I decided to write about this band when realized that my old friend ( trader ) become a new member of reborn BLASPHEMY. With this information I started preparing questions and asked "DeathLörd" about interview. He replied that they don't like interviews and stuff like that. I've been waiting for answers for ages, two issues of our magazine were released and I had no answers. Meanwhile, I got an info that the band is dead again. This biography is written using some of "DeathLörd's" answers.

BLASPHEMY was started in 1984 by "Black Winds", his best friend "Black Hearts" and their neighbor "Caller Of The Storms". They were only twelve years old. The band started rehearsing some cover songs of SLAYER, SODOM and BATHORY. The very first name of the band was ANTICHRIST, later DISASTER and THRASH HAMMER. After renaming the band into BLASPHEMY, "Black Priest" joined in and the band started preparing 13 songs of which 7 were recorded at Fiasco Brothers Studio. Recorded songs became the only demo tape "Blood Upon The Altar". Asked "DeathLörd" what happened with the rest of the tracks and he replied that they were not good enough, not evil enough so the band throw them away. Demo tape had a great response from the underground and 1500 sold copies was a great result in the 80's. The band became well known act not only because of crazy music but also the way they looked and controversial interviews. The band labeled themselves as Black Metal Skinheads and declared their connections with strange organizations like "Legion Of Hate" for example.

BLASPHEMY started wearing make up and other warlike stuff. They explained that they have had the war with god all the time and that's why they used all that stuff. Marco, Sean, Gerry and Jeff started using nicknames. "DeathLörd" didn't want to tell me about their names, he only said that it was a result of some kind of rituals. The first line up of the band was: "Black Winds", "Black Hearts", "Caller Of The Storms" and guitar player "Black Priest". "Black Priest" started having problems with his girlfriend and his head so he was forced to leave the band. "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" took his place.

The band released debut LP "Fallen Angel Of Doom" by rip off label Wild Rags Rec. This mega rare LP got a terrible reviews all around the world. At least in official magazines. The band said that all the fuckers who wrote bad reviews are posers. "Fallen Angel Of Doom" had worse sound that bands demo tape but LP sold pretty well. If I'm right all the royalties were taken by Richard C. and band didn't get any bucks from that.

After the release of "Fallen", "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" left the band as he had work and some private obligations. If I'm right, he is the only band's ex member that is still with good relations with those devils. "Black Priest" returned to the band, "Black Winds" focused on vocals so bass was taken by new member - "Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands". The other thing that is important to write about is that "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" according to his name sodomized "Goddess Of Perversity". She was never a bands member but her ghost surrendered the band in the past.

In 1993 with "Ace Gustapo" in line up, BLASPHEMY recorded "Gods Of War". This LP was released by Osmose productions. Label organized bands first tour with GORGUTS and the first black metal tour with IMMORTAL and ROTTING CHRIST. This second tour took place without "Black Winds" who left the band. Deal with Osmose was very short because of drug problems of BLASPHEMY. "Black Hearts" destroyed some equipment at the plane and got into fight with policeman. Those affairs ended up in prison.

And whet about "Gods Of War"?? I have to be honest - it's really nothing special. Musical skills and sound were better but it wasn't what we expected from the band. Shortly after the band split up.

In the mid 90's, the band NECROSLEEZER was formed with 2 ex BLASPHEMY members. Shortly after birth, the band went dead. Same goes with "Black Winds" project called APOSTACY.

In 2001, the band started rehearsing and did some live shows with BLACK WITCHERY. Recording from one of the shows was pressed on vinyl by Nuclear War Now Productions. Later the same stuff was released on CD with some rehearsal stuff. The line up was 3 original members, "DeathLörd Of Abominations & War Apocalypse" ( known as Ryan Förster from CONQUEROR ) and "Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions" on bass / backing vocals.
( HH777 / 7 GATES ZINE  #4, 2003 - Polish to English translation by Pawel K. )

Yeah this is really a weird ( sorry ) band, but also a very cool band. They play black death metal. This is a very satanic band, & their image is strange, you can call them death metal skinheads. They was formed in 1984, They have released a excellent demo called "Blood Upon My Altar", is very cool, its sold over 1000 copies, & that's good for a demo, they have now released a LP called "The Fallen Angel Of Doom" on the American label "The Wild Rags", I have not heard the LP, but I'm sure you will love it. They also have t-shirts for sale, I don't know the price, sorry, but why don't you write to this maniacs & ask? The address is: BLASPHEMY, I03I E. 59th, Vancouver BC, V5X IY8, Canada. or for buying the LP you also can write to: The Wild Rags, 2207 W. Whittier Blvd. Montebello, CA 90640. USA. So why dont you write & check out the prices & buy all their stuff, real evil stuff. Mø sa kua og hørte på BLASPHEMY skiva 20 ganger, he he.
( ABNORMAL MAG #1, 1991 )

BLASPHEMY (Canada) "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" ( vocals / bass ). "Caller Of The Storms" ( guitars ), "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" ( guitars ) and "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" ( drums ) unleashed a raw sounding "Doombringer" upon this world in 1989 - their LP "Fallen Angel Of Doom" ( 10 Songs / 30min ). This LP contains the most brutal, grinding Black / Death Metal and has ever since it's release been heaviest stuff, metal to prove your trueness and dedication. Compared to today's polished Black Metal, BLASPHEMY's debut sounds possessed but rather primitive and simple. But this brutality is also responsible for their limited audience, an audience that truly worships their work. At the time "FAOD" was released, almost no one appreciated their work, they got pretty bad reviews ( "Rockhard" even picked on them because of some "Black Metal Nigger" ) but also received that cult-status they've got today.

Their first euro-tour ( together with GORGUTS ) in 1993 even brought them to Germany twice. Those clubs would have exploded years later but at that time, just about 40 BLASPHEMY followers attended the show-all those post-Euronymous and post-church burning "black metal" wimps were still sleeping...

Their second album, "Gods Of War" ( 14 Songs / 42min ), released in 1993 came up with a change concerning their guitarists; "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" left the band and "Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands" took over this job. In the end, "Gods Of War" was a second grind-orgy, nobody could really stand. My fiancée even compared it to some sort of scallop, found in the river styx, that might sound the same when take to the ear. The CD edition was rather poor, and didn't even have a real booklet. The most important thing that I got to know once again was, that BLASPHEMY are still of such possessed brutality, that the blood of the nazarene will flow out of your ears - raw satanic Death Metal!

 If all Black Metal would sound like BLASPHEMY, Black Metal would still be underground stuff, without gay wimps wearing DIMMU BURGER shirts and without unworthy posers, that just want to rebel against their parents, polluting the "scene"! Even if there are many fascinating new bands today ( while none of them comes close to the "Gods Of War" ), we truly have to appreciate BLASPHEMY for their achievements concerning raw sound and relentless, Satanic brutality at a time, when no one even thought that Black Metal might ever become more than a short-lived underground phenomenon.

1989 Demo: "Blood Upon The Altar" ( 7 Tracks )

1990 LP: "Fallen Angel Of Doom" ( 01. "Intro: Winds Of The Black Gods", 02. "Fallen Angel Of Doom", 03. "Hording Of Evil Vengeance", 04. "Darkness Prevails", 05. "Desecration", 06. "Ritual", 07. "Weltering In Blood", 08. "Demoniac", 09. "Goddess Of Perversity", 10. "Outro: The Desolate One" )

1993 LP: "Gods Of War" ( 01. "Intro: Elders Of The Apocalypse", 02. "Blood Upon The Altar", 03. "Blasphemous Attack", 04. "Gods Of War", 05. "Intro", 06. "Atomic Nuclear Desolation", 07. "Nocturnal Slayer", 08. "Emperor Of The Black Abyss", 09. "Intro", 10. "Blasphemy", 11. "Intro", 12. "Necrosadist", 13. "War Command", 14. "Empty Chalice" )
( Matthias Herr / BLACK METAL BIBLE, 1999 - German to English translation by Tom H. )

Do you know that VOIVOD is not the only metal band from Kanada? I'm pretty sure because everybody heard about BLASPHEMY!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Two of them are skinheads & other two looks like devils. Yes, it's one of the most extreme bands in the history of metal music. If anyone knows their real names, better keep it as secret. They are now known under hell born bloodyhell names:

"Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" - voc, bass
"3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" - drums
"Caller Of The Storms" - guitar
"Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals" - guitar

It's quite easy to find out that they do not sing about flowers. Just think for a moment
& you will get an answer what it's all about. Few weeks back "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals" left the band & "Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" ( from WITCHES HAMMER ) replaced him.

The band released debut demo tape "Blood Upon The Altar" last year. Tape contains 7 tracks of pure hell. In the summer time BLASPHEMY recorded a debut LP for WILD RAGS rec. You can buy "Fallen Angel Of Doom" for 10 $ from WILD RAGS ( with shipping to Poland it costs 13$ )

Their music was called death / doom / metal
& in my opinion their sounds will kill everyone. It's a mixture of old NECROVORE & SARCÓFAGO. You can also buy t-shirts and photos for 15 $ & demo tape for 7 $ from the band: BLASPHEMY, The Desecrators, 1031 East 59th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V5X 1Y8, Canada
( DEATH METAL ZINE #5, 1990 - Polish to English translation by Pawel K. )

BLASPHEMY had its origin in 87, four original members, who have suffered consequential changes, until the current line-up, consisting of:

"Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds" - effects, bass & vocals
"Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity" - effects, guitar & voice support
"Caller Of The Storms" - effects, guitar solo
"3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" - drums

At the end of 88 & in the beginning of 89, BLASPHEMY launch its most successful demo tape, entitled "Blood Upon The Altar," which has sold 1500 copies worldwide. With the success of the demo & its recognition by the underground press, BLASPHEMY was approached by Wild Rags Records, for the design of an album & some fame.

Out then, "Fallen Angel Of Doom", an album that contains 10 tracks, they are: "Fallen Angel Of Doom", "Hording Vengeance Of Evil", "Darkness prevails", "Desecration," "Ritual", "Weltering In Blood", "Demoniac", "Goddess Of Perversity" & "The Desolate One". This album was recorded in Vancouver, they're hometown, & results from a mixture of old VENOM, BATHORY & SARCÓFAGO, and with their own influence. BLASPHEMY does not like to classify their music, but if that sort, will be a mixture of death metal with black.

Meanwhile, BLASPHEMY has given several concerts in their homeland & have also plan a concert with Brazilian SARCÓFAGO in San Francisco.

Contact: The Desecrators, 1031 East 59th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5X 1 Y8, Canada.
( DELÍRIO METÁLICO ZINE #1, 1990 - Portuguese to English translation by Gustavo Di Iorio )

Satanic Skinheads

I'm very proud to present here an article about one of my fave bands ever, the Canadian desecraters: BLASPHEMY. If you don't know them, please abandon the reading of this magazine... Ludo "Evil" helped me realizing this dream of mine to feature such a legendary act, in fact, he wrote the article & sent me some material of the European BLASPHEMY Fan Club., as well as some photos, old logo & the original poster that you can find in this issue, so no other words needed, let's fucking enjoy in blasphemy! ( L.d.D. )

The Desecraters!!

BLASPHEMY came in the scene in 1989 with their demo "Blood Upon The Altar"; based in Canada, to be more exact in Vancouver, this combo under the label of Satanic Skinheads redefined at that time the limits of brutality! "Blood Upon The Altar" is without any doubt one of the most extreme demo of this century, with titles like "Demoniac", "War Command" or the terrible "Blasphemous Attack"! it was back then that the official fanclub came to life, created by myself. I can assure that BLASPHEMY were known & respected into the underground & i received tons of letters during those years, still nowadays I am the devil's lawyer writing this chronicle. In 1990 they signed with "Wild Rags Records" & their first album saw the light of the day, the title is revelatory: "Fallen Angel Of Doom....", despite an average production, the band obtained a large success in the extreme fields; this album has been released in CD & in limited vinyl, that same label ripped the band off. In 1993, BLASPHEMY signed with the French label Osmose & in 1993, "Gods Of War" was out, after that the band did an European tour namely "Fuck Christ Tour", & during this tour, Darren commanded the band handling bass & chants. Jerry "Black Winds" was forced to return in Canada because of serious problems. Unfortunately, the future wasn't brighter anymore after that period, any other album of BLASPHEMY has been released, there were also rumors about a possible split up!! Today I can assert that BLASPHEMY is & shall always remain a cult band!! A lesson in violence with a different spirit if compared to the actual Black Metal scene.

News: Jerry "Black Winds" has his new band called APOSTACY, & another old member created NECROSLEEZER. With the next phrase I want to pay my eternal hail to the most extreme band of this century!! VICTORY IN FLAMES!
( Ludo "Evil" Lejeune / HELLFLAME ZINE #5 )

Aaaaaaaarrrrggghhhh! Great! The ruler of the death metal – world, Canadian BLASPHEMY. This brutal outfit was formed late in the year '84. Back in those times, their style was close to old DISCHARGE and SODOM, but BLASPHEMY wanted to make everything more brutal and powerful. And that's exactly what this band is nowadays. "Storms", "3 Hearts", "Sodomizer" and "Black Winds" are the true messengers of darkness indeed. Anyone who has once heard the powers of their demo "Blood Upon The Altar", all that darkness and impurity... you're dead after that.

The good news is that the band signed a recording contract with Wild Rags Records and their album will be released in August '90. It can be ordered by sending 13 US$ to the label, or 15 US$ to Ludo at their European fan club. I've heard a couple of advance tapes of the album and all I can do is to praise this band. I suggest that everybody goes and buys the LP, you won't be disappointed. Black, death and doom, BLASPHEMY are not your average death metal band. Some of the album songs include "Fallen Angel Of Doom", "Hording Of Evil Vengeance", "Darkness Prevails", "Desecration", "Ritual", "Weltering In Blood", "Demoniac", "Goddess Of Perversity", "The Desolate One".
( Holocausto Vengeance / INTESTINAL ZINE #1, 1990 - Finnish to English translation by Antti S. )

Canada's BLASPHEMY wins the award for the most innovative and drawn-out names in all of metal. BLASPHEMY was one of the original black metal bands of the second wave. The band was initially formed in 1984 by singer / bassist "Nocturnal Grave..." and drummer "3 Black Hearts...", but it isn't until 1986 that the band is officially knighted BLASPHEMY . Shows with PROCREATION and WITCHES HAMMER follow. Armed with added distortion and noise, the charmingly-named band members ravaged the cemeteries of British Colombia influencing band after zombie band. A demo called "Blood Upon The Altar" is recorded at Fiasco Brothers Studio in 1989.

As word spreads about the black metal skinheads, the band sells over 1,000 demos and founds a European fan club run by SARCÓFAGO Fan Club ( and later KATAKLYSM Fan Club ) president Evil Ludo. Evil Ludo forms the Evil Omen label years later. The band spurs on rumours of Satanic involvement and grave desecration in particular at the Ross Bay Cemetery. At this point "Traditional Sodomizer..." replaces "Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals". Live shows take the band into the United States and after a visit to Wild Rags the band signs with the label and releases "Fallen Angel Of Doom".

The album is again recorded at the Fiasco Brothers Studio where it is boosted by some artificially-added noise and distortion for maximum effect. The band claims to have been arrested during the photo sessions for the album where "Nocturnal Grave..." is seen desecrating tombstones. The band claims to have sold thousands of records here and severely ripped off by Wild Rags. "Traditional Sodomizer..." leaves and is replaced by original "Black Priest..." Simultaneously "Nocturnal Grave..." concentrates on vocals, and the band recruits bassist "Ace Gustapo...".

After some dormant times, the band signs to France's Osmose, records a new album at Fiasco Brothers and seems to have found a new lease on life hitting Europe for a live tour with compatriots GORGUTS and later for another tour with IMMORTAL and ROTTING CHRIST. The band's activities and label relationship is cut short when a band member is allegedly arrested in the Amsterdam International Airport carrying a girl friend and some narcotics. The band claims drummer "3 Black Hearts..." was rowdy on the aeroplane. "Nocturnal Grave..." leaves the fold.

In 1996 a band called NECROSLEEZER is formed by two members, but doesn't go far after the duo fail to obtain a deal. "Nocturnal Grave..." also fails to go far with APOSTACY.

After years of dormant status, the band reformed for the year 2001 and began recording and touring again. Part of the line-up is former CONQUEROR man R. Förster a.k.a. "DeathLörd..." A reformation show was arranged for Friday the 13th of July, 2001 and recorded for a vinyl release by Nuclear War Now! Productions. This release is limited to 666 copies. A year later the same is released on CD, with bonus songs, to ostensibly combat bootlegging.
( Metallian )

No matter how hard the critics have tried to put this band down, the fact is that they have been selling quite a few records & apparently nobody has been reading any of the reviews. If you haven't caught any of those reviews, let us know & we can supply you with copies. One of those major publications actually used "Black Winds" in their editorial to tell bands, what & how & what no to write about! Is that BLASPHEMY or what?? I thought this was Rock N Roll. But... irregardless, this Canadian skin head band has been doing fantastic & are getting ready to record their second LP & will soon be announcing the song titles & anything else they are coming up with.

If you have not been able to find "Fallen Angel Of Doom" ( WWR 019 ), please do request it & make sure your local store is stocking it. A Black Metal classic. All of the US vinyl pressing is still on blood red vinyl!
( MORBID HELL ZINE #1, 1990 )

1985 - "Black Winds", "Black Priest", Black Hearts" & "Caller Of The Storms" played old DESTRUCTION, BATHORY, KREATOR, SODOM tunes. in 1987 came up with BLASPHEMY after writing "Ritual", "Blasphemy", "War Command". Did a demo in 1989 - "Blood Upon The Altar" which was received very well by the underground & they acheived a higher status. Later in 1991 - "Fallen Angel Of Doom...." was released under Wild Rags Records. Now the band consists of "Black Winds" ( vocals ), "Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands" ( back vocals & bass ), "Caller Of The Storms" ( lead guitars ), "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" ( drums ). New record will be as titled "Gods Of War". The band plans to record on Osmose Productions & eventually do a tour.

1985, "Black Winds", "Black Priest", "Black Hearts" & "Caller Of The Storms" played old DESTRUCTION, BATHORY, KREATOR, SODOM tunes. In 1987, came up with BLASPHEMY after writing "Ritual", "Blasphemy", "War Command". Did a demo in 1989 "Blood Upon The Altar" which was received very well by the underground & achieved a higher status later. in 1991, "Fallen Angel Of Doom...." was released under Wild Rags Records. Now the band consists of "Nocturnal Grave Desecrator & Black Winds" ( vocals ), "Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands" ( back vocals & bass ), "Caller Of The Storms" ( lead guitar ), "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" ( drums ).

1985, "Black Winds", "Black Priest", "Black Hearts" & "Caller Of The Storms" played old DESTRUCTION, BATHORY, KREATOR, SODOM tunes. In 1987, came up with BLASPHEMY after writing "Ritual", "Blasphemy", "War Command", did a demo in 1989 "Blood Upon The Altar" which was received very well by the underground & achieved a higher status later. In 1991 "Fallen Angel Of Doom" was released under Wild Rags Records. Now the band consists of "Black Winds" ( vocals ), "Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands" ( back vocals & bass ), "Caller Of The Storms" ( lead guitar ), "3 Black Hearts" ( drums ). Now record will be as titled "Gods Of War", the band plans to record on Osmose Productions & have a plan for an European & USA tour during the next year ( 93 ).

Less than 100 miles from the Washington state border, in a suburb of Vancouver, British Colombia, reside native Canadian demon spawn BLASPHEMY. It may as well be 100 million miles for as much attention or exposure the band has received in the United States since their early beginnings. BLASPHEMY were once synonymous with their first label, California's Wild Rags Records, who did little if nothing to repeal their invisibility to a U.S. audience other than selling their debut "Fallen Angel Of Doom" LP.

"It's sort of like, what do they do good for you? They basically just take you for everything , & your not going to get anywhere with them," stated current bassist / vocalist "Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer", in his gruff tone of voice. "Our old bass player & vocalist, "Black Winds", didn't even have a contract with Wild Rags, & he basically trusted Richard. I have tried to talk to Richard, & he won't even talk to me. Compared to what he has made, it is practically nothing, but he has given our band three or four hundred dollars since we released the first album".

BLASPHEMY did a few U.S. shows in their demo days in Washington, Oregon & California. He said their problems with Canadian customs officials was the biggest obstacle & described them as, "the worst" & "a bunch of fucking fags". In time they did legitimately tour with the most notable one being the European "Fuck Christ" tour with IMMORTAL & ROTTING CHRIST. Original member "Black Winds" got "Ace" in the band after he left during their tour with fellow Canadians GORGUTS in March of '93 & now, "...basically sits in Vancouver & is a couch potato", he said. His description of their corpse painted fans "butchering" their arms with razor blades during the "Fuck Christ" tour, however, really threw me for a loop.

"One guy completely opened his arm up at one of our shows in Germany. All the way from his elbow to his wrist. I have never seen so much blood in my life", he said in slight amazement. "They had to call the emergency ( paramedics ) right away. I was playing at the time, but after I got off the stage, I went into the kitchen . There was blood four inches deep, all over the floor, all over the walls & led into this big, huge sink. Human blood is sick! It's like ketchup. It's sick!!"

This tour also produced a live BLASPHEMY video which, according to "Ace", is currently shelved due to a legal dispute between their new label & the company contracted to video tape their performance. Fellow label mates IMPALED NAZARENE, ROTTING CHRIST & IMMORTAL were filmed as well.

"We did it will a company in Germany, & we thought they were a good company. But they ended up ripping us off", he stated. "It's unfortunate because now no one can get a copy of it. From what Herve said it sounds pretty much dead, but you never know. If they sue for property ( rights ), they might get away with releasing it someday".

"Ace" mentioned that Holland was his favorite stop on the "Fuck Christ" tour, mainly due to the legalized marijuana & prostitution. "It is like heaven", he said, enthusiastically. "None of us have girlfriends, which is good because we go pretty crazy. We are not about to get all whipped by some woman, right? In Vancouver, you can't try to pick up a hooker without getting busted".

The "Fallen Angel Of Doom" record mentions a place located outside Victoria on Vancouver Island called Ross Bay in its thanks list, which I have been curious about for years. Ross Bay is about a 90 minute ferry ride from the mainland. "Ace" stated that its location, graveyard & inhabitants are not the only interesting thing found in this inspirational place.

"It's like another world over there. When the band first came out, we used to take a ferry over there & see a lot of people worshipping Satan. There are seven gates to Hell on earth, & one of them is there", he said. "It has the highest concentration of Satanists per capita in the entire world. If you were a serious Satanist & looking for a place to live, that is definitely the place to go. It's really fucking weird there! There are bats flying around everywhere, & you constantly feel like there are people watching you, even though there is no one around."

BLASPHEMY is now hooked up with France's Osmose Productions for their second masterpiece of vile, brain melting fury "Gods Of War". "Ace" said it took quite some time after Osmose initially contacted the band before everything fell into place for them to record that album. It was nearly a two year hiatus after "Fallen Angel Of Doom" was released before "Gods Of War" was recorded, but stretched into three years before the final product hit the shelves.

"We are not a band that rushed things, because it goes back to us wanting to stay as underground as possible", he stated. "I don't find three years between albums really harmful. It just keeps your fans more motivated for your next album. Plus, if we really were on our fourth album right now, I can't even say where we would be. We don't want to write songs just for the sake of writing songs. We want to write good ones & keep our integrity".

The J.L. America domestic "Gods Of War" pressing does not indicate any bonus tracks, but their infamous "Blood Upon The Altar" demo, which "Ace" re-mixed to sound deadlier than the original, is included on the album. He hears its influence in other bands material today. "There is no doubt that DEICIDE definitely got a hold of our demo because you can definitely hear the similarities in the blast beats on their first record. They even used some of our song titles", he said, with a slight laugh.

But it was more than nostalgia that brought the group to include the early demo classic on "Gods Of War". Practicality is more like it.

"We played "Gods Of War" in rehearsal, & it was about 29 minutes or something. When we went into the studio, it was like we were on speed or something. We ended up playing it in 17 minutes, so we lost ten minutes somewhere just from pure speed," he said. "It ended up being like a mini album. We tend to speed things up because we like to play really fast, but we sound more evil when we slow it down a touch".

Their extreme Satanic imagery has not left the band either, but is not as serious as many have made it out to be over the years.

"We just dabble in it, but as far as our image & music goes, we take it pretty seriously. We are willing to live with it", he said. "You can get just as brainwashed as the Christian religion goes with Satanism. Basically, what we are saying is pick up the Satanic Bible, read it a few times & make up your own mind. It's definitely not for everybody".

Currently, BLASPHEMY's thrid album is almost completed with all members adding their musical contributions this time around. The band has stayed busy with rehearsing & "staying out of trouble", as well as indulging in their enthusiasm for Canada's hockey season. Though they do have a tentative title & song titles for the new record, "Ace" said he wouldn't give any information, "until I have money in the bank for our studio time". He added that the album will continue to lyrically "attack the state, the church & the majority rule".

"We sort of try to lead the pack. I don't see a lot of bands doing anything new anymore. IMMORTAL & all those bands are very cool, but it's mainly BATHORY that you are listening to. We want to be more original in that sense of creating a 21st century type of black metal sound. It is sort of what we had with the first demo when you listen to it. No other bands were doing that at that time, & now we have put our heads into forward motion with expanding further".
( Kurt Hubert / PIT MAGAZINE #12, 1994 )

This is really far-out, the band I mean. I first heard of BLASPHEMY a couple of years ago, at that time a friend of mine was doing this radio-show, & one day he got BLASPHEMY's demo entitled "Blood Upon The Altar", with the mail.

At that time we all thought it was a big joke, also because the names on the people who played in the band ( "Nocturnal Pussy Detonator, Black Winds", etc. ) were really foolish.

But, OK, this really is a band! I know this because they have recently released a LP on the American label Wild Rags Records, & although BLASPHEMY don't exactly look very tattooed ( so they tell themselves! ) they're all going to get more in about two months when their label will send them 3000 dollars...!?

BLASPHEMY comes from Canada, from a scene where there's a lot going on; a Strictly punk club called The Cruel Elephant have gigs 4 days a week. Well, first of all Progress isn't only a tattoo-magazine, we are open-minded for all kinds of underground-events; let it be music, communication, articles or anything, we only hope our readers ( & contributors ) understand this fact. Which means that we don't wanna deal with politics or anything else in that category, we simply feature & review, so therefore we of course also have space for a band like BLASPHEMY, although they seem pretty ridiculous.

I hope to get their latest vinyl to review in the next issue, but it all depends on Wild Rags Records, as the band couldn't afford to do this themselves.

BLASPHEMY have two-sided shirts for sale, or you can trade if you send them a Real hardcore slut magazine.

LINE-UP ( L to R ): Far-out, far-out, far-out & far-out.

WRITE: c/o "Black Winds", 1031 E-59 Ave, Vancouver BC, V5X 1Y8 Canada.
( PROGRESS TATTOO MAGAZINE #1, 1990 / 1991 )

1985 - "Black Winds", "Black Priest", "Black Hearts" & "Caller Of The Storms" played old DESTRUCTION, BATHORY, KREATOR, SODOM tunes. in 1987 came up with BLASPHEMY after writing "Ritual", "Blasphemy", "War Command". Did a demo in 1989 - "Blood Upon The Altar" which was received very well by the underground & they acheived a higher status. Later in 1991 - "Fallen Angel Of Doom...." was released under Wild Rags Records. The line up was: "Black Winds" ( vocals ), "Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer & Vaginal Commands" ( back vocals & bass ), "Caller Of The Storms" ( lead guitars ), "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" ( drums ).

1993, the 2nd BLASPHEMY release "Gods Of War" came out on Osmose Productions, a French label, they had a European & USA tour during this same year & another one is coming with ROTTING CHRIST & IMMORTAL.

Nowadays "Black Winds" doesn't play in the band anymore.


"Blood Upon The Altar" Demo 1989
"Fallen Angel Of Doom" Album 1991 ( Wild Rags )
"Gods Of War" Album 1993 ( Osmose Productions ) ( STREGOICA ZINE #4, 1993 )

A Glance at the Undying Ross Bay Cult

Ross Bay cemetery, a place of purest evil with its boneyards, tunnels & angel statues crying tears of blood. Such inspirations for Canada's BLASPHEMY in carrying out their legacy of perversions, desecrations & longest standing ideologies of Satanic Skinhead. Unparalleled of a repute cult standing in Black Metal, they have earned for staying true to what they believe in. The rumor grew as travel so they say, 7 years after being dormant, BLASPHEMY's skinsman "3 Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity" set up a show together with BLACK WITCHERY at the Columbia Hotel, the day of reckoning that celebrated the bands return since '93. Indeed it was a triumphant return for the Necro-skinheads of the Ross Bay Kult! Friday the 13th, a Live Ritual was celebrated leaving the whole  venue destroyed & 300 attendees possessed with mayhemic Black Metal aura.

Earning every praise & hails of the underground has for them, yet very few have eagerly determined the reasons for their cult stature. It is indeed a puzzle ( for me atleast ) knowing that BLASPHEMY has a huge following today where they were among those who were hated & frequent subject of blunt reviews during the early 90's. Could it be that the people who loathe BLASPHEMY all these years are the very same spineless pricks who now pledged their honoring & allegiance to Vancouver's Ross Bay Kult? The answer remains plain & simple, yes for the most part. But what can you expect from a ( once illustrious! ) scene that now views everything in double standard as downright rational?

The early stage of the 90's saw BLASPHEMY's grinding style of Black Metal was not at all accepted, in fact, they were compared along the lines of what the Finnish BEHERIT, ARCHGOAT & old IMPALED NAZARENE were doing at that point.Neither emotions, nor atmospheres were apparent, just a pure wall of vicious & torturing sound for that matter. Furthermore, the "Norwegian sound" was fast at the helm, thus, igniting everything from just being a mere popular trademark of MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE & BURZUM down to a full-blown trend that others have blindly followed throughout the years. These have triggered some recollections from an old acquaintance when he traded his rare "Blood Upon The Altar" demo tape & "Fallen Angel Of Doom" LP for something not worth mentioning. He is now religiously flocking to a ludicrous commercial institution like Ebay in an attempt to secure a good bid for a rare item he once owned.

Nothing much has changed with BLASPHEMY, with an exception of a brief line-up transition, the very core of the band remained intact. I believe that sometimes it works for the band's behalf in releasing something, which is not new after a long period of silence. Seven years may no longer be relevant to the scene that embraces massive changes every minute, but Black Metal speaks for BLASPHEMY & that is all there is for me. Their style melds to me naturally & mutually as corrosion to an iron. Thus my words are settled. Now I can savor a delectable skull-banging moment in listening to BLASPHEMY classics like "Ritual", "Nocturnal Slayer", "Weltering In Blood" & "War Command"
( Cyclonus Serpentiis / TRIDENT NATION ZINE #2, 2006 )

A powerful, evil & dark force has emerged from North America & that is now known as BLASPHEMY.

BLASPHEMY was started in 1987 & four original members, that have seen then changed & now the stable line is;

"Nocturnal Grave Desecrater & Black Winds": Effects Bass & Lead Vocals
"Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity": Effects, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
"Caller Of The Storms": Effects, Lead Guitars
"Black Hearts Of Damnation & Impurity": Nuclear Exploding Drums

In late '88 & early '89, BLASPHEMY released their most successful demo, "Blood Upon The Altar", which well over 1500 copies worldwide. From the success of this demo, & the recognition that they got in the underground press, BLASPHEMY was approached by WILD RAGS RECORDS to conceive "Fallen Angel Of Doom", an epic doom, black death release that would put these Canadians on the map.

"Fallen Angel Of Doom" is a 10 song release recorded in Vancouver, BLASPHEMY's home town. It represents a mixture of old VENOM, BATHORY, SARCÓFAGO & their own influences all mixed in. BLASPHEMY does not like to label their music but if there must be one then BLASPHEMY plays: black, doom, desecration music.

BLASPHEMY plays continually in the Vancouver area, & has done shows in San Francisco, & is scheduled to play in Singapore with the Brazilian band, SARCÓFAGO.

BLASPHEMY: The Desecraters, 1031 East 59th Ave, Vancouver BC, V5X IY8, Canada 604-321-6967

Despite the fact that I don't like doing things this way, even if this is a superb well known band, I prefer to make a short biography or tell something about the group for those who don't know anything about them in particular and this magazine's aim is informing, spreading, communicating... Unfortunately, this time I've got to do it that way... Well, everyone should be already familiar with this outfit, while I'm not at all since I don't own anything from them ( anybody out there who have got their demo or LP, could borrow them to me? Thanx ). The thing is that they wrote me and the only thing they sent me was this picture and a barely intelligible letter which said something about a review or something. Since I haven't got anything on which making such a review, I decided to make a review of the picture itself, so here we go. Even if you won't believe it's full colored ( great colors by the way ). About the photographer, it's a bit unbalanced since on the forefront ( which occupies the part of the photo when you close the lens ), there's a guy on white, there's also a heavily tattooed skinhead with a bass and on the opposite side, another less tattooed skinhead. Above the more tattooed skin, there's a small devil showing his tongue, two small horns and the nose of a possessed ( because how swollen and red it's ). Close to the left side, over a cross ( some say it's inverted while I don't see the difference ), there's a small red candle ( wish you'll see everything as clear as me ). Summing it up, a good picture, nice colors and a great atmosphere. The only negative thing is the guy on the forefront whom doesn't suit. Regarding the quality of the photo, it's pretty cool, since it comes on Fuji paper which assures good quality when it comes to the colors. Those of you who feel identified with this band should write to: BLASPHEMY, The Desecraters, 1031 E. 59th Ave., Vancouver, BC., V5X 1Y8 Canada
( Teish T. / WON E'MER ZINE #1, 1990 - Spanish to English translation by Daniel R. )