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Interview done by Olivier / ABERRATION ZINE #2, 1993

A brief history:

The band was formed back in 1985 by "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" ( on bass & vocals ), "Three Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" ( on drums ), "Caller Of The Storms" & "Black Priest" ( on guitars ), only playing old DESTRUCTION, BATHORY, KREATOR, & SODOM covers until 1987 when they had rehearsed & written thirteen songs, seven of which were recorded on the demo tape in 1989. They recorded their debut album in 1990 on Wild Rags Records ( the ultimate rip-off ). After parting ways with their second guitarist, the "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity", they recruited "Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands" ( on bass ), & entered the studio again to record their second album.

"Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer" answers these questions:

Your second album is finally out, so how do you feel about it?

We have got a good reaction. We have tried a bit harder this time around, like we had demands for a better production from the studio, & we bought better equipment too.

How do you see the evolution of the band since its & previous recordings?

We play faster, but the music has not changed.

Why did you chose to include the demo on the new album, especially since all the songs were re-recorded either on the first or on the second album?

We thought that it would be a good bonus to include these songs on the album instead of releasing them for another LP or CD like other bands do.

What inspires you to write your music & your lyrics?

The hatred for Christ, & generally just shit ( ? ).

You have been facing many problems with your previous label Wild Rags, so could you tell us exactly what happened with Richard?

I don't think that he is out of business, & not until someone blows his store off the block ( that would make some people I know very happy indeed - ED ). Truthfully, he just talks a lot of shit. Try to get a straight answer, no way ( ? ).

There has been quite a while between the release of the first & of the second album, so what have you been up to this past year or so?

We have been trying to find a new recording deal.

You have been dealing with some line-up changes as well, so what happened with the "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity", your second guitarist?

He joined a "popular music" band, a RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS & MISFITS type of band, & he was not allowed to do both.

How did you get to join the band & to take on the bass duties?

I joined because basically I deny Jesus Christ the Deceiver.

How did you get in touch with Herve & Osmose Productions?

I phoned him. He thought we had already signed to another label, but it was not the case, so he sent the contracts.

You are touring Europe along with GORGUTS... Why such an unusual combination of bands after all, GORGUTS could be seen as another trendy death metal band?

I don't know. I agree that's politics.

...& what are the reactions of the people who come at the shows?


What happened with "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds", I hear he disappeared in the middle of the tour?

"Black Winds" left for whatever reason ( I could have come up with that one too - ED ). I do not think he can handle the conditions.

What do you like to do besides music?

I like hockey, bitches, beer, & pot.

Do you have some favorite books, movies or artworks?

No, I have a hockey card collection that is worth $2,000, I have been collecting these since I was eight years old, & I do like movies too. If anyone wants to send good horror movies, go ahead.

...& what are your favorite bands?

IMPALED NAZARENE & IMMORTAL. We played with MARDUK in Sweden, they also impressed me, & I can't wait to hear their new CD on Osmose Productions.

What do you think about the scene in Canada?

What scene ( I guess it answers my question - ED )?

What would be your best memories & your worst experiences with the band so far?

Rituals, rituals, & rituals, that goes for the good things. The worst things are people that do not listen to the band with an open-mind.

According to you, what would be the coolest & the most disgusting things on earth?

The best are women with open legs, & the worst are women with closed legs.

What are your upcoming plans from now on?

We will rehearse & tour Europe again in December & January with IMPALED NAZARENE & ROTTING CHRIST.

Is there some other question or some personal views you would like to share with us?

That ought to do it Olivier ( if you say so, that will do it - ED ).

Well, would you like to add anything else to conclude...

Thanks for the interview & fucking stay evil ( I am the second coming of Christ but nobody knows that yet, so don't tell anybody - ED ).

Interview done by Heiko "Archgoat666" Schmötzer / BATTLE WEBZINE, 4/2002

Here is one of the most recent interview with BLASPHEMY!! WAR!!!! HAIL SATAN!!!!

At first thank you for your cooperation "Black Winds" and "DeathLörd"! I'm very proud to make this interview with you and I hope I bore you not to much ha, ha!

Black Winds: Just listening to some DESTRUKTOR. Chris Volcano on drums. Great scissor beats!! Just snipping away!! Brutal Black Metal!!

DeathLörd: This is the advance for the upcoming 7" EP on Decius Records!! You have to track this down Heiko!! It'll rip the skin off of your face!!!!!!

What's going on in the BLASPHEMY camp? All is ok or had you some troubles - maybe a member leave the band?

Black Winds: Not too much Noise War at the moment...

DeathLörd: The band is still intact. We're slowly rehearsing for a new onslaught of Blasphemous Assaults!

I got your BLASPHEMY "Live Ritual" LP! It is a very cool looking album and the sound is really good and devastating for a live album, but I heard you were skeptical of the idea by Yosuke to release a BLASPHEMY Live album. But now it seems that you like it and Yosuke told me that "Black Winds" want tattoo the Black Metal logo from the Back cover onto his head. Why this skepticism at the beginning and are you satisfied with Yosuke’s work?

Black Winds: Actually, the tattoo's on the back of my neck, and I'm not the only one who got it. We're impressed by the LP.

DeathLörd: The Die-Hard version of this LP is among the most dedicated and deluxe albums in my collection! The quality is mind-blowing!! Yosuke's work is VERY satisfactory. The only thing any of us were skeptical about was the rehearsal CD-R that was included with the first 100 copies because of the new song on it. Now both the Live-LP and the rehearsal CD-R have been bootlegged already.

Ok the most important thing. What can we expect from the new BLASPHEMY songs? Are there differences to your old material and how much songs have you complete till now ( song titles )?

Black Winds: There are only a couple of songs. They're in the style of the old stuff.

DeathLörd: The song "Victory ( Son Of The Damned )" is in circulation but the rest of our new assaults are going to be kept under wraps until we're ready to unleash them. "Caller Of The Storms" wanted it this way.

When will you release a new album and who will release it? What is with the Split EP with German horde KATHARSIS? Sombre Records want do this EP with you and I heard also Costa from Iron Pegasus Rec. wanted something do with BLASPHEMY, is this right?

DeathLörd: No contracts are signed and we're not bothering with the business side until we have enough songs for a full-length LP ready.

It is not easy to get in contact or friendship with BLASPHEMY. Are you cautious or you don't want to much contacts to people, because to much gays think they are black metallers and you want nothing to do with this child's?

Black Winds: Yeah, we're not into gay Black Metallers. If we come across any we'll have to stomp them!

Marcel from Sombre plans also a tour this year in September with BLASPHEMY, BLACK WITCHERY and MANTICORE. Give it now concrete plans for this and want BLASPHEMY come to Germany ( I hope it )? What can we expect from a BLASPHEMY live - show? Total holocaust drinking after the show together?

Black Winds: Always heavy drinking after the shows. During the shows: bullets, grenades, spikes, smoke bombs... Maybe a Harley Wide Glide!! I'll drive it off of the stage and into the crowd and smoke the wheels right in the middle of the pit! Make sure that you get out of the way when you see me on the Harley, Heiko!!

I saw the video from your live desecration show with BLACK WITCHERY. What can you tell me about Impurath and BLACK WITCHERY?

Black Winds: Impurath likes to smoke ALOT of weed! True Satanist. BLACK WITCHERY is a killer band! Best Black Metal band out of the USA.

DeathLörd: I highly respect BLACK WITCHERY. "Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom" is a monument in the realm of Black Metal !!!

For most so called Black Metal fans bands like BLASPHEMY, BEHERIT or old SARCÓFAGO are to extreme and you was the first band who got 1990 in the Rock ( Pop ) Hard magazine from 60 possible points only - 0,5 points. What can you say about those fuckers?

Black Winds: That must be one gay 'zine!! When I read this question I laughed for 0.5 hours! Send me a copy of that review.

DeathLörd: I've run into alot of people that find our kind of music too extreme and abrasive. It never makes sense to me when I hear this. This is EXTREME Metal and therefore must be EXTREME! It just proves to me that there are too many wimps involved in this scene and they should be immediately removed! That review from Rock Hard is perfect!! Only wimps read that mag so that review must have kept them far away from our cult!!

A lot of bands call their music Black Metal, but they sing about paganism, mythic and so on... But I think BM should be satanic and with blasphemic, antichristian lyrics. What means real BM for you?

Black Winds: Black Metal should be what you said plus barbed wire, bullets, grenades, beer, and bitches!!!

I think true BM needs evil intros for darker and better atmosphere and then the coming song must crush barbaric in the end of the intro with speed like "Fallen Angel Of Doom" or "Beast Of Damnation" from BEHERIT. Is this also your opinion and will BLASPHEMY use intros in coming releases?

Black Winds: BLASPHEMY will always use intros/ outros.

Where get BLASPHEMY inspirations for their music and lyrics? Who is responsible for the songs?

Black Winds: We get inspiration after a Black Metal Powerlifting session or a night in the boneyard out in Victoria BC!! "Caller Of The Storms", "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals" and myself wrote all of the early songs.

Tell me your ten all time albums, "Black Winds" and "DeathLörd"!

Black Winds: SARCÓFAGO - "INRI", RAZOR - "Evil Invaders", HELLHAMMER - "Apocalyptic Raids", DESTRUCTION - "Sentence Of Death", SODOM - "In The Sign Of Evil", BATHORY - "Debut", BATHORY - "The Return....", BATHORY - "Under The Sign....", POSSESSED - "Seven Churches" and CONQUEROR - "War Cult Supremacy".

DeathLörd: BLASPHEMY - "Fallen Angel Of Doom....", SARCÓFAGO - "INRI", BEHERIT - "The Oath Of Black Blood", BATHORY - "The Return....", SODOM - "Obsessed By Cruelty" ( Euro-Version ), POSSESSED - "Seven Churches", MYSTIFIER - "Wicca", VULCANO - "Bloody Vengeance", VOIVOD - "RRRROOOOAAAARRRR" and MASTER'S HAMMER - "Ritual". Of course this answer would be a lot different if I were to include demos and EP's in this list.

Complete this words:

Chris Moyen

Black Winds: Brutal Black Metal Artist.

Black Witchery

Black Winds: The best US Black Metal Band


Black Winds: Metal, beers, and bitches!

DeathLörd: The Capitol of Metal


Black Winds: Useless to us. White Magic. ( I meant the cult band )

DeathLörd: MYSTIFIER!!!


DeathLord: "Rumpus Of The Undead" and "Upheaval Of Blasphemy" are total cult!!!!! The full-length was killer as well!!!


Black Winds: Black Metal Powerlifting!


Black Winds: BEHERIT and the Brazilian band!

DeathLörd: A very important word for me. I hold both' Holocausto Of Bloody Fucking Vengeance' and the Brazilian band in the highest of regards!!!

Cunt Blasphemy

Black Winds: Everyday life.

DeathLörd: An obsession of mine!! Indulge!

Can you mention me some interesting newer bands in BLASPHEMY, BEHERIT oder MYSTIFIER style? What are good bands from Canada? I know only GODLESS NORTH, ESKER, FROZEN SHADOWS, SHADE, ESKER, CONQUEROR, REVENGE, SACRAMENTARY ABOLISHMENT and some more and of course the old classic bands like SACRIFICE, RAZOR, SLAUGHTER, VOIVOD etc...

Black Winds: Add INVICTUS, NEKROMANTIK KURSE, and ALLFATHER to your list!!

What is the mysterious about Ross Bay? The cemetery looks really dark and ancient!

Black Winds: What you really want to see is the catacombs underneath the cemetery. You have to enter from 2 miles away!! This is where the rituals take place and where the real mystery is.

DeathLörd: Ross Bay Cemetery is the place of cult worship!!

People said that the BLASPHEMY guys love beating and a few years ago rumors were in Germany that the end of BLASPHEMY was because the shouter stabbed somebody with a knife and he gone to jail. Are this only rumors or is something true by this stories?

Black Winds: That story is just a rumor but we do like to stomp people.

I heard that "Bestial Saviour" had a problem with a member from DESTROYER 666 and gave him a big punch. What was the reason for this trouble?

Black Winds: I'm not quite sure what happened. I didn't see it happen actually...

What's going on with "Ace Gustapo" and "Traditional Sodomizer"? Have you still contact to them?

Black Winds: "Ace" - Turned yuppie / hippie.... "Sodomizer" - always Black Metal powerlifting attending shows, laying down some beatings, attending Black Metal shows, and keeping it bald!

And still two questions what I want know from the past. I have read long time ago a interview ( end of 93 I think ) in German Iron Curtain Zine. This was made during the "Fuck Christ" live tour in Germany and "Caller Of The Storms" did it. He told that you ( "Black Winds" ) left the band because you were not satisfied with the whole situation. Why you used this way and what was the reason to leave BLASPHEMY?

Black Winds: I couldn't handle the falseness of "Ace Gustapo". He forgot all of the bullets, grenades, and chains. He's the one that should have got the "Big Punch "

"Caller Of The Storms" said also in this interview that the third album will be the brutalest BLASPHEMY album. Had BLASPHEMY written new songs at this time or have you still old unreleased songs what are waiting for a release?

Black Winds: We have a couple of new songs ready for release.

DeathLörd: This next album will definitely be the most extreme BLASPHEMY release yet!!!!!

Ok! Thank you for spending time for this interview! This was also a personal interview for myself! Hope that we will see us again on a German tour and drink together lot of alcohol! The last sodomizing words belong to BLASPHEMY! Hail!!

Black Winds: WAR!!!!!!!!!

DeathLörd: Hails Heiko!! Next time we meet we will drink the 80% until we barf black blood!!!!! DARKNESS PREVAILS!!!!!!!

Interview done by

Bestial, deathripping, infernal, megabrutal mayhem!!!!!!!!!!

These are the words to describe this Canadian quartet. BLASPHEMY consisted of four blood-dripping vampires. They've just released their debut LP ( "Fallen Angel Of Doom" ) on Wild Rags records. It's a killer!!! Buy or Die!!! For the moment, read the following interview with "Black Winds" ( bass / vocals ) AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!.....

I know that this question is awfully boring, but, I have to do it. How & when did the band start?

By "Pussy Desecrater" & "Storms", "Hearts" in late '84 with a couple of long breaks in between.

After a great demo, you released a magnificent LP. Are you satisfied with the sound?

It's the best we could record for 2000$ can. But, if we had 10000$, it would rule. Maybe next recording & the demo was only 800$.

How did W.R rec. approach you? & are the guys in it O.K.?

WE approached him in the killer death metal store in Los Angeles, but, before that we sent him our demo & stuff he said he've seen us in many 'zines & thought it was cool!!!!!

How would you label your music?

Black death doom desecration morbid violent dark occult style!!! Also quite negative.

Your lyrics are sinked in Darkness & Lust! Why do you write this kind of stuff?

Cause that's we are into. The desecration of God must prevail!!

Are you affiliated with the Church Of Satan or you have your own worship method? ( order, coven )

We are in contact with few different groups yet.

You have a dark & weird image ( I like it a lot ). Tell me about it.

Yes, we like to be possible, cause that's the real us.

Your plans for the future?

To support all vaginal desecration!!!

What about Greece? Do you know anything about our scene? ( bands, zines )

Ya, it rules with: ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON, NECROMANTIA & a couple others too. We would love to play there with all!!!

A last prophecy for our believers?

I summon thee oh mighty Satan to come forth from the searing lake of fire, thy unholy might doth hold dominion over the teeming heads. SALVE SATANS!!! SATANS!!!

Interview done by ? / CHEERZ! ZINE #1, 1990

Here we have an interview with this band, that way you'll get to know them better...

Short intro to know BLASPHEMY...

Started late of 84 with a couple of 6 month breaks & some member changes.

How would you describe a poser?

Spandex, hairspray, lipstick on a guy.

Are you against religion?

Pretty well, except for occultism, Satanism, black magic.

What comments have you heard about "Blood Upon The Altar"?

Pretty interesting, that it's totally evil, noisy.

Have you played in the U.S.?

Seattle, San Francisco.

Which has been the most significant gig you've ever had?

Waterfront, Town Pump, Vancouver.

Are you trying to get a message to your following?

Yes, to get more people into our: Nuclear, anabolic black metal, sleezecore, violent, morbid music.

What kind of music do you listen besides metal?

Noisecore, old punk.

If you had the chance to go to another country to play, where would you go?

Europe, U.S. & Mexico.

What do you know about the Mexican scene?

That it is big.

What problems would you like to solve?


What's you opinion about the girls into the underground scene?

It seems to me very well, mainly by the groupies ( that abound here ). There is a girl here who has her own station of black metal noise.

Is it important to have musical studies to form a band?

Yes, both guitarists have been playing for 12 years & me only 7.

Future plans & address...

To play Singapore with SARCÓFAGO, our address is :

1031 E - 59 Ave.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V5X 1Y8

( As you can read, these boys are very difficult to be asked, hope you liked it, je je ).

Interview done by ? / CORONERS REPORT ZINE #3

Canada's kings of Black Metal BLASPHEMY have plans of releasing their new LP fairly soon, so these evil dudes will be desecrating your stereo once again. The title of the LP is to be "Gods Of War". I interviewed their new ( ! ) bass player "Necrosleezer". So you can kick back & find out the latest with the band.....

What have you been up to since the release of "Fallen..."?

A few gigs here & there, a member change, being me, but it's still BLASPHEMY.

Are you still talking with Wild Rags & is your new LP going to be on WR?

Oh yes, we don't know if Wild Rags are for us just yet. We are still speculating which label.

What are some of the new song titles?

"Necrosadist", "Gods Of War", "Emperor Of The Black Abyss", "Nuclear Desolation", to name a few.

Do you have the money to have a good recording this time?

The instruments which we used weren't too professional & out of tune & tuned too low, so this time we'll finally get the sound on the next LP.

When will you record it?

A deal may go through tomorrow, it may go through next year... who knows?

What goes on at the Ross Bay cemetery?

Lots of witches & guys running around in hoods late at night.

Will you ever lose the make-up?

No, not with this music.

How many shows have you played & with who?


Is black metal all you like?

Mostly or Doom Death, or Gore Death.

Do any of the band members parents know about the band?

Yes, they are very active. "Black Winds'" grandmother helps out a lot. Mine & "Caller Of The Storms'" parents are very supportive.

Do you guys pretty much stay in hiding from society?

Most of the time, or you might see us at a heavy show in Vancouver.

Any influences now?

Well now, our music is our common knowledge so us I guess.

Why don't you use your real names?

Why do you choose your names? Because you want to be known as that. ( Good point - ED )

You say you earned your names, what does that mean?

In the beginning we had many Rituals & Ceremonies. ( Oh, that clears it up - ED )

Do you have the new cover art for the LP?

Yes, we do have the artwork. Very blasphemous, but with a traditional theme.

Did you ever make it to the show in Calif.?

Ontario, Ca. is a weeks driving away for us so no we weren't there, but I saw MORBID ANGEL, ENTOMBED, UNLEASHED, BOLT THROWER, etc... in the last few months.

Any last words?

All remember the intentions of BLASPHEMY are to record that new record, so stay tuned for it... "Gods Of War"!

c/o "Necrosleezer"
17398 64 Ave.
Surrey BC, V3S 1Y7

Interview done by ? / DEATH POWER #4, 1990

Spanish to English translation by Tania I.

How many people go to your shows?

It depends, at our best shows we have about 500 but usually around 200.

What about drugs, do you use them?

Yes, there are some good ones; skunk herbs but preferably Elephant beer!

How long did it take you to develop / achieve your [ music ] style?

It didn't take us a long time that song since we started at the end of '84.

Who do you hate?

Posers who are just in for the ride.

Do you believe there is a future for BLASPHEMY?

Yes, since we signed with Wild Rags and now we're spending around $3000 to $4000 USD for our new recording. We only spend $850 on our demo.

Do you think it's necessary to tour in order to gain more fans?

That's highly probable.

What about religion?

Only Satanism and Black Mary.

Do you have any problems with other bands?

No, not really.

How have the reviews been in other 'zines?

They have been really good in Eternal Torment, Rotten 'zine printed by the XYSMA boys in Finland and a few others.

Are you satisfied with your demo?

Not really even though the effects were good.

Do you have any new material?

Yes: "Fallen Angel Of Doom", "Desecration", "Goddess OF Perversity", "Darkness Prevails", "Necrosadist", "Gods Of War", "The Desolate One". Revelations and also older material.

How is a day in the life of BLASPHEMY?

Totally EVIL!

Any anecdotes?

Seeing "Black Priest" dressed in a cape / cloak placing 3 roses at the cemetery of Ross Bay, he didn't even notice we were watching him... it was fun.

What do you know about the Chilean scene?

We've only heard about ATOMIC AGGRESSOR but we know that there are many more, we would like to do a few gigs there.

How come your old guitarist left the band?

Because he was very confused with our religion but he's now returning to normality.

Any last comments?


The Desecraters
1031 E. 59th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.
V5X 1Y8

Interview done by ? / DEATHVOMIT ZINE

From the unholy elysium of angelrippers & non-ascetic devil worshippers comes BLASPHEMY!!! These guys certainly do not themselves of pleasure or religion, nor have they devoted their lives to God in hopes of a divine life free from sin & evil!!! On a typical, average day, BLASPHEMY have their ways of excoriating the rotten, fetid flesh from the ministering spirits & the anencephalic clergymen who dare to enter the unconsecrated Victoria sacrificial grounds!!! Don't let their appearance fool you!!! Yes, there is such a thing as a black metal skinhead!!! These guys are diseased!!! Well, let's get to the interview with the totally sacrilegious "Black Winds" ( bass & lead vocals ) for one of my favorite bands, BLASPHEMY!!!

( Once again the traditional question! ) When was BLASPHEMY formed & who are the current members?

The band was formed in late 1984, but we used the names ANTICHRIST, DESASTER, THRASH HAMMER, & then we finally came up with the name BLASPHEMY a couple of years ago. We never did any gigs while using the other names! We did have a couple of rather long breaks in between each band. The current members are: "Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" ( new guitarist ), "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" ( drums ), "Caller Of The Storms" ( lead guitars ), "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" ( bass & lead vocals ). "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals" has left the band!!!

Obviously these are not your real names! How did you come up with these names & what are your real ones?

They are our ritual names & we've earned them! Our real names are Gerry, Marco, Jeff & Sean.

Are you pleased with the outcome of your "Blood Upon The Altar" demo? What do you think could have been changed?

Yes, the outcome of the demo was great! It brings back memories of my childhood Satanic baptisms! It was not too bad but it could have been done better with the right kind of cash. It seems to be doing good & is usually a fave, we usually get a bit of mail everyday from people buying tapes, shirts, & other bands writing. The mix was down, but anyway the next one should be better!

What is the concept of the demo, & what are the lyrics pertaining to?

They are in the interest of old, early, traditional Satanism, as well as modern day. The lyrics are sick!!!

Do all of your songs focus on the dark, Satanic side of things?

Yes, & we believe in the desecration of mind & soul brain-washing techniques!

Do BLASPHEMY have any newer songs in mind which are ready to record?

Well, we have some old songs & a couple of newer ones. They are: "Desecration", "Darkness Prevails", "Hording Of Evil Vengeance", "Goddess Of Perversity", "Fallen Angel Of Doom", "The Desolate One", & "Necrosadist". We will probably record in a couple of months.

Is Ross Bay Cemetery your favorite one or do you have another? Why is it your favorite?

Because it is where many cults of Pagan witchcraft & Satanic cults used to practice all of the time. There is even a book on one particular Satanic cult that did some real evil stuff! It's called Michelle Remembers. Not too many cults practice there anymore because there is really heavy security there at night, somebody desecrated all the tombstones! All over Victoria B.C. there are many Satanists. Victoria, & Switzerland are to be the official churches of Satan. Victoria is definitely our fave!!!

Do BLASPHEMY play live often? If so, what other bands are there to play with?

Yes, we used to but most places don't like getting desecrated by the people who come to see us. We haven't but we will soon. We might play in Las Vegas, Nevada real soon! Other bands to play with in Vancouver are WITCHES HAMMER ( broke up ), FATAL HATRED ( broke up ), DAYGLO ABORTIONS ( too scared to play with us ), ARGGATHOR, CAUSTIC THOUGHT, ARMOROS, O.O.C., WAYSTED, SCUM, & alot more!

Have BLASPHEMY gotten many good responses? Do other zines give positive or negative reviews? Which ones?

Yes, great reviews & great responses as well as interviews from: Rotten Zine in Finland, Eternal Torment Zine in Poland, Satanic Death in Japan, Holocaust Zine in Poland, Sepulchural Noise Zine in Norway, Uniforce Zine in U.S.A., In My Viens in France & many others we forgot to mention, but we thank anyway.I heard we had bad ones from Ripping Headaches from Florida. There must be a bunch of kiss asses over there or something, either that or posers! But probably both!!! ( Do I detect a bit of hostility in this? Retaliate Bruce!!! - ED).

Is fire-breathing involved in your live set? Are there any other acts you perform on stage?

Yes, it usually is included! We have "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater" carried out in a coffin. There are tombstones, barbed wire, beer, bitches, warpaint, bloodspitting, etc...

What does BLASPHEMY hope to accomplish as a band?

Just to get the message across!!! We don't care about the money!!! We are true Satanists!!!

Any last comments?

To lay in waste & to deprive!!! Evolving from despair & desolation!!! Drink Elephant & thank Jeff for the interview!!!

This is once again the conclusion of our broadcast! Tune in tomorrow for another exciting story of: As Satan Fucked Mother Theresa In The Ass!!! This is truly a band that many have to experience!!! "Blood Upon The Altar" demo tape is $7 ppd. & double sided T-Shirts are $15 ppd. in S, M, L, XL. All orders come with pictures & lots of sick info. Get the urge & splurge!!! Write today at:

BLASPHEMY c/o The Desecraters,
1031 E. 59th Ave.
Vancouver B.C.
V5X 1Y8

Interview done by King Wolle / DESECRATION OF THE VIRGIN ZINE #5, 6/2001

In the meantime it should be known in the underground that old Canadian Death / Black force BLASPHEMY is active again and also did a few live shows ( for example with BLACK WITCHERY ) in the last year, and as fan of this legend I'm very proud to present you here an interview that was answered by "Black Winds" in his short style that is known from the old interviews answered by him.......

BLASPHEMY are together since some months and already played a few live show. Please give us a short background about the bands work until now ( new songs, rehearsals, etc ). How was it for you to enter the stage after so many years again?

It was brutal to play those shows, as me and Warlord are listening to the new NIFELHEIM with Othalaz from GODLESS NORTH, a true Black Metal band from Vancouver.

What were the reasons to re-form BLASPHEMY in the year 2000 and do the members still have the same feeling, spirit and enthusiasm like years ago? Do you think that any other of your ancient warbrothers will reborn their bands to conquer the today's shitty scene?

To bring forth an apocalyptic holocaust of destruction for the new millennium. Yes, We have the same feelings, but a little bit more brutal. It would be nice to see BEHERIT come back to Black Metal life!

As far as i know you are still looking for an LP / CD deal... How are the chances to find a new "home" for BLASPHEMY? What can we expect from upcoming releases?

Yes, there are few...

Mostly the old death / black forces are dead today or changed style in today's fast and dying scene, Do you think there's still enough space left for an old death / black force like BLASPHEMY? Are you not afraid that the shitty scene and business will bring the dead to your band like once in the past?

Yes, there's plenty of room in our city alone. We have true black metal bands such as GODLESS NORTH, NEKROMANTIK KURSE.

Around 7 years ago you made two tours through Europe. Please tell us about your remembrances! What kind of expectations would you have from a 3rd tour?

Yes I remember having to tour with gay band called GORGUTS, with a punk named Luke who actually thought that Glen Benton "DEICIDE" was the devil himself. Fuck they were, so bad, and Luke's playing the fiddle drove me to leave the tour. He's lucky, I didn't give him a good beating!

Especially your first LP is hard to find today and it's a rarity, and also bootlegs of it exist! What do think about this and the idea to re-release both LP's?

Hopefully we are going to re-release it on Osmose.

After the split of BLASPHEMY some years ago you formed the band NECROSLEEZER and recorded a 4-song tape called "Popekill". but nothing more happened. Please tell us the story of NECROSLEEZER and the reasons for stopping it!

I didn't have anything to do with NECROSLEEZER, only "Black Hearts" and "Ace Gustapo" did. Now We are listening to SPEAR OF LONGINUS who do a song of ours called "Demoniac".

I think the four songs are too good to let them unreleased, so What do you plan with them?

NECROSLEEZER is long time history!

How did it come that Ryan Förster joined BLASPHEMY? Who from the old line-up is still with you?

After listening to CONQUEROR we knew that he would be perfect for BLASPHEMY. True Satanic Skinhead! Also their CD just came out and it was more brutal than NECROSLEEZER! Now it's me, "Black Hearts" and "Caller Of The Storms".

At the end your last news and forgotten words!

Yes, very sorry it took so long to give you a reply. Thanx and long live the Satanic Skinhead Legions!

Interview done by Pildora / DIABOLIC FORCE #2, 7/1990

Spanish to English translation by Tania I.

Why the name BLASPHEMY?

Because we are absolutely against god. We are Satanists.

How many demos have you recorded?

We've only recorded one so far, but we are back in the study and ready to record a second one.

Tell us how you come up with your songs?

First, we compose the music, and then we write the lyrics. We make the final touches in the end.

What do you know about the Colombian scene?

We know that cocaine is cheap and there's a lot of war? The band we admire from out there is HOLOCAUSTO.

What do you think about religion, drugs, and violence?

It depends what religion you're speaking of. Drugs are an everyday thing for us. Violence is fun.

Tell us about Canadian Metal.


What are your favorite bands?


What do you think comes after death?

You go to Hell for a grand orgy.

How many gigs have you played?

About 7 so far, but we're going to play 3 in the US.

What is metal for you?

Black death that vomits.

What are your future plans?

Continue in the same path and form, but heavier and more unpleasant.

Would you cease being an underground band someday?

Eventually, but we are sure that we'll always listen to the underground.

Any last comments?

Long live beer, prostitutes! Our demo is available for $7 dollars and includes a photo. Thanks Pildora for the interview.

Interview done by Keith D. / ETERNAL DARKNESS ZINE #3, 1990

From Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada come BLASPHEMY playing a very fast brand of doomy black / death in the vein of early SODOM, early VENOM, & of newer bands like NUNSLAUGHTER. They released a successful demo last year called "Blood Upon The Altar" & they have recently been signed to Wild Rags Records. Their album will be out in August of this year hopefully. This band is totally original & extremely perverse!! The band is great & yes, I have brought to you an interview with "Black Winds" the bassist / vocalist of this great black / death metal band.

When was BLASPHEMY formed?

In late 1984 by "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" ( drummer ) & "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" ( bass / vocals ).

What is the present lineup?

Everybody except "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions" & "Black Priest Of 7 Satanic Rituals".

Were any of the members in any other bands?

Yes, the "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" was in WITCHES HAMMER but they broke up.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Old SODOM & HELLHAMMER if any. With a bit of BATHORY maybe old RAZOR & old DISCHARGE for sure.

What about favorite bands?


Tell us how the Wild Rags deal came about?

We just sent Richard some photocopies of some killer reviews from different zines & our demo & we even dropped him a line when we were in L.A., but we played on in Seattle & San Francisco.

Tell us about your upcoming album.

It was recorded as the beginning of April & it's pretty good, but it could've been even better if we had about another $1000. It's titled "Fallen Angel Of Doom" & it has some morbid intros & outros & it will be on red vinyl or cassette in August.

How did your "Blood Upon The Altar" tape sell?

It sold more than we thought it would, about 1000 copies. They're all gone now.

What inspires you to play this music?

Violence & Morbidity.

Define our music for our readers.

Black death, doom, desecration, noise metal of misery.

Any good death metal in your area? Ever heard of DERANGED?

PROCREATION & DECADENCE. Yes we heard of DERANGED & ARMOROS from Victoria, just speed metal. We have lots of speed metal like THE KILL, EXECRATOR, VERTEX, & more. So you see we are kind've burnt out from the speed metal here because there isn't much originality in it.

Have you any hobbies?

Practicing the ceremonial rites.

What are your favorite TV shows?

Twilight Zone, Current Affair, Americas Most Wanted & Cops or should I say Pigs.

Do you guys like gore movies? Which are your favorite?

The Driller Killer, no just kidding. Porno Sex With Satan.

What do you think the future holds for BLASPHEMY?

Hopefully about $10,000 & a couple more albums & hopefully some Compact Discs.

Do you guys plan to tour the states? Where do you want to play? With what bands do you want to play?

Not until we get some tour promotion. We would like to play Illinois, Pittsburgh, L.A., New York, actually everywhere. We would love to tour with any of these bands - SARCÓFAGO, BLOOD or SAMAEL.

What do you think the biggest problem we Earthlings face & what do you feel can be done about it?

Well us welfare Earthlings face some small checks & I think the only thing we can do about it is desecrate the offices & stomp them with MAJOR Force! & demand some serious Anarchy!!

Anything else to add?

If you want our album, send to Wild Rags or the European BLASPHEMY fan club, c/o Lejune "Evil" Ludo, 40 Res Les, Becots, 62152 Hardelot FRANCE. Wild Rags is - Wild Rags Records, 2207 W. Whittier Blvd., Montabello, CA. 90640, USA.

Any closing comments?

Desecrate the church & rape the angels soul!

Well there it is in black & white BLASPHEMY the gods of perversity!! I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did bringing it to you. Remember their album is on Wild Rags & it should be out in August!!

Interview done by Kelly / EXHUME ZINE #3, 1/1993

BLASPHEMY from Canada needs no introduction. They have been grinding out their own brand of black metal for quite a while now. They are finally planning to release their much awaited second album, "Gods Of War". The following interview is with "Necrosleezer".

I understand that you are the new bass player for BLASPHEMY. Why did the old bass player leave? How did they find you? Has the musical direction of BLASPHEMY changed as a result of your joining?

Yes Kelly, I am. This story goes into detail. You see; our old bassist is still with us. He ( "Black Winds" ) just wanted to add me in for his own reasons ( total enthusiasm, etc. ). They found me in another band of total grind / chaos / punk / core. And no, the music that I'll be contributing will be looked at by all the members of BLASPHEMY. Some of my stuff will be good, & some of it might need a bit of reshaping.

When is your new album, "Gods Of War", coming out? Will it be on Wild Rags? Have you gotten any better offers from other record labels? Are you trying for a better production this time? What is the new album artwork like? What subjects do the new songs cover?

The album comers out in February / March of '93 on Osmose Productions ( France ). The production will be better. We have 2000 guitars & drums now which took work to get, but it will be better ( Keep in mind that we hate clean recordings that you could eat a meal off of. ).

I read some of the band members' parents are very supportive of the band. Do they really know what you are all about? If so, then what do they say? Do they ever come to see you play?

Yes, they are very supportive; but at the same time, they aren't in the first row at our shows. They keep an open mind, but wouldn't go so far as seeing us live. They're happy that we're happy.

How did you get into the occult? Did you grow up around it? Will BLASPHEMY always keep the same image ( i.e. make-up, leather, gun-belts, etc. )?

I got into it by ignoring my homework in high school with a big interest in bands such as BATHORY, VENOM, & old COVEN. Yes, we will keep our image. As a matter of fact, you will see it escalate.

Are you sick & tired of zines asking you the same questions, especially about Ross Bay Cemetery? Do you think that zines are really that much of a help to underground bands? Have you had any problems with any zines ripping you off?

No, because some of out fans live in shitty countries like Poland, U.S.S.R., Croatia, etc. I have the utmost respect for these people for them to get in touch with us, & our communication means a lot to thee. We must oblige. Hail!

Is there much musical censorship in Canada? I know that some censorship is bad there, like Fangoria being placed in the eighteen & over rack? Any horror movies censored very badly there? Do you have any problems selling your merchandise there?

Yes, very much so. These badly hypocritical examples condone censorship to save people from anything getting in their eyesight. ( Huh? - ED )

Do you feel the black metal is about to make a comeback? It's already big in the Scandinavian countries. Do you feel BLASPHEMY has been ( will be ) a big part of that resurgence? Are you afraid that it will become ( has become ) too trendy?

I feel that it can never become too trendy. Trendy is SEPULTURA, DEICIDE & OBITUARY. Black metal has always been very popular in my book; but with DARKTHRONE's "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" ( Vile 28 CD ) on Peaceville, it could get very popular in places that we've never seen.

Do many death / black metal shows pass through your area? What is the scene like there? Do you get to play much? What is the audience response like? What are the best zines?

No, we saw CARCASS two weeks ago. The audience was great, but their time is limited. True freaks must work for the money in order to live. A package of cigarettes in Canada is $5.25 ( Canadian ) & six beers are $8.00 ( Canadian ). The best zines are Sonic Fallout & Balance Of Terror.

Where do you see BLASPHEMY going in the years to come? What are your personal goals with the band? Do you think that you will reach them?

BLASPHEMY will do "Gods Of War". We enter the studio in four days. The rest goes out to our loyal fans & labels. Who knows? If there is a surge of curiosity towards us, so be it. I know that I had heard METALLICA records for years & years, then I would want to check out black metal, for it can't be that bad ( Ha Ha Ha!! ).

Thanks for your time. Anything to say in closing?

Thank you for doing this interview. This interview was lengthy for me; but unlike those other bands, I can give one word answers that would make you wonder or make you laugh just the same.

c/o "Necrosleezer"
Surrey B.C.

Interview done by Timo / FALLEN PAGES ZINE #2

BLASPHEMY from Canada... Kings of Black Metal! Fighting at same vein as BEHERIT, NUCTERMERON, SATANIC EVIL & few godly others... "Blood Upon The Altar" & "Fallen Angel Of Doom" those master pieces. Yeah, let's read what Black Metal Skinhead "Black Winds" answered to my shitty questions...

How is going with band???

ALL RIGHT! We just played a gig in Victoria with the DAYGO ABORTIONS. Lot's of bitches & Satanists!!!

Are you full satisfied with "Fallen Angel..."???

Of course it could have been much better with more money.

It's May now, so how many copy's have album sold since releasing???

About 6000.

Is Wild Rags good label & tell about your deal? How much do you get money, etc...?

We get $1us dollar for each sold LP, CD or MC.

Which Finnish bands you know & best?

BEHERIT are the best with XYSMA as far as I know.

What do you think of BEHERIT's new 7"???

Total bitch fucking music!!!

What did you mean in one interview ( Intestinal Mag. - ED ) when Holocausto ( BEHERIT ) asked about your old book "Wine Of Satan" & you said that idiot buried it! What or who did you mean???

Ah! Just some clown I've not seen for 9 years.

What about Nazism? You are skinheads, but not racists. So are you only some kind of Black Metal Skinheads???

Well, I drink with lot's of hardcore people, but fuck Yeah! we are Black Metal Skinheads!

When will we hear your new material on vinyl???

About 6 months. ( what??? - ED )

Fave zines??

To many to mention.

Have you got any problems with cops or churches when you are desecrating graves, etc...?


Tell something about all of you??

We live in east Vanc. & go to gigs 3 times a week. Drink with bitches...


Lord of combat!!!

Anything else???

Write to us. but enclose IRC!!!

Interview done by Mr. Azag / FALLEN PAGES ZINE #3

I thought that it'd be nice to read some news from BLASPHEMY-camp... & here we go... Mr. Azag of worms did send me this stuff he had made with BLASPHEMY's newest member: Mr. "Necrosleezer"...

What’s with the new band lineup, who’s doin' what???

"Black Winds" vocals, "Necrosleezer" bass, "Black Hearts" drums, & "Caller Of Storms" lead guitar.

Rumor has it that BLASPHEMY has LP coming out soon - on a new label???

Yes, its called "Gods Of War"!!!

What do you think of the stuff BLASPHEMY did before you joined?

"Blood Upon The Altar" is probably one of the best Death, Doom, Demos ever made.

Do you get much mail? + from where?

Tons! From Poland, Germany, US, Canada, Greece, etc...

Ever try killing anyone?

No, who knows maybe someday.

Rumor also has it that BLASPHEMY will be touring Europe soon, will you be laying siege to Finland???

We definitely hope so! Actually we might be going there because our tour consists of all Europe except England, Ireland & Scotland.

Where do you jam? + how often?

"Caller Of Storms" lair. Often!

Fave bands???

Well, let's just say all the great ones we all know & love: ROTTING CHRIST, BLOOD, IMMOLATION, AGATHOCLES, IMPETIGO, BEHERIT & DARKTHRONE.

BLASPHEMY is always lookin' to play local gigs, but you can't seem to find anyplace that will let you play. What’s the fuckin' deal???

Actually, who cares... Most of Vancouver ain't worth it anyway.

The Victoria boyz are going to be doin' some black magic later this eve, is there anyone that you want an evil spell cast on???

Cast a deadly Spell on all these asshole cops in L.A. who beat the shit out of Rodney King & got away with it!

Famous last words???

Please don't send money to us for hoods, we have none made + they are very expensive, no one has money to make them ( can't say when either ). If anybody wants them, we just got NEW double-sided shirts printed up, $15 ( postage included ). Also, look for the "Gods Of War" to be released on Osmose Productions ( France ). Thanks to Fallen Pages + everyone else. Write us at our new address & don't forget to enclose an IRC.

5640 177b St.
Surrey, British Columbia.
Canada. V3S 4J1.

Interview done by ? / FINAL HOLOCAUST ZINE #7

At least since the release of their "Fallen Angel Of Doom" LP, they are in every black metal mouth. Also known as Black Metal Skinheads, BLASPHEMY certainly perform one of the most extreme sounds ever put on vinyl. Now, as a lot of other bands on Wild Rags, they quit their former label & signed with another one. In BLASPHEMY's case, Osmose Productions took over the contract & the result is the "Gods Of War" album which should be out when you read this. They also will soon be on Europe tour together with IMMORTAL. I wanted to know a bit more about the evil horde & sent them a few questions, which they kindly answered...

Can you tell first us a few words about how BLASPHEMY came together & did the lineup change a lot?

The line-up in BLASPHEMY hasn't changed much at all, I have not tried to change a thing.

What made you decide to play this ultra brutal kind of black death?

VENOM - wanting to play faster & still be very heavy, BATHORY, SODOM, HELLHAMMER, much blacker & doomyier.

You released your first LP "Fallen Angel Of Doom" on Wild Rags Recs. Were you satisfied with the way it came out?

We are not satisfied with that album because we never got paid or we've never seen any proof of figures as to who's sold what & how many albums have been made & so forth.

Now you signed with Osmose Productions. How did it come to this deal?

This came about by one of the bigger labels telling us no, but mentioning Herve was, & one call to Osmose & the deal was made.

Can you tell us abit more about the upcoming new BLASPHEMY album. Are you happy with the end result?

Our second LP is called "Gods Of War" on Osmose Prod., distributed by SPV, due to be released on March 93. Yes the result is fine.

You are also preparing to go on tour through Europe. What are your feelings about it?

Yes, we are looking forward to it.

A lot of bands who play a very brutal music do not always listen to this music. How about you? Do you always listen to black metal or are there any other kinds of music you like as well? & how about hardcore?

Most hardcore are soft mellow straightedge. As far as any other kind of music, we'd like to know something harsher than black metal.

Which bands would you like to play with on tour or single gigs?

BLOOD ( Germany ), ROTTING CHRIST ( Greece ), IMPETIGO ( USA ).

By the way, did you play live alot & what does a BLASPHEMY gig look like?

Not a lot lately but we have done many. Lots of chains, bullets, blood, face make up, very abrasive vocals & usually more livelier sound.

What will BLASPHEMY be doing after the tour?

Writing to make a better album, more songs ( than on "Gods Of War" ) & all new material.

Is there any special merchandise people could purchase through you?

Not right now so don't send money. Write to us & send IRC's for any other news.

Is there anything you want to add for our readers?

Thanks for the view, but the new album & see ya in Belgium!!!!

Interview done by Maciej Fluder / FUCKER ZINE #3, 1992

Polish to English translation by Pawel W.

Here comes an interview with a very dark, mysterious and black metal band from Canada. All the band members use pseudonyms and they feel much better when their real names are not given. "
Black Winds" is a bass player and a vocalist, as well as the band's spokesman. He's not too talkative but well...

Tell us about BLASPHEMY.

BLASPHEMY was formed in late 1984; we played in the vein of old VENOM and DISCHARGE. We also like bands like ROTTING CHRIST, SODOM, BLOOD, DERKETA, SARCÓFAGO, BEHERIT, IMPETIGO, DOOM, XYSMA and so on.

What's the response to "Blood Upon The Altar" demo been?

That has been really good! We've sold like 900 copies and sent out circa 350 promo copies. Could be even worse if we had been tryin' to reach all the zines around which is impossible of course!

Tell us about the metal scene in Van?

It's all right. But there's too few death metal gigs; most of bands play speed metal.

What are your thoughts on the "Fallen Angel Of Doom...." LP? How do you like it?

It's been recorded as well as it could be it for the money we had at the time. Next time we're going to have even more funds, so our next album is going to be the state of the art.

There is no lyrics included. What's been the reason for not including the lyrics?

Including the lyrics could cause troubles to us.

What are your thoughts on the intro and outro, why did you use 'em?

We used some STRAVINSKY's tunes ( "Rite Of Spring", "The Firebird" ) and MUSSORGSKY's ( "Night On Bald Mountain", "Pictures On An Exhibition" ) plus any trax which we think to be wicked, morbid and full of violence!!

Tell us about your lyrics.

Well, the "Goddess Of Perversity" is totally depraved, the destruction is full of violence. We just get interested in some issue and we use it.

You label your music as death / black / doom / desecration ...so you are Satanic Skinheads!

There's a lot of reasonable guys in the death metal movement who happen to be skinheads. So we got our heads clean shaven in order to make the 'Legions Of Hate' satisfied, though I must say we're used to long hair...

Tell us about your pseudonyms.

The reason why we are glorifying war is because we are at war with god and our pseudonyms are the ritual we had to deserve to attend.

You are from Canada so why you're releasing your stuff thru Wild Rags Records ( an independent American label ), instead of some Canadian one?

Coz L.A ( another label ) is closed, Wild Rags Records is killer and every time you hear two words: money and CD's... it's just laughable!!!! The BLASPHEMYs relationships with the label are similar to those there are between a murderer and a victim. This is our band name BLASPHEMY is all about!

Tell us about your future plans.

In January 1991 we planned to visit Singapore together with Brazilian SARCÓFAGO, but it to no avail. We have new trax now, much heavier when compared to what we've previously recorded – it's full of violence and hatred – just pure fuckin' massacre!

Any last words?

Buy our albums, ask for them at shops, demand our LPs! Buy our T-Shirts and stickers. Our merchandise is available from Wild Rags. Just write 'em and ask for our stuff!!!!!!

Interview done by Wilhelm / GALLERY OF THE GROTESQUE ZINE #IV

Mr. Förster should be well known to most of you as the ax behind CONQUEROR, which dominated Canada's extreme metal circuit for a years before it's eventual demise & rebirth as REVENGE. Having no more to do with either band except for a continued comradeship with the still existing REVENGE, Förster was most recently inducted into the Ross Bay cult of BLASPHEMY who after some years have come back together with a few new members, including Förster who now wears the ritualistic name of "DeathLörd Of Abomination & War Apocalypse". Under the black wing of BLASPHEMY, "DeathLörd" has a new role to play in the continuation of the Ross Bay veterans & a chance to... Looks as if my introduction speech has been cut short, I hear some snarling, howling, & screams of torment coming from The Gallery's entrance. The sounds of machine gun fire & all is silenced... Mr. Förster has arrived.

Good evening, Mr. Förster. Let's arouse a bit of curiosity into the visitors with a proper introduction to Ryan Förster. Perhaps you could provide a few words in this case...

I am R. Förster. I've been possessed by the Metal curse as far back as my memory recalls. I've been involved with the following hordes of desecration: CONQUEROR, BLASPHEMY & DOMINI INFERI.

Pre BLASPHEMY: Your involvement with CONQUEROR was well recorded. We all know the demo "Antichrist Superiority" & LP "War Cult Supremacy". When & why was CONQUEROR formed & this music used as an efficient audial weapon?

Both J. Read & I were involved in the most extreme of Metal prior to CONQUEROR. We knew each other's ideologies & had the same vision of what Metal should sound like. At this point in the underground Metal scene, most bands were taking a melodic keyboard driven direction like their European / Scandinavian superheroes were. It was only natural that the two of us would harness our hate & create a band like CONQUEROR as a release for our innermost loathing of humanity & in exalt of our Superion Lord. This type of music is the only lifestyle powerful enough to convey our inner darkness.

J. Read & yourself were able to form a solid unit with CONQUEROR,  sharing like views, but i understand there were some differences that ended the life of CONQUEROR. Are you two still in contact? Is there any chance of a co-operation again in the near future?

We never had any differences. We just ended up in different cities. We are still very much in contact with each other. Another co-operation cannot be ruled out.

You mentioned in an older interview that there is enough unused CONQUEROR material to fill an album. Will any of these songs be released or re-recorded? How do they differ from the material on "War Cult Supremacy" for example?

REVENGE ended up using one of them on the "Superion Command Destroy" EP released by War Hammer Records. The unused CONQUEROR songs were along the same lines as the "War Cult Supremacy" material. Of course we have now proven that we had no intentions of wimping out or anything. J. Read is destroying the world with REVENGE & I was / am desecrating humanity with BLASPHEMY.

Suppose CONQUEROR have never disbanded, where would it be in terms of musical direction or lyrical direction / ideology? Would it be the same CONQUEROR?

We planned only to be faster, harsher & more extreme. The direction we were taking was the obvious one after releasing an LP like "War Cult Supremacy". It would have been a continuation of the carnage & devastation. We were pushing our own limits on every hymn we created.

...& suppose you were able to change a few things on the debut - would it be done? What?


Both J & yourself share some philosophy dealing with a "Superion" concept, which is supposedly very real. Unfortunately, there might be some confusion to what this is. What is a Superion? furthermore, how is it important in regards to the individual? Elitism?

Supposedly?? It is VERY real. I have yet to clearly answer the question of our Superion Philosophy, yet people randomly contact me with a definite understanding of the concept. Superion is the ultimate apex of strength, wisdom, power & the deepest blackend hatred. I prefer to leave it at that.

CONQUEROR or REVENGE? REVENGE of course being J's new band... From a musicians & fans perspective, how could you compare these two bands? Consider - Speed, aggression, technicality, production & ideology. Does one outperform the other in any of these categories?

CONQUEROR & REVENGE are one in the same. If any releases of REVENGE were unleashed under the CONQUEROR banner, no one would have so much as flinched.

Could REVENGE have benefited from you involvement, or are they quite capable at this point? What do you think about their music + the addition of Pete ( ex ORDER FROM CHAOS )?

REVENGE is the best band in Metal today!! They are quite capable of their Genocide Conquest without my fulltime involvement.

From CONQUEROR, you've moved on to help a local cult band, the unconquerable BLASPHEMY! Particulars on this are a must.

They have always supported CONQUEROR & when I found myself living in close proximity with them, the decision was made to enlist me.

Before your introduction into their cult, did you have contact with BLASPHEMY? What significance does their music have that you can identify with?

I've been in contact with these warskin desecraters long before I lifted my BloodAxe in their name. It can be left unsaid that BLASPHEMY is the FINAL word in extreme Metal. It was THE significant moment in my existence when I first heard the "Fallen Angel Of Doom..." LP. My life was changed ever since then.

State your position, & ritual name, in BLASPHEMY.

I am the "DeathLörd Of Abomination & War Apocalypse". I am one of the BloodAxe Desecraters along with "Caller Of The Storms".

Your "ritualistic" name is "DeathLörd Of Abomination & War Apocalypse", & was given to you by "Black Winds" during a ceremony. This is interesting. Where & when did this ritual take place, what is involved & what did you "gain" from it? Is there any relationship to physical or psychological abuse during the rite?

I wasn't ritually introduced into BLASPHEMY until after a few rehearsal sessions. Once I learned a few of their songs & proved my worth, the next step was the ceremony. I will not give particulars ( of course )  but since you touched up on the right topic I will give a little insight. There was a psychological session that took place during the ritual which cleansed me once & for all of any remaining human emotions I had leftover. Any "normal" ideas I had as far as partaking in society goes are permanently erased from my thoughts. I have absolutely no desire to get married, having children, or contributing to the social order in any way. I remember back in the beginning of the CONQUEROR days having a faint glimmer of hope for humanity. Now that is all but gone...

"Live Ritual - Friday The 13th" as it was dubbed was a recent show, performed by BLASPHEMY, & the first in quite some time - "Black Hearts", "Black Winds", "Caller Of The Storms", "Bestial Saviour" & of course "DeathLörd" were all present. How did you manage as part of the lineup? Did you perform as expected without any "tie downs"? How did the audience respond to the set, under BLASPHEMY?

The audience response to our return was incredible. Every show we played with that line-up was devastating! We rehearsed quite often so performing the songs live went without difficulties...

Tell me more about the show if you will. I wasn't there, but a few reported a hell of a day!

In particular, that Friday the 13th show was poorly organized. It was part of some "festival" that the promoter put together. The turnout was great & the audience responded well. The soundman was useless. There wasn't as much violence that time but the drug / alcohol abuse was just a rampant as usual.

Will your presence be in BLASPHEMY for further annihilation? Is this at all what you would consider as enjoyable, or a job? Why or why not?

If the BLASPHEMY war assault is once again unleashed, I will be involved. I don't look at doing this as a job or a hobby or anything like that. It's just what I do.

Up to this point, are you worthy enough for them? What makes you input valuable to the band?

That is something that one of the other members could only answer. Obviously they would have removed me if I wasn't up to standard.

I'm sure since the past few years there have been some crazy, over the top & blasphemous stories to tell in regards being apart of BLASPHEMY & their activities. All the room here is for you to share, & the visitors are eager to hear.

All that I will say is that those guys really are as extreme & psychotic as their image portrays. I could probably tell you some great stories face to face but I prefer not to get into anything here. I don't want to inadvertently get on one of their bad sides...

Still there is much to discuss, so don't think about leaving just yet. You gave mention somewhere of a band of your own & in it's infancy so to speak. Sounds interesting to me. What should we know?

I am currently working on music for my new entity. It will be known as DOMINI INFERUM. The sounds will be the familiar assault of complete chaos & other members of BLASPHEMY will definitely be involved if I can get it all together.

What made you vulnerable to the more esoteric & extreme elements of society, "existing" & music? How were these things first considered to be "normal" or "important" by your standards?

I really can't remember. Ever since I was a child I was attracted to these elements. My upbringing was rather normal. I was brought up in a boring upper middle class household & I had friends & shit during my years in school. Those kids from Columbine make anyone into the darker sides of life look like misfit nerds. I've just always had a fascination with the grim, obscure & most importantly the evil side of existence but not because I didn't "fit in" or whatever. Metal was at its peak of popularity when I attended school & I've just stuck with it ever since.

Does your particular position alienate you from family or "former" friends? Is it possible to keep a balance in your relationships while still leaning towards an exceedingly negative outlook on "things", or do you have no thoughts or regret & / or reconsideration?

When I was working my co-workers would find it to be a challenge to be in my negative presence. I've received many complaints. I've also made bitches break down in tears with my lack of "caring" & "understanding". I hardly speak to any members of my family. I feel no need to be close with those people despite their constant attempts to contact me. But friends I've made even 15 years ago are still friends today. Make what you will of that. What is there to regret?? I'd regret getting into the expected traps that most people let themselves get into. I'd slice open my own neck if I was stuck with a wife, kids, mortgage, debt, & no Metal. These are the people that should reconsider. If you are in this situation get out!! Kill your family & then yourself!!

There's a blowhole of simple mindedness, viewing the need of creating without thought; taking averages & recreating them as an attempt to get on with the bandwagon. Obviously we're talking about underground metal music. Should mediocrity be an issue of utmost concern?

It depends on who you are. Myself, I just ignore these people. I don't support them & I'm not afraid to tell them the cold, hard truth about their "efforts" if they happen to ask.

Realistically, how could we deal with mediocrity in metal?

The solution is easy. Don't support these shit bands by buying their crap releases. Do not support the labels that flood the scene with this junk. It's a supply & demand situation & as long as there are wimps supporting the rubbish, the scene is going to stink.

Unrealistically, how would you like to deal with mediocrity in metal?

I'm not much of a jokester. I cannot answer this question...

Mediocrity can be found everywhere in underground music, & now in this huge "war metal" thing. BLASPHEMY often is tagged as such, but it's important to note that BLASPHEMY also predates this "movement". What follows them is less then exciting, but obviously the few exceptions can be found. What are your thoughts on this issue? Are any "war metal" bands that exciting?

Since I look at your message board I am aware of the agreement of a "war metal" trend amongst fellow AML members. I think the only reason that this type of music is getting more notice than others lately is because Death & Black Metal has been burnt out by the fucking wimpy bands that people insist on supporting. I guess that this more brutal style of Black Metal is about to be oversaturated & eventually destroyed as well. Again, the only way to prevent this is to ignore or attempt to discourage the bands involved. Look out for NYOGTHAEBLISZ on War Hammer Records & prepare to have your face ripped off!!!!

If music was an area you were unable to function in, what sort of activity would be to your advantage?

I really have no clue. I'm sure that I would have accomplished whatever I put my mind to because that's the type of person I am. Things just worked out the right way I guess...

Our utmost respect to you, Ryan, for the interesting tour of your activities. I've decided to grant you a few last words, of any kind. Diehard Metal Hails!

I am spending most the summer composing new assaults. By late 2003ce I will unleash some more vile desecration upon humanity if I can pull things together. The members of AML will be well informed of my progress.


Interview done by Wilhelm / GALLERY OF THE GROTESQUE ZINE #IV

After some recent contact with "The Sodomizer", a former member of WITCHES HAMMER & the notorious BLASPHEMY, i thought it would be interesting to get a few words from the big man himself to appear during our tour tonight. The obvious should be known - there's much hype around BLASPHEMY these days especially during the last few years. With a surge of interest & copycat bands it doesn't seem BLASPHEMY's music is going unnoticed any longer. Having been a fan of the band for awhile now & with the opportunity to interview a former member I was thrilled to get this short chat with "Sodomizer" on some issues regarding the rise of interest in BLASPHEMY, his time with the band & other relevant ( or irrelevant ) inquiries.

What's it like to be the "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity"?


How do you feel about interviews like this? Is there anyway we can make you feel comfortable while we examine "Sodomizer's" portrait gallery?

I just do them as they come & hope that by the end nobody's being hunted down & shot in the streets.

You were a key member of BLASPHEMY in the early days, composing instruments such as guitars & flute if I'm not mistaken. How did you get started in BLASPHEMY? Why were you asked to join?

I joined because we are all friends & we used to do shows together in the old days. That flute actually landed me in prison, so never mention it again.

On what material are we able to hear your performance ( in BLASPHEMY )? How would you rate your abilities then, to what you could probably do now? would you have changed anything?

"Fallen Angel Of Doom", & of course I'm a lot better now, it's been over 10 years.

How would "Fallen Angel Of Doom" sound if recorded now?


"Fallen Angel Of Doom" or "Gods Of War"? Which best typifies BLASPHEMY & why?

"Fallen Angel Of Doom", because it's heavier & we were hungrier, though "Gods Of War" is good to.

"The Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" is an over the top nick to say the least, but as I've been told there is some significance behind it. When & how did you acquire this title for use in BLASPHEMY?

It speaks for itself doesn't it? we all earn our titles through hard labor. I was given this title long ago, I can't recall the date.

Why did you end up splitting with the band?

Wanted to exploit as much as possible to become successful, & my greed took up to much time so I told the guys that I would be leaving so as not to hold them back.

You mentioned to me that there is a possibility of returning to BLASPHEMY in order to work on new material - awesome! When can we expect something fresh?

We are in constant discussion on this, so whenever we want is when it would happen.

Is there any specific member that you identify most with?


Will the reformation work? Were you present during their first live performance after they came back together with both old & new members? Was this the same BLASPHEMY as in the early 90's?

It could work, & i never miss a BLASPHEMY show, The line up worked well but I still like the "Fallen Angel" line up the best.

What sort of relationship did / do you have with the other members? This is interesting - how did you guys socialize, work out differences & make decisions? Is it true your group was really as nuts as has been hinted at, or is it all a myth?

I don't know man, you tell me. We live a lifestyle that to say the least borders the fringes of society, we are the tightest of brothers because to become one of us takes a lifetime of dedication & a certain mental state that only a few people can handle, most drop off the face of the earth after a few years because they never had the balls to ride with us.

Who exactly is "The Goddess Of Perversity" & what was her role in the band? Are you still in contact with her?

She was & is my partner in crime, we breath the same fire & are conceived of each other.

BLASPHEMY, despite the cult interest, has been given some flack by a few who proclaim that "Niggers shouldn't play in black metal". These degrading remarks are of course aimed at "Caller Of The Storms". Is this even appropriate? Have there been any confrontations at a show or hate mail in regards to "Caller's" presence in the band? More importantly, has he addressed this issue or passed it up due to lack of interest?

We have no time for these bastards, if they have the balls, bring it on, we will destroy any of these children, but no one has ever confronted us face on.

Speaking of "Caller..." someone gave me word that he was releasing a series of official BLASPHEMY back patches & such & other merchandise. How can we get a hold of these?

They will be made aware to the public as soon as there made on any BLASPHEMY web page or link.

BLASPHEMY's history is legendary among many a metal fan. We've all heard a handful of bizarre stories involving the group & associates. Unfortunately, many of these tales have been kept under wraps for obvious reasons. Maybe i could pick a few out of you though that might generate some interest among the Gallery members, while staying safe ( ? ). Fill us in on the dirty stuff "Sodomizer".

Ha, I'll only say that i would quickly become an endangered species if I were to begin spewing the deeds of the most Satanic Black Metal band that ever existed, enough leaks through the grape vine to keep people on the know of were we are coming from.

One particular story was quite amusing, about a goat & a helmet. Something else... oh, yes i remember now. But I wont spoil it for our friends. You know the rest, how goes it?

Actually I don’t know, you tell me. Are you talking about the rest of the goat story or what?

Yes, of course! It's a much hear Marco, & certainly you know that such a story belongs in The Gallery. What exactly happened that night? Was it video taped?

That was never video taped. It was a friends pet that was wearing a German army helmet, so we tied roman candles to the lid & set them off. It was pretty funny 'cause the goat didn't know what was going on, just that these real huge explosions & 20 ft. flames were flying off the top of his head, so instinctively he started trying to escape. We couldn't see him after awhile, because the farm was about 6 acres, but you could only see the huge fire works display going off at all different areas of the field & for a split sec. you could make out the shape of this goat in the distance with an army helmet & roman candles going off, running like an idiot, totally hilarious, when they finally stopped he just came back as though nothing happened, the helmet protected the little guy from suffering any damage.

Fights: also an area of interest here. I heard a lot of heads have been cracked in the name of BLASPHEMY. What have been your personal experiences?

Always a joker that wants to feel what it's like to be a part of the floor. Someone always wants to test the waters, gotta see how hot it is.

Have you ever had more than you can handle with such a person in a scrap?

Yes, I've felt that bone in my nose shift many times, its all apart of the program.

Judging by older BLASPHEMY photos, it appears you must have overdosed on protein powder, steak, raw eggs or some other potent fusion of that variety. There is often mention of an emphasis on "Unholy power lifting" which is indeed very useful. Obviously, this is where you fit in. hat exactly is "Unholy" power lifting & why was this important as part of the theme of BLASPHEMY?

We are the sound, the feel, the look & the lifestyle 100%, Blood in Blood out.

Ross Bay is always something brought to attention in seemingly every BLASPHEMY related interview. But this is quite OK. If you were to compose a short, esoteric story concerning this area, how would it go? What about the "Severed Goats Head"?

Ross Bay is in the area of this world that points to the gates of Hell, simple as that. I found the severed goats head on the beach at the front of the place really weird, why had it not been removed earlier? That was a little unusual for such a public place. Watching naked girls rolling around on the freshly cut grass was always amusing at Ross Bay. Years earlier a massive storm had tore the front of the cemetery to pieces, sending coffins & bodies floating everywhere, some hundreds of years dead. There is a hidden tomb stone of a buried witch there that is under some bushes, quite odd, the writing is hieroglyphic & places the time of death from the early 1900's, when I found this the fellow that had lived near the place his whole life was astonished that he'd never seen it before. This place points to the gates of Hell, Satanists have known this for 200 years, that explains the fantastic beauty of the area. When I stand at the front of Ross Bay in the time before dawn facing the ocean & close my eyes & listen to the wind you will hear distinctly the sound of the dead.

The visitors stand in fright, shock & awe. I resent this, "Sodomizer". We should convince them that there is little evidence to show that you are at all violent, venomous & spiteful person & rather a kind, gentle, caring... Ok, I think I'll stop now. Maybe they're just vegetating, like always. Typical. We can reactivate them by discussing a bit of background information on yourself - what should we know about the "Sodomizer"? Take it away.

Nothing, except that I played on "Fallen Angel Of Doom" & belong to the cult of Ross Bay, Black Metal Skinheads.

You played extensively in the cult Canadian group WITCHES HAMMER. Unfortunately, there's really not that much interest in them, despite a few excellent demos & rare recordings that have been made available... What was your involvement with this killer, ( extinct ) formation?

I began that group when I was 15 & stayed till I was 20, we were the first heavy act in Vancouver B.C. Canada, everyone else followed us, for a short while we could only play with punk bands cause there just weren't any metal bands around yet.

There's been some talk about a label in the US that will make the demos & album accessible on LP for fans. What's the latest word with this? Do you think the time is appropriate to give these WITCHES HAMMER recordings a proper release? Will a CD containing the same work be considered?

This will be released in July 2003 & I couldn't care less about the timing only that its being put out is very cool, that style of metal is very old & dated but I still dig it sometimes. Our other stuff will be released later & is a lot more aggressive sounding though still in the mid 80's style.

I was never really clear on when or if WITCHES HAMMER would reform to play again, but the thought sounds great. Is there any possibility in this or not?

No, unfortunately our drummer passed away & he was the original member & integral part of the sound, so it's not going to happen.

What are you doing right now that we may, should or must know about?

I am doing exactly what I've always done, & its all good, live & breath Black Metal.

When did you start getting involved with underground music? What bands did you have prior to BLASPHEMY & WITCHES HAMMER?

I have been involved since about the age of 13, so around the time of bands like EXCITER, RAZOR & VENOM first began to emerge. I didn't start playing till I was 15 because I only started playing the guitar at the age of 13.

Did you ever get into any demo trading or begin contacting any underground bands? Canada has a huge pit filled with excellent old extreme metal, most were still in the demo stages...

I used to trade stuff with Jeff Waters from ANNIHILATOR & many guys that were into the scene from back east Canada.

Steve ( ex WITCHES HAMMER ) & yourself have a new band I hear plays something like old hard rock & heavy metal...

Kinda sounds a little like THE HOOKERS, we just fuck around with it & spew shit out constantly.

With the sudden interest in BLASPHEMY, I would suspect that you've been bombarded by interested - & obnoxious parties wanting to know whatever they've always wanted to know about the band. We should realize that since the group, including the old members, have made themselves more visible that this attention would only be obvious, among both old diehards & "rookie" BLASPHEMY fans. How does this bit strike you? Is it at all annoying to be subjected to such interest or is it good to know that there are still people who support what BLASPHEMY has done?

Sudden interest! Man this has been going on for more than a decade, it's great to have so many people around the world that share the same passion. Wherever we go there are black metal fans, & as far as waning interest goes, we aren't going to change who we are & probably lots of others around the world feel the same way so whatever. I live this, This isn't a passing fad.

Is this attraction to the BLASPHEMY camp sincere or just a passing thing? Do you expect these same people will be fans three of four years from now?

I only give a damn about whoever sticks around, I don't expect anything from anyone, there’s always going to be an interest in metal bands that have made any impact on the scene.

While we are on this subject let's take a look over there, at that example sheet on the wall. It's quite long & lists many current bands that seem to be emulating what BLASPHEMY has done before. A few bands out of that list are quite excellent, but the rest... I don't know what you think in the case. You?

I like alot of them as long as they bring their own style to the influence, everyone is influenced by someone else & as long as you take that knowledge gained from that experience & use it to channel your own sound, all is good, grow from there & keep the style moving forward.

"War Metal", as it has been tagged, is the new "in" thing both as a style of music & mentality. Snot or not? How should this style of metal be approached - with suspicion or respect?

It is war metal to discern the sound from more traditional black & death bands, however in the end I think it will get stuck with the black metal tag.

What are some ( new ) bands you're getting into now? Why are they interesting?

Hmmm, I like ANGEL CORPSE, GOD DETHRONED, NAKED WHIPPER, GODLESS NORTH, NEKROMANTIK KURSE, CONQUEROR, not all that new but i like the raw sound these bands have, very stripped & bare, no bullshit just raw sound.

Underground music is really not so underground any longer, due in part to huge label interest & the internet for example . How were things different in your years with WITCHES HAMMER & BLASPHEMY compared to the current? OK, Marco, let's look at:


More is available to everyone therefore its better to market yourself these days. Also everyone is so desensitized that not much is truly shocking so though its easier to gain acceptance, its harder to make an impact.


Way more bands now.


Too much comedy metal. But a very unpretentious scene & not half as crazy as it once was.



Same bullshit as before.



How do each of these differ between then & now?

The same except the interest has made it much bigger.

Was it a bad thing? It seems any techno dork can download a black metal MP3 with the click of a button, thus the discovery of underground music by otherwise mainstream mentally types.

It's always nice to have this sound that you can claim as your own, but its impossible now, it does piss me off a little, but not enough to really care too much. Plus these geeks buy the tickets so whatever.

What do you think of subjects pertaining to philosophy, nature or religion? Are these things of any concern to you, or have you other areas of interest to help pass the time?

I have my own & don't care what anybody else does with their time.

If you could ask me something pertaining to what you might perceive of me at this point, what would it be & how do you think i would answer?

Me me me, it's always about you isn't it?

I should have you flogged for that. But in any case, I'll hand you the whip to beat this idea into shape: If the "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" could do anything not involving a band, what would it be & how would it be done?

Ride my Harley mostly, or perhaps whittle kittens into interesting shapes. Mostly though I imagine it would be drinking, drugging & whoring.

It was most excellent to have you along, Marco. The guests are hinting at the possibility to tears, though I don't know if they are sad or just... Melting away as inner forms taken over external forms. In any case, what will you end with in response to these poor melting creatures?

Fuckin wimps, your weakness has burst my hatred for you into a pair of mighty talons, I will now give you reason to cower & crawl into the slimy depths from whence you came. Behold!

Interview done by ? / GRAVE DISGRACE ZINE #2, 1992-1993

Russian to English translation by Ivan B.

There are some unique and even extravagant examples in the infinite multitude of death and black metal bands. BLASPHEMY is such example for sure. First of all, they were the only band of this sort of music in Canada for a long time. In the second place their music is quite hard to be describable; according to BLASPHEMY's guys' opinion, it's "black-death-doom-desecration music". However one zine tried to describe it and called it like "incredible mixture of NECROVORE and SARCÓFAGO of their best eras". Next point is the appearance of these guys: morose bald war-hawks with corpse-paints, maniacs of War. It's quite strange combination for death metal: bald head and such music! "
Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" ( yeah, this is his name! ) ( bass / vocals ) did a comment: "We are quite cool band for death metal and pleased to be skinheads. That's why we shaved our heads and entered the Legions of Hate, although we get used to have long hairs. Warlike patterns on our faces means our constant war with God, but we should deserve our ritual names yet".

Firstly they were just a bunch of fans when they created their band in the end of '84. Guys played old songs of VENOM and DISCHARGE. Only in '89 they recorded the first demo with their own songs entitled "Blood Upon The Altar" which was selled about 1000 copies and yet 350 copies were sent free as promo.

"Yes, it was hard work, but it would be even harder to try to get our demo reviewed in all possible zines, it's impossible without free copies!" - "
Black Winds" thinks.

After demo was recorded, "
Black Priest Of The Seven Satanic Blood Rituals" left the band and was replaced by guitarist of speed metallic WITCHES HAMMER, "The Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity". The rest of the band are two guys: "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" ( atomic drum thunder ) and african ( ! ) guy named "Caller Of The Storms" ( lead guitar ). They sent the tape with some photocopies of most "killer" reviews from zines to Wild Rags Recs and got the contract. So the debut album "Fallen Angel Of Doom" was done in the end of august of '90.

"We've got the best recording of what we could try to get with the money given to us, but it'll be better next time - a real masterpiece! We used some stuff of Stravinsky ( "Rite Of Spring", "The Firebird" ), Mussorgsky ( "Night On Bald Mountain", "Pictures At An Exhibition" )... generally all that dark and furiously pathological stuff. Lyrics... Well, on "Goddess Of Perversity" it's quite perversive, but on "Desecration" it's mostly about violence. We are focused on such themes and writing about it... about defilement of all mankind. Human race must be extincted and it shall be supreme law!"

Just before the album was released, BLASPHEMY played some gigs with local DECADENCE, FATAL HATRED, WITCHES HAMMER, PROCREATION, O.O.C. as well as a couple shows in the U.S.A.. But American journalists failed on band strongly with criticism, though it didn't harm rapid tempos of album's sales. Probably nobody had read those reviews in official press and Wild Rags even offered free copies to each journalist who wish ( just for fun ). Magazine writers came to dullness - one of them began to sign his articles as "Black Winds"! However it was no use, because nobody can say anyone what he ( she ) must to listen to... Well, it's time for real "Black Winds" to answer on inquest:

Why did you choose contract of Wild Rags? Did you have any offers from Canadian independent labels?

We've chose W.R. because Los Angeles is more preferable to our taste spiritually and it is killer label. In Canada all talks about CD... money... it's funny. We have great relationships with all from our label!

"Fallen Angel" is a way too short, isn't it?

Yes, it is short a bit.

Some assholes says that satanic lyrics is a fascist...

No, not at all!

What make you to write such stuff what you play?

The real life and satanic sleazy rituals.

What is happening in BLASPHEMY camp now?

In January '91 we wanted to tour in Singapore with SARCÓFAGO from Brazil. But it was cancelled. New stuff became heavier, more pervert and violent... It is sweeping our previous stuff away. We would like to title our next LP as "Godz Of War" and it will be more into black metal than ever!

And when will it be released?

As soon as they will be ready to pay our studio bills.

Can you name any new tracks?

Our new tracks are: "Godz Of War", "Atomic Nuclear Desolation", "Emperor Of The Black Abyss", "Blood Upon The Altar", "Necrosadist". And we will put some demo tracks: "War Command", "Blasphemy", "Nocturnal Slayer", "Blasphemous Attack". One new song will be called "Black Mass" and also tons of intros.

Did you spoiled any songs?

No one.

What are your previous members doing today?

"Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals" came back to us, "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions" is playing now in chaos punk band TUMULT. They are total war noise.

What are your fave bands?


What can you say about Canadian / Vancouver scene?

It's alright, but we don't have enough gigs for death metal here. Our clubs are open mostly for speed metal weaks. However we aren't the only band of the kind here, PROCREATION were black metal too, but know they are more into death metal.

What do you think about situation in Persian Gulf? Are you real maniacs of war?

Yeah, we would like to play our gigs there!

Did you kill anybody who was against you or your ideals?

Not yet.

How do you imagine the near future?

Mushroom-like clouds under blood-red sky.

How much influence has church in Canada? Is it at war with you?

No, it isn't, because it already lost the war.

Any last wishes?

Stay sleazy. Pay your attention to some good classics, for example Prokofiev ( "Alexandr Nevsky", "Cantata", "Scythian Suite" ), Stravinsky ( "Rite Of Spring", "The Firebird" ), Mahler ( "Symphonies V & VI" ), Mussorgsky ( "Night On Bald Mountain", "Pictures At An Exhibition" ). I recommend this stuff to any occult ones learning black magic or satanists. We used some pieces of these classics for BLASPHEMY's intros, it sounds effective.

"Black Winds" asked also to note one radio-show from Vancouver. It's the only show what broadcasting black metal, so all bands of the kind support this show and it will support you. It's on the air each Tuesday from 18:00 to 20:00. Send your tapes to: 211260 East, 16th Street, North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7L 2S9, CANADA.

Interview done by Niko Sirkia / HAMMER OF DAMNATION ZINE #2

Gods Of War - The Satanic Skinheads

BLASPHEMY sure are one of the major black metal bands of today. Everybody familiar with death / black metal should know their already legendary recordings, the demo entitled "Blood Upon The Altar" & their debut LP "Fallen Angel Of Doom"...

By now they are about to record their second album, which will probably be entitled "Gods Of War". What else is there to say? Nothing more but: Hammer Of Damnation magazine proudly presents: BLASPHEMY, the Canadian sleezecore Satanic skinheads!!!

All right, let's get started, finally. What's going on in the BLASPHEMY camp by now?

Black Winds: Just getting ready to record "Gods Of War". & we cheered out a PROCREATION gig last night.

Are you satisfied with your debut album? Why didn't you include "Nocturnal Slayer" on the album? That one was my fave along with "Weltering In Blood" on your demo...

Black Winds: Yeah, it's a killer, but would have needed a better recording. "Nocturnal Slayer" should be on the new LP.

Is there going to be any other tracks from your "Blood Upon The Altar" demo which weren't on your debut LP?

Black Winds: Yeah, "War Command" & "Blasphemy", maybe also "Blasphemous Attack"!


Why the hell ( damn right! ) wasn't there the lyrics for all of those tracks on the album? It would have been interesting to read them.

Black Winds: Cause they are too incriminating!

Tell us something about the deal with Wild Rags.

Black Winds: We get $1 US a copy & it has sold about 4000 copies.

Have you done any new tracks apart from your demo & LP? If you have, please tell something about them! Is there any noticeable direction you've progressed your music?

Black Winds: Only black metal & that's what it will always be! Our new tracks: "Gods Of War", "Nuclear Desolation", "Emperor Of The Black Abyss" & "Necrosadist".

Hey, I remember I've read from somewhere ( meaning Peardrop 1, I guess... ) that "Necrosadist" is an old song!

Black Winds: Yeah, but it still rips!

Describe your songwriting process. Do you perhaps have to sacrifice to Lucifer to get that unbelievable power into your songs?

Black Winds: Yes, of course!

But where's that description? Okay, let's forget it, but how would you describe your music?

Black Winds: Nuclear, anabolic, black metal sleezecore!

Ah no, I'm not going to ask your influences this time ( the most usual one I think ), but what are your favorite bands?


What is your gig situation like? What tracks do you play on stage? & describe your live show.

Black Winds: Not the greatest, cause BLASPHEMY gigs are almost prohibited in this city. We have tombstones on stage etc...


What is the death metal scene like there in Canada? Are you the only Satanic death metal band in Vancouver / Canada? Mention the best bands in your opinion.

Black Winds: There's only PROCREATION & then just speed metal.

Hmm... I would say you have a large death metal scene in Canada. But is there a real movement of the Satanic skinheads? & what do you think of Nazi skinheads?

Black Winds: Not a huge one, I don't think. Nazi skinheads usually live to boring of a lifestyle.

How long do you think BLASPHEMY will exist? Do you think you could keep playing suck deathly stuff when you're over 30 of age?

Black Winds: I hope BLASPHEMY will exist for many years!

What do you think of the ones who mock a band just because they don't like the band's ( Satanic ) lyrics? Do you take lyrics more important than music or vice versa?

Black Winds: I hate mockers! I usually like both the music & the lyrics.

Do you follow the world situation nowadays?

Black Winds: No.

What's your opinion on underground zines?

Black Winds: Very deathly!

What do women mean to you?

Black Winds: Vaginal desecration!


What on earth is the connection between  you & XYSMA ( you both thank each other on your thanks lists )? Have you heard a new XYSMA album Yeah yet?

Black Winds: XYSMA have the killer "Swarming Of The Maggots" demo but I have not heard their LP.

Probably you wouldn't recognize them as a same band if you compared their demo to the LP... but what about other Finnish bands? Have you heard any Finnish ( Satanic? ) death metal bands? What's your opinion on them?

Black Winds: BEHERIT is one of our faves...

When asking "Black Winds" if he has read H.P Lovecraft's novellas, does like them & does he see there any connection between these deities ( such as Cthulhu ) & Lucifer he squares them just saying simply: "No."

Let's then talk about the "Black Priest Of 7 Satanic Blood Rituals", has he formed a new band yet? What were the reasons that he's not in BLASPHEMY anymore?

Black Winds: He has rejoined for the new LP. "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" bailed for the time being.

If I didn't misunderstand, the "Black Priest" was in jail... I wonder what were the reasons for it? Nah, now we are just slipping off from the band..... Okay, what are your aims as a band?

Black Winds: To desecrate every decent country like U.S.A, Canada, Brazil, Australia & the countries of Europe.

I recommend to commit a European tour soon, & at least a gig in Finland ( with BEHERIT would be nice! )!

Well, this doesn't by any means mean that I'd like you more dead than alive, but what would be your favorite way to die?

Black Winds: Overdoes on heroin! The best way to go!

If BLASPHEMY's music was a dinner course, what would it be?

Black Winds: Goat hearts!

Okay, that was it, I guess. So I won't take your times anymore, but if you have anything to add, feel free to say it!

Black Winds: Overdose!!!!

This concluding speech is just in it's right place to drop us into the abysmal darkness of confusion... BLASPHEMY t-shirts are for sale at Wild Rags, they cost $15. & if willing to write to the band, I'm going to give you the contact address, but remember to send IRC's if you want a sure reply!

c/o "Black Winds"
1031 E. 59th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C. V5X 1Y8

Interview done by ? / HELL NEWSLETTER ZINE

Here we are, the only one pure satanic chaotic black metal band from CANADA, the soldiers of hell, BLASPHEMY. I contacted the new bassist "Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands", and he replied the interview. He replaced "Traditional Sodomizer" and contributed his effort in "Gods Of War" album. Thanks and hail to you "Ace". WAR !!

Brief up the history of BLASPHEMY...

Started in '85 "Black Winds", "Black Hearts", "Black Priest", "Caller Of The Storms" did "B.U.T.A". '88-'89, "F.O.A.D" '90-'91 ( "Traditional Sodomizer" replaced "Black Priest" ) "Gods Of War" with me , "Ace" '92-'93 on Osmose.

Who's the latest members?

Me -Bass, "Black Winds" -Vox, "3 Black Hearts" -Drums, "Caller Of The Storms" -Lead Guitar.

What's the story besides Ross Bay Cemetery that it had so much involvement with BLASPHEMY?

The place has been used by us for our sacramental purpose.

How's Canadian Black Metal scene?

Not well only a few bands, but same with everywhere ( mostly ).

Will "G.O.W" be brought the same music approach as "F.O.A.D"?

Yes as far as I can see, oh yes...

Why did you choose Osmose for this 2nd. LP? What happen to Wild Rags?

What happen to Richard C. ( Wild Rags ) he can't come up with everything for us, never has never did, and probably we'll never see a penny from him ( except US $200 ).

Any merchandise?

Do we? yes from Osmose double sided "G.O.W" black t-shirt. write to them we totally authorize all BLASPHEMY fans to write Osmose for shirts and new album and not to Wild rags because we won't get it. Beside Osmose is Black Metal where else do you see PROFANATICA, PAN-THY-MONIUM, IMMORTAL... etc...

Any Malaysian or Singaporeans friends?

Yes and we always want to hear from more especially young female who want their pussies desecrated.

What will you do if you have a blonde bitch and a beautiful nun in your hands?

Shore the arms of the blonde up the nuns cunt for a real Fist Fuck..

Alright, last vomit to all maniacs...

We are returning shortly with "Gods Of War" on Osmose. Don't miss it for your life.


Interview done by Jari Kaukua / HELLSPAWN ZINE #2, 1992

It's really rare to notice a black metal skinhead in Finland. I don't know the case in Vancouver, but at least we can see BLASPHEMY coming from this city.

I think BLASPHEMY have an own & distinctive style, I can't think of any band sounding like them. They've used their influences well... What the heck, you've all heard their LP now & know what it sounds like so here's a little chat with "Black Winds"...

Are they’re any important news in the BLASPHEMY camp that should be unleashed to the crowd?

Yes. We are just getting ready to do our new LP called "Godz Of War", & it will be more black metal than ever.

What are the old members of the band doing now?

Well, "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals" has rejoined & "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions" plays in a chaos punk band called TUMULT. Total war noise!

There are pretty many bands in the Vancouver area, but are you the only black metal band? How about in the other parts of Canada?

Yes, but PROCREATION are also black metal. Actually, they are more death metal.

Are you happy with the contract with Wild Rags rec.? When do you think you can get the 2nd LP out?

As soon as they are ready to pay our studio bill.

You could tell something about the new songs on the 2nd album.

New songs will be: "Godz Of War", "Atomic Nuclear Desolation", "Emperor Of The Black Abyss", "Blood Upon The Altar", "Necrosadist". Old songs from the demo are: "War Command", "Blasphemy", Nocturnal Slayer", "Blasphemous Attack". Also another new one: "Black Mass" & lots of intros.

I've read from many interviews that you like XYSMA. Have you heard their new stuff? If yes, then what do you think about it?

No, just the demo & then the other stuff that sounded like CARCASS.

Do you have any racist skinhead friends? What do they usually think about "Caller Of The Storms" as he's black?

No Nazi friends cause they are all pretty young like 15 year old kids.

Have you dropped any new songs? If yes, then why?


When you're writing songs, how do you get the ideas? What are the influences to play stuff like you do?

Real life & Satanic sleazy rituals.

What is the most important thing in music for you? I mean, what must a song contain so that you would like it?

Atomic energy.

Have you any former bands? I only know that "Traditional Sodomizer" has played in WITCHES HAMMER, but what about others?


Describe your gigs. What effects do you have? Have you been banned anywhere?

Yeah, Vanc. Basically the bouncers tend to get beat up at some gigs & cops.

What do you think about the Persian Gulf situation in our near past? Are you really war maniacs?

Yeah, we wish were there to play gigs for them.

What do you think about VOIVOD, who must the most popular Canadian band? How about DBC?

VOIVOD wimped out, but I think RAZOR is most popular.

How strong is the church in Canada? Are they fighting against you?

No, cause they already lost the war.

Have you ever killed anyone? Would you kill someone who is against you & your ideals about life?

Not yet.

Isn't "Fallen Angel..." a bit too short? How many songs will you include on the second LP?

Yeah, a little.

Do you remember the time when you bought your first instrument? What was the first song you learned to play properly?


What do you see in the near future?

Mushroom clouds under a blood red sky!

You can add something...

Stay sleazy.

Write them at: The Desecrators, c/o "Black Winds", 1031 E. 59th, Vancouver, B.C., V5X 1Y8, Canada. "Black Winds" also asked me to tell about the radio show in Vancouver. It's the only one there to play black metal, so all bands support the shows & they'll support you. In the air every Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm. The address: 211 260 E 16th, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V7L 2S9.

Interview done by ? / HOLOCAUST ZINE #4, 1990

The Gates are open again & another Black / Death GODZ' recoming through!! This is BLASPHEMY from the depths of Canada, & like I said before they are GODZ!!!!! Their music is extreme, mega fast, pure brutal..... just great Hellpaced Death Metal! An unbelievable mixture of NECROVORE & SARCÓFAGO in their heydays!! But it is really hard to compare BLASPHEMY to any other band, 'cause they are quite original!!! For example look at their pictures! - how many bands who look that demonic 'nd brutal can you see these days? I am afraid not too many... I hope you remember the interviews I did with them in Holocaust #2 when their successful demo "Blood Upon The Altar" was out... BLASPHEMY have signed to Wild Rags Records & the debut LP called "Fallen Angel Of Doom" will be out when you read this!!! I am sure it will be something we all are waiting for! The return of Thy Lord, witches, impurity, dark powers, desecration, & infernal forces!!!!!! They are the true Black Metal Satanists & worshippers of Diabolos Rex - does it tell you anything, dudes???!!! I think that BLASPHEMY experienced the rebirth of Satanic Metal & they did it!!!!!!!!!! Right, here we have got the interview I did with "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" - the bassist & vocalist in BLASPHEMY & a real Holy Terror!!!!!!!!!!

How have you that offer w/ Richard's Wild Rags Records?

By sending him our tape & photocopies of some killer reviews in different 'zines.

How was the response for "Blood Upon The Altar" demo? Is it still available?

The response was great!! We sold out 1000 copies, no more left.

Your line-up has changed a bit since the demo was recorded, so can you say what's the BLASPHEMY's line-up at the moment?

Yes, the only change was "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals" ( guitar & back-up barks ) for the "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity". He is another Black Metal skinhead & ex member of WITCHES HAMMER - the other Vancouver band. The current line-up is completed with "Caller Of The Storms" - lead guitar, "Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" - atomic drum thunder & me on bass & lead barking.

Did you make a lot of gigs, with who?

Only a few with local bands... DECADENCE, FATAL HATRED ( no longer ), WITCHES HAMMER ( no longer ), PROCREATION, O.O.C. & a couple of gigs in USA.

What about the upcoming LP? How will the cover look like?

It should be out at the end of August, much better than the demo! It will has the "Fallen Angel Of Doom" on it....

What's your opinion of European bands? Do you listen to any of them?

Yes, I do, more Black Metal bands, like ROTTING CHRIST & SAMAEL.

What do you try to say in your lyrics? I think they got some important meaning?

The desecration of all mankind. Do what them wilt shall be the whole of the law!!!

Speaking about lyrics, some assholes say that Satanic lyrics are a fascist one, what's your opinion?


...& what about all these bands who uses Satanism only as a promo-trick?

Poser militia....

Are you into Gore / Horror stuff?

Yes, I am, but not to mellow, more into violent morbidity.

OK! Tell us how & where people can get your merchandises?

Our album will be for sale at WRR with shirts. ( I got one & it's great!!!! - ED ) Also our address has shirts with photos for $15.

Any message to the readers?

Yes, pick up some good classical like Prokofiev ( "Alexander Nevesky Cantata", "Scythian Suite" ), Stranvinsky ( "Rights Of Spring", "The Firebird" ). Mahler ( "Symphonies V" & "VI" ), Mussorgsky ( "Night On Bald Mountain", "Pictures At An Exhibition" ). I recommend this stuff for any Black Magic Occultists, Satanists, are any BLASPHEMY intros, effect listener.

Well, that's all!!!!!!!!!! Write them & please buy their album & shirts!!! The track titles on side one ( Side Darkness ) are: Intro ( "Winds Of The Black Gods" ), "Fallen Angel Of Doom", "Hording Of Evil Vengeance", "Darkness Prevails", "Desecration" & "Ritual". Side two ( Side Impurity ) features: "Weltering In Blood", "Demoniac", "Goddess Of Perversity" & the outro - "The Desolate One". So get this from WWR, 2207 W. Whittier Blvd., Montebello, CA. 90640 USA. I do not know the LP price, but just write & ask! ( do not forget to enclose 2 IRCS for sure reply!! ) You can contact with the band at: BLASPHEMY, c/o The Desecraters, 1031 East 59th Avenue, Vancouver BC, V5X 1YB CANADA.

Interview done by TWR / HOLOCAUSTO ZINE #1, 1991

Here is an interview with a very mysterious dark, black band out of Canada. All the members use stage names, & they feel better not revealing their true identities. "Black Winds" / bassist & lead vocalist, principle spokesman for the band:

Tell the readers about BLASPHEMY.


Your demo "Blood Upon The Altar", how well did that do for you... & the response?

The response ruled!! We sold maybe 900 & gave out over 350 for promo. It was hard, but, it would have been harder if we would have tried to get back to all the zines, just impossible.

What's the scene like in Canada --- Vancouver?

It's alright, but not enough death metal gigs, mostly speed wimpers.

Your LP, "Fallen Angel Of Doom", tell us your point of view on the recording, etc.

The recording was the best we could do for the budget we got, but next time I know it will be a lot more, so it will be a masterpiece.

You didn't put all the lyrics to all the songs on the LP, why?

They could have been incriminating.

Tell us about the intros, & outros, & why you used them?

We used stuff from Stravinsky ( "Rite Of Spring", "The Firebird" ), Mussorgsky ( "Night On Bald Mountain", "Pictures At An Exhibition" ) ... & all the stuff that is dark & violently morbid.

Can you tell us something about the lyrics?

Well, "Goddess Of Perversity" is quite perverted & "Desecration" is pretty violent. We pick topics & just write about them.

You label your music "Black / Death / Doom / Desecration Music" ... & you are Satanic skinheads...

There's a pretty cool bunch of guys here into Death metal & they happen to be skinheads, so we shaved our heads & joined the "Legions Of Hate". We used to have long hair...

Then the make-up & the titles for your names...??

The reason for the war paint is that we are eternally at was with GOD, & the names are our ritual names, we had to earn them.

You're from Canada, & you signed with Wild Rags Records, why didn't you sign with another independent in Canada?

Cause L.A. is close to us & Wild Rags is killer & when you hear the words... CDs & money... well, it all sounds fun. We have a killer relationship with everybody at the label.

What is in the future for BLASPHEMY?

We wanted to go to Singapore with SARCÓFAGO from Brazil in Jan 91, but that didn't happen. We have new material that is heavier, brutal violence & perversions... & totally overkillz the last.

Any last words?

Buy our LP, ask for it in the shops, demand it!! ... & get our T-Shirts, stickers. Everything is available from Wild Rags, write to them.