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Interview done by A. Inferno / INFERNO ZINE #2

Ian inferno interview with BLASPHEMY ( "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity", "Black Winds" & "Caller Of The Storms" ). BLASPHEMY does no need for introduction, whoever don't know them better fuck off & stay away from black/war metal scene. Here's my interview with the Ross Bay cult eternal warriorz.

No need introduction for this legendary Ross Bay cult eternal black war godz is the ultimate evil horde ever spawn from Canada.

Mighty hailz to BLASPHEMY horde! praise be the mighty Ross Bay cult eternal! How's life in Canada now?

Now it snows. Cold but I like it. Where I live the grey dead horizon is chorused by howling dogs. The roses smell of decay like the stench of rotting angels.

BLASPHEMY has been hail as the true cult of Ross Bay black metal warriorz, how do you feel to be part of this cult horde?

We are the beginning of Ross Bay cult.

Sodomizer - I was honored as a young man to become a part what is now our heritage.

"Blood Upon The Altar", "Fallen Angel Of Doom" & "Gods Of War" has been endless masterpiece to all black / war maniaks. How do you & BLASPHEMY feel about all these releases that influenced tons of black / war metal bands & maniaks around the world?

Sodomizer - I like them all, "Blood Upon The Altar" is my personal favorite. "Black Winds" does not enjoy "Gods Of War" so much. "Caller Of The Storms" thinks they are all good for the time.

Do you mind to brief us the accurate grand history of BLASPHEMY? A complete biography for the diehard maniaks out there.

Before there was BLASPHEMY, the group started as restless youth from the inner city, from youth detention and prison the brother hood grew into the Black Metal Skinheads. A basic street gang. So to take up some energy decided to play instruments. ANTICHRIST was the first name in around 84 or so, no shows just playing black metal and being mostly Spreaders of Terror and satanic mayhem throughout the city. Fighting and criminal activity mostly at that young age. Then the name BLASPHEMY was born and decided to take a more serious approach to the sound and put a face to it, to be as the sound. To portray black metal the way we felt it should be Brutal, Terrifying and Murderous.

Which black / war band's hymns that possessed your hellish stereo at this moment? mind to give us 10 favorite playlist?

For all of us these days the list is NIFELHEIM / GOSPEL OF THE HORNS / VOMITOR / NAKED WHIPPER / REVENGE / CONQUEROR / ANAL VOMIT / BESTIAL WARLUST / MYSTIFIER / VERMINOUS / Its hard for the 3 of us to agree upon 10.

How's the scene in Canada now? Any new bands that worth to be mention?


What do you think of the 3 of German trash metal titans ( SODOM / DESTRUCTION / KREATOR ) nowadays? They are still around but their current materials are not as wicked & extreme as their old / early materials.

We will always support these giants. As they are the forefathers of what is now our culture. They’re new sounds are never going to be as fresh and brutal as those early years, but it has little, if any, effect on what they did for what we follow. They will forever be the kings these pioneers. They laid waste to the shit that plagued the era of there day and cleared a path for the burning destruction that followed. Let us also say they never strayed so far from there path either, as many do, they stayed the course. Those early albums never get bored and stand the test as younger audiences still live for they’re sounds from those years, they are forever.

Sex, drinks & metal has been part of lifestyle of black metal maniaks, what's your favorite porn movies & booze?

Porn movies we make are the best. For drinks, Stella, Elephant, White Beer, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Tequila, Heineken / Cafrees / many dark beer and a lot more.

BLASPHEMY has been worship by tons of bands & maniaks in this underground worldwide. At what point did you realize that the band was success & something that would has a lasting impact?

We believe in what we do and did, it is our life before the sound, so therefore I believe perhaps that those that listen see this.

What are the sick activities & rituals done at Ross Bay cemeteries so far?

Mostly in the old days this was where our names were created, For example "3 Black Hearts" burning to summon Abbaddon is a ritual. Blood rituals, sex rituals, it was our place to become, where we made our pact.

Is the Ross Bay black metal skinhead cult horde still around? Who are in the horde?

Yes we are and always will be. The same as in the beginning.

"Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" is from the awesome band called WITCHES HAMMER, Can we see WITCHES HAMMER be reforming to desekrate the massess again? He's also in TYRANT'S BLOOD now which is quite unknown mind to introduce the band?

No, WITCHES HAMMER will not perform again, TYRANTS BLOOD is "Sodomizer" playing guitar with some thrashers from around the city. More in an older sounding style of say POSSESSED or DESTRUCTION.

When would a head-shaving session take place? Is it masses among the Ross Bay cults? Or one by one? Also, only worshipping to "Fallen Angel Of Doom"? - Diistruktor ( SW Zine )

Something we do on our own, however some initiated did this in Ross Bay.

Shyaithan of IMPIETY told me in the interview with IMPIETY that they were plans of making IMPIETY / BLASPHEMY split, that would be total cult of blackwar insanity of the dual evil hordes unite for a split. When will the split release? By which label?

Not known for sure yet.

What are the next conquest for BLASPHEMY? Is the band still active? Any plans for the sick south east Asia tour?

Not as yet been discussed.

All rite we have come to the final question. Thanks a lot for the interview, it's really an honor for me to interview band that I truly support & respect since 92. Hail BLASPHEMY! Hail to Ross Bay cult eternal! Anything you wish to add for the diehard maniaks here?

Destroy all that stands in your way.

Interview done by Holocausto Vengeance / INTESTINAL ZINE #2, 1991

Finnish to English translation by Antti S.

This dark and brutal Canadian death metal band is here again blaspheming the readers of Intestinal. The band's album "Fallen Angel Of Doom" should be now available in Finland also. Yeah, "Holocausto" interviewed "Black Winds".

Can you tell us a brief history of the band?

The band started in the late of '84. We've had some minor line-up changes since then.

How's the new line-up like?

"Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" is the only new member.

Why did you have this change in the line-up?

That was because of "Black Priest Of The Seven Satanic Blood Rituals" left the band. He just went completely insane once he came into the rehearsals.

How was your music style like back in '86–'87?

We were influenced by old DISCHARGE, RAZOR and SODOM.

Who is making your songs and how much time do you spend on the song writing process?

All of us participate in the song writing, the spent time varies a bit. The making of our album took three weeks, four hours per day.

Your style is very brutal, how did you get the idea to start to play this type of stuff?

G.B.H., old DISCHARGE, HELLHAMMER and SODOM were influential to us. But we wanted our sound to be even more brutal.

What are your favorite bands?

SAMAEL, XYSMA, BEHERIT, BBLOOD, MORTUARY DRAPE, DOOM, NUNSLAUGHTER, SARCÓFAGO, NECROBUTCHER, BOLT THROWER, ROTTING CHRIST, BLACK PROPHECIES, DERKETA,VITAL REMAINS, SACRED CRUCIFIX and some classical music like Mussorgsky ( "Night On Bald Mountain", "Pictures At An Exhibition" ), Mahler ( "Symphony #5", "#6" ), Stravinsky ( "The Rite Of Spring", "The Firebird" ).

Can you tell us something about your deal with Wild Rags Records?

He liked our demo and offered us the deal.

Vancouver is quite a big place. How do you spend your time in there? How's your rehearsal place like?

Yeah, Vancouver is huge, I think that's one of the reasons why there are so much gangs. We are always hanging in the center of the city. We share our rehearsal room with a noisecore band called TUMULT. The room is covered with gig posters from between the years '83–'90.

How do you spend your weekends?

Yeah, we're in Vancouver every day, if we don't head for Victoria for some ritual desecrations.

How about your parents? Are they also listening to death metal, or have you killed them perhaps?

They don't care about it, they just hate music. My mom lives in the downstairs. She doesn't like my coffin either.

How often do you rehearse and how is your equipment like?

Three times a week is much for us, but if there's a gig coming, we rehearse five times a week. Sligherland Black Gold Drums, Peavey XR IZOO Board SP 3 Speakers, digital delay, Marshalls!

Do you like sports? How about ice hockey?

Yeah, hockey goes for good violence.

How does Mr. Wagner Antichrist like your music? What do you think about SARCÓFAGO?

"Antichrist" likes our music, I think. I like a lot of "I.N.R.I." – album, but I like especially the song "Black Vomit".

What do you know about Finland? Know any Finnish bands?

I know there are many satanists and a lot of great bands, beautiful women and XYSMA, BEHERIT, SACRED CRUCIFIX, N.N.S. and so on.

Would you like to play a gig here in Finland together with BEHERIT?

We would love to do that, if we had enough money for the flights and dope. Could you please wait until our label organizes a promotional tour for us.

Live and Die for Them... What do you think is going to happen after death?

As far as I am concerned, total desecration to the soul of god.

Who's your favorite writer? ( "The Wine Of Satan"!? )

"The Wine Of Satan" is an old book that I found once. But one idiot burned it, I was much younger back then, about fifteen years. That was his luck indeed.

Do you have any touring plans?

We are going to play together with SARCÓFAGO in Singapore in January '91.

Interview done by ? / INVINCIBLE FORCE ZINE #6

Here's an interview with an obscure black / death metal band called BLASPHEMY. They call themselves 'Satanic Skinheads', which sounds like one of my nightmares, but, well, that's another story, ha ha!! First off, they have a really cheezy scary Satanic image which is a bit ridiculous, nut that never stopped me from listening to a band before!! Actually, people said the same sort of things about BATHORY when they first came out, but BATHORY is one of my favorite bands! But image asidefor a moment, on their demo "Blood Upon The Altar", the band plays what could be described as a mixture of BATHORY, REGURGITATION & SARCÓFAGO, not bad! It's not for wimps!! So if you want to hear some savage, putrid black / death metal, then check this band out! This interview was answered by the "
Black Winds" & "Caller Of The Storms".

When was BLASPHEMY formed?

This band was formed in late '84. Doing old covers like: RAZOR, VENOM, old DISCHARGE.

What do you do in your spare time?

Going to gigs, punk mostly. Skating at the skate park, major herb smoking. Sitting at home playing guitars & bass.

Why do you have such scary names?

Because they are 'ritual' names & for the reason we are at war with God. ( not a very winning battle, eh "Black Winds"? - ED )

What do you think of your demo now?

Well, we could have done a much better job if we would have had a little more cash. We only spent $800 on it.

Where did you record your demo?

At Fiasco Recording Artists in new Westminster, B.C.

Have you played any shows so far?

Yes, we played an outdoor show with a band called FATAL HATRED, but they broke up. They were like HELLHAMMER. ...& we played with WITCHES HAMMER & O.O.C. at the Paramount. ...& we did another show at a place called the Lux, with local punk bands & WITCHES HAMMER again. ...& a few little shows at this bar we were practicing at. We are also planning to play with KREATOR & CORONER on the 25th of September at Club Soda, downtown Vancouver.

Do you have any new songs written yet?

We have 2 new songs, but alot of old ones too: "Fallen Angel Of Doom", "Desecration", "Darkness Prevails", "The Desolate One", "Hoarding Of Evil Vengeance", "Goddess Of Perversity" & "Necrosadist".

What are your fave bands?


Describe the members of the band.

Rude, evil, blasphemous, almost sick. ( you left out scary & most importantly bald! - ED ) Well, the "3 Black Hearts" likes to pound real fast & doesn't like anything mellow. He listens to NAPALM DEATH, DOOM, SAMAEL, SARCÓFAGO, XYSMA. ...& likes to practice rituals. "Caller Of The Storms" prefers to really freak out on his digital delay & whammy & sometimes we can't get him to stop for hours. "Black Winds" prefers to lunch out in the boneyard & crank out the distortion in his B.C. Rich bass, & cast spells & perform rituals in Victoria B.C. "Black Priest", well we don't know how to describe this guy. He had to quit the band. He really cracked up, he went looney for real. He is now probably in the hospital getting treatment. But he used to be a pretty serious devotee to Satanism. ( no wonder - ED ) But now we have another black metal skinhead to fill the place of back-up vomits & guitar. He used to be a guitarist for WITCHES HAMMER, & is working out for good.

Have you ever taken a shit in your kitchen sink?

Not really.

What is the response to BLASPHEMY so far?

Pretty heavy response, especially here with the Satanic Skinhead crowd coming to all out shows & getting rowdy, & a good response from: USA, & Europe, & Denmark & France especially.

Any last comments & also what merchandise do you have?

Ya! Lots of killer double sided T-shirts $15.00 & tapes & photos  for $7.00. Oh ya, about our ritual names, we earned them through ritual practice. Our newest guitarist's name is "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity". ( no, actually it's "Lord Of All Huckleberry Hound Humping, Bugs Bunny Bopping, Yogi Bear Yanking, Mickey Mouse Masturbating, Patty Duke Pumping, Septic Bowel Eroders & Stool Softener Users - ED ) ...& our one time bass player's name was "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions". Thanks for the interview, Bryan. ( you're welcome. Hey, don't take my retarded humor serious!! - ED )

Interview done by Cath / LEATHER N' SPIKES ZINE #7

In the hot Summer of 2000, a rumor started that spread in the underground. A rumor announcing the glorious return of one of the most kult bands in the scene: the mighty BLASPHEMY. But in the dark streets of Vancouver, it wasn't just a rumor, it was true. Their legendary come-back would take place on July, 21, 2000 ( if my memory does not fails ), as they play onstage for the first time in since so many years. But it wouldn't be over... They repeated the experience by playing live again on July 2001 with BLACK WITCHERY. It was an honor for me to interview BLASPHEMY.

By Cath, January 2002 with "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds", "DeathLörd Of Abomination & War Apocalypse", "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity". Ross Bay Cult Eternal!!!!!!!!

Hail & thanks a lot for answering my questions...

Black Winds: Hail... We're just listening to a bit of BLACK WITCHERY here...

How did you decide to reform BLASPHEMY?

Black Winds: We just grabbed our old bass player "Bestial Saviour" & R. Förster ( now known as "DeathLörd" ) from CONQUEROR & fired up the circuits.

Did you think about the reformation since a long time?

DeathLörd: The timing was right... I had just moved to Vancouver & "3 Black Hearts" had just completed his parole...

You used to be banned from Vancouver when it comes to playing gigs.

Black Winds: Lots of violence back then, what could you do?? Now there are lots of Black, Death, Grind & Thrash bands around now so people are used to it

What about now? Are authorities still watching you carefully? Was there any problems with police during your recent shows?

Black Winds: Nah...they're too scared to even come in the door. What is a couple of them going to do against a bunch of Satanic Skinheads?? They learned from past gigs. Back in the day if they came into the club, people would go out & do damage to the cop cars

About the few gigs you did recently, how was the response? Do a lot of people remember BLASPHEMY?

Black Winds: Awesome response!! Everybody remembers BLASPHEMY!!

What did you guys do all those years after BLASPHEMY's break up?

3 Black Hearts: I was thrown into jail for flipping out on the plane ride back from the "Fuck Christ Tour" in Europe. Then I beat the shit out of a couple of cops... I've been having problems with the pigs ever since

Black Winds: Rituals, Powerlifting, Beer Sessioning, Head Shaving, Tattooing, Orgies, Desecrating the Mother Mary... Sodomizing her ass in the cemetery until the whole boneyard stinks!!!

Now I guess people are waiting impatiently for a new BLASPHEMY release. Tell me more about the live vinyl you'll put out. Are you thinking of recording new material? Do you already have ideas for it?

DeathLörd: The Live LP is entitled "Friday The 13th - Live Ritual" & released only in 666 copies. "Nuclear War Now! Productions" released it. It's almost sold out but I think War Hammer Records has a few copies left for sale. We are currently rehearsing new material for the next full-length... Beware!!!

How was the scene back when you started? Was it better or worse than now?

Black Winds: Lame compared to now... Black Metal-wise at least. Back when we started there was no Black Metal bands. Only thrash / death & some grindcore...

Which old zines did you liked back then?

DeathLörd: I read Mortician Mag, Transylvanian Damnation, Fallen Pages, The Gathering, Z.A.S.T., Slayer, Hammer Of Damnation, Stench Of Blood, & some others...

Were there some people who didn't understand what BLASPHEMY was about? Do you think people were ready for such brutal & Satanic chaos?

DeathLörd: People still aren't ready for for such brutal & Satanic chaos!!!

Did you ever went to Quebec? Did you have many contacts with bands from Quebec's scene back when it was still good? Is there any bands you liked?

DeathLörd: BLASPHEMY has not played in Quebec but we plan to soon... I listen to old VOIVOD, the SOOTHSYAER demo, AGGRESSION, YOG SOTOTHS, DAMNATION "Metal Anarchy" demo, DISSECTION "Final Genocide" LP, & some others... CREMAINS was OK too...

Do you still think that overdose with heroin is the best way to die?

Black Winds: Probably. Either that or in battle at midnight at our local boneyard!!!

Is it true Vancouver is the capitol of heroin? How's life in Vancouver?

DeathLörd: Vancouver is definitely THE heroin capitol of the country!! There's so many scumbags & junkies here... Otherwise, life is tolerable around here... for now.

The guy who released CONQUEROR used to do the BLASPHEMY / SARCÓFAGO fan club - do you think that the enthusiasm concerning your re-formation could lead you to do a fan club again?

DeathLörd: I don't think the scene is the same as it was when that fan-club existed... Some die-hards were talking about putting up an unofficial web site though... That’s about as close as it's going to get...

What does Ross Bay cemetery has that is so particular?

Black Winds: There's been more rituals, witches, orgies, goat-worshipping, people practicing demonology, & Satanic Skinheads gatherings than any other boneyards we've been to. There's even supposed to be underground tunnels leading to ritual chambers...

DeathLörd: Ross Bay is the symbol of Canadian War Black Metal!

Has Ross Bay changed through the years & are there still people going there for rituals? Is it true that the Poulee angel cries tears of blood at nights of fullmoon? ( thanks unknown Asian guy for the question! )

DeathLörd: I used to live nearby Ross Bay Cemetery. That place has been desecrated so many times that they have 24 hour security now. Though I still seen old haggard looking women collecting soil from fresh graves... The Poulee angel is stained with blood... Haven't seen it cry though......... I pissed on it during a night of alcohol rituals. WE also used it on the cover of the CONQUEROR CD.

Since a few years ago there is a growing popularity for politics in black metal - do you think it is necessary to associate a political view with music?

Black Winds: Sure, why not??

Do you like some of the NS black metal bands?

Black Winds: WAR 88, SPEAR OF LONGINUS, etc...

DeathLörd: Some of the NS bands are deadly, but unfortunately I think too many kids fucked up that scene now....... Some of the worst bands I've EVER heard come from that scene...

Could we say that west-Canada is becoming the capitol of war metal? What do you think of all the war metal bands emerging there?

Deathlörd: We're all in contact with each other. It does seem as though Western-Canada is the War Metal Stronghold now...

Tell me more about the artist Chris Moyen. He did art for BLASPHEMY but also BEHERIT, how did you get in contact with him? How did he got to do your covers?

DeathLörd: He mostly did artwork for the BLASPHEMY / SARCÓFAGO fan club. "Evil" Ludo had contact with him. He did acouple of BLASPHEMY sticker designs & a shirt design. Nuclear War Now! Productions used one of Thorncross' ( Moyen's ) pieces for the BLASPHEMY Live - LP. Moyen is still around!! In fact he's doing the cover for the LP version of BLACK WITCHERY's "Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom" album soon to be released by Nuclear War Now! Productions. Thorncross is the god of primitive & blasphemous artwork!!

You toured Europe, I heard a lot of stories about it, about people being total fanatics, mutilating themselves & bleeding like hell at your shows. Are these thing true?

3 Black Hearts: All true.

Do you think someone would have done a murder in the name of BLASPHEMY?

3 Black Hearts: Probably.

How would you have reacted to that?

3 Black Hearts: Nothing wrong with a bit of murder.

What was the best European gig in your opinion?

3 Black Hearts: It was the Black Cat! Someone committed suicide at the club!.

Which audience is the most extreme?

3 Black Hearts: Freiburg, Germany. The fans were cutting themselves up & squirting blood onto the band!

Do you think that selling 40,000 copies of an album in the underground is too much? I'm referring here to first album "Fallen Angel Of Doom" which I heard sold that much...

DeathLörd: Since there isn't 40,000 die-hards in the scene today, selling that many LP's only means that a bunch of wimps possess your music.

When did you guys started listening to metal? Did you have previous bands before BLASPHEMY?

3 Black Hearts: I formed BLASPHEMY together with "Black Winds" back in 1984. "Caller Of The Storms" joined up a little later. This is it.

How old are all the members?

DeathLörd: All of the members are in their early thirties except for me. I'm in my late 20's...

What is the best beer / drink / dope according to you?

Black Winds: Best beer: Elephant Beer / Best Dope: Crystal stinky skunk bud.

What are the best bands to listen to while having sex?

Black Winds: ABRUPTUM maybe...?? RUNNING WILD!!!

Are all the girls in Vancouver prostitutes?

Black Winds: Not all of them, but a hell of a percentage.

What kind of philosophy of life can have a Satanic Skinhead?

DeathLörd: Only War, Hate, Death, & Violence matters to us...

What is each BLASPHEMY members' way of living?

DeathLörd: Crime & Government assistance for the most part...

Do you think it will be possible to publish BLASPHEMY's lyrics, or would it put you into trouble?

DeathLörd: All of BLASPHEMY's lyrics will eventually be available for viewing on the Nuclear War Now! website...

What do you think of internet & all the electronic stuff? Do you think it takes too much place in the metal scene?

DeathLörd: For me it helped get alot of LP's I've been searching out for years!! Otherwise it looks like a bunch of children & wimps hang-out on message boards & chat rooms. The internet opened the gates for wimps to invade the Black Metal Cult!!

That's all... Thanks for answering my questions. To conclude this, here's an existential question for you: what are you doing on earth exactly? Why the hell were you born??

DeathLörd: Humanity is nothing in the grand scheme of things. The universe has been here long before all of you & will be here long after you all die. Human existence is worthless & meaningless. Deal with it! Kill yourselves & your families.

Black Winds: Come visit us in Vancouver sometime & suck some donkey. Bring along some of your girlfriends!! If they're ugly, leave them at home!!!

Interview done by Martin Jäger / MASS GENOCIDE ZINE #1, 1990

The heaviest, evil band in the world... BLASPHEMY.

This ones for you, you blackhearted devilworshipping Satanists all over the world, please welcome from the very depths of hell the mighty BLASPHEMY. Yeah, believe my words, BLASPHEMY is not another Black metal posing band, BLASPHEMY is a band which take the whole Satanism very serious..... I've done an interview with their bass player who is a real cool guy. Yep, enough talked, read his corpsegrinding answers....

First of all, name me the members of BLASPHEMY, their ages & jobs!

"Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity": Guitar, back-up vox, age 20. He works for the cemetary ( For the pet cemetery? - ED )
"Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds": Bass, lead vox, age 21, no work...
"Three Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity": Drums, age 21, no job.
"Caller Of The Storms": Lead guitars, age 21, no job.
"Black Priest Of The Seven Satanic Blood Rituals" is no longer with BLASPHEMY.

Do you like girls? I mean, are there a few girls in Canada who listen to the facemelting death metal of BLASPHEMY? Have you some groupies???

Yes, we like girls. Sure there are lots of girls who come to our shows, mainly Punkgirls & even a lot of poser sluts. ( Rip their vaginas - ED )

Do you think that the new MORBID ANGEL - LP kills???

I haven't heard it yet, just the live stuff is pretty boring.

With which bands have you played live???

We've played with: WITCHES HAMMER, IRON GYPSY, O.O.C., FATAL HATRED, ACTIVE GLANDS & several local Vancouver bands.

Your lyrix are in the Satanic vein. Are you really so evil? Do you see your lyrics in the funny vein or is it your true opinion?

No, we are very serious about them, & we are practicing Satanists. & we haven't found anything funny about any of it. We're complete opposite.

In Canada exists a lot of great bands like DAMNATION ( R.I.P. ), CREMAINS, ALAZIF, SOOTHSAYER & of course BLASPHEMY. Is there really a lot of people into death metal? What's the scene like in Canada?

It's getting bigger, but most people in Canada are really stuck on speed metal & Punk.

What do you think about love?

To desecrate all, too wimpy, sorry.

Do you like Doro Pesch???

Don't know anything about it. ( Whaaaaaaat? - ED )

Tell me some things which you hate mostly in the world!

SLAYER Rip-off bands & weak Christians.

What about an EP / LP or something else on vinyl? Are there any future plans?

We will probably do just another demo with better quality.

Have you some influences? Tell me your fave bands!

No real influences, but fave bands like: XYSMA, SAMAEL, SARCÓFAGO, old DISCHARGE, old SODOM, RAZOR, IMPETIGO, HELLHAMMER, PROCREATION ( Vancouver ), BATHORY, DOOM, & MORTUARY DRAPE of course... ( You got a very good taste, "Black Winds" - ED )

Well; I think that's all, Thankxx a lot "Black Winds" for doing this. At last, tell our readers what stuff is available from BLASPHEMY!

Our demo "Blood Upon The Altar" & photo's 7.-dollar, & our double sided T-shirt with sticker's 15-dollar. That's it, thanks a lot for everything.

You've heard his words, don't hesitate & order the stuff, it fucking kills! Their shirt is looking so dam great & their demo is nearly unbelievable, forget all the other stuff you ever heard in the deathmetal vein, BLASPHEMY makes them ALL sound like castrated bitch fuckin' posers! Get in contact with "Black Winds" today, here is his address:

The Desecraters
1031 E 59 Ave, Vancouver
BC, Canada, V5X 1Y8

OH, nearly I forgot to tell you that they got a fanclub in France. You can also write to Ludo, he's also a very cool guy:

c/o Ludo "Evil" Lejeune
40res. Les Becots
62152 Hardelot

Interview done by Martin Jäger / MASS GENOCIDE ZINE #2, 1991

Well, dudes, here we're back with the worlds most evil band, the godly & incredible BLASPHEMY. Of course this band is my personal all-time fave band, well & because of this simple reason I decided to put them in this lousy second issue. There were a lot of rumors about BLASPHEMY in the last time, like: They're playing a tour with Finnish BEHERIT, or they have recorded their second LP yet... all bullshit.. A WILD RAGS BAND WILL NEVER DO A TOUR CAUSE THIS LABEL IS TOTALLY INCOMPETENT TO ORGANIZE A TOUR FOR IT'S BANDS. Anyway, I've asked my buddies in BLASPHEMY some eery questions, so enjoy "Necrosleezers" answers... Hail the goat... Keep on the goatskinning, bitch banging & pussy licking... Ya rule.

Hail darkness, what's up, "Black Winds"?

This is "Necrosleezer", the new bassist, "Black Winds" says hello. ( Hi, godly pal, write! - ED )

You released "FAOD" on Wild Rags Rec. Did you get any money? How many copies did you sold?

We don't know how many were sold. & we got merchandising instead of money.

You told me that your ol'guitarplayer left BLASPHEMY, why? What's the name of the new one??

I might be doing bass & rhythm trax on the new LP. ( Hu? - ED )

Do you still like the first LP. What will you use for the cover of the second LP?

Yes, except the production, love the arrow goat. Next one will be very mythic.

Do you have any new songs? Can you name us a few titles? Are the new songs different from the old stuff?

Yes, "Emperor Of The Black Abyss", "Gods Of War", "Necrosadist"...

What are your actual fave bands? Still only black death stuff?


You're preparing for a second LP, will you record it in the same studio as the last one?

Yes, with the owner, he's a better production engineer.

Can you tell us a little bit about the Satanic skinheads in Vancouver?

Total worshippers of black metal.

OK, black brother, do you have any last words?

That's not the last of this band. You won't be disappointed about the next LP.

Well, you Jesus-loving-weak hearted-worshippers of the so called "slaughtered lamb, this is not a band for you, so don't use your crippled pseudo-Satanic useless fingers to write to this one & only black metal band still existing these days. Address is printed inside the LP, if you don't have this masterpeice of sick death, get it.

I think I got misunderstood sometimes... I feel so sick.... godz of war prevails...

Interview done by Sulfurous / MOONLIGHT ZINE

This is the first interview with Canadian cult BLASPHEMY in a LONG time. High hails to warbrother Impurath of BLACK WITCHERY for setting up this interview and providing the cult pictures and art. Questions are answered by "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds", "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity", and "Caller Of The Storms" via mail and phone. If you don't know who BLASPHEMY is, or have never heard of them, don't read this interview. Go beat off to your Moonfog and Nuclear Blast CD's instead. Interview by Sulfurous of FMP

Give a pre-history of BLASPHEMY. For example, did the members play in any other groups or write BLASPHEMY material prior to the formation?

Black Winds: No original members were in any other bands before BLASPHEMY. Me + "Black Hearts" have known each other since we were six years of age and always talked about getting a band together. April 30th I will be 33, "Black Hearts" will also be 33 May 14th. In 1984 we finally got our shit together by finding an extremely good guitarist "Storms".

Tell us about the formation of BLASPHEMY. Who founded the band and how did the members find each other?

BW + Black Hearts: "Black Winds" + "Black Hearts" lived 1 block from each other and "Storms" lived about 2 miles from us. We met him in our mid-teens.

Tell us about the early stages of BLASPHEMY. What were the first rehearsals like and what was the chemistry like in the band?

BW: The very first rehearsals were a long learning process for us. Our first couple of songs were our own but we scrapped them. But we mastered a few cover songs in "86". "Blasphemer" from SODOM, "The Rites of Darkness and Evil" BATHORY, "Chemical Warfare" SLAYER.

Which bands were you guys influenced by back then and how did you mix that with your own sound?

BH + BW: For us 2 members it started with BLACK SABBATH, VENOM, DISCHARGE, G.B.H., HELLHAMMER, BATHORY, RAZOR, POSSESSED. That's just the music we listened to and that's what we wanted to play when we made up our own band.

How did you develop your ungodly vocals? Did any other vocalists influence your vocal style?

BW: No I just sort of used BATHORY VENOM DISCHARGE blended; after a couple of years I just sort of developed them on my own. People tell me they sound like DOOM and POSSESSED.

Do you have images in your head when unleashing your vocal attack or do you feel more possessed? Do you do anything before you record or sing live?

BW: Smoke weed to help raunch out my voice. Maybe some sort of ritual, like breathing out the flame of doom.

Why do you have the rhythm or bass guitar player sing backing vocals and what is the purpose of using backing vocals?

BW: To overlap with death yells as I'm doing a vocal part and when "Bestial Saviour" does a chorus vocal part then I will overlap certain parts, works good on stage.

Do you always have the rhythm or bass guitar player sing back-ups?

BW: Yeah before it was the rhythm guitarist, "Black Priest" and "Sodomizer", but now we got the "Bestial Saviour" doing back-ups.

Why do you use intros and how do you decide if a song needs an intro or not?

BW: Because they sound evil. Me and "Black Hearts" like them better than the music for the most part. We just make up the intros and we figure the place an intro is gonna sound best for whatever song we're doing.

Caller Of The Storms: The intros are pretty much the same extension of the songs, it's part of the songs. It's like melting the songs as if the album was one song.

So you just decide if it...

BW: Goes good with the song or not yeah.

Who does the intros?

BW: Me and "Storms".

When did the original members get their ritual names?

BW: When we performed a certain ritual for each one.

Around which time though?

BW: Different years for different members.

Tell us how you wrote material for your demo and how each member contributed to the songwriting process.

BW: I myself or "Storms" would write it on the bass or guitar, show it to the rest of the lads, and then tailor some lyrics to the song.

Does all your other material follow a similar pattern? Are some songs written only by one member and others written by several members?

( same as above )

Do you write music and then write the lyrics or the opposite? Do you write music to fit the lyrics or write lyrics to fit the music?

BH: Sometimes we write the lyrics first but mostly write the music first, or write the music to fit to the blasphemous lyrics.

Which songs are examples of when you wrote music to fit the blasphemous lyrics?

BW: "Ritual", "Blasphemous Attack", "War Command", "Nocturnal Slayer", "Fallen Angel Of Doom".

When writing lyrics, is it a matter of putting your ideology to paper or do you have to be in a certain mood before you can write?

BW+BH: Yes a certain mood does help.

Do the lyrics just come to you when you listen to the music or is there more involved?

BW: There's more involved.

What do you try to accomplish with your lyrics?

BW+BH: To pound the world like a demon with a battering ram.

How do your lyrics differ from other members? Do you find it odd singing someone else's lyrics? Are you more hateful when singing your own?

BW: No because me + "Black Priest" wrote the lyrics together. Here are the lyrics to "War Command" written only by "Black Winds":

Together proclaiming war
The worlds endings forever more
A nuclear power plant scare
Breathing out the flame of doom
Cursing all evil on the land
Nuke metal sinning calling of war
Angels blood dripping from the sky
Hailing in the sign of Satan!

What inspired you to wear warpaint in the early days?

BW: I don't know that was just something... I can't remember if we'd seen any bands wearing it or not but we just wanted to put out a full-on Black Metal assault and that just seemed to fit the bill.

How does having warpaint on influence you during live gigs?

BW: I don't know it just kind of goes with the show.

Tell me about your first live gig. How did it feel playing your songs live for an audience and what was their reaction to it?

BH: Our first gig was very good, it ended up turning into a riot in the streets. After the show, and about a year later, we were blacklisted from too many fights. Then we did some tours in Europe and got back and then we got respect and got to do gigs again. Right now we're happy with 3 shows a year in the summertime. This summer we're going to get BLACK WITCHERY up here to do a couple of shows so spread the word.

What kind of response did you get from the underground when you released the "Blood Upon The Altar" demo?

BH: The response we got from the demo was extremely insane, we did not expect to get 2 boxes of fan mail. It was unreal fucking blasphemous.

When did writing for "Fallen Angel Of Doom" begin and how did you want the full-length to differ from the songs on the demo?

BH+BW: All those songs were very old, we had them all for a couple of years before recording. We wanted better sound but it was not a very good recording, but we got our message across.

Which of BLASPHEMY's recordings are you satisfied with most and which capture your sound best?

BW: "Fallen Angel Of Doom" and "Blood Upon The Altar" are my two favorite. The quality of the recordings of everything we've done has kind of been not very good. Like some parts the guitar needs to be louder...

Why did "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals" leave the band? How did you find the "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" and decide he was worthy of playing in BLASPHEMY? Did he ever write ANY material and how did he influence BLASPHEMY?

BW+BH: Serious girl problems! We already knew "Sodomizer" from doing gigs with WITCHES HAMMER, because he was and is a big black metal skin + he could play really good, but no he didn't write any music. But he still hangs out with us and was at the BLASPHEMY + BLACK WITCHERY + CROWN OF THORNS gig last august.

How did you meet "Goddess Of Perversity"?

BW: Through "Sodomizer".

What's her part been in BLASPHEMY?

BW: Just to keep up the perversions I imagine.

Didn't "Black Priest" also go insane and had to be put away for some time?

BW: More or less yeah.

Why did you decide to re-record the tracks "Demoniac", "Ritual" and "Weltering In Blood" for the full-length? How did you want them to be different from the demo versions?

BW+BH: Because we knew we could make them more brutal.

Tell us the whole story of the desecration of Ross Bay Cemetery...

BH: Sorry but we can't reveal that, for it may be incriminating.

How did you get in contact with Wild Rags and tell us about the events leading to the release of the cult "Fallen Angel Of Doom".

BW: We went down to Seattle, did a gig there, and we played in San Francisco and decided to drive down to L.A. just to check out the scenery. We had friends down in Anaheim so we went and hooked up with them and then we went to Wild Rags and bought a bit of stuff from there like a few CD's and tapes to listen to. I think he already had our demo so we asked him what sort of deal he could do us and he said that yeah I can sign you guys but he could only pay us a dollar per copy he sold, which we never did get paid. We got only about 2-3 $300 checks from him which didn't even pay for fucking all the mail since we gave out tons of free promo stuff.

What's your opinion of Wild Rags?

BW: They're a bunch of Wild Fags as far as I'm concerned because they're a big rip-off.

Tell me about the cover art for "Fallen Angel Of Doom".

BW: A girl named Conny drew it all up for us.

Did you have any input on what it would look like?

BW: We kind of explained it. We just said we want something brutal, something in the lines of a bit of goatery, some demonry and that's what she came up with.

Why did you decide to change the logo for the full-length?

BW: We were just fucking around seeing what might look better. We like both designs and we're gonna stick with the one that's on "Fallen Angel Of Doom".

What was the response to the full-length?

Storms: It surprised me, I thought it was pretty amazing anyhow. It was pretty positive.

Why did "Sodomizer" leave the band and how did you find "Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands"?

BH+BW: "Sodomizer's" job was taking up too much of his rehearsal time, so he parted from the band but is still a very good friend. Just phoned here at "Black Winds'" 1/2 hour ago. So we got "Ace Gustapo" to play with us. He lived close to our rehearsal place at "Black Winds" house and came to lots of our rehearsals.

Did writing for "Gods Of War" begin before or after "Necrosleezer" joined the band?

BW: Before.

How did you want to progress from "Fallen..." when you began writing "Gods Of War"?

BW: Just to be more brutal and heavier.

Storms: There wasn't any kind of a plan really, it was just a collection of leftover songs and a few newer ones that "Black Winds" wrote on his own. I think maybe "Black Priest" had to do with some of them too but he didn't stay in the group that much longer when he came back.

How did "Ace Gustapo" contribute to the music / lyrics and did you find it odd writing material with a new member? Did he influence BLASPHEMY in any way?

BW: No he never wrote nothing. No music, no lyrics.

So besides the demo tracks, the "Gods Of War" lyrics are all written by you?

BW: Yeah.

How did you get in contact with Herve and decide to release it on Osmose? How did he "make it all possible" like it says in the "Gods Of War" credits?

BW: I really can't remember. I think he sent us like $5000 to go record with, so that's one way he made it possible.

Why did you decide to re-record the demo tracks "Blasphemy", "Blasphemous Attack", "Nocturnal Slayer" and "War Command"?

BW: Because we knew we could make them more brutal.

Why did you decide to concentrate on war for this album? Tell us how war and Satanism blend together perfectly...

BH+BW: We think it's the perfect combination!

Tell me what the cover is supposed to represent.

BW: Just BLACK METAL. Although the cover itself wasn't quite as ballistic as we wanted it, we like the symbols though. On the CD it says artwork done by bell illustrations or something so I don't know what the fuck that was about since all that artwork was done from a friend of ours from Victoria.

Tell me about the occult symbols on the "Gods Of War" cover.

BW: Those were made up by a guy from the Black Pentagram Cult in Victoria.

Why did "Necrosleezer" leave the band?

BW: He was kicked out. Well, asked to leave anyway, because he wasn't a true black metallist. You should've heard some of the other bands he was in... like really lightweight thrash metal.

Tell me about your involvement with the occult...

BW+BH: We rarely talk about our rituals etc...

Tell me about your Satanism...

BW+BH: That's another thing we can't discuss, maybe if we were in person sorry.

What do you think about the Necronomicon?

BW: There's better. I prefer Crowley and stuff myself. I don't know, the Necronomicon is not that bad. It's got its parts to it.

Who are your favorite occult authors and books?

BW: Aleister Crowley for one. Definitely number one. A bit of Anton LaVey. Both those two authors and all the Equinoxes from Crowley.

Some morons think you have to believe in god to be a Satanist and that if you say you're a Satanist but don't believe in god you're a hypocrite. What do you think about that?

BW: I think that's a bunch of rubbish.

What do you think of bands who claim to be Black Metal but are only Anti-Christians?

BW: I prefer the more hardcore Satanist black metal bands if it's going to be black metal.

What do you think of "black metal" bands who say they're not Satanists but are only Anti-Christians or misanthropists and shit like that?

BW: That's just an excuse.

Can you tell us about all your tattoos? What do they depict?

BH+BW: They are nuclear explosions, demons, lots of different goats like: Sabbatic, Mendez, etc... "Black Winds", "Black Hearts", "Ryan / CONQUEROR", "Warlord" all have the desecrator demon from the back of "Fallen Angel Of Doom".

What does the goat represent to you?

BW: Kind of our mascot, hard to say. It's just right up there with demonology... I don't know how to answer that one.

Tell us about the tours you guys have done. What kind of hell did you raise on tour? Did a lot of people get fucked up on those tours?

BW+BH: Well a bunch of guys in Freiburg, Germany slit their arms open as soon as we played "Ritual". They also picked up "Black Winds" and carried him throughout the crowd. Another guy committed suicide at the Black Cat in Germany.

Who have you liked playing with most and where are your most violent crowds? What are the most violent things your audience has done?

BW+BH: BLACK WITCHERY, MARDUK, most violent crowds have been in Vanc. believe it or not. Even a couple of full on riots. We were blacklisted to play gigs here after that for a while.

Tell me more about your live performances. What do you try to accomplish in every show?

BH+BW: We try to accomplish desecration + war! With pyrotechnics.

Why did BLASPHEMY stop playing shows and putting out new material?

BH: We stopped playing shows cause I started a riot on the plane, punched out a cop and had to do some time. But we're back in full force now HAIL SATAN!

BW: That's a good question. We were all just kind of tired and we needed a bit of a break. I don't know, I can't say for everybody but that's kind of the way I felt.

What have you guys been up to for the past 8 years?

BW: We all still get together and go to gigs and go out drinking. We've just been keeping up with all the new black metal and stuff coming out.

Are you guys still in contact with most of the people you were friends with back in the old days?

BW: Not really cause we've kind of been out of circuit since '93.

How did you get in contact with BLACK WITCHERY and decide to play live again?

BH: BLACK WITCHERY gave "Black Winds" a call and I answered the phone and I asked them to shoot out to Vancouver and we set up a show at the Columbia hotel, got them on the bill. Our first show in 7 years with the original line-up and with new guitar player "Ryan" from CONQUEROR and the show… everybody was packed in like sardines, 300 people and 100 Black Metal freaks trying to get in on the outside. The last song "Ritual", rockets went off and blew the roof off the place. I couldn't believe it, first gig in 7 years and we blew the fucking roof off the place. Not 1 fight just someone broke a leg slamming, how is that for a comeback? 1/2 the roof landed on the thunder machine.

Tell us how it felt playing in front of an audience again. How was the crowd?

BH: Felt evil just like any other show and the crowd was one of the evilest I've ever seen in years HAIL SATAN.

Do you look forward to playing more live shows in the future and do you have any planned? How will they be different from your older shows?

BH+BW: Yes we look forward to playing with BLACK WITCHERY in July or August. Be different in 1 way only: pyrotechnics.

Tell us about the new material you've been writing.

BW: It's in the vein of songs like "Goddess Of Perversity", "Fallen Angel Of Doom" and "The Desolate One". That's what the new songs are like.

How many songs have you written so far?

BW: We've got three and I think part of a fourth.

Are you going to release the new album on Osmose again?

BW: That's hard to say because we're getting tons of different deals from labels.

I heard you were going to re-record "Fallen Angel Of Doom", is this going to happen?

BW: I think that was the plan. We were going to record it but I'm not sure what's going on now about it.

How often are you rehearsing?

BW: We just got back about 10 minutes ago from a rehearsal. Pretty much about four days a week. We got a bus strike right now in our city so we're having a little bit of difficulty now and then getting out there.

What is the current line-up for BLASPHEMY?

BW: "Caller Of The Storms", "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity", me, "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions", and "Warlord Of The Arcane Rites Of Bloodlust".

When did "Bestial Saviour" join the band and what has he contributed to BLASPHEMY?

BW: He was in it a few years ago so now he's rejoined and today he was writing a new song.

Overall, would you say BLASPHEMY is Black Metal, Black / Death or something else?

BH+BW: Only Black Metal.

What do you think your greatest strengths as a band are?

Storms: Fuck, I don't know. I just like to play fast and aggressive. In the beginning we kinda even held back to kind of fit in with what people expect. We don't have to hold back anymore.

Is there anything else you'd like to say or talk about?

BW: Thanks for doing this interview. Look out for the new assault... it's coming. It'll be a Black Metal holocaust. Hail to all Black Metal Elitists and Black Metal Skinheads everywhere.

Interview done by Hugo Carrasco / MORBID MIND ZINE #2, 1992

Spanish to English translation by Tania I.

Hello! There’s a new interview with the obscure and mysterious Canadian band, all of the members use scene names, it feels better this way. Without revealing his identity, "Black Winds" ( bassist and vocalist ) answers the following interview. Interview credit is given to Hugo Carrasco with the collaboration of Wild Rags... here it goes...

Tell us about BLASPHEMY.

We started in '84 playing covers by VENOM and DISCHARGE. We like bands such as: ROTTING CHRIST, SODOM, BLOOD, DERKETA, SARCÓFAGO, BEHERIT, IMPETIGO, DOOM, XYSMA... etc.

How did the release of your demo go?

We sold 900 copies and gave out 350 for promotion purposes, we were pretty harsh, but we tried to get to as many known zines as possible. ...We couldn't get the demo out to everyone, we did what we could.

Tell me about the scene in Vancouver?

It is really good but there is lot of big Death Metal... and too many Speed wimpers.

What do you think of your "Fallen Angel Of Doom" LP?

The recording was the best that we could do for the budget we had at the moment, but I'm sure next time will be better... it will be a masterpiece.

How come not all of the lyrics were included in the LP?

Because we would be accusing ourselves!!!!!!

Tell us about the intros and outros and why did you use them.

We used stuff by Stravinsky and Mussorgsky because they are obscure and violently morbid.

Can you explain some of the lyrics to us?

Well, "Goddess Of Perversity" is completely perverse and "Desecration" is beautiful violence, we took terrifying topics and we write about them.

You guys label your music as "Black / Death / Doom / Desecration Music"... and you guys are skinheads... explain.

Well, there is a good amount of Deathless and it turns out that they are skinheads, we shaved our heads and formed "Legions Of Hate", we used to have long hair before.

Future plans?

We wanted to play Singapore with SARCÓFAGO ( Brazil ) we were supposed to start in January of '91 but that didn't work out. We have new material that is brutal, violent and perverse!

Any last words?

Buy the LP. Ask about them at the shops, demand it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess we have to demand it, meanwhile we thank "Black Winds", Wild Rags stuff and of course our co-editor. Hugo Carrasco.

Interview done by ? / MORBID NOIZZ ZINE #7, 1991

Polish to English translation by Pawel K.

BLASPHEMY is a band that made a great impact in death metal world, including lovers of extreme music in Poland. BLASPHEMY is a legend based on only one demo tape, legend based on image, legend based on two years long silence. BLASPHEMY is a legend that after debut LP "Fallen Angel Of Doom...." started it's end.

In 1988, the band for sure covered all expectations of death metal maniacs, "Blood Upon The Altar" was aggressive and brutal and those were really needed in the music back in the day. In 1990, some news about debut album started showing up and finally on September 1990, "Fallen Angel Of Doom...." was released. For many maniacs this day started the demise of the band. Tragic production of the album and mostly lack of ideas and skills made such opinions in the underground. The band made no progress since 1988 and death metal music made a great step forward in those 2 years. Brutality is not so important right now. I think that BLASPHEMY guys missed that fact. Of course there are good fragments on the album, at least two... and I mean intro and outro. Those were based on MUSSORGSKY ( "Night On The Bald Mountain", "Pictures At An Exhibition" ) and STRAVINSKY ( "Rite Of Spring", "The Fire Bird" ). The music in my opinion is not interesting but lyrics of the band are still great. Written in 'street language' are full of hate, destruction, negation and cruelty. Even the band decided to not to print lyrics in the booklet to avoid any problems. Maybe the band will be good in the future so let's wait with final comments until they release next CD.

The band consists of:

"3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" - drums

"Caller Of The Storms" - guitar

"Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" - guitar

"Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" - bass, vocals

Vocalist gave us a few answers:

All extreme death metal maniacs are into your demo "Blood Upon The Altar". What do you think about this demo?

I think this tape was fucking amazing.

You have signed deal with Wild Rags. Did you get any other offers?

Sure we had. Turbo, Nuclear Blast and Shithouse were interested, some others too.

"Fallen Angel Of Doom..." was released last year. Are you satisfied with the production of this album? It sounds weak in my ears, so was it a recording mistake or you wanted it to sound like that?

No, no. Our budget was just too small so that's why it sounds this way. We spent only $2000 on it.

I'll tell you a story. In one of Spain's monasteries, some monks wanted to bring Lucifer on earth. He was angry and evil and there is a legend that he's still closed in this monastery. What would you do if this would have become truth?

I would piss on my neighbor's doors.

Why do you use nicknames?

Those are our ritual names, the real ones are Gerry ( "Nocturnal..." ), Marco ( "Traditional..." ), Sean ( "Black..." ) and Jeff ( "Caller..." ).

Did you have any tour after the release of album?

It depends how you look at it. We made 12 shows.

Are there any bands you would like to play live?


How much time did you spend on tattooing yourself and what kind of tattoos you have?

It took 10 years, I have goats on thrones, demons etc.

Tell me something about Canadian underground.

It's not as good as Polish one, but it's OK.

Did you start working on new album? If so, what music we can expect?

New stuff is killer.

When we can expect you in Europe, for example in Poland?

We would have to become bored with girls here first.

Any thing to ad?

Thanks, ask for our stuff at Wild Rags Rec.

Interview done by Satannick / MORBID TALES ZINE #1

An interview with "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions" ( bass ) of BLASPHEMY.

This interview was set up using a phone, & a good old calling card. Enjoy!
( Big hails to Tim for the contact!! )

BLASPHEMY line-up:
Vocals: "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds"
Guitar: "Caller Of The Storms"
Guitar: "DeathLörd Of Abomination & War Apocalypse"
Bass: "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions"
Drums: "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity"


First of all, explain us a bit of history of BLASPHEMY... how did it start, back in 1984?

Back in the mid-eighties they started, & I dunno, I bumped into them in around 87' or so, & we're hanging out... there was no such thing as grind or black metal then, hahahaha! So basically, we pioneered our own shit, you know? Listening to all sorts of bands that were underground in the day, like GENOCIDE ( REPULSION ), WITCHES HAMMER & other old school hardcore, metal, & stuff like that, & we grew from there.

Are WITCHES HAMMER still around?

Well, the drummer died around 10 years ago, Johnny Prizmic, well, actually, a little over 10. Yeah, the rest of the band are still kickin' around, I was just out with Marco last night... he played guitar for WITCHES HAMMER for awhile. He also played guitar for BLASPHEMY a while too.

How is BLASPHEMY nowadays?

Well, we all still hang out & go to shows, we all basically grew up together... we're all still really good friends. We just can't find our drummer! He's M.I.A ( Missing In Action ).

So he just disappeared out of nowhere?

Pretty much, I know where he lives & everything else, but he doesn't return my calls, hahahaha! Yeah, I'm trying to get the band started again, to play this summer... you know, write a new album & see where it goes from there! But to do that we need a drummer & it's either him or we gotta get somebody else to replace him, so if we get somebody else, we have to get him to train, hahaha! So we're kind of screwed either way, cause we need him. The way Shawn plays his drums is not straight-forward, like he has all these hidden little rolls, & stuff that he does that you don't really pick up on because it actually fits with the music he's doing. It's kind of difficult to teach somebody when you don't know the exact note intricacies you know, even when you're listening to the music off the CD, it's like "fuck, what does he do there?".

But what if you get a drummer that adds his own "thing" to it, instead?

That would be for the new album, right? But yeah, we have a formula, & it's the formula that we want to stick with. The total war metal / black metal.

What are your main influences, like your favorite bands & shit?

Well, that ranges in genres...Punk Rock & stuff, I love DISCHARGE & DR. KNOW, BAD BRAINS, FEAR, FREEZE, JERRY's KIDS...DAYSGLOS, FAIRWARNING. Shit, I can't even think of all of these... there are so many. The speed metal, of course, would be like old SLAYER, VENOM , BATHORY, CELTIC FROST, HELLHAMMER, DARK ANGEL, POSSESSED, MASTER. There's all that grind & shit... holy fuck! & the there's Death Metal... & Black Metal. I love NIFELHEIM, BLACK WITCHERY, BESTIAL MOCKERY, IMPIETY, SARCÓFAGO, VOLCANO ( Jap ). SIGH, ABIGAIL. As for Grindcore, it would be REPULSION, NAUSEA, SISMA, NASUM... & Death Metal; Old DEATH, like the first two albums I thought were the deadliest ones... NECROPHAGIA, their newer stuff is pretty good.

You guys are from Vancouver... how is the metal scene over there? Ottawa is so goddamn far, we never really get to travel down there.

It's pretty tight, actually! It's like a big family, you know... you go to shows, & you know all the people. It's the same everywhere pretty much. Actually, in the last month or so, there has been a lot of shows! Every weekend, there's maybe one or two shows to go to. Actually, I've been to Ottawa before... in like 87 or something. I stayed there for two months, & then got booted out.

You caused too much trouble around here, hahaha?

Sort of! Well, I was having trouble with one of the cops down there... McGuire or something? He was a real fucking jackass!! He had two brothers that were cops too. One of them was busted actually for driving bums from the downtown area to the rich area during the winter, & dropping them off so they'd freeze in the snow banks. He also used to go around downtown & beat up all the punks & stuff.

Like, if we were just hanging around, he just was a goof... Ask any old punk rockers from that time , & they'll tell ya. He would have the mall security ( Rideau centre ) detain you, bring you to the basement of the mall, & they'd beat you up down there with telephone books! On day one of my arrival to Ottawa, I was just walking down & he turns around to me asking "HEY, WHAT'S YOUR NAME, WHO ARE YOU?!". I looked at him , & said "Are you charging me with anything?" & he said no, so I said "I don't have to talk to ya!" so I just kept on walking... so right there he didn't like me , because I knew my rights.

He had this goon that he used to beat up all these kids, like, some army guy, & he started following me & my girlfriend one day thru the mall, & you know, he's pushing me & stuff like that... & we're trying to cross thru to the DND ( Department of National Defense )... ( this is maybe 10' clock at night ) & he starts beating on me! I was 17 years old, & this guy was like 6'5 , & he holds me against the glass of the DND, & I'm banging on it cause there is a security guard standing right there ( because it's all open ). I'm like "CALL THE COPS YOU IDIOT!" meanwhile this guy's onto of me, punching me, & I notice he has a buck knife attached to his belt buckle. So I told him to get off me, & he wouldn't, so I popped open the case for the buck knife to take it out. He is still punching me, oblivious to what I've done, & I said "Get the fuck off me!" he wouldn’t do it, so with one hand, I took the knife, & stabbed him in the ass. I flipped him off of me, I'm on top of him now, took him to the ground & I have the blade to his throat.

Now I'm banging on the window again, telling the guy "CALL THE FUCKING COPS, WILL YA?!"... then it dawns on me... the cops are gonna roll up; here I am on top of this guy, with a knife to his throat, I'm gonna get shot! So I'm like... fuck this! I just jump off, & take off. The next day, I have to go see my welfare worker or whatever, so I get on the bus, all the way to the welfare office, & I'm sitting there; who the fuck is sitting in front of me? The guy that I just stabbed in the butt last night. I'm like "OHH MY GOD, here we go... & it's gonna be in a government office..."... hahaha you know. So I get called in, I get in, get out, walked straight home, trying to make sure this guy is not following me... ( I luckily still had the knife in my pocket from last night... ). So, I am proceeding to go to my banking ( cause I just got my check & all ) so, I head downtown, get busted in the mall by the mall cops... then they hold me for the REAL cops to come & get me. They said "call officer McGuire!" & I'm like, no way man! This is all his fucking doing anyway! But luckily he was off duty that day, so they got these other two cops, & then I filled out a huuuge 4 page statement about some fucky nutty crap, & basically got a bus ticket & got the fucking kicked out of Ottawa.

Have you got the chance to see any concerts here?

Yeah, actually! I got to see BEEFEATER, HONEST ENGINE... I can't remember their names. If you remember bands from the last 80's in Ottawa I probably know them.

Ohh, then there was FLAG OF TRUTH, also, &... ahh, I can't remember. They were all punk bands. DRI's "Dealing With It" just came out you know... The scene was big, there was lot of different bands, styles. It was pretty cool... Metalheads didn't like the punks, the punks didn't like the Metalheads, you know, & then Crossover came about then. All the Metalheads were listening to punk, & the punks were listening to metal, hahaha, so it was obvious what was going to happen. It was not unusual for the day... back in the 80's, that's how I would look for metal bands. On the records covers, the members would be wearing punk shirts... like METALLICA's "Ride the Lightning". I said "Hey! This guy's wearing a fucking DISCHARGE t-shirt!" I'm buying this! & then the term Speed Metal came out... it was used by Bonzai, which became Metal Blade.

Tell us some anecdotes about the band... like little stories of things that happened, or insane fans or something?

Well, fans are always cool & stuff. We played here & I've always gotten support. But I haven't gotten on tour with them yet. When they were on tour - I think it was with GORGUTS in 1991 / 1992, a fan cut his wrists & died. I think it was in France, I'm not sure, I just remember Jeff & them telling me about it. Jeff was actually standing there when the guy was bleeding out on the floor! He had to step over him, to actually get into the hall. He killed himself for BLASPHEMY, haha! It was pretty harsh... You know there's always going to have crazy shit.

How many shows did you play with BLACK WITCHERY?

A couple. We brought them in 2000, played a show or two with them, & then in 2001 we brought them back to play another show. We were gonna have like an annual thing, hahaha! We were gonna bring other bands too, that we were in contact with, over the years & shit... AXIS OF ADVANCE has come & played, INQUISITION ( Seattle ), & see if KRISIUN would come, or IMPIETY, seeing that they just moved back from Singapore to Mexico.

How are your live shows, usually? We can get a good taste of them on "Live Ritual..." but do you do anything different in particular?

Of course, we all get up in War Paint, the fucking battle dress, with fuckin spkies, grenades, & bullets... chains & fucking shit like that. Gasmasks, fire... "Black Winds" breathes fire. We actually had some pyro too, at one of our shows; which was awesome. It actually blew the roof off. You know those paneling that you put on the roof, like in office buildings - that foam crap? The explosion went off... it was one of the last ones of the night... & then BOOM. This big chunk of paneling fell down on the drums, on Shawn, ( "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" ). There was also a couple of sparklers that would just shoot fucking sparks straight up in the air. I'm just doing my back up vocals, & I'm looking out from the corner of my eye, because these things are like literally right there, right the fuck behind us! I'm just trying to make sure I'm not catching on fire while I'm fucking singing. It was cool you know, it went really well! Then at the end of the night, Gerry blows fire... it's all good. We didn't get to do that at the "Live Ritual" show though...

Where was "Live Ritual" recorded, anyway?

It was at Studa Bankers ( ? ), they closed that down, & since they've turned to another bar called "ONYX"... some sort of dance, hip-hop bar.

You could hear like nu-metal in the background eh?

Yeah, it's gay. They were really fucking terrible there. They said be here at noon for soundcheck... the fucking sound guy, doesn't show even show up before 5, or 6 o'clock. You know, I'm fucking chocked. & then the guys doesn't even fucking used out own settings. We had delay, reverb in our fucking vocals... nothing. It's dry. & then, I got chocked so I started peaking out his mics. I'd do my barking, purposely trying to make it feedback. It's like "fuck you, do your job", because the guy wasn't even behind the board! It's like "you fucking coconut mother fucker!", cause he's off doing coke somewhere, he doesn't... ahhh !!!!! So, I was really chocked at that show.

BLASPHEMY is a pioneer of Black Metal & WAR METAL in Canada. What do you think about that?

Life, it's all that's it's about man! It's what we've always been, you know. As far as reality, it's all around ya... Life is a fucking struggle you know, fucking war. Love is war, you know! Everything is war. So it's just natural you know, it's chaos, destruction, hell & damnation. Fucking bring it on! Raise the demons through nuclear fire...

But yeah, I'm a huge fan of the war metal scene. Fuck, in the old days, with my other band TUMULT ( spelling? ), we used to play with BLASPHEMY all the time... I used to book him shows, cause there was no shows for him to get, hahaha! Nobody would touch him, so I would fucking book all the shows for them. Yeah, TUMULT was all fucking chaos, war & destruction, mayhem. That was more grind & shit though... like hardcore grind, with a bit of metal in there. Then we wrote some other shit, & went underneath the name "SICK FUCK"... & then some other band took our name, so we said "ok, fuck you, we're going to go back to TUMULT!" & then I find out that there is this fucking band from Germany called TUMULT too. But now, it doesn't matter, because I'm in the Canadian archives of music under TUMULT, in 1992. So I think I beat them out by decade.

Does TUMOLT still play nowadays?

We're going to try to start up the TUMULT thing again, & under Yosuke's label "Nuclear War Now! Productions" we wanted to release the TUMULT anthology, which would be our demos & CD stuff that was never released... You know, just have like a double album, with a 7" on the side - which would be the SICK FUCKS stuff ( it would be called TUMULT; the SICK FUCK years ) &, I dunno, see what happened with that.

So how about NECROSLEEZER... with the old what is going on with that band now?

Uhh, I don't know... bah, next question... There is a lot of history with that one, & I'm not going to get into it on paper. There was just some bad luck.

Alright, it's all good then... but they started in 1996, or so, right?

Yeah... I'd say we were playing at around 95. I played bass for them for awhile.

Finally, is there anything you'd like to mention for the zine?

Praise hell! Everybody support their own scenes & bands. The only way you're going to get bands playing & have good shows is only if you're going to support your local shows. You gotta bring up these bands to inspire others to come. If you don't support your local metal scene, you're going to wake up, & it's going to be gone!

Interview done by ? / MORTAL CONSPIRACY ZINE #1, 1989

Spanish to English translation by Tania I.

When did Blasphemy form?

We started in '84.

What do your lyrics talk about?

They speak of Satanism, the mind, desecration of souls, rituals, etc...

Have you guys played with known bands?

Not really, we only play with local bands. We were supposed to play with KREATOR.

Have you had many line-up changes?

No. We only have a new guitar / back-up vocalist under the name of "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity". The encounter for "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals". "Sodomizer" used to play in WITCHES HAMMER Vanc, the band played about 40 shows & played with BLASPHEMY a few times.

How would you describe BLASPHEMY's style?

Complete & powerful obscurity.

Any last comments for the BLASPHEMIER-maniacs...

Stay evil & read the 'zines!!! Buy our demo for 7 US dollars with photos included. T-shirts are 15 USD in S M L.................................

Interview done by Thomas Westphal / NECROMANIAC ZINE #666

Hey Förster! Hope you had a great time at Wacken? Did you only visited the festival here in Germany?

I was only able to attend the Wacken Festival this year mainly due to lack of $?$?. Most of the bands on the bill were worthless. I only watched a couple of the bands. Most of my time was spent drinking German beer and partaking in terror and debauchery with my old goatbrothers from DENIAL OF GOD and a few maniacs from Australia and of course some European contacts...

Ok man you know we want to talk a little bit about your past and current crimes like BLASPHEMY and CONQUEROR for instance. In summer 2000 a rumor started to spread the worldwide underground, that BLASPHEMY started again to attack the world with the incarnation of Warmetal! Who had the idea to reform BLASPHEMY? Was it your idea? You moved to Vancouver and I am sure you knew "Black Winds" & co. since years?

I knew the BLASPHEMY Doom Division long before I moved to Vancouver. Things just seemed to fall into place for a reformation when I arrived in town. I was practicing with the band one week after relocating here.

Can you remember where and in which situation you guys had the idea to came back with BLASPHEMY?

It wasn't like a discussion or anything. I just happened to arrive at the right time when The Desecraters felt possessed enough to pick up the bullet straps again and assault humanity with their violent death hymns...

The first official new live sign was the legendary gig at Friday, July 13, 2001 with BLACK WITCHERY! That was the first gig since years. How did you prepared this gig and what was it for a feeling to share the stage with BLASPHEMY? I think it was your first gig with them?

The Friday The 13th Live Ritual was actually our 3rd show since the reformation. BLACK WITCHERY was up here in July 2000ce for our return, they weren't here for the Friday the 13th assault. We did 4 shows with this line-up: July 2000ce, August 2000ce, July 2001ce and August 2001ce. The first and last shows were with BLACK WITCHERY. Sharing the stage with BLASPHEMY ( my all time favorite band ) is beyond words to describe...

I heard that the Police in Vancouver got an eye on BLASPHEMY? Was there any problems during that show?

The police actually left us alone for all of the shows. The violence was kept to a minimum since most of the Vancouver Metal populations nowadays are total wimps!!!

Shortly after this gig the first official release in form of the "Live Ritual" Bootleg through Nuclear War Now! Records came out. Who had the idea to release this album?

The Nuclear Insulter from NWN Productions was up here to witness that show and he happened to get a decent sounding recording of the event. It was his idea to put it together as a deluxe LP and we gave him the permission to do so.

In summer 2001 happened a lot for BLASPHEMY. After the "Live Ritual" LP and second and I think none official Bootleg called "Return Of The Hooded Demons" came out. It's a die hard rehearsal from August 29th 2001. Did you allowed this bootleg? I heard some rumors that Atzer from Horror Records did this bootleg? Any comments?

The "Return Of The Hooded Demons" LP was an unauthorized bootleg. At least we were provided with a fair amount of copies so we are OK with it. It's when we don't get copies of bootlegs that we get angry. Fuck off to No Colours for printing bootleg t-shirts and not sending any to us!

Unfortunately was this release also more or less the last lifesign, apart from the third Bootleg CD "The Final Armaggedon" with your unedit MLP from 1990 and some live songs in dutch through the 1993 ?er tour. What happen the last time, mean the world was realy euphoric to hear a new album but we are still waiting. I heard BLASPHEMY lost their drummer? Why did he left the Band? And is there no chance to get a new drummer, for my part a session drummer?

"The Final Armageddon" is one of the worst releases ever! There was NEVER an unreleased BLASPHEMY Mini-LP and most of those intros / outros were made up by someone other than the band. I heard that pile of shit once and I think I heard ACHERON ( USA ) intros on it ( ??!?!!?? ). Then there's some live clips from the worst era of BLASPHEMY: the "Necrosleezer" / non- "Black Winds" days...

Now it's looks like that BLASPHEMY is putting on ice for a while. Is there a chance to beat "Black Winds" lazy ass, take a drummer and record a album in a few days? What is the main reason for stopping? I am sure tons of label would release it! By the way how many offers from labels you get between 2000 and 2003?

There's always label interest. "3 Black Hearts" is around in our circle once again but I don't know if this means there could be a possible BLASPHEMY reformation...?

Ok Mr. "DeathLörd" a few words about CONQUEROR! Read is doing now AXIS OF ADVANCE and REVENGE. Did you buried CONQUEROR?

J. Read and I decided to end CONQUEROR a few years ago. I am still satisfied with the "War Cult Supremacy" album. Fifth Division out of Canada recently issued a CONQUEROR discography CD entitled "Hammer of Antichrist -History of Annihilation" that includes the full-length and demo as well as a couple of other rare assaults we recorded. www.fifthdivision.com

I read some years ago that you would reform your old Band DOMINI INFERI? Is this idea still topical?

It is a real possibility. It will take some time for me to get everything organized though so I have nothing really to say about it at this time.

Last month I bought the WITCHES HAMMER LP. It's the first? Band from "Traditional Sodomizer Of Goddess Of Perversity" from 1986 I think. You did some layouts or scripts for that LP? By the way the LP looks killer!!

Yes, WITCHES HAMMER was the first serious band of the "Traditional Sodomizer". Total Thrash Metal Holocaust that was on par with the other bands of that era! In fact, in the early days, BLASPHEMY was opening up for WITCHES HAMMER at live shows!!! NWN recently released 2 of the demos onto LP and anyone into killer Speed Metal MUST get a copy for their collection! I was fortunate enough to be able to contribute to this release in a small way by etching the Death-Scriptures on the LP jacket. Yet another high quality release on NWN!!!

Back to some BLASPHEMY gossip, "Black Winds" or "Caller Of The Storms" had to left Canada in 1993 or 94, cause he should do some strange things with a corpse. Martin ( ex. BLOOD / DAWN ) was asked if he can stay in Germany, but this didn’t happen and he goes to Denmark for a while. Is the story true with the corpse? Do you know where he stayed in Denmark?

That was "Black Winds"!! It's true that he had to leave Canada to avoid imprisonment but I can't say anything more. He ended up in Copenhagen for a while...That's interesting that people heard about this. If he wasn't able to get out of Canada then, he probably would still be in prison today!

BLASPHEMY was and still is always good for some sick rumors. There were some real sick and funny rumors like dealing with kid pornos, drug dealing, outrages, cop killing, etc... How many years jail are BLASPHEMY together?

We have NOTHING to do with child pornography. I can't deny the other accusations but there was no cop killing. Only cop beatings. There are quite a few years in jail added up between all of the BLASPHEMY members past and present. Luckily I only had a few days in the slammer, unlike the other guys that had months and years!

Looking back there where some nice projects which the members got like TUMULT ( grind project ) or mighty NECROSLEEZER ( brilliant demo ). I know it's not your business to talk about very old shit, but maybe can you tell me a little bit more about current projects? I heard something about a new Band with one ABUSE guy and a BLASPHEMY member?

There was a porno grind project with the "Bestial Saviour" and a member of ABUSE but that is long dead. I think that the "Sodomizer" has a project with an old WITCHES HAMMER member but I'm not sure what it's like since I haven't heard anything yet. Otherwise the rest of the members aren't doing anything currently.

Ryan you are some years younger than the rest of BLASPHEMY. I think we are more or less the same age ( end of twenty ). Can you remember when did you came in contact with extreme metal and "underground" stuff?

I was quite young when I started to listen to Metal. I started to get into underground mailorder / tape trading in 1990ce. The local record stores just couldn't satisfy my thirst for Metal so I had to take it upon myself to order from bands/labels directly.

OK Ryan that's all first! Thanx a lot for wasting your time and I still hope to get sooner or later a new BLASPHEMY release! HAIL DEATH METAL!


Interview done by ? / NECROTOMY ZINE #1, 1990

OK, why you decided to make a death metal band?

Cause we wanted to be the heaviest around, when we started, there were only SLAYER, VENOM.....

Who usually writes lyrics?

"Nocturnal Grave Desecrator & Black Winds" & "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals". We think they are great! Now "Black Priest" has left, ( We now have "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" ex WITCHES HAMMER ). We used to also have bass player "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions".

How long time did you spend to do a beautiful sounds as that of "Blood Upon The Altar"?

Not long enough my friend. Our new album "Fallen Angel Of Doom..." is much better, on Wild Rags Rec.

Do you make any black masses in your country?

Yes, I was even arrested the other day for settings a TOMBSTONE on fire, I was even wearing all of my HARDWARRR. I might spend a little time in jail now.

Are there many death / black-metal bands in your country? & zines?

A couple of zines, a black-metal / noise-core radio station, a speed metal station & lot's of speed bands, but only PROCREATION is the only death band from Vanc.

Whose bands has influenced BLASPHEMY sound?


When you live any nightmares.... Are you happy?

Yes, indeed.

Have you done any gigs?

Yes, about 10 & three in the U.S.A. Seattle, San Francisco & of course here in Vancouver.

Who is the best friend in the death-metal scene?

Lejune "Evil" Ludo & Antichrist.

Do you think the earth is a paradise lost?

No, because we haven't finished desecrating it yet!!!

What do you think about Satan?

My eternal God!!!

....& Luifero???

Salve Sathanas!

The last words to you......

Doubles sides T-shirt of "Blood Upon The Altar" costs 15.00$ US with photos, & "Fallen Angel Of Doom...... The demo & photos, for $7.00 US & thanks to NECROTOMY 'ZINE!!!


Interview done by Patrick Klopf / NEW REALITY, 1990

This is one of the most scary Satanic death metal bands I've ever seen.
They are all Satanic skinheads & it is not unusual being a Satanist in this part of Canada as "Black Winds" told me!! Their new LP "Fallen Angel Of Doom" out on Wild Rags Rec. should be one of the goodies of 1990.

Have you ever put a curse on somebody?

Curses are foolish, we deal face to face with anyone.

Was you mother a wolf?

Mother is getting better somewhere, were they can help her.

Are you all Satanist?

BLASPHEMY is all Antichrist, because we have been brought up this way.

Are you Satanic skins? What do you think of Fascist skins?

We are satanic skins, fascists don't bother us as long as they stay away from us.

What are you mostly dreaming about?

I dream black orchid monstrous night mares 4 day straight. ( Did you? - ED )

Have you ever drunk your own piss like Harald of DISASTROUS MURMUR?

No, but our woman drink ours often along with anal terrorization rituals!

Any final words?

Yes, I'm SODOMIZER, warn your woman!!!!

Interview done by

I really don't think this band need any further introduction! You've all heard this! & if you haven't, well, that's your loss! Alright, I can tell you this; they're the Godz Of Black Metal! They've made some demos & an LP; "Fallen Angel Of Doom" & it's a killer! But, you all know this, so, I'll get to the point right away & stop writing this crap ( of course, you can skip it anyhow... but, I've got to write something!! ).

The 'view was answered by "
Black Winds" ( that killer guitarist 'o theirs! ).

With your debut-rec. you've created something really original & brutal! Will you continue with this slow down like almost all other bands do with their music these days ( I certainly hope you won't )?

No, we will speed up! ( short answer, but, it's great to hear anyway! - ED )

So how did things start up with you guys? Did you meet accidentally or... ( etc... )

No, we knew each other for a long time.

What do you think of the current scene & some of the so called "brutal" Death-bands these days ( ATROCITY ( Ger. ), MASTER, etc...)?

I think today’s Death Metal scene is pretty brutal with true Black Metal like: SAMAEL, ROTTING CHRIST, DEICIDE, SARCÓFAGO, MAYHEM, VITAL REMAINS, GODFLESH, BEHERIT, etc...

By the way, talking 'bout scenes, how's in Canada / Vancouver? I've never heard of anything except you ( of course! ).

Not so great! Just a lot of speed wimp bands, except for PROCREATION!

How's things at your shows ( notice the pic. )? Do you do any rituals, any gory FX or something?

Pretty SLEEZY! ( You don't say huh! - ED )

Do you rehearse a lot?

Only if there is a gig coming up or recordings.

When do you think you''ll release a new album? Have you made any new songs yet?

Release HOPEFULLY 2 months from August 24, called "Gods Of War"!

What do you think about BATHORY? Do you also recon him / them as some of the best ever ( I do )?

Ya, great music, but how come I never hear of them doing gigs or zines? ( You better ask Quorthon about that - ED )

What's your main musical influences?


You got anything to add? Any last growls or something?

Rape a Nuns ass! ( Hmmm... well, I'll think about it - ED )

...& that was all He said! So what do I do now you might ask? Use your imagination Damn it! Turn the page & read something else stupid! By the way, you can write to the men at this address:

The Desecraters
1031 E. 59th.
Vancouver, BC, V5X 1Y8

Interview done by Tymoteusz Jędrzejczyk & Leszek Wojnicz-Sianożęcki / OLDSCHOOL METAL MANIAC ZINE #3, 2011

Blood Rituals, Nocturnal Grave Desecrations, Forgotten Catacombs under the infamous Ross Bay Cemetery, Unholy Powerlifting, Raging Violence, War, Satanism, & Eternal Cult.

That would be a short description of the most cult Satanic Commando in the history of Canadian & world's scene. The original Black Metal Skinheads recently took up their live ritual activity & we decided to take our chance & face the Beast. For our relief, "
DeathLörd Of Abomination & War Apocalypse" agreed to answer our calls & thus we can bid you welcome to the first BLASPHEMY interview done by Polish press since like 2005.


Hail the Cult! How are you recently? What are the latest news from the ranks of the Hell's Most Renowned Satanik Skinhead Commando?

No news here at the moment. We are just regrouping after the "Nuclear War Now! Festival II". We might be looking for some more Live Rituals in 2011ce, so beware!!!

You were introduced to the Cult around 1996 / 1997 replacing the legendary "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity". Before you must surely witnessed BLASPHEMY's rise to power with their incredibly raw & legendary demo "Blood Upon The Altar" from 1989. What was your first reaction when you've heard that material back in the day? You were in any close relationship with the Cult at that time? Do you know anything about how many copies of "Blood Upon The Altar" was sold worldwide?

I was living in Northern Canada ( Fa away from Vancouver & the Ross Bay Cemetery ) when the early BLASPHEMY material was released. I was a subscriber to The Wild Rag back in those days so I was aware of BLASPHEMY & bought their releases ( from Wild Rags Records mail-order ). I was instantly obsessed with these BLASPHEMY recordings as I was always on the search for the most savage & extreme music.

As for "Blood Upon The Altar"; "Black Winds" says that 1000 pro-cassette copies were made & then they also had extra covers & recorded the music on black cassettes after the first 1000 pro-copies were gone. So over 1000 copies of that demo sold.

How did you get into BLASPHEMY after your great efforts with CONQUEROR & REVENGE? ...& do you know whatever happened to the guy who did the guitar work on the infamous "Fuck Christ Tour" in 1993?

Aaron from ANTICHRIST!! He is still around & last I hear he is working on his own band.

I knew the BLASPHEMY guys for a couple of years & they were into CONQUEROR. When I moved to Vancouver & started to hang out with the guys a little more, it was just a natural choice once the band became active again.

Do you have any contact with Marco Banco ( aka "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" )? What do you think of his new project; TYRANTS BLOOD?

Yes, we have some contact & I try to see them live when they do shows here in Vancouver!

Did you ever planned to resurrect CONQUEROR?

No. But watch for the ultimate version of "War.Cult.Supremacy" to be released by "NWN! Productions" this year!

Did you personally or the rest of the Cult keep any contact with the infamous "Goddess Of Perversity"? What exactly is her role in the Ross Bay Cult?

She is still around at local Metal shows so we see her every so often. She was the girlfriend of the "Traditional Sodomizer" back in his era with BLASPHEMY, so she was involved in rituals & desecrations.

The Cult decided to put "Blood Upon The Altar" through the infamous "Wild Rags Records", despite alleged offers from "Turbo Music", "Nuclear Blast" or "Shithouse". How do you guys remember the cooperation with Richard, since he's known for ripping off almost entire roster of "Wild Rags" bands?

"Blood Upon The Altar"was just distributed by "Wild Rags. When Richard tried to pull his bullshit with the BLASPHEMY guys, they all piled into a car & drove down to Los Angeles. Once they arrived & walked in the "Wild Rags" store, Richard was more than cooperative & let the guys take as much merchandise they could carry in payment against the sales of "Fallen Angel Of Doom....". "Blood Upon The Altar" & the shirts & hoods that he printed up. Of course, Richard must have been shitting himself when these guys walked in, haha!

"Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions" still has much of the merchandise he grabbed from the "Wild Rags" store including the PENTAGRAM (Chile) 7ep & "Warfare Noise I" LP! Good score!!

The legendary first full length assault of Black Metal Skinheads was "Fallen Angel Of Doom....". Who did this incredible & haunting cover artwork for this piece of unholy art? It seems similar to Moyen's style, but has something distinct about it... By the way, where the idea of one of your Symbols, the Desecrater Demon come from?

There was a friend of the band named Connie. She drew up the Desecrater Demon & the "Fallen Angel Of Doom...." cover for the band. "Black Winds" described what he wanted to see concerning the album cover & she met his wishes. That Desecrater Demon is Connie's version of an old painting of Satan & Hell.

"Fallen Angel Of Doom...." was maybe not the most clear sounding album of all time, but it simply killed with incredible load of emotion & Satanic zeal. One could feel the hellish vibration in every note, similar to the forbidden in medieval times Diabolus In Musica notes. Many people just couldn't last until the last note, shocked by the album's brutality & ominous aura. Did you have similar feelings on that? How much did that album influence your later headcrushing efforts with CONQUEROR & REVENGE?

"Fallen Angel Of Doom...." is the 100% influence for me in CONQUEROR! I wanted to channel that same extremity & keep the Ross Bay Cult tradition alive, but in our own way.

In 2002, the "Nuclear War Now!" label released your live album "Live Ritual - Friday The 13th". "NWN! was also responsible for the reissues of "Blood Upon The Altar", "Fallen Angel Of Doom...." & "Gods Of War" on vinyl. How do you consider your cooperation with Yosuke?

"NWN! Productions" is the best label I've worked with. Top quality releases done tastefully with an actual fan of the music at the helm. Done for fans by a fan!!

...& how would you describe the atmosphere on the aforementioned recorded Live Ritual?

That unfortunately wasn't the best evening for us. We headlined a festival of local bands, when we hit the stage, the soundguy changed everything from our soundcheck & it was nothing but noise up on stage. We had to argue with the idiot from the stage for the entire show ruining what should have been a total apocalypse. Of course, I am my own worst critic & according to others, this recording captures our intensity just as it was intended to.

Recently you participated in the 2nd edition of "Nuclear War Now! Festival" in Berlin & seemingly you start to get more active in terms of playing live. On "NWN!", you shared the stage with such legendary acts as MYSTIFIER & ORDER FROM CHAOS. How do you remember this Live Rite?

There will never be another event like that!! ORDER FROM CHAOS, MYSTIFIER, BLASPHEMY, PROCLAMATION, BLASPHEMOPHAGHER, & so many more crushers at one festival??!?! It was like a dream come true!

Would it be released on DVD? ...& are there any attempts to reissue the notorious "Fuck Christ Tour" video from 1993 from the tour you played along with ROTTING CHRIST & IMMORTAL?

There will be a DVD of the "NWN! Festival II" with footage from every band involved, including BLASPHEMY. Watch "NWN! Productions" for updates about that.

By the way, back in the day in the interview for Polish magazine Morbid Noizz#7, when asked about when BLASPHEMY would play in Europe, "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" answered "We would have to become bored with girls here first.". So, how do you like women in Europe? I can tell you that the finest pieces of ass live in Poland & Czech Republic. You won't find any better, so maybe it's worth considering a hellraid over our fucked-up, religious country?

Haha, yeah! I've been to the Czech Republic 3 times & just walking through Prague you will be distracted by the women ( if you are hetrosexual & have a pulse ). We have no offers from any promoters from Poland. We are ready to desecrate your country though as Poland has supported BLASPHEMY since the very start of the band!

Since forming, BLASPHEMY was a constant source of shock with their music, it's unmatched brutality, cult image, the powerlifting & ritual aura around. It also had a hint of fascination with legendary, unholy Brazilian cult SARCÓFAGO. Was that really the Brazilians that stamped their mark on Ross Bay Cult in its early days?

The contact with SARCÓFAGO came AFTER the recording & release of "Blood Upon The Altar" to set the record straight. Influence for BLASPHEMY came from SODOM, HELLHAMMER, BATHORY, NME, GENOCIDE ( pre-REPULSION ), & DISCHARGE.

By the way, there were some plans in the past considering the tour of BLASPHEMY & SARCÓFAGO in Singapore. Can you tell us something more on that?

Work visas could not be obtained for the bands, so this Ritual was canceled! It would have been a total legend even today if this happened. It was organized by "Shyaithan" ( then "Cunt Shredder" ) of IMPIETY, but unfortunately never came to be.

You were actually one of the very first bands that expressed their religious beliefs in such radical & in-your-face way, making BLASPHEMY Cult a real disciples & apostles of the Dark Side. Satanism seemed to you something inseparable with your lives, where the music & dark, ominous rituals were diffusing each other. It was also the source of the problems, especially when "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" landed behind bars in Vancouver for performing the necromantical rites. Still, you didn't strain from the path of war against jehovah. Can you recall some of the most prominent moments of that time? Is the Cult as alive as it used to be?

No, the cult isn't as alive as it used to be. Most people involved went towards the old family-life scenario. The 4 current members of BLASPHEMY never went for this widely accepted lifestyle of wife, children, mortgage, etc. I can also speak for total Die-Hards like "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions" for never falling for this trap! Instead we choose Satan, & the harsh reality that humans were born to suffer on earth!

You're also famous for the ritualistic aspect of your activity, to the degree that the members remain dubbed as session until they gain their ritual name. You were blood-baptized as "DeathLörd Of Abomination & War Apocalypse" in 1996/1997. How do you remember the whole ceremony? Currently you also have a new session bassist, "V. Kusabs" of DIOCLETIAN. Are there any rituals planned for him in order to become full part of the Cult?

"V. Kusabs" lives on the other side of the world! But, if he were to live here in Vancouver, he would definitely be a "full part of the Cult"!! It was like meeting a brother when we met him for the first time! It was like we knew each other for years! Absolutely killer guy & perfect fit for BLASPHEMY!

I don't have fond memories of the blood baptism to become "DeathLörd Of Abomination & War Apocalypse". It was actually quite horrific & I don't scare easy, but I sure wanted it to be over as quick as possible & to get out of that situation.

What is the role of Satanism in your personal everyday life? Do you still praise the Dark Lord with such youthful zealotry, or has it evolved into something less savage, but more powerful in terms of wisdom?

SATAN - wisdom & awareness to me & has for many, many years. Refer to my time in CONQUEROR as an example.

What actually Satan means to you? Is he a kind of metaphor or is he a real figure or spiritual power that represents the nature's dark side? Do you identify Satan with Lucifer?

This is the eternal question! How can anyone know what / who Satan is?? I can tell you that Satan isn't what is written in some book penned by a bunch of Cro-Mags though, or some useless council back in the 11th Century. Satan is beyond all!!!!!

How about life after death? Do you believe in existence of dimensional Hell or Heaven? What do you think happens with the soul after the demise of the mortal coil?

Now this is the eternal question, not that last question!! I have no answer to this. No one does. But according to popular belief, I can look forward to eternal torture & damnation. Bring it on!!!!!!

What do you think of all those bands so inspired by legacy of BLASPHEMY, CONQUEROR, & the whole Ross Bay Cult, like PROCLAMATION, BLASPHEMOPHAGHER, BESTIAL RAIDS or BLACK WITCHERY? ...& what about the younger generation of the Cultists, like for example MITOCHONDRION?

Total support to all of these Hordes that you have mentioned here!

Apart of the Cult, BLASPHEMY members were also involved in the organization called Legion Of Hate. What was this organization standing for? Is it still active?

No one in BLASPHEMY is involved in Legion Of Hate.

Do you do any extreme sports? How about the infamous powerlifting?

We still hit the gym regularly. Especially "Caller Of The Storms" & "Black Winds". They take Black Metal powerlifting seriously to this day!

What is so special about the infamous Ross Bay Cemetery? It seems the heart of something so gruesome, ominous & evil that only the toughest would go through it unaffected. Yet it was an object of a torrent of lies by the scum-god-whore known as Michelle Smith & her piles of lies; "Michelle Remembers". Do you participate in the ritual grave desecrating & summoning the spirits with the Cult?

Well, let me just say that I have a tombstone from Ross Bay Cemetery in my room next to my record collection. Ross Bay Cemetery seems to be a "hotspot" of some sort to some nefarious powers..... You can feel it when you walk in past the gates.

Also, I wouldn't discount this Michelle bitch so quickly. "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" got his ritual name from a ceremony that he disturbed at Ross Bay Cemetery! Satanic activity was happening at Ross Bay Cemetery & we have eyewitnesses. Others have suffered through what this Michelle cunt described in that book. I am stating a fact!

You hail from the country which's scene is maybe not as great in numbers, but the quality hardly falls below the "top-notch". Canadian scene can boast of such essential titans as; EXCITER, PILEDRIVER, RAZOR, INFERNÄL MÄJESTY, ANVIL, VOIVOD, SLAUGHTER, SACRIFICE,... Do you personally admire those bands? What is the phenomenon behind the plain greatness of your native Metal scene?

Yes!! Of course I have followed all of these bands since I can remember! I don't know why there are so many killer cults from here. I guess that we have the ideal conditions with our strong economy & decent living conditions where we can concentrate on arts instead of wondering where our next meal will come from...? Or maybe Satan grants is Canadians abilities that he doesn't deem fit for other bands...??

Many adepts of His Infernal Majesty are longing for another studio effort of the Cult. We are among them, so please reveal to us whether you plan any new audial act of Satanic terror? The wait is much too long.

Unfortunately this is beyond my control. we have to wait for "Caller Of The Storms", "Black Winds", & "3 Black Hearts" to write another album! It must come from the original members so that it isn't tainted by outside influence. If they can get it together, it will be monumental!!

Ok, thank you for your time, please send some words to the readers of "Oldschool Metal Maniac" before the whole world collaspe on 21.12.2012. ROSS BAY CULT ETERNAL! AD MAJOREM SATANAE GLORIAM!

Watch my website for the latest news on BLASPHEMY!

Interview done by ? / PEARDROP ZINE #1, 1989

Are there any real unity between metalheads & skinheads in Vancouver?

No, not really. There are lots of Nazi skinheads here, but most of the ones that go to our gigs are called Satanic skinheads.

Do you plan to take photo sessions with your teddy?

No, but maybe with our goats.

How did the Satanic skinheads movement come?

Well, it was really a bunch of long hairs, BATHORY, VENOM freaks until a couple of years ago when they all shaved their heads & there are more chapters starting up in Portland & here.

Don't you think those satanic clichés have already been used a lot of times before?

No, not like ours.

How are your relations with hardcore skinheads in Vancouver?

Haven't had any problems.

Is it easy to play a gig in Vancouver while you look so ugly? Also, do you use articles on stage?

No, it isn't easy because a few of our gigs have gotten pretty out of hand... smashed windows, etc... Yes, "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater" breathes fire on stage, & they all wear war paint, grenades, bullets, & always a bit of traditional blood spitting, & smoke. ( It must be fantastic! - ED )

Are there any new promising death metal bands in Vancouver?

No, not in Vancouver, but there are plenty of speed metal bands & hardcore like: AMOROS, WITCHES HAMMER, O.O.C., DAYGLO ABORTIONS, KARRION & ARAGATHOR.

In the beginning, did you take your moniker / style from the MORBID ANGEL track: "Blasphemy"?

No, we don't even listen to them.

Do you feel nationalists?

No, we feel like black metal Satanists.

What can we expect next for BLASPHEMY?

Lots of knowledge on: sorcery, blasphemy, victory, goatery, gravery, & possibly some sodomy with the Goddess Of Perversity. Our other songs are "Goddess Of Perversity", "Hording Of Evil Vengeance", "Desecration", "Darkness Prevails", "Fallen Angel Of Doom", "Necrosadist", "The Desolate One".

Interview done by Wojtek / PLAGUE ZINE #2

Polish to English translation by Pawel K.

BLASPHEMY - this name exists to all death maniax. Those 4 hell born Canadians rips our brain with their music. They have recorded a demo tape and first LP "Fallen Angel Of Doom" released by Wild Rags Rec.

Here are the answers from bass player / vocalist:

Hail Gerry. Tell me something about the line up.

Hi Wojtek. Present line up is:

"Caller Of The Storms" - lead guitar, 23 years old.
"Nocturnal Skull Desecrater & Black Winds" - bass, voc, 22 years old.
"3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" - nuclear drums, 22 years old.
"Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" - guitar, 21 years old.

What are your favorite bands?


Are the lyrics important for you?


What are they about?

Total destruction, devastation...

Tell me something about your LP.

It was recorded 7 months ago. It's available from Wild Rags Rec., not from me. The price is 15 $.

What do you know about Polish bands?

I know they rule, especially VADER.

Tell me something about Canadian death metal scene.

It could be better.

What do you do beside playing?

Parties, fucking, profanations.

Do you like sex?

Sure, especially with 10 different girls one day.

Do you drink a lot?

Sure, together with "3 Black Hearts" we drink 5 beers every day.

Your worst nightmare?


Do you believe in ghosts?


Have you ever drunk polish vodka?

It kills.

What is your opinion about moshing?

Fuck it.

What kind of equipment do you play?

B.C. Rich, Ibanez, Marshall.

Future plans?

Play live in Singapore.

Your last comment?


Thank you for the interview.

Interview done by ? / PSALMS OF MOLESTATION ZINE #2, 2010

Answers by "
Sodomizer", "Black Winds" & "Storms". Kneel down before the Gods of War Metal!!!

Questions for BLASPHEMY, April MMVI.

BLASPHEMY is well known act all around the world, for me BLASPHEMY is an epoch & that are not just words, I grown up with BLASPHEMY as Black Metaller, I bought "Gods Of War" when I was 9 years old & it was one of the first Devilish Metal band I started listen to. So it is an honour for me to have an interview with you. Several times I heard that you are split up, imprisoned, killed, bla bla blah rumours like that. Probably in our first question you'll try to ears all these lies & rumours & tell us truth, what have been happening with Powerlifting Skinheads of Satan, BLASPHEMY during all these years of doom?

BLASPHEMY & Black Metal Skinheads are always together. Not as a band playing Black Metal these days, but as we were before we became musicians. Ross Bay Cult is Eternal. We were before & we are now, perhaps one day we will write again & come together for another album. But until this time, we are as we have always been. BLASPHEMY decided to put our hatred, violence & beliefs into a sound. We wanted to put that complexion to what we thought metal was; violent, raw, & aggressive.

Can we expect the return of BLASPHEMY some day as it has happened one day after almost seven years of your silence?

Maybe someday, we talk about it from time to time since we are together most often.

Your line up was changed several times, by what reasons? I read somewhere that Mr. "Necrosleezer" was kicked of the band & "Sodomizer" was recruited, so was it rumour again or what? Also, I heard that "Caller Of The Storms" was imprisoned for bank robbery, again rumour?

There were certain circumstances that rose over the years. "Sodomizer" was recruited to replace "Black Priest", he had gone completely mad after desecrating a child grave, something happened to him once he gazed upon that body, he was plagued by demons for months before he finally snapped. "Sodomizer" had just parted ways with WITCHES HAMMER, another local band. "Necrosleezer" was kicked out & is shunned, he stole & lied about BLASPHEMY, ruined a few shows because he was embarrassed to wear the bullets & spikes & grenades. "R. Förster" from CONQUEROR was recruited in 2000 to play & record some live material. AS far as legalities, robbing a bank was not something that ever happened.

Can you say us more about former members of BLASPHEMY horde? Who are / were they? Why did they leave the band?

"Black Priest" from "Blood Upon The Altar" is gone far away with his family now, after his brush with Hell in Ross Bay, he has stayed far, far away. "Sodomizer" is still with BLASPHEMY. He is doing very well. "Black Winds" is healthy. "Storms" is also very well. "Saviour" ( bass for 2000-2003  live shows ) is well. These 4 are together always, the mainstay behind Black Metal Skinheads. Of course, "R. Förster" is always busy with something, an integral part of Black Metal Underground for many, many years. In fact, there will be a gathering with him this weekend & the rest of the Ross Bay Cult.

Can you highlight the somber story of "Black Priest" a little bit more & deeper, especially about his behaviour when he was plagued by 'demons' as you said? How did he look, how did he behave himself, & what did he do during these possessions?

I would say that his demeanor changed mostly, he became paranoid. He wasn't the deepened voice of apocalypse as we knew, but rather a somber tone of desperation. He sought help, beckoning us constantly that his mind was torn in two. From all outside appearances, he seemed depressed.

What can you say about your everyday life besides BLASPHEMY circle? I do not mean mundane shit, I gonna speak about your feelings to this world, everyday, every night life, so on & so forth? Tell me please about place where you live? About magic of Ross Bay for example?

We all live in the city we grew up in. We all enjoy the same as we did before. Nothing much has changed for us, aside from the fact that we are older & wiser.

Tell me please about Black Metal Skinhead movement of Canada / USA? Is it typical for Canadian & American Black Metal scene you think or not? Which criteria are necessary to be a Skinhead in Metal of the Devil & what is the difference between common Black Metaller & Black Skinhead?

There is never a movement, we are the originators, we are because that's how we are.  To be apart from the rest. I would say the difference between US would be that we are not the picked on shunned kid who finds Black Metal his way in to become a part of something, we are the destroyers of the weak, we tear down everything in our path, we are the elite, the strong. We have no time for regular society & all it's hang ups.

I know all of you are into Powerlifting & Heavy Athletic, how did it happen that all of you are into this kind of sport? I know Mr. "Sodomizer" even left the band for sometime to engage himself into Powerlifting, does it connected with ideology of BLASPHEMY?

We would say that it was our complexion, our aesthetic to be as real to ourselves as our sound, we fought a lot in those days. We ran in the streets & bled constantly, so we pride ourselves on not only inner, but outer strength, destroyers never to be confused with the hippie headbangers that expose their beliefs behind a veil of cowardice, we are what we preach.

The symbol of the Goat, what does it mean for you?

We used it often, for us it was the sign of Satan, so we used it.

In one of BLASPHEMY interview I have read, it was interview for FMP website, that you consider faith in 'God' as a rubbish, so why? Don't you think that if we serve the only LORD, almighty Devil, we may not believe in YHVH? Probably that was / is NOT rubbish as you said?

We couldn't give a damn what anyone believes in, just keep your ideology to yourself & shut the fuck up about it. We don't want to hear anybodies point of view about anything other than our own, if we want to, we'll ask.

Once again here, do you see any difference between Satanism & Devil Worshipping? If no or yes, where & which difference?

Don't give a rats ass.

A.S. LaVey, the man who did quite a lot for Black Propaganda all over the world or just a business man up to your mind?

He found a good way to make a profit from ideology & religion, just like a lot of people do.

What is your opinion concerning the Book of Holy Bible? What do you think about it as about the message that can be interpreted not only for the followers of YHVH, but also for the true Believers of the only Faith in Horned One?

It's long & crazy. Lots of hypocrisy & silly childish stories.

What is your opinion concerning atheists & paganists / heathenists, NS cunts within the cult of Black & Death Metal Cults or ours? Did you have any problems that should be finished in struggle?

We would say; whatever you think, you have to back it up. If not, then they are phonies. We see a lot of this internet tough guy talk in the last 7 years, very weak for men to stand tall from thousands of miles a part. It shows ignorance a weakness, a real man would keep his mouth shut & go on with his life proud in his belief & ready to cast aside whomever would stand in his way. To be all spouting strength & bullshit power from his fingertips to prove his worthiness is simply pathetic.

During all these years in Black Metal, what can you say about it & about nowadays situation within / with scene? Do you think the Black Underground still has potential to praise & spread His word?

It needs less bickering wimps & more vision. More originality & less rip offs. Fuck, I had some fool contact me, but a few weeks ago to tell me about his band & his stage name was "Sodomizer", ridiculous!

I know about your alliance with BLACK WITCHERY & CONQUEROR, plus more bands of Canada & USA, but do you see or have any bands as allies in other places of the world?


Have you ever thought about listeners of the BLASPHEMY? Do you believe in a sort of connection between the listener & musician of such music as Black Metal?

Well, I would say anyone who found something in the outrageousness of our sound, the very raw nature of what we did, then they would truly be connected because it is very few that can say they hear something for them in this style, for we are as we have always said; our own & unto ourselves. WE are to be hated & feared by the majority & only held by the few.

Well, OK, can we expect that one day you'll unite together to play live rituals somewhere in Europe as it wasduring the Fuck Christ Tour with IMMORTAL & ROTTING CHRIST? I think it would be fantastic to see the Demon of such bands BLASPHEMY & BLACK WITCHERY united hate together.

It would be hard to say, we are still together as always, Ross Bay Cult is Eternal, however, as far as putting sound down & touring, we haven't talked seriously about that yet for some time.

Also concerning your last "Live Ritual, Friday The 13th", is it possible to get it on VHS / DVD? Is it existing or it was recorded only on mini disc by Mr. Yosuke of Nuclear War Now! Productions?

It is not on DVD or VHS.

What can you say to the people who are waiting for BLASPHEMY return? TO the people who were with BLASPHEMY during all these years, nevermind where on this planet?

Only that we are as we have always been. That the recordings are our voice. That they invoke the spirt that summons how we feel about our very existance in this world. We are BLASPHEMY! Black Metal Skinheads! Ross Bay Cult Eternal!!!!

Interview done by ? / PSYCHOPATHOLOGICAL ZINE, 2007

Canadian nuclear black metal BLASPHEMY hailing from Vancouver city are a hellish piece of puzzle in darkest history past and been the real pioneer war metal movement which influenced a ton blasphemous hordes around the world. First time when I bought "Blood Upon The Altar" demo, I was strongly hypnotized by aggressivity and the violence execution. Irreversible storm will continue upon the sacrifice altar with "Fallen Angel Of Doom...." full length captured raw metal, and probably is a true masterpiece in black metal underground scene until my death. Sure, I recall very well that my first attempt wasn't glorious to obtain an interview with them. So, I will send a request to Marco ( alias "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" ) which will accept immediately, after I receive with him much nice praises coming from old interviews thus a Osmose will rise together. I very proud have these godz of apocalypse in my pages, I would like to make a devilish hail has "Traditional" as well as "Black Winds" to have answered very quickly...

Heilz fuckin’ motherfucker from Hell! The horned goat prepare the sentence of death for the glory of the evil forces!!! Are you ready to receive the baptism of fire that will purify your damned soul?

As always.

Well, I'm gonna begin strongly this Satanic ritual! My devilish mind is tormented since a long time because of the definition given to BLASPHEMY “Satanic Skinhead”, why? Because I remain quite confused about some details, for example "Caller Of The Storms" and Sir Noise Terror ( two of your fans on Myspace ) are black! "Black Hearts" has long hair and to finish the singer of IMPIETY who are parts of your personal contacts has Muslim origins! Excuse me for my impertinence in regards to you but I have some difficulties to take you seriously when talking about your extremist thoughts! It's a real dilemma for me!!! I think some clear explanations would be welcome!

We have never been associated with right wing attitudes this is just what people assume out of ignorance. We shave our heads from our youth to become black metal skinheads. Politics we have no time for. We are here to destroy anything that stands in our way, that was our war cry from those early days.

The man who wrote the biography of BLASPHEMY on Metal-Archives situate the creation of the band in the year 1984; In this period very few black metal bands were involved in the scene while heavy metal and thrash metal were atomizing the masses... What push you to play this kind of wild metal and to piss on the other musical styles? At this time you were listening some punk bands like GBH, DISCHARGE as well as other bands like BLACK SABBATH, RAZOR and POSSESSED! What would be your fuckin’ regard on those 23 blasphemous years under the reign of perversity? As an observer, if I made an inference you were still fuckin’ virgins but certainly already sexual maniacs, no? Ahah

SODOM and BATHORY are our earliest and most influential. All young men are sexual maniacs, if not, get help.

Two crazy years separate your first rehearsal in 1986 ( featuring some hellish covers like SLAYER's "Chemical Warfare", SODOM's "Blasphemer" and BATHORY's "The Return Of Darkness And Evil" ) from your beginning! Was it important for you to play those mighty tracks before composing your own tracks or didn't have you found the path to joy! Lol! Was this tape passed around or was it reserved to your entourage?

No this was never released and perhaps just from each other.

In Anno 1989, the devil signs its mark: 5 bombastic hymns with a crushing production like hell, composed I assume some months before the release of your demo. Was it difficult for you to write these songs and what was the atmosphere during the working process? "Ace Gustapo" was still in the band but why he never wrote the music as well as the lyrics? What was its position in the band?

"Ace Gustapo" was never in BLASPHEMY until 1993, he was only recruited for a short time. Never wrote any songs and is not even a part of black metal skinheads. He has not been around since his short stay with BLASPHEMY.

I've noticed that the members who formed BLASPHEMY were "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity", "Ace Gustapo" and "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals"! But I read an interview of "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" who said that the band was formed by him and "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" with the coming a bit later of "Caller Of The Storms". Could you tell me the history of the band?

"Traditional Sodomizer" did not join us till 1989. "Ace Gustapo" was only in 1993. "Black Priest" was an original member and song contributor from 1984 till 1989.

The Satanik orgy was commemorated with "Blood Upon The Altar" demo recorded on an infamous nocturnal evening... Are you satisfied with the impact that this demo received? What was the budget for the recording? How many days have you spent in the studio?

Yes we are satisfied. I believe 2 weeks in studio.

I read that at this period, 2 fan e-mail boxes already existed but you never accepted one! Maybe you wanted to have an "official" BLASPHEMY e-mail box and don't suffer of this competition that would have affected your notoriety!

They can run the fan sites if they wish.

A mini LP without title recorded around 1988 / 1989 and containing 5 war songs will be officially released through War Command Records with 3 bonus tracks taking from the demo "Spiritis Satanist" with a huge delay. Why these songs didn't interest any labels at that time? I'm not 100% sure if this press was released before but there is a CD edition that also exist with a bonus "Live In Holland" from 1993 called "The Final Armageddon". Did you know the existence of this release? Are you into all these collector items that exist on the market?

There is always so much bootlegs, releases re-releases. Too much to keep track of, we have most sent to us. "Sodomizer" and "DeathLörd" have everything.

Armageddon ravage everything on its way with "Fallen Angel Of Doom" full-length annihilation, extinction of the human race... A first gathering with Richard from Wild Rags, nevertheless, this perverse guy had a bad rip-off reputation like Seraphic Decay and Lethal Records. Tell me your own feelings about this recording as well as your signature on this American label!

We are satisfied with the mark we have left. Our standard is set.

The chaotic lyrics of BLASPHEMY take inspiration from the writings of Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey, HP Lovecraft... based on ancestral occult rituals. So, do you know the 4 main elements of divination modes used since the 14th century by Cornelius Agrippa and others?

We have all that literature so we used it all.

BLASPHEMY highly support nuclear. How about the gas masks that you wear on stage; Would it be a destructive message or in the contrary a warning against the world? Iran and North Korea hold this weapon and could I think use it at anytime. Do you think that these countries could trigger another world war?

They could anytime they want, who has the time to give a shit, when and if so be it.

"Black Winds" said in an interview on a Canadian fanzine that he wouldn’t be embarrassed to write political lyrics? So, what prevent you to treat this kind of subject?

Just never did it, so it never happened.

After the release of "Fallen...", Mister Ludo Evil founded a BLASPHEMY and SARCÓFAGO fan club, I remember that I bought a BLASPHEMY shirt from him with the same design than your official live but with a different logo. How did you enter in contact with him? What regard do you have on this merchandising?

Evil Ludo is a good man, very true to the old days, one of the true fans from those early years. We were all in contact through tape trading back then.

Could you tell me what happened during these 3 long years that separate "Fallen..." to "Gods Of War" album?

Jail, court, youth detention.

Osmose Productions has released "Gods Of War" with a re-edition in digipack including the demo later. As you might know, many bands that signed on Osmose were very disappointed... I would like to know which budget they offered to you? Are you satisfied with their work ( promotion, distribution, royalties )?

The recording was OK, the package was a complete disaster and 100% different from what we wanted.

"Gods Of War" is a hellish combination of bestial black metal following the tradition of the mighty "Fallen..." and played with such a fury that really blow my soul... How do you perceived it today?

It is fine.

Evidently, the cover enclosed many dark messages... this concept is complex with an occult artwork giving a different aura... Could you explain to me the astrological and occult philosophy coming from these esoteric symbols dedicated to the goddess of death who spread terror through the cosmos? Among all these sciences exploiting on this cover, the combination of the final solution could develop the clairvoyance...

The title is "Gods Of War", the symbols correlate well.

Since your demo you have changed your logo 3 times, I assume you took this decision together but this intrigue me!!!

Many people have done art for us, so we used what we liked.

During the year 1993, Osmose has organized a European tour under the name "Fuck Christ Tour" with ROTTING CHRIST, IMMORTAL and you as the headliner. I was there at Gibus, I had strongly appreciated your performance... I was a bit shocked by your funny look: "Black Winds" was wearing a blue tracksuit with a bumbag at his belt, "Caller Of The Storms" had sunglasses and "3 Black Hearts" had big glasses without forget the ridiculous make up of "Black Winds" ahah! Personally, I think there was a lack of serious! Which memories do you keep of this tour? Was the Osmose cordial between the bands? Who decided that you would be the headliner? Which band got the biggest success?

All bands did well, all were treated the same. Don't recall who decided on headliner.

The most extreme crowd was Freiburg in Germany, the fans mutilated themselves and bleed like hell during your show! How do you react to these behaviors?

Violence and mutilation is a part of most BLASPHEMY shows.

"Black Winds", I have a question for you that will maybe make you a bit nervous, sorry man hehe. In the past, I've heard that you left the tour with GORGUTS because of your addiction to drugs, were you dying for a hit? Do you think drugs correspond to the Black Metal ideology? Are you still addicted to these shits?


Your first gig will remain in the memories because in the end of the concert, there was a riot in the street! Was it due to outside elements or due to the sound power that you spread?

All our shows would end this way, that was why we were always banned from our own city.

Talk to me about the talented artist Christophe Moyen who made several BLASPHEMY covers as well as for BEHERIT, INCANTATION... How did you enter in contact with him? Are you satisfied with his work?

Excellent artist, I believe Herve got in touch with him back then.

The lightning bolt felt on BLASPHEMY, the band split up after "Gods Of War". What was the exact reason?

Nothing really. Needed to take care of other personal things.

What have you done during this long period, musically and personally?

Prison, court.

21st July 2000 will remain, I think, an unforgettable event in your mind. The war machine was back on the battlefield... Did you think about this reunion since a long time? In which circumstances the band reunited?

After "DeathLörd" of CONQUEROR moved here from Ross Bay, we decided to do shows again.

Your first come back gig on July 2001 with BLACK WITCHERY has proved a big determination... Tell me the feelings between all of you during these dates?

Fire and hell in our lungs again.

"Diehard Rehearsal" 2001 is the bonus on "Live Ritual - Friday The 13th", but only on CD and not on vinyl. The bloody massacre... the return of the war… the motherfucker BLASPHEMY are back with force and stronger than ever imposing terrible suffering. Old hellish songs played with anger and hate under a devastating sound. It was time to play again these ancient hymns in order to show that the Canadian skinheads were still alive! Why don't we find any unreleased tracks on this release? I’ve focused on the powerful production which is huge! What kind of material have you used and how many time have you spent on the studio?

The rehearsal is on vinyl entitled "Return Of The Hooded Demons".

From Beyond Productions has released "Live Ritual - Friday The 13th" on CD and Nuclear War Now! Productions the vinyl version, another die-hard vinyl version has been unleashed through Lecter Productions. What do you think about these pathetic editions? Why the rehearsal don't feature on the vinyl?

So many will jump on the bandwagon while they can.

Nuclear War Now! Productions had the chance to re-release "Fallen..." on vinyl and picture LP that could have been seen as a way to make easy money and to satisfy these fuckin' present trendies that infest the movement with their musical taste devoted to the extreme music ( silly attitude! )! I'm saying by this that this fuckin' album was sold out for a long time and the prices on this Jewish egay site are really insane! Tell me your feelings about this!

NWN! still wishes to release the "F.A.O. D." on picture disc. One can sell anything on ebay, if you sell it as kvlt black metal you can sell anything for thousands. Young kids will do anything to belong and feel like they own something more than the next. All teenagers are this way.

Nowadays, there is a huge quantity of bands involved in this new "war metal" movement fighting against Christianity... You remain the supreme elite for them... What's your opinion about these newcomers lauding destruction and extermination of feebles?

If its good then let them if not who cares.

Unfortunately "Black Priest" left the band because of his girlfriend. I never understood the attitude of some musicians who have two facets that are not always compatible with the ideas and the extreme music played. Lots of this kind of people hide a certain frustration towards the fair sex, so many find refuge in the brutal music that can be a good therapy... Do you think that sometimes girls can be heckler elements for the career of a band? Tell me if the positive elements towards your lady-love would be an outrage to the black metal, holding an inhuman soul?

"Black Priest" left in 89 because after he robbed a grave of a small child, he went insane and said his mind was plagued by demons. Girlfriend, bah! Never!

About the labels that would be interested in signing you, Osmose wouldn't be your outsider anymore... So would I have the honor to know which ones are your favorites?

No favorites.

All the members of BLASPHEMY are fuckin' sadistic perverse maniacs obsessed by the carnal pleasures under the desires of the torture implicating atrocious pain to the slaves. As a fiery worshipper of the Marquis de Sade, I would like to discover your most extravagant impulses that you have inflicted to some of your followers?

Many things have happened over the decades.

I read in Franang Zine an interview of BELPHEGOR. They said they have done a gang bang and that this will stay a good experience. Did you have the opportunity to see such an orgy once? ( if yes I would like to know all the details - Aaarrghh )

In the music industry these things are normal, all part of the program and no big deal for us anyways. Most women in this lifestyle are willing to do anything.

I hear that something happened in Wacken open air between "Caller Of The Storms" and KK from DESTRÖYER 666.

No that was between "Bestial Saviour" and KK and they have since made up. KK and "Storms" have never met.

Vancouver must be full of sex shops and fuckin' whores... So If one day I'll visit your fuckin' region, could you advice me on places where I could salve my libido?

We have a large sex trade but weak in comparison to parts of Europe and Asia.

OK, this interview ends in the total decadence! Anyway I hope you spent a good moment in my company! Anything to add about the future plans for BLASPHEMY?

We are as we have always been, Ross Bay Cult Eternal! Black Metal Skinheads! We are BLASPHEMY!

Interview done by ? / PUTREFYING MASS ZINE #2, 1993


Finally, the Canadian black metal priests BLASPHEMY waked up & experienced that their first record label, the rip off Wild Rags, couldn't offer them any kind of progression & they decided the best thing for the band, to sign with OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS!!

In the necrobutcher style we are used from them, they are able to blow your head off with their second album "Gods Of War". Directly after this album release an European tour with land mates GORGUTS has been done, although it didn't become such a success as was expected..........

It was time to clear up some points, so it was the new guy in the band, "Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands" who was so nice to answer my questions...........................

What did you guys do in the period between "Fallen Angel..." & "Gods Of War", besides rehearsings?! It seems one member of thy immortal line-up has been replaced, right?!

Well, in that period we have been searching for a deal for our new LP / CD "Gods Of War". Yess, I'm the new member in the band.

What was your reason to leave Wild Rags, as it seems that he is ripping of his acts pretty often. How was your relationship with them?!!

We weren't even with Wild Rags, no deal & no promises have been kept by them!! He never gave us money of the selling of our 1st LP, while we paid the studio costs!!

You recorded all your releases so far in the Fiasco Bros studio, how's it possible that every release has a different sound anyway?! Are you happy with the result?!

Yess, "Gods Of War" is an improvement, as we had to by Jackson guitars, Mesaboggie amps, Sonor drums & other things by ourselves. But the production is still not overproduced like Morrissound, which is what we wanted!!

What does "Gods Of War" mean to you, & what do you hope to accomplish with it?!

It meant a real deal for us, & more importantly, the BLASPHEMY fans getting what they want!!!

I don't notice that much differences between the two albums, what do you like to say to this?!

Well BLASPHEMY's music is BLASPHEMY's music it's got to be!! May be the newer trax will be a bit more various, but of course still short & compact too!!

Could you explain the profane theory behind the title "Gods Of...".

Take it for what you will.

"Fallen Angel..." had a lyric-sheet, "Gods......." not, people who like to have them can get them by the band right?! Why all these circumstances, anyway?!

Well it's done so that the real fans of BLASPHEMY can still get them. If they don't care, don't write to us!

Does the band only express their occultism in their lyrics, or is any of the members also into rituals, etc.?!

Yesss, we do!!!!!

Today's black metal scene is totally being destroyed by many fakes, is their in your vision a solution to make black metal as evil as it was in the early days, only 'true' acts which are really into occultism?!

No, I don't think that there is a good solution, hopefully those new trend bands have integrity!!

What black metal bands are your faves, do ya only get an erection for this kinda style, or could you also enjoy other music styles?!

To my faves belong definitely IMPALED NAZARENE, MARDUK, IMMORTAL, & a couple others......

BLASPHEMY's stuff seems to be brutal for the big, commercial zines, as they mostly give bad reviews. It means you have to get your reputation from the underground zines, but unfortunately we can really seldom read about BLASPHEMY in zines. Is there any reason for this?!!

I have seen to many of these shitty zines. If someone wants an interview with us, sure. But we want to know what kinda zine it is for!! I mostly do the questions, anyway.

BLASPHEMY toured through Europe lately. What directly paid attention on me was that you didn't go to Norway!! Was there any reason for this, as many acts have problems with the Norwegian black metal!! How's the relationship with Norway, for example with label mates IMMORTAL?!

I really haven't a clue why we didn't play in Norway. As far as i know we have a positive following there!!

In first instance you even would tour with IMMORTAL, instead of GORGUTS!! What went wrong?!

I don't know for sure, but the promoter thought that typical death metal would be a better moneymaker!!!!!

The tour wasn't that successful as you had hoped, as goathead "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" left during the shows & besides that there did not come up many people to see you!! Are you in spite of this satisfied with the tour?!

Yess, it was fine, though these circumstances with "Black Winds" caused pretty much problems!! We thought it would be better to sent him to Canada.

Well we reached the end, what do you hope to accomplish for the future with BLASPHEMY?!!

Watch for our tour with IMPALED NAZARENE & ROTTING CHRIST. Thanx!!