue: UNHOLY, PROFANATICA, SAMAEL, BESTIAL SUMMONING, ARCHGOAT, BEHERIT, MARDUK, DARKTHRONE, IMPIETY, DEICIDE ( heh ), MORBID ANGEL ( hehhehheh ) & DENIAL OF GOD?

In my opinion a band should sound good.

One of the things that I do not like in the scene is Death Metal bands who has socially aware lyrics. I think the lyrics should deal with death and other evil matters. It's stupid to sing about wastes etc. What's your opinion on this? Do you like to read social lyrics?

I agree with you.

What about your lyrics? What are they dealing with? Or do you make lyrics just because there has to be something to growl? What inspires you to make them, do you has to be in some special mood to make them? Do you give much attention to the lyrics?

Lot's of attention.

Some time ago Black Metal bands were united but nowadays there's lot's of arguments. Everybody is talking shit of one another behind their backs. There's a "war" between the Finnish & Norwegian bands. What is your opinion of all this?

It's not good that I'm too busy to hate Christians to keep myself updated what is happening among my Black Metal brothers. The day I do not enough have time to hate Christians is the day I kill myself. ( Why in hell you don't hate Hindus, Buddhists or Muslims? There's more of them & they are same kind of "slaves" than Christians? - ED )

What violence means to you? Are you a violent person? Do you deal with people by talking or do you prefer to use your or your friends fists? Do you enjoy watching violence? Have you been part of street fights?

I enjoy some random violence & I would like to be a mercenary. Street fighters can go fuck them selves. The rednecks in Canada need lessons in violence.

What is the foundation of BLASPHEMY's music? I think it is the brutality & the dark atmosphere, do you agree?  What separates BLASPHEMY from other bands? Or are you just one more shit band in the worthless scene?

Worthless scene? You just made my eyes drop.

What expectations you have from your involvement in Black Metal? Money, power? Do you want to declare your hatred towards Christians or are you playing just for fun?

I want to express my hatred & release my energy because otherwise we would be in jail or dead & we want to spread our hateful antichristian music before we die.

Thanks for your time ( which apparently wasn't much ), would you like to add something?

Yeah, keep the questions short, simple & straight or make lot's of them. I can't answer to questions like these. Send a free copy.

Like some wise man once said: "Do not try to get a stupid people to understand sensible things. It will lead only to mutual frustration". - ED

Interview done by Vesa Iitti / ROTTEN ZINE #2, 1990

Finnish to English translation by Antti S.

Dear readers, here we have a Canadian band ( from Vancouver to be exact ), whose music can only be commended. You just don't hear so beautifully brutal death metal every day. Obviously there are people disagreeing with me, but one could say that BLASPHEMY's "Blood Upon The Altar" demo is an absolute purchase for everyone into BATHORY, the tape won't collect dust in the shelf. Gerry ( check out the nicknames of these guys, "Angel Ripper" and co have to play second fiddle now... ) has phoned me several times, but because of my poor English this interview was done by letter...

Tell us a little about the history of BLASPHEMY.

The band was formed by "Three Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity", "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" and "Caller Of The Storms". In the year '86, "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals" joined in.

Do you have any other material beside the demo "Blood Upon The Altar"?

Yes we do. We have accomplished also songs such as "Goddess Of Perversity", "Darkness Prevails", "Desecration", "Hording Of Evil Vengeance", "The Desolate One" and plenty of others.

Tell us about your live performances, you do fire breathing and spit blood at least...

Yeah, "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater" does fire breathing, spits blood and he paints his tongue black. We also have this crucifix taken from a tombstone that we set inverted to the stage. We use lots of bullet belts etc.

Are you interested in occultism or Satan worship?

Yes we are. We use to go to graveyard rituals, mainly to the island of Victoria which is the Satanic capitol of the world. Usually we go there by boat or by ferry.

How would you describe your music?

Brutal death metal.

How's the scene like in Vancouver?

Nowadays there are a lot of people into hardcore and black metal, there are lots of skinheads also. There's a good hardcore band called WITCHES HAMMER and others such as DAYGLOW ABORTIONS, OOC, DEATH SENTENCE. There used to be a group called FATAL HATRED with whom we played our first show.


"Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" thinks that some of them are musically quite heavy, while some of them aren't really right up his alley. "Caller Of The Storms" thinks that all of them are okay, except KREATOR.

Have you heard any Finnish bands?

No we haven't, but we're sure interested in hearing some.

Do you like hardcore music?

Yeah, we all are into similar type of hardcore: DOOM, WITCHES HAMMER, NAPALM DEATH and really old DISCHARGE.

Do you read books?

I'm reading a really old, black book called "The Wine Of Satan". Michelle Remembers is a weird one.

How would you describe you as persons?

Black metal Satanist freaks, hard drinkers and dope smokers.

What do you think is the biggest problem for your band?

Equipment and money.

What do you think about drugs?

We use them at gigs and each week in our tattooing rituals.

How do you personally find your demo?

We think it's a good one, but we are going to make even better one.

What are the topics that you want to bring forth with your lyrics?

Death, Doom, Destruction, Hatred, Golgatha skin, Sodomy, Pain, Suffering, Lust and hailing everything that's wicked.

What are your favourite movies?

Swedish porn, Sex with Satan. Above the Law, Blood Sports.

What's the worst Canadian band?


Is there anyone that you'd like to express your gratitude to or anyone to tell to fuck off?

Thanks to Fallen Angel Of Armageddon. Fuck off to BROKEN BONES, because they were such a bunch of snobs when they visited here. Fuck off goes also to everyone saying that NAPALM DEATH and SODOM are rubbish, these bands are representing really good hardcore and metal. We like SODOM, DOOM and NAPALM DEATH.

What are you going to do after this interview?

We're going to take some photos for you armed with all our new bullet belts.

Interview done by JH / SACROFORMITY ZINE #2, 1990

Danish to English translation by Ole F.

I mentioned the word "fis-brændt" in the last issue in a review of SAMAEL's single and ALASTIS' demo tape. If those two bands are "fis-brændt", what is BLASPHEMY???

I simply had to write them and ask why they are they way they are.

I simply don't get, why it's still "in" to write these kinds of lyrics, and wear make-up?!

I know that some of my favorite bands have these lyrics ( MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, etc ), but at least they don't wear make-up! BLASPHEMY from Canada is simply just too much! I hope it's only to provoke. Oh well, I did an interview with "Black Winds" ( ha-ha ) – bass and vocals, to hear more about their record deal with Wild Rags Records ( sigh ). They didn't send me their demo, because it was sold out, so I have no idea what their music sounds like. According to themselves it should be very blasphemic! Now the interview:

When was BLASPHEMY formed?

We were formed in 1984 with different members than now.

Why the name BLASPHEMY?

Because we want to profane Gods name! We are very blasphemic. So are out music.

I read some reviews of your demo, where people laugh at your names. What do you think of that?

I think it's cool! These names are ritual names. We all got a special satanic name.

Why do you still have this "old" image?

Because we started in 1984, and we kept the same image all the time. Why change it?! Apart from that, we enjoy to provoke people with our blasphemic ideas. It’s fun!

Why did you name your demo "Blood Upon The Altar"?

Because we felt that title was better than "Sodomy Upon The Altar".

Did the demo sell well?

Yes, in fact we sold around 1000 copies. Though we did give a lot away for free for promotion and things like that. All in all I think we gave away 250-300 demos for free.

How did people react on that demo?


How did you get a contract with Wild Rags Records?

We send the demo to Richard C. and some copies of killer reviews of the demo. We also visit his store the last time we played in the US.

Are you satisfied with Wild Rags?

Yes, definitely.

What do you think of big labels who interfere with the bands music?

The big labels have a lot of money, and they can offer more than the small labels, but if it means they want to change your music, then it's shit!

You use a lot of intros and outros on your forthcoming LP, why?

Because we're totally fucking weird!

What tracks will be on the LP?

It's going to be "Fallen Angel Of Doom", "Hording Of Evil Vengeance", "Darkness Prevails", "Desecration", "Ritual", "Weltering In Blood", "Demoniac", "Goddess Of Perversity", "The Desolate One".

Tell me more about the forthcoming LP?

The title is "Fallen Angel Of Doom", and there's a separate photo of each band member on the back cover, with our ritual-names: "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" – bass and vocals, "Caller Of The Storms" – lead guitar, "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" – drums. "Black Priest Of The Seven Satanic Blood Rituals" has left the band. Our new guitarist is "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity". And we used to have "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions" on bass. ( phew - JH )

How is the Canadian death metal scene?

I only know about Vancouver. Here we have EXECRATOR, PROCREATION, DECADANCE which is death metal. Besides that it's mostly speed metal like THE KILL, CAUSTIC THOUGHT, ARAGHATOR, DEBAUCHERY and lots more, man it's pretty boring and monatomic... I don't know about the rest of Canada. Speed metal is gay.

Where do you get inspiration for your lyrics?

From books, experiences and the upcoming profanation of God and his name.

What are your plans for the future besides releasing your debut LP?

To spark this big faint!

Any last words for our readers?

Yes, try to follow the left hand path! You should try to take a walk on the cemetery in Copenhagen right across "Ungdomshuset". It's really cool!

Ehm, I hope all our readers are willing to give this band a chance and just laugh of what they're saying and doing! I will make a review of the LP as soon as I get a chance to hear it. BLASPHEMY has t-shirts for sale. "Black Winds" didn't mention a price, but I guess 12$ will do it.

Address: BLASPHEMY, 1031 E. 59th, Vancouver BC, V5X 1YB, Canada.

Interview done by Diistruktor / SATANIC WARFARE ZINE #4

Two dedicated unholy souls from BLASPHEMY, "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" & "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds"! I was not disappointed by their answers & even time because this was done in half an hour with full of dedication! Ross Bay Cult Eternal!

Together proclaiming war! The worlds ending forever more! A nuclear power plant scare! Breathing out the flame of doom!!! Hails "Sodomizer"! Black blood! What have you been doing in the underground scene lately? Any new bands you've got into lately?

I put on shows with other members of BLASPHEMY & CONQUEROR under the Desecraters flag. I am currently working on a group myself, playing old thrash death style. So far as the Desecraters, we have put on INQUISITION / RITES OF THY DEGRINGOLADE / AXIS OF ADVANCE / ALLFATHER & soon will be bringing the heaviest black metal show our city has ever seen. For new stuff I enjoy PROCLAMATION / MOCKERY / ANAL VOMIT / EIBON & a few others.

How were the metal days back then compared to now? As for "scene" wise, what would made you unhappy about? & advantages?

The old days of course was fresher & more unique so it was ours & the camaraderie was true & very violent. Not a safe place for the weak & the fake, of course as all things, people want to be what they cannot so they wait for things to become safe & then come when the waters are warm. But this is the way of things so I have really no choice but to let the disease sun its course & kill itself, then life will begin new like anything, it needs a raging inferno to wipe everything out & start new. You see the freaks & geeks & phonies will destroy themselves & the "scene" because they have no roots, no true passion, its all fad & a search for belonging. Black metal has become the glam of the new millennium & bastardized as metal was in the 80's with all that shit. It eventually died because it was too sick & diseased by the whores & pimps that rode its coattails, that’s what will happen here too.

IMPIETY now is easily compared to any wimp bands. Don't you think? The old IMPIETY which was more raw, obscure, primitive & evil sound has faded. What's your views on IMPIETY?

I like old IMPIETY a lot.

What about ABHORER? Do you think they should end the band? I think ABHORER really is a good example of cult bands not only to Singahell but also bands worldwide! What would be your favorite Singahell bands in the early 80s?

ABHORER are very good too. I won't comment on a band from a computer screen, its fuckin weak.

I like a lot of bands from Singapore. Early 80's I'm not sure, but of course IMPIETY, ABHORER, NECRO SADIST, ISTIDRAJ, SADISTIK IMPALER, EIBON are all killer bands old & current.

I think this question is a bit cliché to ask. Are there still activities in the "Ross Bay Cult"? Are the members still active? Any activities done lately? Weird experiences?

We are Black Metal Skinheads forever, we are before the group, a lifestyle, the whole complexion of the Ross Bay Cult is beyond BLASPHEMY, CONQUEROR, REVENGE, DOMINI INFERI, etc. We are who we are, a spit in the eye & the destruction of all things held as standard by regular society. All except a small few are here still.

What's your views about NSBM?

Don't give a fuck about it. No time for it.

You opinion on Satanic Skinhead Propaganda? Anti-Kristian Kramer seems to take back what he speaks. He once said he is "totally" against webs / webzines. Your views on this & his web to spread hatred? Through the web full of wimpy kids that knows nothing about "Black Metal" but admit being part of it? hmm...

He's a nice enough guy it seems, a true fan of the band! However the Black Metal Skinheads ideals are ours, it is the way of the world. There are the innovators & the fans why would we have to fly around the world & kick the shit out of everyone that tried to or wanted to be? It would be an endless battle. So in the beginning we were outraged by the audacity of the geeks that wanted to pretend they were part of our Cult. Now we see that’s just how it is with people, unoriginality is the way. But in the end they pay homage & seem to genuinely live for that which was represented as true before them. I would hope that people in general can differentiate between the original, & the fans. It's how it is, its not such a bad thing, unless they pretend to be you, then its just very pathetic.

About the band PROCLAMATION? I lost contact with them ever since months ago. Your views on them?

I like PROCLAMATION a lot. They have a new album coming out that R. Förster is helping to release along with NWN Productions. I just received their Hell In Madrid live DVD & will be watching it tonight.

What about CONQUEROR & REVENGE? Hmm... I really think REVENGE isn't the continuation of CONQUEROR! REVENGE is more likely to be the clone of AXIS OF ADVANCE. CONQUEROR is more raw & primitive! Hail CONQUEROR! Your views on this brother?

I like both bands very much, both are very different i would have to agree. REVENGE is much more in the AXIS vein as REVENGE is much more raw sounding yes for sure, completely different animals.

Your views / comments on NYOGTHAEBLISZ? What type of black metal does this band plays? & do you support how Kramer release their stuffs?

I know not enough about them.

I think I've completed this war interview! "Tanks" for this interview brother! Satanic Warfare salutes WITCHES HAMMER & BLASPHEMY with total black blood!

Hailz, Anitchrist born! Hate from Hades!!

Interview done by Necrovomit / SEPTICORE ZINE #6, 1990

The Canadian quartet, BLASPHEMY, is set to release their LP out in the beginning of August 90. This extreme band plays a Black Death, Doom, Desecration music. If you've never heard them before, then you re in for a treat.

They had a very successful demo out last year titled "Blood Upon The Altar", which did very well. The band has just finished recording their debut LP & it promises to be the very best. Lots of interesting intros & outros on the recording, not your typical Doom / Death band.

What is the present line-up?

"Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds": bass & destruction.
"Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity": guitar, back-up destruction.
"Caller Of The Storms": lead guitars.
"3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity": drum explosions.

Could you give us a little history?

We started late 84' with a much mellower style, but finally worked up our way to this Black Metal style.

Why have you chosen BLASPHEMY as name?

Because it suites us the most of all the names we had: ANTICHRIST, DISASTER, ...

What do you deal in your lyrics with?

True perversity & desecration's, they are totally important!

What are your preferred / worst lyrics?

We prefer lyrics of Occultism, Black Magic, Satanism, Nuke Metal, Black Metal, desecrating lyrics. We hate wimpy Speed Metal lyrics.

Could you tell us more about your demo "Blood Upon The Altar"?

Well, we almost named it "Sodomy Upon The Altar" & we sold all 1000 copies a while ago. Recording costs $850.

Why have you chosen "Wild Rags" for your LP?

Because they rule with CD's & soon tour promo.

Could you tell me anything about this LP?

It's much better recording, it costs $2000 to record, & it's just as evil as the demo, probably even more, no shit!

Many people compare you with SARCÓFAGO, do you agree?

Yes, like old SARCÓFAGO, it was kinda of neat to find out there was another band like us that wears points & hardware. Ya, "Antichrist" is cool!

Do you practice various kinds of Necrophilia, ...?

No, but the Satanic organization here in Vanc. wants us to participate in it. Here is their address: SUDC / 15702 / VMPO / Vanc. BC / V6B 5B4 / Canada.

How is the scene in Canada?

Well, Vanc. is not bad, only a couple of Death bands, lots of Punk & Speed wimpy Metal bands.

Have you lots of fan clubs in the world like the French one?

Maybe in Finland & Poland!

What do you do besides music?

Lot's of Wild perversions, a few facial desecration's, weed hash, some minor ritual abuse & mail!

What do you know about Belgium?

That it must rule, with AGATHOCLES. I get mail from lot's of people into the darkness.

Do you think you could further play another style of Metal??!?

Not Heavy Metal, no fucking Speed shit, only real fast Noisecore like XYSMA, BLOOD, AGATHOCLES.

How are your gigs & the reactions of the crowd?

Our gigs rage, we usually have a tombstone on stage, fire breathing. On our last gig, some crazy guys were running through the slam pit with a table, using it as a snow plow, until the bass player of DOA threw the guy out on his face, I love this violence & morbidity!

How popular are you in Canada?

The heaviest in Vanc. & Vanc. has more of a Death, Black scene than Toronto or Montreal, pretty popular here.

What are your future plans?

To storm the Gay Olympics out of Vanc.

Any last blasphemies to end?

Only drink the blood of the dying whore quite ritually. ALL HAIL SATANAS!

So, it was once more an interview with a great band, which is also very sick mentally! Anyway, the result is amazing, just order their LP, it's the most brutal you could find in Canada ( or one of the most )! They've also great double sides T-Shirts ( L, XL ). It costs $15.00 & 1 IRC will be very well appreciated. Here is their address: BLASPHEMY, 1031 E. 59th, Vancouver, B.C., V5X 1Y8, Canada.

Interview done by "Evil" Ludo / SEPULCHRAL NOISE ZINE #5, 3/1991

Do you like Death Metal? BLASPHEMY are gods! Well, my intro could stop with these words, because this sentence sums up all qualities of this band! They have absolutely all in their side too succeed! Their first demo "Blood Upon The Altar" contains 7 titles of extreme imagery, rare are bands able to be as brutal as them, without make noise! In fact, BLASPHEMY are a real & pure Death Metal band, a cross between SARCÓFAGO, GRAVE & TERRORIZER, to sum up, this mixture lobotomize you in some seconds! So don't hesitate to write them, they are so cool!! So are you ready to succumb at the Malefic incantations of "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater"?

After Hellraiser #2 ( the movies ), here's the hell at your door! Buy "Blood Upon The Altar", the most Demoniac demo of these last years!

I'm in Hell, HELP ME! This masterpiece is available for only $7!! So don't hesitate!!!!!!

A question went through my head. You describe your own person such as, I quote you, "Satanic skinheads", so two questions are essentials: Do you believes at the occult forces, & at the devil manifestations? & for you what is the signification of the word "skinhead" apart from to have the shaved skull?

Yes we believe in the occult forces. Skinheads mean usually NAZI, but a lot are just plain Hardcore Skinheads. But here there are a lot of skinheads that go to BLASPHEMY shows, they are actually considered a gang, cause there are so many but we have NAZI skinheads too, but not as many. & there are Satanic Skinheads in Portland ( US ) too!!

United States & Canada have been the first to invade our worlds with their fashions, but they are also the first on to disavow their origins. I explain. There are some years ago, many bands raised Satanic images, & had penname to describe them! Now they think that it's stupid. What is your opinion in view of this stupid comportment? Why have you chosen penname? ( Why not? )

Well, they are so fuckin stupid because they didn't even know what the hell they were into, just a big stupid FRONT.

Several months before this interviews, you won't be really well known in Europe, but with "Blood Upon The Altar" I think that now, the BLASPHEMY name became more well known in all the underground. What are your projects after your first fantastic demo, a new one for 89? Also, have you decided to change something in your next recording?

We will ALWAYS be playing the same music, & yes there will be another demo soon, much better than the last even.

Your music remind me a deluge of metallic sound, & a hurricane of evil incantation, are you agree with that? Who write the BLASPHEMY lyrics, & tell me exactly what are they about. About your musical influences, are they very varied or are they concentrated only on the Death Metal bands? You have perhaps several faves bands, what are they?

Yeah! Totally agree!! Lyrics are written by "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" & the "Black Priest Of the 7 Satanic Blood Rituals". The lyrics are about the hardened & cold feeling of the inner SANCTUM & the DELIVERANCE of evil. Our influences are purely just reality for us. Our fave bands would be: XYSMA ( from Findland ) & SARCÓFAGO ( see elsewhere in this issue a review of their stuffs - ED ), SAMAEL, DOOM...

You played live, several time in Vancouver with local bands ( FATAL HATRED, O.O.C., WITCHES HAMMER... ), how was these gigs? ( the sound, the audience ... ). Are there many skinheads gangs at your shows?

The gigs we play drive the people crazy, they love it, lot's of skinheads go but not to many Nazi, some though.

Being a fanatic of vocals & unearthly introductions, have you decided to put a monstrous one in your next recording? ( like SARCÓFAGO with "Recrucify" ).

Well, I don't think we have heard the new SARCÓFAGO, so we can't say. But we, I am sure will have a very good intro & Brutal digital delay vocals as usual, maybe slightly different.

To stay in the horror & occult subject, are you fervent fans of horror / gore movies? My worship movies is Evil Dead #1, Reannimator, From Beyond, Bad Taste, Hellraiser #1 & 2, Cannibal Holocaust...

No, not really, but will have to agree with Evil Dead.

Well, we change of subject. Do you think to have an LP soon realized? You have perhaps contacted some record company. If so, tell us more about that. Also, could you tell me what is the best was to help a band? What would you like that people do for you?

Well, we are talking with a few labels, but nothing too serious yet.

Now an indiscreet question. After your shows, have you forces enough to make love with your girlfriends? ( hihihi... ) Perhaps you drink thousands beers...

By the end of a show. yet too many beers.

I've many Brazilian friends which tell me that the religion in Brazil is synonym of "swindle". Are you a believer? Give me your opinion about the signification of your band name BLASPHEMY. Is there a relation with what i said you before? Are you really blasphemator / profanator? In what are you a believer?

Yes, BLASPHEMY is our religion. ( what a short answer!!! - ED )

Well, to come back with your first demo "Blood Upon The Altar", I've been extremely surprised by your fantastic good sound! Yes, because often, the Death Metal bands have a sound far to be as good as yours, so what could you tell me about the recording of this demo? How many times have you stayed at the studio, how many money for this demo..... etc...

The demo was cheap. We didn't have enough money, but did the best we could. $800 ( eight hundred dollars ), all we can say is wait for the next.

I really would like that you tell us more about your local scene? Are there new local bands.... etc...


Except your band, what do you do in your life? What are your favorite distractions?

Going to gigs with a bunch of the lads & getting rowdy slam.

If I've forgot something, you are free to tell what you want.

Yes, we should inform you that "Black Priest" went insane for real & left the band, but we already have a replacement, another Black Metal Skin, ex WITCHES HAMMER to fill in guitar back up vox, just as evil or even MORE. BLASPHEMY's next gig will be with KREATOR probably, but the date on that still hasn't been set. ( when this issue will be out - ED ). Now a big thanx to Arnaud BATTEZ ( & Ludo "Evil" for the cool questions!! ) for great support in the Black Death Metal scene.

Interview done by Vagabond / SHARKBASTARDTERRORCULT ZINE

Interview with Ryan Förster / "
DeathLörd Of Abomination & War Apocalypse".

How were you initiated into the cult of BLASPHEMY and why where you chosen?

Ceremonial initiation through a Blood Baptism Ritual. I was chosen because of my history with CONQUEROR. The BLASPHEMY guys were / are totally into the Superion Holycaust Attacks!

How did you meet the members of BLASPHEMY?

I lived in Victoria, Canada at the time that I met them. I used to travel over to Vancouver, Canada to see shows as most bands skipped Victoria when they toured this country. The BLASPHEMY guys were at one of the shows I attended. They had their own section in the club while the rest of us had to mingle with the riff-raff and scum. I had a couple of CONQUEROR demo tapes with me and passed them to "Black Winds" and "Caller Of The Storms". They like what they heard and we established contact a few days later and kept contact ever since.

Where you exposed to BLASPHEMY's music before you meet the members or after?

I knew of BLASPHEMY way before I met those guys! I subscribed to The Wild Rag zine / mail-order catalog and ordered "Fallen Angel Of Doom...." on cassette tape as soon as it was released! I have been into this type of underground Metal since high-school and had to start with mail-orders and tape trading back in about 1989ce as the local record stores could no longer provide for my addiction to the most extreme and unholy music possible.

"Ritual" is one of my personal favorite songs, and seems to be one of the bands most iconic. Would you say that this would be your most "famous" song?

Yes. When we do Live Rituals, people are already chanting that song title even before we hit the stage!!

How does BLASPHEMY determine the set lists for the few live rituals performed every year?

It depends on the occasion. At this years NWN! Festival we celebrated the 20 Year Anniversary of the release of "Fallen Angel Of Doom...." so we started our set out with all the tracks from side I of the LP. ( Until we got to "Ritual". We had to save that as our last attack. )

Will BLASPHEMY ever play in the U.S. again? I understand there are legal issues involved but I am sure many maniacs would love to see the gods of war storm our soils once more.

Never. The 3 original members are banned from the USA due to extensive criminal pasts.

NWN! has had especially good lineups, and you headlined this years fest. How was the experience"? What were some of your favorite acts at the fest?

The NWN! Festival was the most professional show that I have ever played! Everything was taken care of properly for us so all we really had to do was get on stage and crush everyone as hard as possible. Personally my favorite acts were PROCLAMATION, BLACK WITCHERY, ORDER FROM CHAOS, MYSTIFIER, BLASPHEMOPHAGHER, and EMBRACE OF THORNS! DEAD CONGREGATION, VANHELGD, MIASMAL, FAUSTCOVEN, and XIBALBA were damn great as well! I missed ARES KINGDOM getting ready for the stage with BLASPHEMY, and I missed VON GOAT. Overall, killer festival!! Highly recommended for anyone into underground Metal as the Fest kills, and Berlin in an inexpensive and interesting city! Let's hope there is another edition of this Festival!

Is there any new material for BLASPHEMY in the works?

Yes! It's up to the original members get to the studio and record them though........!

Do you have any new projects you are working on?

Nothing that I can mention at the moment.......... No.

What modern bands do you listen to and support?

I still follow the Metal underground closely and listen to 100s of current bands. I support what current bands I can through my "Ross Bay Cult" distribution.

What three albums have impacted you the most?

It depends on what the context is. For Bestial Metal than it has to be "Fallen Angel Of Doom...." by BLASPHEMY, "I.N.R.I." by SARCÓFAGO, and "The Oath Of Black Blood" by BEHERIT. Those 3 releases affected me to my very core! TO THE DEATH!!!!!!

Any new releases coming from "Ross Bay Cult"?

Beware of the newest addition to my small and probably never expanding label roster: WRATHPRAYER from Chile!!!

Interview done by Metalion & Ludo "Evil" / SLAYER ZINE #8

Praise darkness & death! I heard something about a new member in your unholy outfit. So what about telling us something about him?

Ok, the new guitarist ( back up vocals ) is ritual named: "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity". His personality is just like our! TOTAL BLASPHEMOUS! He is into SARCÓFAGO, ( Old I hope - ED ) SAMAEL, XYSMA, DOOM, BATHORY, MORTUARY DRAPE, etc. He used to be in a band called WITCHES HAMMER. A speedcore unit that did about 40 gigs. Some with BLASPHEMY in the early days. "Black Priest" left cause he cracked up for while. But he is back to normal & comes to the party's again!

Could you please tell me more about your names???? Does the names you use in BLASPHEMY reflect your personality in any way?

Our names have been earned, they are our ritual names. We used to have "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions" playing bass.

You don't see so many Black Metal skins, at least not around here. Is it a lot of them in your area?

Fuckin' right! Lot's in VANC. Most of our friends are but we hang out with punks & long hairs as well.

Would you agree that BATHORY is your main influence?

No, sorry. But between old DISCHARGE , RAZOR, SODOM & BATHORY, that would be it!

Is it true that that VANC. should be one of the Satanic capitols of the world?

So it's been said that VICTORIA ( VANC. ) is the capitol. I have seen witches walking down the streets & witnessed heavy Black Mass at ROSS BAY cemetery! MANY TIMES!! & there are have been a couple of SATANIC churches. & there are to be believed many different cults.

Several months before this interviews, you won't be really well known in Europe, but with "Blood Upon The Altar" I think That now, The BLASPHEMY name became more well known in all underground. What are your projects after your first fantastic demo, a new one for 89? Also, have you decided to play the same style of music, or have you decided to change something in your next recording?

We will ALWAYS be playing the same music, & yes there will be another demo soon, much better than the last even.

Your music remind me a deluge of metallic sound, & a hurricane of evil incantation. Are you agree with that? Who write the BLASPHEMY lyrics, & tell me exactly what are they about. About your musical influences, are they very varied or are they concentrated only on Death Metal bands? You have perhaps several faves bands, what are they?

Yeah! Totally agree!! Lyrics are written by "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" & the "Black Priest Of 7 Satanic Rituals". The lyrics are about the hardened & cold feeling of the inner SANCTUM & the undiluted source of knowledge on Satanism & the DELIVERANCE of evil. Our influences are purely just reality for us. Our fave bands would be: XYSMA ( from Finland ) & SARCÓFAGO ( see elsewhere in this issue a review of their new stuffs - ED ), SAMAEL, DOOM.....

You played live several times in Vancouver with local bands ( FATAL HATRED, O.O.C, WITCHES HAMMER... ), how was these gigs? ( the sound, the audience... ). Are there many skinhead gangs at your shows?

The gigs we play drive the people crazy, they love it, lot's of skinheads go but not to many Nazi, some though.

Being myself fanatic of vocals & unhealthy introductions, have you decided to put a monstrous one in your next recording? ( like SARCÓFAGO with "Recrucify" ).

Well, I don’t think we have heard the new SARCÓFAGO so we can't say. But we, I am sure will have a very good intro & Brutal digital delay vocals as usual, maybe slightly different.

Do you think the Satanists in your area is more different than other ones in the world?

Yes, they are very brutal & bizarre..... Baby sacrifices etc. The hospital have people from the army because babies are gone missing on Halloween & other ritual nights. They are very underground though. Something we are not into.

What are you fave Black Metal & other bands????

Our fave Black Metal bands would be SAMAEL, SARCÓFAGO, MORTUARY DRAPE..... ( I think you can add MAYHEM to the list as well - ED ). We are in touch with them all. But we also like some noise core like: ANAL CUNT, XYSMA, IMPETIGO, DOOM, etc.......

Do you think the goat on your demo cover is kinda BATHORYish??

No actually, "Black Priest" made it. It is our Black Metal goat, can't you see the war paint on him?

Do you think BLACK METAL will survive through the 90ies?

The days are growing old. But I think that it's just getting started with all of thoughts. Maniacs in Chile starting Death bands all the time. It is growing man, I can feel it...

Well, here's the DEADITOR again. It seems like I lost some pages in this Blasphemous interview, so I got some help from EVIL LUDO from their French Fan Club to get more stuff...... Well, the LP this lot should be out on Wild Rags now. It is called "Fallen Angel Of Doom"! Haven't heard the unholy thing yet but there should be  tons of strange sounds on it... ( ??? ). Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've many Brazilian friends which tell me that the religion in Brazil is synonym of "swindle". Are you a believer? Give me your opinion about the signification of your band name BLASPHEMY. Is there a relation with what i said you before? Are you really blasphemator / profanator? In what are you a believer?

Yes, BLASPHEMY is our religion. ( what a short answer!!! - ED )

Well, to come back with your first demo "Blood Upon The Altar", I've been extremely surprised by your fantastic good sound! Yes, because often, the Death Metal bands have a sound far to be as good as yours, so what could you tell me about the recording of this demo? How many times have you stayed at the studio, how many money for this demo..... etc...

The demo was cheap. We didn't have enough money, but did the best we could. $800 ( eight hundred dollars ), all we can say is wait for the next.

I really would like that you tell us more about your local scene? Are there new local bands.... etc...


Except your band, what do you do in your life? What are your favorite distractions?

Going to gigs with a bunch of the lads & getting rowdy slam.

If I've forgot something, you are free to tell what you want.

Yes, we should inform you that "Black Priest" went insane for real & left the band, but we already have a replacement, another Black Metal Skin, ex WITCHES HAMMER to fill in guitar back up vox, just as evil or even MORE. BLASPHEMY's next gig will be with KREATOR probably, but the date on that still hasn't been set. ( when this issue will be out - ED ). Now a big thanx to Arnaud BATTEZ ( & Ludo "Evil" for the cool questions!! ) for great support in the Black Death Metal scene.

Interview done by ? / SLIMY SCUM ZINE #4, 1991

BLASPHEMY of the unholy dog! Mjau, mjau... Buy yourself a sausage grinder you dirty old sludge... EHRM... BLASPHEMY is from Vancouver / CANADA.

This band is one of my absolute favorite bands! They play ferocious black / death metal with Satanic lyrics... The best thing with this band have to be that they are skinheads ( That's the only way to be!!!!!! ).

The line up should look like : "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" - bass, "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" - drums, "Caller Of The Storms" - lead guitars, "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" - guitar............ Ain't these good names?...

...I love this band... They got out a demo called "Blood Upon The Altar" but the newest release is an LP / Cassette entitled "Fallen Angel Of Doom". It features 9 songs + intros. My total fave tracks are "Ritual" & "Demoniac". The Muzak is in the old vein of SARCÓFAGO & BATHORY + a doz of BEHERIT. Everything just shreds on the LP!

The band formed in 1984... What more should I say... Write them for info on merchandising etc... ( Enclose IRC ).

Here's a short interview with "Nocturnal Grave / Pussy Desecrater & Black Winds".

Oh, by the way, here's the address: BLASPHEMY, 1031 E-59 Ave, Vancouver BC, V5X 1Y8, Canada.

Any first words?

Barbed wire, bullets, beer & bitches right now.

Are you satisfied with your demo "Blood Upon The Altar"?

The intros were killer & the music, but lame recording.

What's your opinion about your debut LP?

It's great, but needed a better recording.

What do you think about "Wild Rags"?


I've heard that your gigs are really evil, could you tell us more?

Not much to tell other than a lot of evil people go, & lots of sluts / girls, & our tombstones on stage.

How would you like to describe your infernal music?

Nuclear, anabolic, Black metal sleezecore. Violently morbid desecration style. Total douche metal!

Do you have any special musical / lyrical influences you could name?

Ya, stuff like Stravinsky ( "Rite Of Spring", "The Firebird" ), Wagner ( music from Der Ring ), Mahler ( Symphonies #5 & #6 ). But ya would never know!

Who write the lyrics?

Mostly "Nocturnal Pussy Desecrater & Black Winds", some also done by x-member "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals".

Any sick future plans you could reveal to us?

Sodomy with sluts in Singapore, HA HA, just kidding.

Do you enjoy watching gore movies?

I live by the movie Near Dark, it's a great one to watch at about midnight.

What do you think about other Satanic bands like: MORTUARY DRAPE, BEHERIT, PSYCHIC TV, SAMAEL, COIL, DEATH IN JUNE?

I can only speak for: BEHERIT, SAMAEL, MORTUARY DRAPE & they are 3 of my very faves. I haven't heard the others.

Any last words?

Yes, all you girls out there in Sweden reading this, write now to your Infernal Douchelord, "Pussy Desecrater"!

Interview done by ? / SPIKEHEAD ZINE #4, 1992

Here's an interview with the most intense band from the earth: I mean BLASPHEMY from Canada. I sent them an interview, but, as it seems they weren't interested in answering at all. So here are the answers from "Caller Of The Storms" ( guitar ). It's very short, so be sure we are sorry to print only a few, but it's up to the band to make you enjoy their feelings.

Are you satisfied with the "Fallen Angel Of Doom" LP?

Not 100%, it could have been better.

Can you tell us more about the Satanic Skinheads?

We are satanic skins & name of our friends are. ( ? - ED )

Ever done a black mass or rituals from the dark?

Not at the moment, but hopefully soon.

Ever got any troubles with grave desecration?

Yes, many times before & probably forever.

What are your influences to create such brutal lyrics?

Our lyrics are influenced by sluts, desecration, murder & the joys of blood.

You are then seriously into the occult?

Of course, all the is evil.

What are your forthcoming plans?

Composing more blizzards & recording & lowing.

Interview done by Mr. Pierre / STRATANAEL ZINE, 2005

An intro for BLASPHEMY? As the most integral, integrist, EVIL, chaotic, powerful, dangerous band of the history of Black Metal ( exaequo with the true MAYHEM ), BLASPHEMY requires no intro. It was a great occasion to meet "Black Winds" & Kelly @ Wacken as they stayed with the whole pack of us for a whole week of decadence & Metal, in the messiest, dodgiest, noisiest camp of this shithole. "Black Winds" was exactly the guy you imagine, maybe even more. Hail "BW", Hail BLASPHEMY!

OK, since out meeting with Gerry & Kelly, unfortunately some news came that they had stopped. Then in fact I have been told it was not true. ...& last week I heard from other sources that "3 Black Hearts" was a bit tired of it all. I am convinced that would they all go to Europe for the festivals of the summer, they would feel the vibration of respect & reverence from all devoted Black Metal Satanists... & it certainly would boost any flagging morale. As long as it's not related to substance abuse, jail or serious stuff, I am pretty optimistic Gerry is NEVER gonna stop. "Stripes of a tiger don't wash away".

So be all the more optimistic. ...& even if it had to be true, then, even better, who knows, people will be able to enjoy their cryptic desecrating hymn forever with the solid pleasure to know they'll remain forever underground & never wimped out. ...& that's all.

What did you do in fact since, say... "Fallen Angel Of Doom" [ on Wild Rags originally the first LP after the magic "Blood Upon The Altar" demo ]?

Well... quite a lot in some ways, but not much in some others.

First there has been "Gods Of War" [ on Osmose, the 2nd, with the demo "Blood Upon The Altar" remixed as bonus ].

Unfortunately that "Gods Of War" was fucking garbage. ...& I was so fucking nuts about it all...

The quality of the sounds may not have been very good, but some tracks were still some older material revisited the quality of the trax themselves was great...!

No, not exactly what I wanted. I wrote most of the songs on the bass & then showed them to the guitar player & drummer. ...& they both know how to apply what I want for a track. We worked like that. Also I had read a lot more Crowley books... it was different. Even line-up wise.

...& what about "Ace Gustapo" - who replaced Gerry after he had some pb on the GORGUTS / BLASPHEMY tour due to extreme lifestyle -?

Oh... fuck... that's the worse we could do. He was a poser from the very beginning. He did not even wear any fucking bullets, he was playing with my old bass, ... "Storms" ( grr ) saw him in a bar recently & he looks like so fucking crappy & old, you'd never think the guy could have any luck with Black Metal... so certainly not with BLASPHEMY!! ...& he always would join a band who already has a name for itself, not the other way around, always jumping on the bandwagon. ...& you know he admits that, he says "I just go with the flow". Nothing to be proud of, we just needed him in some ways & it was at some moments we did not have much choice. But he is not into it really, not like us.

The whole fucking world of UGBM is dying to get anything from BLASPHEMY, though things are available here & there. Are you aware of it? Aren't you sometimes afraid the task could be bigger than you? Don't you think a lot of people will probably want to stab you in the back if it doesn't meet the [ Xtra high ] expectations?

Well, I feel I let everybody down on this "Gods Of War" thing. Fuck. All I can tell you is that this next stuff is gonna be even more BM than "Fallen Angel Of Doom...". We'll blow everything & everyone away.

Back to it, why did you simply add "Blood..." demo on the "Gods Of War" CD as a bonus, instead of new trax?

It was Herve's [ Osmose ] idea I guess. ...& I think it was a good idea because "Gods Of War" sucks.

But why remix it? The grimmer sound of the demo also made the atmosphere more dramatic, no?

Yes, but we wanted to offer something a bit improved, we felt we wanted to do it a bit differently & maybe improve or get rid of a few weak things on the original material.

You're also doing a lot of intros / outros... why?

It is not like an intro / outro, in fact for us it is nearly like a track. Our albums must be like a Devil of doom crushing the earth, it links all the tracks together as a single entity & when we do them, usually me, "Black Hearts", "Storms" sometimes - though he's more in the grr parts obviously. After we look where to put them to make the whole attack more solid.

So what about the line-up?

Our "new" guitar player -Ryan from CONQUEROR is "DeathLörd Of Abomination & War Apocalypse", "Caller Of The Storms" our lead guitar ( the "black guy" - ED ), "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions" plays the bass, "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" still on the drums, as always.

When / how did you meet?

With "Black Hearts", we have known each others since the age of 6. We have always been friends & we always knew one day we would play in a band together. It never stopped from here.

How is seen BLASPHEMY @ home, in Vancouver, or in Canada in general? Concerts, etc...

WE use pyrotechnics, flames & explosions, we recreate WAR!

Which kind of crowds do you pull?

We appeal to people between 20 & 30, a few seem a bit older, but no kids. At the last gig we played there was over 400 people, but then again, it was with a couple of other bands. All the crowd, our crowd is mid 20ies / mid 30ies. But it is explosive. Our first gig turned into a huge riot with people fighting everywhere in the club, in the street, everywhere. It was really violent.

Then we were barred everywhere, banned for gigs in all venues. Its also built up our reputation, ack, ack! But then because of the deal, the fucking success of the demo, the LP etc... then the tour to Europe, people realized we were ... ahem, I will say "serious", but they also knew we were dangerous & that our crowd was a bit something different. But I think without the impact in Europe, we would have had troubles to find dates in the beg. ... If they knew we had people slitting their wrists while we played in Holland, or heard about the guy who committed suicide in Germany while we were playing!! Death & Doom!!!

True that people in Europe got mad about BLASPHEMY pretty early, I had your adv tracks on a sampler "A Date With Death" from Provocative Punk Productions, at the time of "Blood Upon The Altar", but you were already famous among tape trading circles very early, everybody was already killing for it!!...

Yeah, fuck, it was awesome: we had mail everyday! It was crazy. From fanzines ( he he - ED ) tape-traders, sampler tapes as PPP ( I had forgotten this one , ah ah ) etc, etc... It was surprising too. The Black Metal Skin thing impressed a lot too. But the important thing was that the reactions were very positive, not just based on BM skinhead thing or Ross Bay cemetery desecration. Finland, France, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Sweden,...even in America in fact!

That's how you finished with Wild Rags?

In fact we went for a gig or two in the US, & took it as an occasion to visit a bit of California, seeing people we knew, etc... Our friends brought us to Wild Rags ( the shop ) & we bought a few things. They knew us, sold our demo I think, & appeared interested in signing us. Back then you did not have so many labels as today, & it sounded OK + Wild Rags was already quite big, so we asked him about details. I think he proposed us something like 1 dollar per record, was  doing vinyl too. We agreed, & he completely rip us off, & sent us a couple of letters & little checks, always saying the rest of the money was coming...

Bands you like...? GOSPEL OF THE HORNS?

GOSPEL OF THE HORNS!! I like it a lot. I really love it. Cozz must be a cool bloke & his favorite band is SODOM, which to me is a good sign... Sign Of Evil, uhm!!

What has been the worst situation of BLASPHEMY over the years...

"Ace Gustapo" fucking not bringing the hardware on purpose: which is hand grenades, spikes, blood, war paint, nails, bullet belts,... Fuck, we sure could play, but we felt naked , as if a cheap version BLASPHEMY, you know. Disturbing.

When we started, a bit seriously, I mean it was 84, so we only had a handful of bands stuff we were really into. HELLHAMMER of course. As far as influences go, you had VENOM, SODOM, HELLHAMMER, BATHORY. That was it. DISCHARGE, & even, believe it or not GBH. ... know them??...

...Yeah, as a kid I liked "City Babies...", & even today "Acne Leather & Studs" is still a good description of people into BM, ah ah... but back to the roots of BLASPHEMY...

Ah, yeah! No original members were in any other bands before BLASPHEMY, it was our first band. Me + "Black Hearts" ( drums ), we were kids around 6 years old or so, we knew already each other. Long relation man, strong relation. As we got into music it became natural we would do a band together.

Always talked about it, we already knew it. April 30th I turned 33, "Black Hearts" turned 33 May 14th, you see even know his birthday for instance. In 1984 we met this Black guy "Storms" & it was that. 85 or so I think, I rounded up the other members & got "Caller Of The Storms", & you know, you had not a lot of these White Power people in those days. In these days we were not aware of these things at all. He was the most extreme ripping guitar player you could get for this kind of music. He was not living far from us & his style was already something. He could play ANYTHING in fun. I could throw an album on & then he would know how to play it & know them after just 10 min. He knows all these BATHORY songs, all KREATOR. Everything. We started & did a couple of covers, "Chemical Warfare", this kind of stuff, & it was already impressive with him. He is a true, true metal maniac. You did an interview with him long ago anyway, you know that? That's quite it you see, as I wasn't there, he naturally could do what had to be done.

I discovered here you smoke pot? I knew about the rest, but I did not know you take that too.

I smoke a bit of weed, also for my voice to make it more guttural.

You have OD-ed in Denmark on the tour, was sent back home in Canada, you must have had some intense experiences in your existence...

Oh yeah, "Interesting"?... Yeah, that's the "best" one... ( !? - ED ) I have had enough out of my body experience as you know... I experimented a lot of different things. Some pretty bad. Some really bad, OD... When you die, I can feel our body is simply dropped & we just go & fill in another form, another body, & you are born again. The spirit is alive.

When I was four years old I used to tell my parents, I used to be a German Shepherd, yeah, you know, a dog, right, & I can remember now 30 years ago...

How do you resist the time you think, as an individual, & as BLASPHEMY...?

Resist the time? What do you mean?

Well, look at you, you are very mature / aged but still are very fresh & full of energy after all this time... you even cross oceans to come here [ Wacken ]... Yes, look at that, you are still like a teenage Metal head, hanging around with mates at festivals, ... How old are you?

I'm 33, but yeah, I see what you mean: I sometimes hang out at my place with some friends, they used to be in Black Metal, then they turn up & say "are you going to grow up out of it on day" & I am like "What? Fuck it, are you kidding? Look: I got a MORTUARY DRAPE poster on my wall, I got a poster of GOSPEL OF THE HORNS!!! Fuck are you nuts or what? I got all the cool posters on my wall & you tell me to grow up & take them down, are you kidding me or what? You'll have to kill me first!!! I'll be into Black fucking Metal to the day I die. ...& even then, I won't be resting in my coffin peacefully: I'll have my big Baphomet around my neck & a slut on my dick!!

For inst. a lot of people just go to gigs & pose, when was the last time you went headbanging at a gig, ah ah?

Yeah, right, ah ah, I guess last time I was headbanging for a gig was not that long ago, actually, the last gig I was at, GOATBLOOD, a couple of weeks ago! There was a massive fucking headbanging there.

What are the political implications of BLASPHEMY? A lot of people focus on the Black Metal Skinheads thing as a political statement ( NS ), still, "Storms" is as you say no guy to bullshit with in BLASPHEMY... Can you explain it a bit? What do you think of people who say you are Nazi because BLASPHEMY are Nazi?

We hail from Vancouver, Can, which is a fucking HUGE skinhead scene, you have tons of Skinheads, they all respect BLASPHEMY & everybody knows & respects "Caller Of The Storms", then you have the Hammerskins, Odin's Wildboys, Sharp skins who are against the racist skinheads ( a bit with European Redskins - ED ), tons of Black Metal skinheads, & then you have this band called SUBWAY THUGS from Vancouver, they are like the strict, all-time, skinheads, it sounds a bit like SKREWDRIVER... We all support each others since we are all skinheads, even if some stuff is sometimes a bit different. Except maybe ODIN'S LAW maybe, I guess it is cuz they are a bit more heavy-duty Nazi.

About the whole purity & race issue, I am not the best example myself for instance: I am a 1/4 French, 1/4 German & half Danish, my grandmother speaks it still, & my uncle is 90 & still does. I see them sometimes.

When did you go for your first tattoo?

I was 12; It was quite a cool one, my griffin, I still have it on the arm, not covered.


Last week, I finally had the end of my leg finished, it's a fucking chaos of demons & nuclear warheads.

BLASPHEMY has not been "over productive" ( & that’s better! ): products are quite rare, did any of you ever thought of making sorts of "split" projects?

No no no, that's not like that in BLASPHEMY. We are a Clan. No solo project or whatever, & only heavy Black fucking Metal.

How do you react to the marketing & selling powers hunting for BLASPHEMY? Anything from you for inst. is certain to sell out!

We never sold out. We never sold BLASPHEMY, we ALWAYS remained 100% into Black Metal, we always will. I cannot hear about anyone telling me I am making money with Black Metal, it is the opposite, I am putting my money in it!

About people trying to sell us out... I don't know how to respond to that...

You have been , more than most, heavily into drugs, what has been the most intense, most nasty experience with it? Did you use this experience in BLASPHEMY, to make it even more dark ( lyrics, ideas,... )?

The good experiences with drugs... It pushes you more into IT, sure, it must be going to the Ross Bay cemetery with the "HARDWARE", that really, that really means something.

...& the last big experience...

...Being here in Europe, Europe fucking rules man, I see people here with BLASPHEMY on their leather, with BLASPHEMY shirts, it fucking rules.

...& what is your approach to these people?

Fuck that's cool, some of them just look & don't really dare come, ah! But yeah, on the whole, it's great. When I see these people here in Wacken, you know, they look at me from a distance, hail me & raise their fist screaming "BLASPHEMY!!" that's something I would never have imagined in the beginning. Still it feels strange, cool, but strange.

BLASPHEMY has never been so tight, so fresh & powerful, I guess you know when you have been waiting & stuck, then you wanna release all this energy, all this aggressivity, we never meant to be tight, we just wanted to make a bridge of Satanism, Esoterism, Agressivity & cross it.

I never meant to make 50 cents out of BLASPHEMY. I don't care if I make 10 cents out of my life. But I'll be Black Metal to the day I die".

Your fave last 3 bands...


ABOMINATOR is absolutely killer. I heard about Chirs Volcano's alien authorization to build spaceships or so... But whatever, he made some awesome demo, when I first heard it I was "WaoW!" Without sounding too pretentious, they slightly remind me of mine, we wrote to one another a couple of times too... & my favorite Swedish band from Sweden is NIFELHEIM, in a big way, ah ah. ( added just as Hellbutcher & Tyrant join us, call it a day!! - ED )

Interview done by D.L. / STYGIAN SHADOWS ZINE #15, 2008

The English questions & answers before it was translated into Hungarian for the zine.

So Marco, how and when did you metal discover back then and what were the records what you worshipped so much? What were some of the bands that you truly enjoyed immensely?

I discovered metal through my early years fom my older cousins. They were listening to bands like BLACK SABBATH and KISS. I found those bands to be the types of people I wanted to be like the most. I really worshipped albums like "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" and then in the early 80's, VENOM "Black Metal", IRON MAIDEN "Killers", SAXON "Denim And Leather", JUDAS PRIEST "Screaming For Vengeance", MOTORHEAD "Ace Of Spades" etc. All those bands that kids my age liked a lot. Then when I heard MERCYFUL FATE and RAZOR I was hooked as to where I would head as far as musical direction.

What and when made you to turn from listener to musician?

I was 13 when I started to play guitar. I was 14 when I started to play in my first band.

What were your influences to become metal musician?

I would say the fact that it wasn't very popular, that it wasn't the in thing to do, that most kids had not heard of the types of bands we liked. That it was our own thing, so we felt like we had something of our own. That now we could steal all the LED ZEPPELIN cool and kick that down the stairs and start something new.

Do you recall in which conditions did you pick up guitar? Were you self taught or...?

I started with R&R music school and then learned style from my favorite bands after that. Mostly from picking and soloing techniques of groups like RAZOR, VENOM, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON, Alan Dimiola, Randy Rhoads, etc.

Was WITCHES HAMMER your first band or did you earlier play in other outfits? If yes, can you tell us more about 'em?

Yes, WITCHES HAMMER was my first band, we started in 1984-1985.

WITCHES HAMMER came in 1984 into being, do you still remember how did you hook up with each other and what about the musical past of singer Rayy Crude ( aka Ray Prizmic ), guitarist Mike Mourant, bassist Steve Naive and drummer John E.?

Well, I knew Mike from since we were 12, so he and myself learned together and were the kids really seeking out all the new stuff that was coming out at the time. I met Jon and Ray through an add for a singer into CULPRIT, VENOM and bands like that. Of course I went and met him the next day and we instantly started a band. Ray brought his brother John over to Alan Goddard's house, he was our first bass player. We rehearsed that Saturday afternoon. We played a bunch of EXCITER songs off of "Heavy Metal Maniac" and "Violence And Force", some VENOM tunes, BLACK SABBATH songs, a PLASMATIC tune, a couple ANVIL songs, some "Kill Em All" METALLICA and even TWISTED SISTER and old MOTLEY CRUE and KISS songs. I remember the jam well because it was such a blast and we all clicked so well. We were born that day I believe.

Were all of you talented, experiences musicians those times?

John and Ray had experience with some local bands. Ray had played a stint with local legends BLACK KNIGHT and John had played with some local cover acts. A year later we hired Steve Withrow ( Naive ) on bass, we all knew him from the music scene as he was a accomplished bass player for years and had played live a ton of times. He fit in really good and easy, so, the band was complete. Of course at this time Mike was just our guitar tech and my best friend until after the second demo, then he took on second axe and fattened us right up.

You started as a thrash band, would you say, that you were one of the first Canadian thrash outfits beside RAZOR, SACRIFICE, SLAUGHTER and VOIVOD?

Well, I suppose '84 makes us an early group in this style for sure. However, we were very young in comparison to the bands like RAZOR and VOIVOD, I remember thinking how old they were to be in there 20's.

How was the metal scene in Vancouver at this point? Was in Vancouver a great underground buzz, like in Toronto or Quebec?

Well, when we started, we played with mostly punk bands, the response was fantastic, we really appealed to there crowd, so we thought that those crowds were excellent. A year or so later the crowds became huge because the metal bands would play with hardcore acts, so you'd really get a massive crowd to local shows. The genre became somewhat fused for a few years because of the fact that the speed metal bands were sort of outcast from the classic and glam metal scene, and the punk and hardcore bands played fast. So, the shows were great, of course a few years later the genres began to split again and so I remember the late 80's and early 90's the shows were really alot smaller. Of course by then I was in BLASPHEMY and we were on a different planet anyways and didn't really give a fuck about anybody else's problems.

What about your rehearsals? Did you start writing originals right from the start or were you jamming mostly on covers?

Well, when we became a band with a name, we began writing originals immediately. A lot of the local bands played covers, we thought that was a little weak.

Your first effort was "Witches hammer" ( 1985 ), what about the recordings sessions which was probably your first studio experience?

That was a good time, being in the studio for the first time was excellent. It was quick, a week on old analog in a dark pro studio, very cool.

How long did the recordings sessions take?

1 week.

Were you satisfied with the result? Did you like how the material sounded like?

Not really, but we were kids with no money so we did what we could with what we had.

Did you shop around the demo to attract label interests?

Yeah, we shopped it as much as we could.

Did the demo draw the fans attention to the band? Was it spread in the tape trading scene as well?

Mostly from fanzines and kids our age. So tape trading was definitely the way things got done back then.

What about the tape trading scene at that point? How do you recall it? Did you also take part in it?

Well, it was the best way to get out there, contact all the band in the style and trade with them, everyone was available that way and what a great way to spend the weekend in the park with your friends, listening to all the newest tapes from bands that were impossible to get in stores.

Your second demo was released in 1986 and it was titled "Damn Fuckin' Rights", how was this tape recorded?

The same way as the first about a week in Fiasco Bros Studio.

Was this tape really a better representation of the band? Did this demo sound closer to what you want to achieve with WITCHES HAMMER?

I thought the songs were better, but that the recording was pretty weak.

How much did you develop compared to the first demo?

Well, I was a better guitar player and everybody could play more precise and advanced time signatures, so we were a better band for sure.

A year later you entered the studio to record an EP called "Mortalas", how did the recordings sessions go with this material?

Actually that name was never given to the EP, it was just WITCHES HAMMER self titled EP. Somehow that name was given to it, though any song title on the EP could have been used, that one seems to be the one people use the most...

Did you have a decent budget to record the EP?

Well, we were approached by David Spicer and Mike Hammersmark to make the recording under there label Subversive Behavior. We pooled our resources and came up with enough for that.

Once upon a time, you recorded an EP and decided to put it up on Dave Spicer's Subversive Behaviour label, but Dave reckoned that a 7" probably costed as much as a 12", so he released the material on the latter format, is that true?

I cant really recall the whole deal we all made, but we just said lets make it a 5 song EP 12 inch in the end and went with that. Very cool going to the record plant and watching them print the first one.

Did you sign him, because there weren't any bigger labels interest in the band back then or...?

No, he and Mike Hammersmark were just our friends from the neighborhood.

Dave had most of them kept in a storage but somehow the fire got in there and destroyed the copies of what would be the latest material from the WITCHES HAMMER horde, what did happen exactly?

The EPs were kept at a friend of ours house and a fire broke out there and destroyed a ton of them. That was the 5 song 12 inch EP. Good thing I had a bunch and still do. It was never new material that was destroyed, just copies of the 87 EP.

As far as the songs, would you say, that the material is really too short to be qualified as a MLP? Most of the songs are in the one minute ranges...

Nope, we like it that way.

On this very short MLP release, Mike Marantz joined the lineup as a second guitarist, and he was known previously as the roadie for WITCHES HAMMER, how did he get in the picture exactly? Does it mean, that nobody was auditioned being a second more brutal, aggressive and guitarist?

Well, like I said earlier, he was one of the pioneers of the local metal scene in Vancouver, he was one of the kids that helped organize shows, and find cool bands and stuff like that, plus he played drums and then guitar so he fit in easy. We became a lot heavier I thought when he joined, originally Mike came out of the punk scene and gradually became more extreme into metal since he was always a very extreme kid, so it was a natural progression for him.

Was the material already written, when he joined the band or...?

Nope, he learned most of the songs as we wrote them and put in his riffs too.

Why wasn't he photographed on the cover?

Believe it or not we didnt have a camera and he liked that weird picture and didn't give a shit about his photograph being taken, that was Mike. He just said fuck it, put this on.

Would you say that WITCHES HAMMER plays a form of maliciously wicked evil speed death thrash core, sort of a mixture between S.O.D., early SOOTHSAYER, WHIPLASH and CREMAINS?

I never really gave it much thought, never really compared us too anybody really. Those bands were excellent and we just did our thing as best we could. I suppose we have elements of those bands somewhere in there though.

What makes you excellent is the way that you managed to fit many variations into the short time blast, from neck-breaking "Canadian Speed Metal" to mid-tempo mosh rockers, while "Mortalas", "Rise Above", "Alien Jesus" and "No Limits" are all angry rush, mad fraying solos, KREATOR-like vocals and more angry rush, what do you think about it?

Yeah, we just played as fast as we could and tried to just play naturally, the sound we had was never very planned out, it was really easy to form. When we tried to over think riffs and time changes, songs would get ruined and tossed.

What about your shows as a whole? How often did you play live?

I think we only played 50 shows in the time we were together. Basically once a month, sometimes twice or every second.

Do you agree with that the Canadian thrash metal scene became bigger, a lot of new bands appeared at this point, such as DEATH MILITIA, DARK LEGION, INFERNÄL MÄJESTY, OBLIVEON, DBC, AGGRESSION, etc.?

Yeah, it started to grow of course, good bands too I thought, and lots of really good bands that were never given the time of day, like KARRION and MISSION OF CHRIST, excellent groups, ARMOROS were fantastic too.

I always say, that the Canadian bands had a more brutal and aggressive approach, than the US thrash ones, how do you view it?

Well, maybe its because we know we aren't going to be given any fat checks or win any popularity contests so we throw any caution or plan of musical domination to the wind and just play as hard as possible. There are a ton of awesome bands in the US, but maybe we are fewer so only the better ones were noticed. Also, we never had the corporate push that US bands had, so of course some more watered down bands would break the surface to make a company money through commercial viability. Something like that.

Why did thrash metal become so popular at that point and why do you think so many metal or crossover bands were popping up from everywhere in Canada during 1984 / 1985?

It was just the scene of the time, like any decade any time, that sound just was an incorporation of the years of punk bands and hardcore bands and metal bands digging the same tunes and forming groups.

Did the Canadian bands an important role in the forming of the whole thrash metal movement?

Bands like SACRIFICE, RAZOR, EXCITER and early VOIVOD did for the world wide scene for sure.

Were the Canadian bands popular, well-known ones or were they rather on an underground level and they became cult?

Well, except for the bands mentioned, most were very underground.

What do you think, Canadian metal bands lacked to become big, I mean, that most of the Canadian bands have a lots of talent, but most of them went nowhere, what's or what was wrong with the Canadian music industry as far as metal in concerned?

We have never had the kind of push from record distributors in Canada or companies. It has been that way for the Canadian music industry for 4 decades, all bands from here struggle the most with the gutless and spineless record company promoters, its a fact of a wimpy industry here.

At which point did Steve decide to leave the band? What kind of reasons did lead to his departure from the band?

He left because he had no time anymore, so Dan Voskerejian joined up in late 87.

Did you part ways with him in a friendly term at the end?

Yes we did, he's still a great friend. We all talk and see each other as much as possible. Good guy Steve is.

Dan Armstrong joined the band on bass as his replacement, did you record with him new material or did yo perform some shows?

Yes, we recorded a full length in 88 that was never released until NWN did in the new millennium. He played live too, a great bass player. Were as Steve was very much influenced by Geddy Lee, Dan was very Steve Harris.

When and how did the whole WITCHES HAMMER story end up?

After Dan decided to move to Toronto, we called it a day, I joined BLASPHEMY, Mike started PROCREATION and that was that.

Thanks to Nuclear War Now Productions there were four WITCHES HAMMER records released "Canadian Speed Metal" ( 2003 ), "Death Of No Reprieve" EP ( 2004 ), and two compilations "Complete Discography" and "Stretching Into Infinity" ( both in 2005 ), could you tell us more about them? Did you re-record all of the materials or did the label release the original recordings?

"Canadian Speed Metal" is demos 85 and 86. EP is remaining song from demo 86 and songs from 87 EP. "Stretching Into Infinity" is the 87 EP and 11 song unmastered full length from 88 with Dan on bass.

Were these albums released because it was a permanent demand on the band or...?

Yosuke just approached us and we said yes, do it. He did a good job.

As far as "Canadian Speed Metal", it was recorded at Fiasco Brothers Studio in New Westminster B.C., does it mean, that you worked here originally? Did the studio satisfy all your needs?

We recorded all recording for WITCHES HAMMER at Fiasco Bros. from 85 to 88. We were most satisfied with the EP.

With whom did you work during the recordings sessions and were you happy with his achievement or would you say that the record could have sounded better?

Len Osanik was our producer and engineer, he was very easy to work with.

After WITCHES HAMMER's demise you joined cult legend BLASPHEMY, how did you get in the picture exactly? Did you know them earlier?

I knew BLASPHEMY from shows they did with WITCHES HAMMER and from around the city. Very easy for me to fit in, the week I stopped with WITCHES HAMMER, "Black Winds" called me to join BLASPHEMY.

You were known as the "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity", right?


Were you always close to their music?

My favorite band from the city.

While they were formed back in 1984, they released their demo "Blood Upon The Altar" in 1989, did you play on this demo or...? How did it happen that the band"s first effort was released after five years of their forming?

No, "Black Priest" played on the demo, they were very quiet with live shows and many internal times for Ross Bay Cult. Prison time was a major factor for a few years.

How was the demo recorded?

I was not there.

Did you shop around the demo to attract label interest?

I suppose they did, 1000 demos went pretty fast I recall "Black Winds" informing me.

The demo was added to the second full-length "Gods Of War" to compensate for the album's overly short running time, is that correct?


Musically BLASPHEMY is often called as "War Metal", they are one of the first "War Metal" bands, what does it mean? Was the band's goal to be the more extreme metal band?

That label was put on the band many, many, many years later, BLASPHEMY were a black metal band, as simple as that. Before the hippies and glammy black metal bands that sing about snow and trees began to take over the name black metal.

Would you say that BLASPHEMY's music rooted in black metal?


In 1990 was released the band's debut "Fallen Angel Of Doom", was the whole material written when you entered the studio to cut it?

Yes, it was done months before.

Did you also take part in the song composing?


Not much?

I did write "Gods Of War" and composed riffs and bridges for some songs. Some of the song titles I came up with and also the intro to "Gods Of War" album.

What about the recordings session of the album?

Very dark and a great momentous time, I very much enjoyed this time.

The whole world still was in the Death Metal rush at this point, there four abominal demons made their way out of the hellfire underneath Canada to set the path for the Lord of Darkness, which united under the banner of BLASPHEMY and these creatures tried to spread their abyssic message among mankind in form of sounds of terror, combined with sadistic speech, to set them cowering in fear and panic, do you agree with that?

Why not, if that is the way you hear it.

But apart from a few true Satan's disciples, who understood the message deep in their hearts, not a soul was interested in this so devilish piece, how do you view it?

I dont care. I actually like the fact that it is as it is. The way that album worked as its place in the dark corners is proper to me.

Would you say, that the album lacks everything that the human brain would need to notice it at all?

Not at all. People that like the sound are very loyal to BLASPHEMY. That is good.

There are not song structures, melodies, the production is only audible here and there, the music is like a rotting piece of meat, disgusting and unhealthy, what do you think about it?

It is what it is, its the soundtrack to who Ross Bay Cult is. Uncompromising, no remorse, no mercy. If people dont get that, we dont care, if they do that is fine too, but really, in the end, who gives a fuck? This style is for the few and not for the many. That is the way it is and will always be. That is proper, let the masses have there glam orchestra black metal band of the day, those ethereal sound scapes singing about snow and trees, ha! The thin veil of todays popular black metal borders on the edge of mid eighties glam bands, the sheep, the flock the phonies and the weak. Let it rise up and choke on its own shit.

Talking still about the production, do you agree with that it's poor and beyond but fitting enough to the music; the distortion on drums and guitars peaks a washout during heavy vocal intrusion, but otherwise a mediocre bass-intense production job from a rancid garage is what to expect?

When "Fallen Angel Of Doom" was recorded, it was all done analog. The over all sound was disgusting, but seemed to fit the aura of the recording. Entirely done in a dark studio, I dont believe the lights were ever on except for maybe a few black candles, a red and yellow light and the lights of the sound room. Very much set the tone for what we were doing and the way we lived in those days.

This album has wrought destruction and mayhem on all who have been subjected to it since its original release in 1990, what do you think about it?

I am satisfied with the outcome of "Fallen Angel Of Doom". Now, then and over the years in between.

In addition, majestic primal structures colliding create the aura of BLASPHEMY's music: a soaring, battling, violent spectre of vengeance which would be entirely discountable as too unbelievable if not for its scary lucidity, the riffs are built as phrases here, and the resulting musical advantages let the band make ludicrously simple songs from the basic duality of much of their melodic, harmonic design...

BLASPHEMY songs come together very naturally. They were always an extension of us and never analyzed through any writing process.

Underneath a metallic and dissipated bass rumble the slamming frequency of riffs come together in linear structures dropped into structural rhythms for integration into a song of different textures conspiring on a theme, grindcore of the CARCASS vein provides the ancestry to these riffs although other black metal and hardcore can be heard clearly in their process, how do you view it?

I never give too much over analogy too BLASPHEMY's sound, raw and uncompromising is the structure. There was never a "lets try this and that" attitude towards writing, just straight ahead let it bleed out. Over thinking this style would kill the vibe quick.

The intensity of this music comes in the ability of each riff to hold tension through its progress and then work only conclusions in brutal slamming finality, often leaving the tension as an ongoing theme from the opening blast beat to the fading polyrhythmic chaotic rumble of the last guitar track, pieces of simplicity working together coherently as if almost self-assembled by organic process, is that correct?

If this is how you hear it, then that's how it sounds.

Echoing concrete vocals goad the music with violent and incoherent interjections that give explosivity to running beats and otherwise pause and distort sequences of lesser tempo, pure savagery in performance art makes these as powerful as they are but their seemingly afterthought distribution over rhythm guitar makes them terrifying, dissonant, and incomprehensible in origin, what would say to it?

Again, these analogies are all conclusive to the listener because music is subject to interpretation. Personally we see our sound as just that, ours. If I am to interpret another groups music, I would listen and hear the different styles and piece together what has made it what it had become. But, for me personally, I cannot place such on BLASPHEMY. From the inside it is a completely natural being, part of the existence of us to the core. There is no reason to be anything else than ourselves and what stems forth is massive, and destructive in the form of sound. That is BLASPHEMY, for that time, in the best way I would describe it would be that we are the opposer to all so called normalcy and the enemy to all so called experts and know it all preachers. The lifestyle breeds the sound, so the outcome is apparent and bold, vile and terrifying because it is real.

This complements the overall atmosphere of darkness and entropy that flavors this release with power, and gives to its simple patterns a platform to express their nihilistic discompleteness, what do you think about it?

Darkness and power were definite elements of "FAOD" without doubt.

In Europe, in Finland appeared BEHERIT at this point, did you know this band? Were BEHERIT a kind of Finland's answer to BLASPHEMY?

There was correspondence with BEHERIT, yes. I did not think so at the time, I heard a difference in the bands, only that BEHERIT was very much influenced by BLASPHEMY, but I would say it is not a clone and that they had a style that was unique in there interpretation of raw black metal, just as SARCÓFAGO, just as MYSTIFIER, just as BLASPHEMY.

Did BLASPHEMY become one of the most influential black metal bands?

There are many people that claim BLASPHEMY influenced their bands and music, BEHEMOTH, BEHERIT, VADER, PROCLAMATION, BLACK WITCHERY, MORBOSIDAD, BLASPHEMOPHAGER, etc, etc. So there is a lot of homage payed to that era of BLASPHEMY, yes.

The album was released by Wild Rags Records, how did you get in touch with them?

I cannot remember, I believe he was in touch with us first from the demo "Blood Upon The Altar".

I think so, you were the most brutal and extreme band of the label, weren't you?

At that time I believe so.

How much support did you get from the label?

Not very much at all, they stole money and ripped of many many groups during this period. We visited Richard in 91, he was declaring bankruptcy due to tax fraud and was going to jail, so we took as much as we could carry from his store. A small scratch on the surface of what that record label owed us.

With the demise of Wild Rags, an original CD of this album has become quite a rarity, how did it happen? Did the label go to bankrupt or?

Yes, they declared bankruptcy.

The material was also released on cassette by Wild Rags, is that correct?

Yes, I have a few cassette versions also.

A CD bootleg of this album has also been spread, this bootleg can be recognized from the original by the fact that it says "Satanic Skinhead" on the CD and the booklet is only 2 panels ( unlike the official version which had a 3-panel booklet ), were you aware of it?

There are so many bootlegs it is probably one of the most bootlegged albums of all time. I personally have at least 5 different bootleg copies.

Last year was the album reissued on CD by Nuclear War Now and the booklet features old interviews, pics, flyers, etc. regular LP and Diehard Picture LP + Color LP sets issued too in gatefold covers. Diehard picture discs have four versions with individual band member pictures. All LP's include poster and diehard sets have patch / sticker included as well...

That is correct.

How often did you interviews back then? Were the magazines, fanzines supportive for the band?

We spent most of our days between 1989 and 1991 at "Black Winds" doing correspondence, merchandise mail and some interviews. The mail was overwhelming, so we had a good friend in Europe, Evil Ludo, take up the slack for us. He was the one who worked with SAMAEL also.

Were there any shows or tours to support the record? What about your gigs as a whole?

Our gigs were very violent, especially in our own city, so they were few and far between. Every where we played we were banned because of riots and violence. However, when we played the US, which was in Los Angeles, Seattle, etc, we found them very subdued crowds, not like we were used too at all. European crowds are very fanatical also, cutting themselves up and stuff like that.

When and at which point did you leave the band? What did you do after your departure from BLASPHEMY?

I left in 1993 for good, I had no more time for music. I went back to college and worked in radio full time. I played as a studio musician for many local acts.

Did you like their second album "Gods Of War"? What would you say about it compared to "Fallen Angel Of Doom"?

"Fallen Angel Of Doom" is quintessential BLASPHEMY, "Gods Of War" has its moments, but I like "FAOD" better, the unit of the band is pure Ross Bay Cult.

Did you keep an eye with what's going on in the Metal scene after you quit BLASPHEMY?

Yes, I have been involved in metal always. I have put on some good shows with INQUISITION, AXIS OF ADVANCE, RITES OF THY DEGRINGOLADE, BEHEMOTH, some very cool shows. Also, I have done solo work and written many lyrics and songs for friends bands.

Nowadays you are playing in TYRANTS BLOOD, can you tell us more about this outfit, since it's a very new one?

We started in 2005, the original drummer pestered me for a year before to do a fast old style death thrash group. I would not bend to his pestering. Finally, one saturday afternoon, I went for a jam session and played a few songs I had written over the last year or so and they sounded great. So we hired a bass player and a vocalist and started to write an album.

As far as the black metal scene as a whole, what do you think about the NS black metal bands? Does politic anything to do black metal with?

I don't have time for that shit.

Since lots of thrash bands from the '80s – who were underrated back then or didn't have the possibility to tour in Europe - have received more attention now then before, just like RAZOR, SOOTHSAYER, do you think the same can happen to you despite WITCHES HAMMER didn't exist anymore?

Well, WITCHES HAMMER is a lot more known because of internet, so of course.

Would you say, that both BLASPHEMY's and WITCHES HAMMER's name still big and in it's peoples minds? Did it succeed both of the bands in reaching a cult, underground status?

I dont believe either band was ever very big on peoples minds. But, I do believe we have and had a good response over the years despite being as underground as those bands were. So I am proud of the accomplishment.

Marco, thanks a lot for the feature, anything to add what I forgot to cover?

I would say to all new comers to destroy the old and raise there own kingdom in there own vision and not be a carbon copy of what was and is. In the decades to come, you will look back at the path you have carved and know that what you have achieved is by your own hand and your will. Ross Bay Cult is Eternal.

Interview done by ? / SUBURBAN DEATH #2, 1990

One of the most controversial & unusual bands to come out of Western Canada in the past years is Vancouver's BLASPHEMY. Most of the "controversy" around the group lies in the fact that all 4 members are satanic-skinheads. Musically the band bring back memories of bands like early SODOM, DESTRUCTION, SLAYER, VENOM, etc. in producing a completely evil brand of furiously-paced black / death metal. I can only commend the band for being the true "savior" for underground music here locally, most of the bands from our area are weak pretentious idiots who change musical preferences with the wind & don't last very long. I wouldn't count on BLASPHEMY fading away just yet, they're set to record for Wild Rags as we speak. While it's safe to say that I can hardly agree with that's said in the following interview, at least it's obvious that the band are sincere & honest enough to warrant your undivided attention ( you can judge that ). Enough spew... let's let bassist / vocalist "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" ( otherwise known as Gerry ) explain his side of things.

Who's in the band? Former bands? Previous members?

"Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals" has left. Now we have: "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" ( ex WITCHES HAMMER ).

Give us some insight into a few of the bands concepts, band member names, etc.

Well, our names are ritual names. We had to earn them.

Is it true the band has a "fan-club" in Europe?

Yes, one in France - the main one. We're supposed to start up another in Poland but I have not written back to them yet.

Tell us about the band's association with Ross Bay cemetery in Victoria. What do you think of Victoria in general?

Well, it used to be a great place to watch different satanic & pagan witchcraft groups practice, but now they're keeping to themselves... more underground now. Victoria's the cleanest city, it's a beautiful place.

Give us some attitudes / opinions on the following:

a. War / Violence

Total desecration

b. Peace

Wimpy peace-freaks fuck off.

c. Racism


d. George Bush

Child's play, Oliver North for president.

e. Death penalty

No comment.

f. Drugs

Great, beautiful stuff.

g. Politics in music


Although some of it is justified, Don't you think Satanists & skinheads are prejudiced against?

Kind of bad because everybody thinks skinheads are Nazis. We are Satanic-skinheads.

Tell us about your recent signing to Wild Rags.

Pretty basic, Richard C. of Wild Rags likes us & has signed us. We went to his store when we were playing down south.

Who've you played shows with? What can people expect from a BLASPHEMY gig?

WITCHES HAMMER, DECADENCE, PROCREATION, O.O.C., IRON GYPSY & other in the U.S.A. Tombstones on stage, candles, smoke, barbed wire, bullets, beer, bitches, war-paint.

Who are your fave bands? Have you heard any new ( decent ) bands?


What do you think of the growing grindcore scene?

Pretty killer, AGATHOCLES, BLOOD, etc.

So, how deep is your interest in satanism? Do you celebrate X-mas?

I hate X-mas, silly family stuff. We are right into satanism, occultism, black magic. It all lends a Well Diabolical Wraught.

How many copies of the demo actually sold? Do you keep in contact with 'zines?

About 1000 as of now, but it's still selling all over Europe, Brazil, Singapore, Japan, U.S.A., Spain, Greece, yeah we keep in contact with 'zines.

How's BLASPHEMY's newer material differ from the older stuff? Any new titles / concepts?

We only have 2 new songs, but lots of old ones. The newer...

What do you think of our local underground scene? It seems all the decent bands eventually fade away...?

Not too bad, at least we have DECADENCE, PROCREATION for the death scene, & of course there's a lot of speed metal, & lots of punk.

Speaking of Vancouver, what do you think of our growing Asia-gang problem?

Too serious, they are ruthless... always killing people. Too bad they don't slay where they come from like Vietnam.

Can you ever see BLASPHEMY becoming a "mainstream" band?

No, too underground. Maybe as big as SODOM quite easily, but not as light.

Finally... what misconceptions do you feel people have about BLASPHEMY?

That we & our fans desecrate every place we play.

Final words to add?

Yes, keep reading this 'zine to follow up on the Vancouver scene. We still have tapes & photos for $7 & double-sided shirts & photos for $15 to the "Desecrater" address. Also, if you're in the Vancouver area, listen to CJIV 94 fm, Tuesday 10-pm to 2-am, it's total hardcore / thrash / black metal run by a nice girl. For requests phone 879-MOSH. Thanx.

Interview done by ? / TEMPLE OF ADORATION ZINE #5, 2009

Interview with "Traditional Sodomizer", supported by "Black Winds" & "Caller Of The Storms"!

HELL-o horde of evil vengeance! In the latest interviews I read of BLASPHEMY, you always spoke about that the band is not dead yet. So are you more on an offline level? Did you rehearse on a stable base or at least from time to time?

In 2000 there was serious rehearsals till 2003, since then very sporadic.

I can imagine you still get a lot of offerings from labels to release something, am I wrong? Never thought about recording in example few to release a 7 EP, i.e.? To have a sign of life? That would be cult!

Perhaps one day, we are not interested enough to get involved with the music scene as we once were, mostly it is a very weak business & uninteresting.

The BLASPHEMY turntable patch was sold with a very expensive price ( did not remember exactly which one ). Why? There was special deal or better story behind?

We have a lot of merchandise out, if it was too expensive, don't buy it. Don't really give a shit too much. If we were to get into it too deeply & be so concerned about things like turntable mats then we would be opening a can of worms. So then too many bitchy headbangers & hippies acting like metalheads will start whining & crying about this & that.

There some lyrics in the booklet of the "Live Ritual" album which aren't available. Why?

Just gave up the ones we felt like & that's that.

Do you always found it necessary to have your stuff out on vinyl? How was the feeling back when you hold the "Fallen Angel Of Doom..." LP finally in your hands for the first time?

Fantastic, vinyl was always the cooler collectible, more tangible & personal, the art is bigger & the vinyl looks great & you can always have something to look at while you listen.

With Nuclear War Now!, From Beyond & Warhammer ( RIP ), you worked together with some good U/G labels! Would you continue to work with them? Did they make you any offering for releasing in example another full length?

There are always offers, but we aren't so interested.

Are you still interested in what is going on in the scene? Do you still buy / trade albums, demos... keep on reading magazines... etc. If so, what was the latest records you got?

Yes, we are very much involved, all of us, we see every good show, fuck I don't think any of us have paid for a show in a decade, this is our city so we see to it that we take what we want. New ARCHGOAT & PROCLAMATION are excellent, so is newest MORBOSIDAD, the new GOSPEL OF THE HORNS promises to be killer also.

What do you think of the latest albums by BLACK WITCHERY, ABOMINATOR, AXIS OF ADVANCE, MORTUARY DRAPE, IMPIETY & the debut of GOATPENIS?

BLACK WITCHERY is excellent, ABOMINATOR is pretty good, AXIS is always fantastic good & IMPIETY is good. MORTUARY DRAPE we prefer the older style, some moments nonetheless.

Are you interested in going to concerts? I remember that I saw some photo with you on a BEHEMOTH concert!

Of course, as we said earlier, we are at most worthy shows.

How often you played live in your whole career? Was it only focused on USA / Can & Europe? Did you ever got an offering about touring through the cult lands of South America? Or if not, would you like to do so?

BLASPHEMY has played approximately 30 shows. We only played those places, US / Canada / Europe. South America would have been fantastic of course, there were a few offers but never serious.

After WITCHES HAMMER broke up, two of the members formed another band & recorded an LP, what was the name? I can't really remember. I think WITCHES HAMMER was one of the most brutal & harsh speed metal band of its time!

Thanks for that compliment. Mike Death ( guitar ) started PROCREATION, very cool band, played with BLASPHEMY sometimes. John Prizmic joined to play drums after a while.

With a 7 EP, two LPs & a discography tape, there got a lot of stuff of WITCHES HAMMER re-released. Are there still some songs which remains unreleased?

No, we released everything we did from those days now.

Who draw this obscure pix on the left inner side of the "Stretching Into Infinity" gatefold LP? & is there a deeper meaning behind?

That was Wes Gauley, tattoo artist, that was the original art for the album in 1988. Very good art, it is Hell basically.

I read on the inlet of the "Canadian Speed Metal" LP something about a WITCHES HAMMER box set? What's happen with this? Which songs should appear there? Did it became the "Stretching Into Infinity" LP?

The box set is still due out, should be at the beginning of next year I believe.

"Legions Of Death" - Vancouver's first all thrash metal show with KARRION, WITCHES HAMMER & ARMOROS! In which year this took place & was there never a pure thrash concert before?

That was the first one, that was 1987, first for all local bands, the very first ever was EXCITER, EXODUS, METAL CHURCH, WITCHES HAMMER in 1985.

I heard that you "Black Winds" joined DOMINUM INFERNUM together with James Read on a guest appearance! Any plans to release something? Did the rehellsals already started?

Still in talks to get something solid started.

Is there some other project / band / involved with one of you guys?

No, nothing for anyone except "Sodomizer" & of course Ryan is always up to something.

Did you still keep on listening old cult demos of in example CREMATION or PROCREATION? Lately I got a bootleg of the SOOTHSAYER demo, which also fuckin slays. What's your opinion on the NECROSLEEZER - Popekill demo?

We still listen to these from time to time, however they get fucked up if you play those old tapes too much.

Did you still got a lot of interviews to answer? Are there still lots of maniacs who contact you... Okay that's all, thx you very much. I leave the last cursed words for you!

We do our fare share, it is good to know roots. The last words would be, after this interview. Fuck what anyone thinks or does, do for yourself & if those that choose to bring their petty disdain before you, crush them, crush them, destroy them & make a point to let all see them bleed out before you so that they cower & bow their eyes from you in respect & fear.

Also, fuckin internet metal warriors are faggots, don't get involved, show your metal by bustin some teeth & cracking skulls. Like men that listen to evil words are supposed to.

Lately there was some discussions about a guy called Antichristian Kramer. I know that he visited you, so what was your impression? I think he tried to be the most diehard fantasist, blame a lot of people & bands & now I hear a lot of people who spit on him & call him a poser. I read & own some of his magazines & I think his knowledge about Black & Metal in general is more limited & not so genius. Also his connection with racist & NSBM ideologies & bands is ridiculous.

There are many people like him around, he seems OK in person, couldn't really give a shit what someone does in their personal life. If he's into racism & stuff, we he would never say it to us face on, so who fuckin cares.

"Traditional Sodomizer" with TYRANTS BLOOD you started recently a new group & there will be some stuff like a 7 EP available soon. How does TYRANTS BLOOD sound like? Please give us some briefly history!

We started 2 years ago, I didn't want to, but I was pestered forever till I snapped. So now I have a death metal band that plays in the old way. So far, so good. CD full length will be out on Morbid Moon in a few weeks.

When you go out, did it happens sometimes that some kids recognize you & act like if you are their total godz, want autogramms, start to praise you, etc...?

In our city they treat us very well, & for good reason. Many say that we have influenced them & got them started, of course this is normal if you are the first black metal band from your city.

Are you still involved with fights & things like this? Or did everything become more silent the older you became?

Not so much these days, we are at a point where we are quite a bit bigger & stronger than most of the people around, so it's mostly given us a wide birth & respect, however there are the moments, & they are always the same.

I remember some story which happened here on Wacken. You was attacking or punishing one of the DESTRÖYER 666 guys because he said something like "is it nice to play in a band with a nigger" or some stupid shit like that! Is that true? I can imagine he got what he deserved!

That was between "Bestial Saviour" & KK & they have since had drinks together & are good, not a big deal, these things happen.

Are you still going to powerlifting / training? Is all natural or did you also used stuff like anabolic?

"Storms", "Sodomizer" & "Black Winds" are lifting still.

Did you get some new tattoos lately? Is it right that "Black Winds" got a tattoo of THE EXPLOITED on your stomach? Are all your tattoos related to Occultism / Satanism?

That tattoo is not THE EXPLOITED, kind of similar, but no. They are all pretty much involved with the metal side of things, fire, demons, dragons, pentagrams, symbols & words.

"Black Winds", when you was forced to spend two years in Denmark. Did you lived all the time in Copenhagen? Did you have done anything special within this time?

Spent a lot of time visiting the cemeteries there, very quietest & ancient. The women were fantastic also.

Are you still visiting the Ross Bay Cemetery? Did the Rituals are going & take place once more? Is the spirit like always there? What's up when I say "Grave Desecration"?

We were there just a few weeks ago, it is an excellent place even though there is time limits on visitation & security now.

Did you know that there is a normal webpage regarding the Ross Bay Cemetery exclusively? Long time ago I was visiting it & I remember that there was a lot of photos...

It's a massive place, so there would have to be many photos.

In the 80ies, Canada's scene was truly cult but today it seems that it consist only of few true bands, What's your opinion & which infamous bands you can recommend?

HORDE OF ANACHRON are excellent. "Sodomizers" band: TYRANTS BLOOD plays death metal very well.

Interview done by ? / THE FOREST ZINE #6, 2002

Greek to English translation by Mike T.

Ιt's hard for me to describe what I feel when I listen or think of what BLASPHEMY represent. They turned up suddenly out of nowhere with that amazing "Blood Upon The Altar" demo. I remember that then I had read a review in the cult fanzine "Decapitated" and listening to it the gates of Hell opened... Anyway in order to cut a long story short, "Forest" attempts a small flashback to the BLASPHEMY phenomenon presenting one by one their releases, a small biography and an interview given quite a few years back.

BLASPHEMY were formed in 1985 by "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" ( on bass & vocals ), "Three Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" ( on drums ), "Caller Of The Storms" & "Black Priest" ( on guitars ) playing mainly BATHORY, DESTRUCTION, KREATOR, SODOM covers. In 1987 they entered a rehearsal room and recorded 13 tracks, of which only 7 were included in their now classic "Blood Upon The Altar" demo. They recorded their first album in 1990, which was released through "Wild Rags Records" ( one of the biggest rip-off companies ). After the LP release came a line-up change with the departure of "The Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" and his replacement by "Ace Gestapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands" ( on bass ). With this line-up they went into the studio and recorded the classic "Gods Of War". After quite a few successful concerts and with the "Fuck Christ Tour" with IMMORTAL and ROTTING CHRIST as high point their traces were suddenly lost. About one and a half year ago ( this period is with every cautiousness ), they were reformed for some live appearances, of which the "Live Ritual – Friday The 13th" tracks were recorded. We are awaiting their new album.

Your new album has been released at last, how do you feel about it?

What can I tell you, up to this moment we have very good feedback of almost all true people of the underground. The response is very positive. However it's true that we tried more this time and this because we had ordered ourselves to try and make a better production. We also brought new gear and better studio, so the result is distinctly better.

What do you see in the band regarding the evolution of the group since your previous release?

There are clearly differences. We might play faster, but our music hasn't change.

Why did you decide for the tracks of your demo to be included in "Gods Of War", since all tracks of the demo have been included in both your 1st and 2nd LPs in re-recorded versions?

We didn't do it deliberately, rather the opposite, I would say. We wanted to do it as a bonus to the LP edition instead of the company releasing it later as a different LP or CD.

What inspires you in writing music and lyrics?

As far as music, several bullshit that I like, and regarding the lyrics, my hate for the bastard little Christ inspires me.

As far as I know you faced a lot of problems with your previous company "Wild Rags", can you tell us what exactly happened with Richard ( owner of "Wild Rags" )?

Unfortunately he still runs the company, but this can change if someone goes and blasts his fucking shop and eliminates it from the face of the earth. Indeed he tells only lies and butters up people until he fools you. If you try to get a straight answer from him, you won't make it.

But there was a big time difference between the release of "Fallen Angel Of Doom" and "Gods Of War". Why so much difference? What were you preparing that time?

We were just rehearsing our new tracks, giving concerts and trying to find a new contract with a new company.

As far as I know, there was also a change in the line-up of the group. What happened with "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity", your second guitarist?

You won't believe me, if I tell you where he ended up. Ηe became a member in a band that plays pop and is in the style of RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and MISFITS!

How did you enter the band and took over the bass?

I entered the band basically because I hate Jesus Christ, the crook!!!!!

You did some tour with GORGUTS in Europe. Why did you choose such a different style of group, since it's well known that GORGUTS are one of so many trendy death metal groups?

I don't know why this happened, we didn't choose it. We just want to play live and we don't miss a chance for it. Let's say that what happened is just a marketing policy.

What happened with "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds"? I heard he left you in the middle of the tour.

I don't know, he left for several reasons, but personally I don't think he's gonna stand it.

What do you like except music?

I'm crazy about hockey, whores, beer and grass.

Do you have any favorite books, movies or any artwork?

No, I have only a collection of hockey cards, which is worth over $2,000 and I collect them since the age of about 8. I also like movies, if someone has a good gore movie, he may send it.

Your opinion about the Canadian scene?

What scene???

The best and the worst moments you had with the band so far?

Rituals, rituals and rituals... These are the best. The worst are the stupid ones who don't listen to our music with an open mind.

What is for you the coolest and what the most disgusting thing on earth?

The coolest are women with open legs and the worst women with the legs closed.

Thank you for the interview.

Me too. Fuck the Christians!!!!

Interview done by Skalpel /

Polish to English translation by Adam S.

Interview with the bassist & vocalist "Black Winds".


I know this is banal question but let’s start with the band's history...

The band was formed in the end of 1984. We have various names back then. For the beginning we were ANTICHRIST, later DESASTER, THRASH HAMMER and finally BLASPHEMY. Under the present name we are known in the underground and have released the debut album "Fallen Angel Of Doom" on WILD RAGS Rec. meantime we had some changes in the line up, I have to mention "Bestial Saviour Of Undead Legions" ( bass ), "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals" ( guitar ), who have left the band. The present line up is: "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" on drums, "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" and "Caller Of The Storms" - guitars and me, "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" - bass and vocals.

These aren't your true names, are they?

Of course! These are our ritual names, which we have deserved for!!! The real names are: Marco, Gerry, Sean and Jeff.

The demo "Blood Upon The Altar" was one of the most respected recordings in the whole history of brutal metal. Are you satisfied with that?

Yes, when we released this demo we were satisfied very much and actually we like it till now. We could make better sound nevertheless we had not enough money back then. Lots of people worldwide have bought our recordings and we get letters from them still. We have sold about 1200 copies of tapes, including 300 ones, which we've meant for promotion. I think it was worth of that because we were involved probably in all zines. One tape got some individual named Richard C. and that’s how we got the deal.

The result was the debut album the "Fallen Angel Of Doom" with WILD RAGS records label, wasn't it?

Exactly, it was happened just like that! We are very glad from that we have deal with them exactly. He is just total individual and who knows how long time we had to stay in the underground if Richard wouldn't give us deal? We’ve started work on album very soon and that's how the album has arrived in shops.

Unfortunately the album hasn't received positive reviews, at least in the official magazines?

Whaaat? Fuck it! Everybody who destroys by his stupid reviews our album is poser! In the underground zines we got only super - positive reviews and it shows something! In spite of all buy our album!!!

I think the reason of negative response for your album were your lyrics first of all since Satanistic hordes aren't likes nowadays... Even some of the lyrics weren't printed on the cover...

Let's say some lyrics were too brutal and haven't been accepted by censorship. Also we didn't want to have any problems and accusations about demoralization or persuading into aggression. We had conflict with the law in the past and we don’t want to back to those problems absolutely! We are just true Satanists and our lyrics are very sick. They deal with most brutal and darkest sides of our life! Nevertheless we don't want to persuade nobody into anything. We are interested in traditional Satanism very much and we don’t spread anything through our image, haha!

Let's keep speaking about your image. It is not so often when members of some death metal band are skinheads and made them up...?

We had long hair in the past but later we have met some cool guys so we've cut our hair and followed "Legion Of Hate". When it comes to make up... These are our warlike colors because we are at eternal war with the God! Even our names have ritual meanings and we had to deserve for them as I've mentioned already...

Your album in spite of needless lyrics, poor production has also some interesting elements, like: intros, outros, mysterious sounds and effects...

These all things, which are fillers for our tracks just have gone with our ideas than their dark and anger atmosphere. We have taken them from Stravinsky, Mussorgsky, etc. These are a real massacre things! From a bit similar things I can recommend yet "5th." and "6th." Symphony by Mahler and Alexander Nevshi, Prokofiew. This is absolutely must for every occultist!

What about plans for the future?

We had to play in Singapore with SARCÓFAGO on the beginning this year, but it hasn't happened. We work on the new stuff right now, which is more brutal than the previous from the album. In the lyrics side is total perversion and aggression! Wait!!!!!

P.S. I have to admit these questions are mostly stupid and infantile, like some answers ( about "Legion Of Hate" for one ) by the way, haha. Skalpel.

Interview done by Ustumallagam / TORNADO ZINE #5

Finally I got a hold of Canada darkest sons, BLASPHEMY. They need no further introduction as I guess you all know them out there. I teamed up with "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" ( BW ) & "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" ( TS )...

Why did you choose the skinhead image for a black metal band like BLASPHEMY?

Both: Because we wanted to portray the sound of our music to the way we felt it should. Big bald tattooed men.

Why has your drummer never adopted the skinhead image like the other members?

BW: He didn't want to, that's his choice.

TS: He's the most evil. "Black Heart" is Black Metal.

Maybe the force lies in the hair after all? Haha...

TS: Could be.

BW: That's where he hides the drugs.

In the past you claimed to be inspired by bands like DOOM, etc. Maybe you were more into the Punk movement back then?

TS: Not me, I was always inspired by Metal.

BW: Only inspired, but not influenced. SODOM & BATHORY are the inspiration.

TS: DOOM is good though.

I only know their "Police Bastard" song I must admit. Are you politically interested too?

TS: I am always pissed off & hating the ones that would want to hold me down.

BW: No.

That’s nice to hear. Politics have nothing to do in Metal anyway. Have you ever been told shit from NSBM people because of "Caller Of The Storms"?

TS: Most don't have the guts.

BW: Bring the wimps on.

I guess those NSBM people are like those Scandinavian Black Metal people in the early '90s: They will find something else to do in some years & wimp out.

TS: Fuckin skinny hippie poseurs.

BW: Anytime they wanna play.

That means you're ready to bash in some heads?

TS: Only to those who dare to oppose us face on.

BW: People can say what they want.

Do you all train power lifting & enjoy the art of tattoos? What does it mean to you?

TS: Its in our blood, a way of life.

BW: It's all apart of the program, get strong or die.

That means you believe in survival of the fittest...

Both: Yes.

Tell us about the Ross Bay Cemetery, which you made famous...

BW: It points to the gates of Hell, all Satanists know this. The legends of Ross Bay are all true. That place & its surrounding community is all about the dark underground.

TS: We have been witness to so many things of dark nature there.

Yes, I have heard it should be pretty wild there around Halloween...

TS: For sure.

BW: Always crazy.

Are there a lot of people into Witchcraft & Satanism in your area who maybe use that place?

BW: It is the place.

According to the pictures I have seen I must say it's a great place, maybe a good source for inspiration? Very sinister...

BW: Always.

TS: The forest surrounding holds even darker secrets, stone pentagrams the size of a city block.

Sounds like a place I must visit one day...

Both: Yes.

TS: In the summer as the time before dawn at the edge of the sea with the winds blowing on you, if you close your eyes you can feel the energy surge.

I believe you. I must drop by one day & we’ll share some Elephant beer...

Both: Hahaha.

Are you pissed at people who bootleg your shirts & stuff or do you see it as a mere tribute?

BW: It happens to all impacting groups.

TS: I have no problem just as long as they know one day I may drop in for a drink & maybe their first born.

I recently received a new bootleg CD of you ( "The Final Armageddon" ) & half of the CD are tracks not made by BLASPHEMY. That's bullshit. I think...

TS: Ha, That's fucking ridiculous.

BW: Why would anyone be so cheap?

Don't ask me. It's just cheesy keyboard stuff & titles in bad English. I think it's a Mexican bootleg.

TS: Man that's strange.

I know some of you were arrested after having had the pictures with the burning monument from the "Fallen Angel Of Doom" album developed. Please tell about that.

BW: The fire breathing & burning of the stone was what alerted the cops. We were arrested for destruction of public property. We expected it before it happened.

TS: The cops were very scared & called for about 6 cars & the riot van to deal with the four of us because of what we looked to them was very new to them.

I could imagine so. Were you jailed or fined for that?

TS: We were actually let go. Can you believe that?

BW: Yeah, that was weird that after all the noise & guns held out that they let us walk.

TS: We were in court for a year though.

BW: & the charges were finally dropped.

What did you reply when they asked you what you were doing?

BW: Taking pictures for our album.

Okay, I had expected some hilarious answer here, haha... Were you ever ripped off by Wild Rags like most other bands they have worked with seem to have been?

TS: He's on the hit list, that clown, but he's in prison for tax evasion.

Yes, I have heard so too. He is just a thief it seems.

BW: A total clown. His life is a phone call away & the price of a cheap plane ticket.

Yes, I hope someone would take care of that guy... I don't have to ask you if he paid you any royalties then. I guess...

BW: Very minor to what has been owed.

TS: He owes for WITCHES HAMMER too, for merchandise.

OK, that's even longer ago than BLASPHEMY, I guess...

TS: Yes, about a year before. An older group sent him merchandise to sell & never saw one red cent.

That's just typical for that Richard Crap guy...

Both: Yes.

Your next album, "Gods Of War", didn't have the lyrics enclosed because they were "profane" like the cover states ( it's pretty obvious, I guess ). Was this Osmose's idea not to print them?

BW: Yes.

That’s pretty stupid if you ask me.

BW: We didn't give a shit at the time.

Do you regret now? I think the lyrics are important to enclose.

BW: I personally would have liked the lyrics but I don't have any regrets.

Did you only sign for that one album or how come you stopped working together? Did you part on good terms?

BW: Yes, one album, but I had to take care of something that took a few years & that's why weren't together for a few years but we are always the tightest of brothers no matter what.

TS: We have always been the best of friends, more so now even I'd say. We are always together.

Okay. Did you part with Osmose on good terms too?

Both: Yes.

You never had complaints about their merchandise? That was very bad quality back then.

BW: Ha, that's true actually, but they were producing a lot & seemed to move it quickly, however everything was worked out in the end.

TS: I personally didn't notice because I wasn't playing with the band & all my stuff was made by us & was very good.

"Black Winds", you used to have a Danish girlfriend in Copenhagen quite some years ago, I know. What became of that? We could have been neighbors, man, haha...

BW: I have them all over the world.

I know you liked the cemetery in front of the house of youth there a lot...

BW: I always like the old places, they draw me to them. I can stay for hours.

Can I ask you for your opinion on grave desecration?

BW: Destroy what you will with the knowledge of what you've done in that consequences must be met head on with force so as to take something from them in order to become more powerful.

What happened to your French fan club you used to have ages ago?

TS: They moved on, probably everyone moved away. They still write us, those guys, but not so often.

That guy ( Ludo "Evil" Lejeune ) also ran the SARCÓFAGO fan club, didn't he?

Both: Yes.

Did you ever play any cover of them in the rehearsal room or so? Or other bands?

BW: We've played lots of covers when rehearsing but not live.

Which covers did you do?

BW: Hmmm, there was a couple BATHORY songs, SODOM. Even a PRIEST tune or two.

TS: I seem to remember playing "War" & "Equia mathor", I can't spell the name of that song ( Equimanthorn - ED ).

That are great tracks... "Black Winds", In 1993 you left the European tour after some chaos. What was that all about?

BW: Problems with a woman & personal demons.

What are your feeling today for "Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer", who played bass / vocals the rest of the tour? I heard bad stuff...

BW: He did alright, but in the end he fucked up & now is gone, gone, gone...

TS: Guy's a liar too.

Wasn't it his fault you hadn't brought any stage gear like spikes for the tour?

BW: Yeah, he's an idiot, that guy, for trying to change things like that.

Yes, that sounds pretty gay... But I have also seen an old video where you, "Black Winds", wear something looking like a football shirt & look totally careless on a live show with no energy. How come? That's not how we know the band.

BW: Too much drugs that day.

Are you a lot into drugs? Which drugs?

BW: None anymore, but for awhile it was too much of everything.

TS: I's clean.

Have you ever been banned from clubs before because of your extreme show?

BW: Always.

Tell about some weird or extreme incidents that have happened at your shows.

BW: Riots in Victoria & Vancouver. Police escorts from the city.

TS: Satanic priests dropping literature is always peculiar because they're such old men at Black Metal shows.

I guess there has been fights & hurt people too...

BW: People cutting there wrists is bizarre.

TS: Always brutal.

Are the hand grenades you, "Black Winds" wear across your chest on shows real ones?

BW: Yes, but they're disengaged.

Where did you obtain them?

BW: Army surplus.

How did the "Live Ritual - Friday The 13th" official bootleg LP come about?

BW: Nuclear War Now! got in contact with us & wanted to do it.

Are you satisfied with the result?

BW: Yes, It could have been edited better.

Why was there only one new song included on the enclosed rehearsal CD?

BW: That was the only new song.

Do you think you will do any further work with Nuclear War Now! Records?

BW: Maybe. They are willing.

I guess they are not the only label interested...?

BW: There are a few but the NWN guys are the most honest for now.

What do you think of the "Return Of The Hooded Demons" bootleg LP?

BW: I haven't heard it at all, but didn't think it sounded that good.

How come you wear both sunglasses & warpaint at the same time? That's pretty original...

BW: I just do it for myself because that's what i felt like doing.

I was wondering if those signs you have tattooed on your fingers mean anything specific?

BW: Power, luck. Old symbols.

How do you judge the Canadian scene of the past compared to the one you see today?

BW: More today, not as violent. Lots of groups.

TS: Good fan base.

Yeah, but are there any bands comparable to CREMAINS, old VOIVOD, RAZOR, PROCREATION, SACRIFICE, etc.?

BW: No.

TS: PROCREATION was awesome.

Do you still think Speed Metal is gay?


TS: No. I like old RAZOR's Speed Metal.

You said so in Sacroformity 'Zine #2. haha... But that's old by now...

BW: Yeah, but lots of those bands suck ass bad. Back then there were so many fools jumping on the Speed Metal thing years after it was already done to death, that's why we felt that way.

So, finally I have to ask the 1 million dollar question, I guess: Are BLASPHEMY dead now like some people claim or just "dead but dreaming"?

BW: Never dead.

TS: We live this life, we are BLASPHEMY whether recording or not, we are Metal in Vancouver to the core.

That's great to hear. That means new stuff possible?

BW: Always.

Ok, any last words to close this interrogation? Die hard!

BW: Breathe, live & die Black fucking Metal.

TS: To the death, raise that flag & conquer, destroy your enemies & see them dragging before you.

Interview done by ? / ULTIMATUM ZINE #3


This band plays Black Metal real well, & as I'm sure you all know they are Skinheads playing Black Metal - no big deal to me - as the music is what is important anyway. The band are currently preparing their debut album for Wild Rags records so be on the look - out for that.

Greetings guys! Please tell our readers a bit about the band's history.

BW: It started all back in late '84, if you can believe that with "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater" singing the same drummer & "Caller Of The Storms" & a bass player named "Shakey" who is now the new manager & gig arranger.

What are the band's views about other Canadian bands such as SACRIFICE, RAZOR & DAMNATION?

CS: Most bands from Canada are pretty mellow. But, we like RAZOR, & we never heard of DAMNATION.

When BLASPHEMY began, you did both Hardcore & Metal covers; what do you think made the band want to play Black Metal?

The intensity & impurity.

You've told me that BLASPHEMY's shows are quite crazy & riotous; would you describe what goes on at a BLASPHEMY show?

CS: A lot of slamming & thrashing around; distortion & feedback. Fire spitting, sometimes a riot will break out, plus there is a lot of adrenolin.

What is the scene like in Vancouver?

BW: Vancouver's not bad; there's usually a gig about three times a week. A lot of Punk & Hardcore bands, but we get some good Metal like WITCHES HAMMER from Vancouver & ARMOROS from Victoria & a few others.

How do people who are unaware react when they find out that BLASPHEMY include Skins who play Black Metal?

BH: They are fully into it. Long-hairs & Skins of all sorts, especially Satanists.

I know & you guys know there are cool Skinheads - obviously including yourselves -- however, what would you say to someone like Geraldo or Morton Downey Jr. [ if anything at all ], who are stuck in one stereotype?

If we ever come in contact with either of those two fools, we would sic "Caller Of The Storms" on them.

"Nocturnal Grave Desecrater", your vocals are some of the rawest I've heard -- how do you get the sound you do?

BW: Probably from smoking highly concentrated resins.

Do you get harassed for hanging out in cemeteries... Here in New York, they are very much against anyone staying in them for more than 10 minutes.

We're usually carried through on the Black Winds to mysteriously hide us from anything -- especially the low society.

On the demo, you thank all the Witches, Goat Worshippers, 7 Satanic Skins -- are there a lot of people involved in Occult where you are?

Yes, especially in Victoria, B.C. The main capital for it, including Geneva & Switzerland.

What are your opinions of the current state of Thrash / Death / Black Metal?

BH: I like Black Metal & Death of all sorts.

Your views on fanzines & what are some of your favorites?

We like them a lot, definitely. But, we don't know too many, heard a lot we wrote to a lot. We like Slayer Mag & Ultimatum, so far & Rotten [ fanzine ]  & Edward Farshtey's Book Of Armageddon.

What songs does the band feel summon up BLASPHEMY?


Describe each member of the band. What BLASPHEMY means to each one of you.

BW: Fully against good.

BP: Extermination of all light.

BH: The evilest form of Satanism.

CS: To put the Lord's name in vain.

Yes, we would like to thank good friends "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions" & the "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity".

Thanks guys, all the best.

Interview done by ? / UNI-FORCE ZINE #7, 1990

Here is an interview with the Black metal gods BLASPHEMY from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. For those of you into total extreme Satanic death metal, you must have their demo, it fucking kills!! Heavier than early BATHORY & even sicker! It's on a high quality tape with color cover & all. The interview was done with their bassist & vocalist "Black Winds". So if you love it sick like me, check these guys out for sure!!

Is the band line-up the same since the "Blood Upon The Altar" demo?

No, we now have a replacement for "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals", his name is "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity". They sure look about the same, but "Sodomizer" has white & black war paint. He is the ex-guitarist from the band WITCHES HAMMER. They did about 40 shows, some with BLASPHEMY.

Are you practicing Satanists?

Every now & then.

Do you have any problems in your area because of your Satanic image?

No, because half the fucking people are into it, especially in Victoria, where doctors & lawyers are even Satanists, but you would never know.

Who writes the music & lyrics from the band?

lyrics mainly by "Black Winds" & some by "Black Priest" & "Sodomizer". The music is written by "Caller Of The Storms" & "Black Winds" & even our old bass player "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions". Hail Satan!

How long have you been together?

Since late of '84 if you can believe that. We were all a bunch of long hairs then!

Do you get to play much live & what's your live show like?

We've only done a few but when we play, we have tombstones, fire breathing, smoke, bullets, war paint & our more recent gigs are alot heavier than our first couple.

Since you guys are Satanic Skins, do you have any troubles with other skinheads?

Not in this city! We run it & they all kiss ass.

Has there been any label interest for BLASPHEMY?

No, I think they're all scared, but they don't realize they could make money. I get loads of mail, I got 12 pieces yesterday. If our tape was in stores everywhere, it would sell good I'm sure cause of all the old HELLHAMMER, SODOM & BATHORY freaks would like it!

When will your next demo be coming out?

In about a couple of months. It might even be called "Godz Of War". It might have an angel with a goats head & bow & arrow & flip it open & it might have a drawing of the "Goddess Of Perversity", that's all a maybe though. Also maybe songs like "Hording Of Evil Vengeance", "Goddess Of Perversity", "Desecration", "The Desolate One", "Fallen Angel Of Doom", "Darkness Prevails" & "Necrosadist".

Is there a lot of Satanic activity in your area?

Hardcore mate, but it's very underground. There are Satanic churches in Victoria, but not for the public, they are hidden at Wreck Beach in Vancouver. The Pagan Witches practice every so often, they have some Pagan Symbols hanging off an old World War 2 tower. Right now we were going to get some photos done by it, but that's not our style, we are Satanists.

What do you think of the Satanists who actually kill people & ritually abuse children? Is that necessary in Satanism?

We are not into that & there is no reason to abuse children, that's garbage to us. No, it's not necessary!

How can people get your demo & shirts?

Either by sending to "The Desecraters" $7 for a tape & photos & $15 for a shirts & photos of course for that price. ( They have the coolest Satanic photos around!! - ED ) Or you can write to the European SARCÓFAGO, BLASPHEMY fan club. Ask for the killer fan club stickers, they rule. BLASPHEMY / SARCÓFAGO fan club stickers, fuck yeah, get 'em! Or you can write to the Polish BLASPHEMY fan club!

Do you think there is life after death?

You never know.

How would you describe your music?

Really Brutal evil, it's like maggots ruling beneath the atomic sun.

Any closing comments? Thanks!!

Yes, Barbed wire, black metal, bitches, bullets & beer forever!!

Interview done by Annemarie / VIOLENT MOSHGROUND ZINE, 6/14/1993

Dutch to English translation by Wolfram.

In a dressing room with little view because of the smoke of marihuana, I have a meeting with BLASPHEMY bass player "Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands" ( Huh? ) of Canadian BLASPHEMY. While smoking weed he took some time to answer my questions.

What happened to your singer? Why isn't he here?

He left the tour because of drug-related problems. He's addicted to chemicals.

Did he perform some gigs this tour?

Yes, he did four gigs: Germany, Sweden and Denmark. He was in the tourbus in Holland but suddenly left in Groningen ( Holland ). Now I'm singing.

I see.. How would you describe BLASPHEMY's music?

I wouldn't call it typical Black Metal. It's more intense Music for the listener. Most Black Metal bands play rather slow while we have many fast parts. BLASPHEMY is just BLASPHEMY!

Why is "Blood Upon The Altar" on "Gods Of War", so long after it's actual release?

( coughs because of the weed, apologizes... ) We just didn't have enough material. We actually didn't count on that because we played the songs a lot faster than they were meant to be played. We had space left on the CD so we added the demo recordings. We could've written more songs but... well...

Was the release of "Gods Of War" delayed because of that?

No, not really. Look, we don't live as rock stars or anything. We need to work besides doing BLASPHEMY. The real reason is that we ended up in a fight on the motorway. We cashed on to some assholes and in the end our guitarist got injured on his fists because of that, so he couldn't play for a while!

Your nicknames are "Ace Gustapo Necorsleezer & Vaginal Commands", "Caller Of The Storms" & "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity". ( minus the singer ). I'm curious to know your real names.

You want to know our real names? OK, well I'm Darren, the guitarist is Jeff and the drummers called Shaun.

What's the scene in Canada like?

There are many bands in the East coast of Canada. Jeff plays in two other bands as well. Most bands from Vancouver don't tour though, they rather stay at home where they have their job. Many people in Canada just listen to the radio. There are a lot of cover bands as well.

What are BLASPHEMY's influences?

Guitar-oriented Music, fast drums: old KREATOR, old SODOM, REPULSION, old DESTRUCTION. Music from '83.

What are good modern bands in your opinion?

All bands on the Osmose label. Furthermore I didn't hear anything really good. I have no more time to follow the scene as I used to do in the past. Because of my job and stuff like that.

What kind of work do you do?

I work in the oil-industry, I clean tanks. A very dirty job...

Do you have plans for the next CD already?

Not really. We do have plans for another tour with IMPALED NAZARENE and ROTTING CHRIST in December. We start the 16th. We will have a better promotion fort hat tour than for this one. This tour was only announced 3 weeks for the start. Hervé from Osmose is the only one promoting this tour. Roadrunner didn't do anything for GORGUTS because they have DEICIDE anyway.

What do you think is the reason Roadrunner won't sign anymore Death metal bands?

It's stupid. I met Marty O' Conner once ( Roadrunners talent scout ) and he's so fucking fake man! Roadrunner isn't a death Metal label really. They're in it for the money, they even tried to change the sound of GORGUTS.

Have you ever been to Holland before?


Do you like it here?

Sure, I get to meet nice girls like you!

Right... Why do you have so many intro's on "Gods Of War"?

We just like intro's. On the new CD will also be many intro's. We just want to be different and it sounds better as well with intro's.

I think "Gods Of War" sounds faster and more Black Metal than "Fallen Angel Of Doom". Do you agree?

Yeah, the band is getting faster! We evolve slowly.

Why did you choose for the Osmose label?

Because they're honest over there...

Interview done by Hellbastard / WOLFPACK ZINE #98, 2001

Polish to English translation by T. Yuggoth.

I would feel rather stupid if I had to explain the readers what BLASPHEMY is and what these fuckers deal with. Colleague Terrorizer would on the other hand shout at the reader "kill yourself immediately!!" and I would get embarrassed because of Wolfpack team being such a bunch of no-good bastards, especially when Slut Eviscerator would spit out a torrent of verbal abuse towards one Famous Artist of Pomerania with whom Slut usually collocates BLASPHEMY in some very bad way. Anyway if somebody does not know BLASPHEMY it would be better for him to stop reading this interview as it is far too late to feel the sheer force of these five Canadians right in the balls. It is because their music was always aiming only for those craving only the most brutal, Satanic extreme. Their demo killed entire underground, the very same happened when they released their debut "Fallen Angel Of Doom....", then there was a bit less enthusiastically received CD "Gods Of War" and BLASPHEMY turned silent. However some time later the rumors about bands reformation turned out true, the band is after the release of the ( already sold out ) live LP "Live Ritual" and planning ( maybe already available ) release of "Die Hard" reh along with demos and LP of WITCHES HAMMER, so we can have on our pages a little chat with one maniac named "
Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" who will tell us this and that about his merry bunch...

So how it exactly was with BLASPHEMY in the beginning? Must have been one hell of a time ago and you must stink of piss as every proper grandpa...

It all started back in 1984. It was the time when we finally gathered together and when we found an awesome guitarist - "Storms". None of us played in a band before we founded BLASPHEMY. I knew "Black Hearts" since we were teenagers. We lived near each other and "Storms" lived around one mile from our place. We were talking about having a band for ages and we finally made it. Our first rehearsals were a tough school. We didn't like the first songs we composed, so we pissed them. We stuck to puking out the covers, like SODOM's "Blasphemer", BATHORY's "The Return Of Darkness & Evil" or SLAYER's "Chemical Warfare". It was back in ’86. We are all old as fuck. Both me and "Storms" turned 33 this year.

What inspired the band which inspires hordes of blood and brutality maniacs till this day?

For us it all started with BLACK SABBATH, VENOM, DISCHARGE, GBH, HELLHAMMER, BATHORY, RAZOR and POSSESSED. It was the music we listened to and wanted to play in our own band. My vocals were meant to be a mix between BATHORY, VENOM and DISCHARGE and it was like that until I managed to work out my own distinctive style. Now people say I sound more like something between DOOM and POSSESSED. Before the shows I also strengthen my voice by smoking weed. It is like a ritual, exhaling the fire of doom out of me.

You are usually backed up vocally by "Bestial Savior"?

That's right. I puke out the main vocals while "Bestial Savior" backs me up in the background, complementing me. It works on the live shows. Earlier I was backed up by "Black Priest" and "Sodomizer", now it is "Bestial Savior".

When you founded BLASPHEMY where did you take your ritual names from?

We performed special rituals for each and every one of them. Every name in a proper time, for a specific member.

Where the ideas for intros in your music come from? How do you decide if the song needs an intro or not?

Intros sound evil. Myself, as well as "Black Hearts", like them sometimes more than our music. We just create an intro and then we decide where it would fit best. Intros are in some way an expansion to our music, they are its integral part. They sort of connect all the tracks on the album and give the feeling as if it consisted of one long song.

How the tracks for your demo were created?

I and "Storms" wrote the material for guitar or bass, and then we played it to the rest of the guys, wrote the lyrics and off it went. Sometimes we write the lyrics first, but it’s rather rare... Although sometimes we really need properly blasphemous music to fit the deranged lyric. The sickest so far are for sure "Ritual", "Blasphemous Attack", "War Command", "Nocturnal Slayer", "Fallen Angel Of Doom....".

Do you have to be in any certain mood to write the lyrics?

Yes, mood helps.

When you listen to your compositions does the lyric just go into your head or do you need something more?

Need something more.

What do you want to achieve through your lyrics?

Fuck the world like a demon, batter like a ram.

What inspired you to wear warpaint in the early days of band’s existence?

I don't know if it was anything special... I don’t remember if we knew any bands painting their faces or not, we just wanted to be totally Black Metal and I think we made it.

What meaning it had on your live shows?

I don't know. We just played and it fitted the action.

When was your first live performance?

Our first gig was very good. It ended up with riot on the streets. After the concert we were on blacklist for entire year because of too many brawls. After that we played some tours over Europe, went back home, gained respect and played even more in our homeland. Nowadays we are happy if we manage to play three times a year. This year we plan to invite BLACK WITCHERY to gig with them a little.

How was the response to your "Blood Upon The Altar" demo?

The response was completely fucked up! We did not expect to get two loaded boxes of fanmail. It was completely fucking blasphemous!

When did you started to write the material for "Fallen Angel Of Doom...."? Did you wanted it to sound different from the demo?

All these tracks were old as shit already, made long before recording the album. All we wanted was a better sound and even though we did not achieve it the result is still not bad.

Which of your releases do you like the most?

"Fallen Angel Of Doom...." and "Blood Upon The Altar" are my favorites. The quality of these recordings was never too good, some of the guitar parts should be louder...

Why "Black Priest Of 7 Satanic Blood Rituals" quit the band? How did you found "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" and decided that he is the right person for the band?

"Black Priest" had some serious problems with his girlfriend! We already knew "Sodomizer" back then, when we played some gigs with WITCHES HAMMER where he used to play. He was and still is a great Black Metal Skinhead and he can play very well. He never wrote any music for us but we still hang around together, he was even on our show where we played with BLACK WITCHERY and CROWN OF THORNS.
How did you meet "Goddess Of Perversity"? What was her role in a band?

We met her through "Sodomizer". Her role was to keep up the level of perversity I think.

Is it true that "Black Priest" went insane and had to be separated from the band for some time?

It is more or less truth.

Can you reveal me some details on Ross Bay Cemetery desecrations?

I’m sorry, but I cannot reveal any details. It can be read by someone who is not meant to know anything about it.

How did you get to Wild Rags records?

We went to Seattle to play there, then we played in San Francisco and then we decided we want to play in Los Angeles and see the landscape. We had some friends in Anaheim, so we stopped by them and went to wild Rags to buy some CDs and tapes to listen. I think the Wild Rags guy heard our demo earlier, so we asked him what he could possibly offer us and he said he could release our material, but he can pay us only a dollar for every sold copy, what he never did anyway.  We just got some $300 bills and it wouldn’t even cover the postage, as we sent shitloads of free copies to promote the material. Wild Rags are a bunch of wild fags. Plain rip off, end of story.
Who created the cover artwork for "Fallen Angel Of Doom...."?

It was made by a girl named Connie. We explained to her that we wanted something brutal, with a goats head, demons etc. She did it just that way.

Why did you change the logo on your debut LP?

We wanted to see what would look better. We like both logos, but I think we will stick to the one from "Fallen Angel Of Doom....".

What was the people's response to "Fallen Angel Of Doom...."?

It surprised me, as the reactions were very positive.

Why "Sodomizer" quit the band and how did you find "Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands"?

"Sodomizer's" day job took him too much time to fully participate in rehearsals, so he had to quit the band, but he's still our friends. He even called me just before this interview. Then "Ace Gustapo" joined us. He lived nearby and often hung around with us.

What assumptions did you have before recording "Gods Of War"?

We wanted to be even more brutal and heavier. Nothing more. "Gods Of War" is a collection of old unused tracks and a handful of new songs I wrote. Maybe "Black Priest" wrote something as well, I don't remember as after his return he didn't stayed for too long.

How did it happen that you ended up in Osmose?

I don't remember. I think Herve sent us $5000 to make an album and I think it was the way we decided to join his label.

Your main theme is war. How does it fit to Satanism?

We think it fits perfect! This is BLACK METAL! Unfortunately the cover artwork was not as batallistic as we wanted it to be, but we like the symbols that were used. The note on the album says that the cover art was done by some Bell Illustrations and we have no fucking idea about that, as the whole layout was done by our friend from Victoria.

Why "Necrosleezer" had to leave the band?

He was kicked out, not asked to leave, as he was not real Black Metal Skinhead. You should have heard the bands he listened to. Some fluffy Thrash Metal.

Can you tell me something about your involvement in occultism?

We barely speak about our rituals etc...

About Satanism?

That's another thing we don't want to discuss, maybe if we met in person, sorry...

They say that to be a Satanist one has to believe in god and if you are Satanist and you don't believe in him, then you're a hypocrite.


And what would you say about those who play Black Metal not being Satanists?

I better like orthodox Satanists to play this music if it is meant to be Black Metal.

What about these bands whose members describe themselves only as antichristian or misanthropes etc.?

Cheap excuses.

About your tattoos you don't want to speak as well?

They depict nuclear explosions, demons, lots of goats – sabbatical, Mendes etc. Also  I, "Black Hearts", Ryan CONQUEROR "DeathLord" – we all have the demon from the back cover of our first LP inked.

What does goat symbolize to you?

It's a kind of mascot, it's hard to tell. It's here because of demonology; I really don't know how to answer this one...

Can you tell me something about the concerts of BLASPHEMY? How morbidly people react to your music?

Well, many guys in Germany cut themselves when we played "Ritual". They also took me on their arms and carried me through the crowd. One guy got killed at Black Cat in Germany. Generally on stage we want to puke war and destruction. And pyrotechnics...

Why did you stop playing live?

We quit because I did a fucking mess in a plane. I hammered a policeman and so I got busted for some time. Now I'm back and we're here with full force! HAIL SATAN!

What were you doing during those 8 years of silence?

We were still playing, going to gigs, drinking. We were deep into the music and all this new Black Metal released back then.

How did you hook up with BLACK WITCHERY and decide to start up gigging again?

BLACK WITCHERY called me and "Black Hearts" picked up the phone and invited them to play in Vancouver. It was our first concert in 7 years with original lineup and the new guitarist – Ryan of CONQUEROR. There were shitloads of people, 300 were packed in a club like canned meat and there were still around one hundred waiting outside. During our last song, "Ritual", the pyros went off and destroyed the roof in the club! I couldn’t believe that. Our first live show in years and we blow up the roof. No fights though, only one guy broke his leg. What kind of comeback was that?

Are you already writing a new material? What's it gonna be like?

It's gonna be in vein of tracks like "Goddess Of Perversity", "Fallen Angel Of Doom...." and "The Desolate One". This is how the new tracks will be.

What is the current lineup of BLASPHEMY?

"Caller Of The Storms", "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity", myself, "Bestial Savior Of The Undead Legions" and "Warlord Of The Arcane Rites Of Bloodlust".

What kind of music does BLASPHEMY play? Black Metal? Black/Death Metal? Or maybe something else?

It is pure Black Metal.

How do you think where the strength of BLASPHEMY lies?

I have no fucking idea. I just like my music to be fast and aggressive. In the beginning I had some doubts if it wouldn't be too much to handle for the crowd, but now I don't have such problems.

Do you want to add something?

Thank you for this interview. Expect our new assault... It's coming and it's gonna be a Black Metal Holocaust. Hail to all Black Metal Elitists and Black Metal Skinheads worldwide!

Interview done by ? / ZOMBIE DANZ #1

Here comes a talk with the "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity", as you should all know this guy played on the first BLASPHEMY album "Fallen Angel Of Doom....". Back in the 80ies, he used to playing the speed metal act called WITCHES HAMMER, & now is a permanent member of TYRANTS BLOOD.

First, can you tell me since when are you playing music & how did you get in touch with Heavy Metal?

I was 13 when I first started to play guitar, at that time I also played drums, trumpet, & piano. I was in touch with the heavier side of music from my older cousins who listened to bands like BLACK SABBATH, KISS, HEART, TED NUGENT, BLUE OYSTER CULT, LED ZEPPLIN, AEROSMITH, JUDAS PRIEST, etc. They gave me their albums when I was very young & so that was how I discovered the edgier forms of Music. From there I began to seek out more obscure groups & found bands like ANGELWITCH, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, SAXON, IRON MAIDEN, BUDGIE, MOTÖRHEAD, EXCITER, RAZOR, & the lot & that was my scene.

Explain us how big was the extreme metal world in Canada during the 80's. Did SLAUGHTER & their "Strappado" have a big influence on the Canadian metal-heads?

Not very. SLAUGHTER & STRAPPADO were very minor blips on the radar as compared to ANVIL, EXCITER, & RAZOR, bands like SLAUGHTER, STRAPPADO, OBLIVION, ASSAULT, BLACK KNIGHT, WITCH KILLER, etc, etc, were good bands that had good impact in the Canadian metal clubs & in the underground, but never had the promotion of bands I mentioned or ever touched the American or European market til years after they had broken up or been around for many years.

How was formed WITCHES HAMMER? How serious was it? What kind of bands influenced WH at this time?

WITCHES HAMMER was formed in 1984 in high-school by; myself, Ravy Prizmic ( vocals ), & drummer John Prizmic. We were very serious at this young days because we were the first to play aggressive style in the West Coast & we had to fight very hard to be taken serious among the Glam & Hard Rock bands; to be honest for the first year or so, we only played with Punk Rock & Hardcore acts because they liked the fast style, we were influenced by all the old acts; JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, SAXON, RAZOR, EXCITER, SLAYER, etc, etc.

On the compilation "Stretching Into Infinity", we find 9 songs from an unreleased album... How do you feel with this music, 20 years later?

"Stretching Into Infinity" was never a compilation, but an album we recorded in 1988 that was never released due to the fact that we were poor kids & had no money to release it, not until NWN released it a few years ago. I never felt like releasing it after that because I don't live in the past & to me, what was done was done & that was that. I don't listen to my own music very often, but I suppose it's not bad for the time.

WITCHES HAMMER did not really have a big life... Did the band have to face a lot of troubles? How deeply were the members involved?

WITCHES HAMMER was together from 1984 until officially 1990, but really we had pretty much stopped in 1989, & all joined other acts & only getting together once in a while that last year, so yeah, 6, almost 7 years wasn't too long, but it was a good run & a lot of good times had by that group. It was never a hobby.

Was there a lot of places to play extreme metal live? Is that how you met the BLASPHEMY members?

Well, we played a lot of shows & of course being that we were the only extreme metal act at the time, everyone would come out to see the shows & there I met everyone, as well as "Black Winds" & "Storms" & the like. So we all knew each other for many years before I joined up with them in 1989. In Vancouver there were a lot more places to play than there is now.

What did you think about BLASPHEMY before you joined them?

Their first show was backing up WITCHES HAMMER in 1988 & they were a great outfit & we all really liked their live show & thought they were a killer act for the day.

So finally, how & why did WITCHES HAMMER break-up after all these years? Then explain to us how did you become the rhythm guitar player of BLASPHEMY?

WITCHES HAMMER broke up because everyone had to come to find different ideas as we grew from 14 to 20. We changed our ideals & also there were outside influences that were reaping havoc on some of the band members & becoming extremely dangerous to themselves.

I became the "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" because of the woman I was with at the time was named "Goddess Of Perversity".

"Black Winds" called me over at my parents home & one night, the week I told him I had stopped playing with WITCHES HAMMER, he told me that same week "Black Priest" had left BLASPHEMY due to 'Mental Illness', & so I joined up with them that week.

What kind of bands were influencing BLASPHEMY at this period? ( SARCÓFAGO, BATHORY, or HOLOCAUSTO are my best guess - ZD )

We listened to BATHORY, SODOM, SARCÓFAGO, but bands like HOLOCAUSTO didn't have any impact on us until we heard of them around 1990.

Was the BLASPHEMY lifestyle darker than your last one? Did you already wear war paint before?

BLASPHEMY lifestyle was very much city street life, so therefore more violent than the suburban life from before. I only wore was paint onstage with BLASPHEMY.

Could you describe your remembrances ( we want details! - ZD ) about the realization & the recording of "Fallen Angel Of Doom...."?

We rehearsed for a year & wrote songs & then we entered the studio, it was very fast recording & an excellent time. There was a lot of fuel in this fire & a very dark ominous creation around everything. All the system was 100% on all the time, full force, to show no weakness & so from this came "Fallen Angel Of Doom....". There were times we would leave the studio & head to the cemetery for inspiration & sometimes bring women along & other times we would leave for the city & end up in jail overnight for fighting & such things. These were the times for that album. After "Fallen Angel Of Doom...." was complete, I was in court for a year til finally they were taken care of.

I heard a lot about the "Ross Bay Cult". What exactly can you say about/all the stories surrounding that place?

I am from the first days of Ross Bay Cult & say nothing of anything I would find incriminating of us, I would say that to be foolish. But those years when Ross Bay Cult was invoked with the Black Flame & Satanic Church, many dark rituals were performed. Ross Bay itself is a very sacred place, but these days it has been changed & there is security thru 24 hours a day because of the things that happened back then, however, in the surrounding forests is where you find the most activity these days.

The cemetery itself is left to the hopeful that want to say they were there & the old people that use it for a stroll, for the rest of us, we stop by when we are there & go to our individual places, however, I believe because of the things that went there & when one faces the sea & their face to the wind with dead behind them, I can still feel the presence & power of that place.

Define these fine people...

"Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds"

Excellent front man, larger than life character, saved my life many times!

"Caller Of The Storms"

Creator of psychotic guitar style that is true evil from the real embodiment of this sound, his sound is his true nature.

"3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity"

Out of his fuckin mind all the time!

Why did you leave BLASPHEMY & what did you do during that period before joining TYRANTS BLOOD?

I left because my time was completely taken up. There was not enough days for me to rehearse anymore because of college & work. I always kept in contact with the members over the years & with the metal scene, my brother & I put many shows. Also I became a studio musician & played for many bands as a hired guitar, bass, & drums.

The TYRANTS BLOOD album was released in 2006, without the band made any demos or EPs. How did you come to decide to directly make a full length album?

That is because we didn't need a demo, we were signed already.

Were you a friend of Brian Langley before?

I had known Brian for a number of years before he formed TYRANTS BLOOD, from the time before INFERNÄL MÄJESTY to when he joined til he quit to join us.

How do you feel with TYRANTS BLOOD? Do you enjoy to be in this band & do you think you correspond to the band sound?

Yes, I enjoy this band very much.

Did you play often live with TYRANTS BLOOD?

I have played every show with TYRANTS BLOOD, since 06 we have played about 20 shows. We have our full length album "Crushing Into Oblivion" coming out in a month, also a split with ABIGAIL Japan & another split with THY FLESH CONSUMED all scheduled for the few next months.

I leave you the last word, thanks a lot for answering to my questions!